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Billy Beechwood and the Mountain of Terror

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Billy Beechwood and the Mountain of Terror

By Ferrari McSpeedy Theatrical Productions

Created by Mike Fotis and Joe Bozic

Mt. Terror has claimed the lives of everyone that has tried to scale it. Will Billy Beechwood reach the peak or will he be buried forever in an icy tomb? A comedy-adventure for the kid in all of us.


World premiere

Just so you know, this show has
Adult language, Loud noises/gunshots

The creators say this show is appropriate for ages 12 and up

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"Seat-of-the-pants comedy" - Rohan Preston, Star Tribune

"A wild tale... with mad charm." - Ed Huyck, City Pages

Nobody has ever made it to the peak of Mt. Terror, and all those that have attempted paid with their lives. But Billy Beechwood thinks he knows the key to make it to the top and live to tell about it.

Billy Beechwood and the Mountain of Terror is a comedy adventure that pulls inspiration from Indiana Jones, Daniel Pinkwater, and the world of sketch comedy. The action will be great, the energy will be high, and the terror will be terrifying.

Billy Beechwood and the Mountain of Terror is the newest show by Ferrari McSpeedy Theatrical Productions, a duo that has been together since 2001. Ferrari McSpeedy is Joe Bozic and Mike Fotis, two celebrated Minneapolis improvisers and sketch comedians that have known each other since high school. Mike and Joe have similar outlooks on theater: it should be funny, it should have unbelievable energy, and it should test the laws of nature. In the past, they have staged intense bicycle chases, battles between a Led Zeppelin zeppelin and the Boston guitar spaceship, and an all-out Western style gunfight. For this show, they will climb a mountain on stage, or die trying.

This is the seventh Fringe Festival that Ferrari McSpeedy has been a part of since 2002. Some of their other hit Fringe shows include "Speech!" in 2010 and "Once Upon A Time in the Suburbs" in 2011. 

Cast + crew

Joe Bozic
Role: Billy Beechwood
Joe is the smaller half of Ferrari McSpeedy. He spends most of his time as co-director of the BNW Student Union, although he's also been known to frequent the stage at HUGE Theater as well. When not doing theater things, Joe can be found teaching his children how to edit Wikipedia pages. He is excited to be in a show that requires him to dress in a winter hat in the middle of summer.

Mike Fotis
Role: Various
Mike Fotis is the taller member of the audience polarizing comedy duo known as Ferrari McSpeedy. Mike is also a classically trained karate expert. He works at the Brave New Workshop and co - hosts a radio show on mytalk 107. He enjoys cooking but not for people. He thinks it would be fun to open a restaurant that focused on stews and bread puddings but wonders if people are interested enough in those types of foods to make it a viable business. He loves the show NOVA but usually ends up pretty confused by the end. If you see him at a party ask him to do a math problem in his head. You'll be shocked at his inability to add or subtract without a calculator. Also, fractions absolutely confound him. He likes people but will always choose to see a movie by himself. He is trying to learn one new language a year for the rest of his life. This isn't a joke.

Aric McKeown
Role: Various
Aric can currently be seen performing in Star Trek: The Next Improvisation at HUGE Improv Theater. He has also been performing with the Mustache Rangers improv group for the last 7 years. The Mustache Rangers weekly podcast was named the best podcast in the Twin Cities by Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine.

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User reviews

dudes having a good time.
by Amber Bjork
Rating 4 stars
My kudos are not so much for the story as they are for watching these guys have a genuinely good time on stage...and asking the audience to join them. They are thrown by nothing and work with everything at their disposal (including the ASL interpreter at the performance I saw). Well done.

by Marcus Downs
Rating 4 stars
Little substance but very entertaining.

fun but gross
by Vicki Joan Keck
Rating 4 stars
I enjoyed this for the most part but there was a bit too much bathroom humor for my tastes. The ending was quite unexpected! Terrific acting all around. You can tell these guys are having a ball with this show.

Over the top of the mountain!
by Bradley Johnson
Rating 4 stars
This started out really good, then somewhere along the mountain climb it went over the top. Typical Fotis.

Cat scratch fever
by Michael Krefting
Rating 5 stars
In classic Ferrari McSpeedy fashion, I laughed, I laughed and then the yeti appeared.

by Xerxes Fifield
Rating 5 stars
I've seen this show twice now. It is a delight. It's the most entertaining show I've seen this year. Fantastic, intelligent comedy with a wonderfully stupid story. Please go see this. They deserve sold out shows.

Good, stupid fun!
by Erin Sheppard
Rating 5 stars
This is the hardest I have laughed at any Fringe show this year! All three of these guys hit me in my funny bone. This show is very playful, has a great pace and some of my favorite low-risk audience participation ever. EVER.

Don't be a Hoover, come out to see the magic that is Ferrari McSpeedy!

Fun and fancy free.
by Ryan Vanasse
Rating 5 stars
In some ways, Billy Beechwood is as flimsy a construction as I think is allowed in a good fringe show. The set is dominated by a mountain of blankets, the plot can be summarized as "boy goes up mountain, comes down" and the cast breaks character more often than Stefon (SNL).

But from this ramshackle conceit comes a show that is fun in a way that a lot of others aren't. It recognizes that sometimes you just need three really funny guys hamming it up on stage to make something hilarious. Why so serious? It asks? Then it has a second act of diarrhea.

Also, Aric McKeown stole the show for me. I loved his portrayal of a wealthy industrialist so very much.

Strange and funny
by Kelly Rosenthal
Rating 4 stars
Lots of fun and definitely did not see the end coming. The guys breaking up on stage only made it funnier, reminding me of SNL and the Carol Burnett Show.

by Ryan Sanderson
Rating 5 stars
One of the funniest shows I've seen this year. The loose narrative and slightly improvised, conversational style makes some moments a little rough, but they make up with moments of sheer brilliance. The bit with the bird puppet had me laughing so hard it drew tears. Definitely worth your time!

by Ian Baird
Rating 3 stars
This show has really great moments, but like all comedy shows you kind of have to appreciate their brand of humor in order to enjoy it. I didn't really appreciate it, the jokes weren't my style, and I didn't like the fact that they were always yelling out their lines.

Best Ending Ever
by Tim Wick
Rating 5 stars
I sincerely believe that this show features the best ending of any Fringe show ever produced. It is the perfect punctuation to this absurd comedy about mountain climbing and mustard.

The rest of the show was very funny as well. I'm considering a second viewing at their final performance.

Sweet release
by Bill Stiteler
Rating 4 stars
"Juvenile" in the very best sense of the phrase, Billy Beechwood is exactly what I hoped would be: a Boys Own Adventure from the 50s twisted through the Ferrari McSpeedy's sensibility, along the lines of Encyclopedia Brown investigating a multiple homicide.

Twisted, bratty, and fun.

Crazy & Zany
by Dean Hatton
Rating 4 stars
Crazy and zany comedy.

i laughed...
by milli manchester
Rating 4 stars
this was a good show but at times it felt long. the ending was a little unexpected but felt abrupt.

Bring the family!!!
by Captain Heck
Rating 5 stars
Fotis and Bozic are always funny, and McKeown was a new and brilliant addition to their team. I brought my young nephews to the show and they were rolling in the isles with laughter.

It's zany, madcap, and always full of surprises. This show encapsulates everything that the fringe is about. If you only see a few shows at fringe, make this one of them.

Delirious Fun
by Josh Carson
Rating 5 stars
As anyone in the Rarig -- and that means all four theaters, and probably some folks passing by -- can attest, this show had me ROARING with laughter.

It's been awhile since we've had a classic Ferrari McSpeedy show, and this is them in top form. Mike, Joe, and Aric are out to have fun, and it is infectious.

Also -- my friend laughed so hard he broke his rib. That's a true story.

Great Show!
by Bernie Armada
Rating 5 stars
So much fun to watch Fotis and Bozic do their thing. Lots of laughs and ridiculous characters. Mustard = Ewww(e). You'll enjoy yourself.

Peaks of laughs
by Peter Erickson
Rating 4 stars
Silly and spontaneous, this highly entertaining romp delighted its late-night audience with character, semi-improv, and craziness. These guys could make anything funny. I laughed all the way to the top of Mt. Terror. Only later, did I think it was a bit over the top.

Fringe Magic!
by Matt Bison
Rating 5 stars
Never slow, sometimes crude, usually absurd, always hilarious. These 3 actors (all with Theatre degrees!) definitely know how to make each other laugh, and they've crafted that into quite the infectious show. Watching them zip between characters and tell a ridiculous story full of whimsy and no-nonsense nonsense (it's a thing, shut up) had me laughing and smiling the whole way through. They only have one show left! Do not miss it!

by Robyn Hendrix
Rating 5 stars
As if a couple of twelve year old boys rewrote a Dr. Seuss book putting in whatever random things came to mind that they thought were funny. Very goofy, and fun to watch because you can tell they are having an absolute blast performing it.

I think I mostly get the Dr. Seuss thing from the idea of the Grinch at the top of the mountain, vs. the Yeti. Anyway, I left wanting to give all of them a giant hug. That'd probably be awkward though.

Good times.

Important life lessons
by John Middleton
Rating 5 stars
Okay, I think we can all agree that the portrayal of the Hill People is unrelentingly awful and offensive to chimney sweeps. But we can't forget that sometimes it is by enduring those moments that we open ourselves to scenes involving a brave young man and a bird that makes us laugh so hard we forget to breathe.

by Alex Ryland
Rating 5 stars
My eyes leaked. I think it was because of laughter.

by Joshua Humphrey
Rating 5 stars
Reposting a review I wrote earlier!

The joy of Ferrari McSpeedy is Mike Fotis and Joe Bozic exist in their own micro-universe, and with every show they invite the audience into that existence. The comic-tragic story of Billy Beechwood is bursting with their frenetic energy, and with the additional talent of Aric McKeown, who knows his way around the old timey conceits and lingo Beechwood revels in, the show is catapulted to the sublimely hilarious.

by Lori Crever
Rating 5 stars
Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous. Ferrari McSpeedy taking a page out of perhaps "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou" and conjuring up an era of long gone by and it works and it's great. Laughed a lot and as can be expected, super wacky memorable characters and very funny twists (also zany special effects). Always a pleasure to watch the output of these two local artists and Minnesota Fringe favorites !!

These guys are adorably funny!
by Debra Berger
Rating 5 stars
These guys can back more charisma in a single glance than most performance can do in an entire show.

Charming performances, crafty dialogue and complete commitment to each scene.

The "Zone of Release" scene is well worth the price of admission :)

Weirdly Awesome
by Ben Thietje
Rating 5 stars
I'm a big fan of Ferrari McSpeedy. If you are, as well, this one will not disappoint. Mike, Joe, and Aric are clearly having a blast with this ridiculous story that tugs at the heartstrings and tickles the gag reflex.

Zany and Fun
by Robert Miller
Rating 5 stars
I enjoyed this funny and fast paced show. I like their brand of comedy and seeing a them change into different characters was a fun game. Definitely worth seeing!

Frenetic comedy
by Jack Fallenstein
Rating 4 stars
Been a fan of Ferrari since "Speech." This show had all the energy and nice twists and absurdities. Not quite up there with Speech, but definitely worth seeing.

These guys are like pizza--Always good.
by Lauren Anderson
Rating 5 stars
Whether you are a fan and true companion like myself, or have never seen these fellas before- I encourage everyone to let Mike and Joe and Aric take you on a romp up the mountain with them. Funny, silly, and delightfully weird, this interactive show is worth it. Also, you will never think of Mustard the same way again.

Versatile Actors - very entertaining.
by Sheila McMahon
Rating 5 stars
I love how these guys work together. They each have great timing and are able to roll with the little unexpected things that happen on stage. I think the show is funny & clever. (sometimes a little gross, too) It was fun to do the little audience participation things, too. :) Go go go.

Off track
by Jesse Villarreal
Rating 2 stars
I can tell these guys are great at improv. The show started strong and had a great amount of laughs. For a while.

Many times the actors had a hard time staying in character, which added to the comedy, but also kept me uninterested in what was happening.

The story felt made up as it went along. Once Billy meet the mustard hill billy's the story really started to go off track and it lost A LOT of it's comedy.

The crudeness, at times, would overpower the comedy would leave me a bit uncomfortable, not because I was offended, but it felt so out of place.

Overall there are plenty of funny moments but for an hour long show it ran out of gas.

Great time!
by Noah Petershift
Rating 4 stars
Went to this show on a whim and was very impressed by the comedic script. The actors seemed to have such a wide range in their voices and characters. Very clear as to who was what during the play. Great smooth transitions. The only thing I would point out is to try and keep a more straight face on stage. I would see every once in a while a smile or laugh come out and it would break the mood. But overall great time for a fun fringe night! Definatly add to your list!

Good ol' fashioned comedy
by Jessica Haug
Rating 4 stars
I took my boyfriend to see this show, and he is NOT into theatre at all. He couldn't stop laughing and had the best time.

They did an excellent job of keeping the audience entertained and engaged throughout. Knowing Ferrari McSpeedy, it was a very predictably good time. Extra kudos to Fotis, who is ALWAYS entertaining!

My only complaint is that there seemed to be some in-jokes that only Ferrari McSpeedy/BNW roadies enjoyed/understood. Not sure what that was about, but it was annoying.

Definitely one to see!

Good Fun
by Lily Michaels
Rating 4 stars
Love the work of these Brave New Workshop actors. This show won't make you want to go out and change the world or hit you in a deep emotioal place, but it's good silly fun. I laughed constantly.

Mustard and Magic!
by Florence Brammer
Rating 3 stars
I love Fotis and my default setting is to think everything he does is hilarious. My whole family went to this together and we had a great time, though I felt the script would benefit from more discipline and focus. I appreciate the improvisational charm of the piece, but -- as other reviewers have noted -- I feel that it unraveled a bit in the second half. In anyone else's hands, this could have been a mess, but with this cast, it still managed to work.

What a ride!
by Eric Salo
Rating 4 stars
This show is crude, moronic, ridiculous, tasteless and shameless. It is also brilliant, inspired, energetic and very, very funny. There's not a lot of polish here but that's gotta be an intentional omission; take away that sense of chaos and it would all fall apart. Fotis in particular is so obviously having a blast with the material that you can't help but become swept up in the fun yourself.

What can I say, it worked for me.

Respectable Effort
by Lena Lyle
Rating 3 stars
I had a good time at this show but I didn't find it spectacularily funny. The plot was predictable and the ending seemed too sudden to me. The acting is quite good, but I got a little bored. I wouldn't see it again, but I am still glad I went.

by James Rone
Rating 5 stars
This is a very, very funny show performed by an ensemble that have one of the most distinct comic voices in and outside of the Twin Cities, in and outside of the Fringe. If you're a comedy fan outside of these two weeks every year, you won't be surprised that Aric McKeown adds a bunch of bizarre to what is already a really weird, weird show.

energetic chaos
by Kevin McLaughlin
Rating 3 stars
This started out well and then spun out of control a little bit as the story progressed... not as tight as their previous shows, but they are undeniably funny, funny men. Worth seeing.

Must-see theater!
by Jane Barrett
Rating 5 stars
Saw the 7:00 Saturday show and had fun all the way through. The talented actors clearly did too, enjoying flubs, jokes, and interactions with the audience and staying in character. With a quick pace, the story never slowed. The stage blocking never looked like blocking; everything flowed naturally. We chose this show on the spur-of-the-moment, but we struck "gold." Go see it!

Absurdly Funny
by Mark Long
Rating 4 stars
See this ridiculous show and remind yourself that these are grown men on the stage.

Hoooooo ver!
by Carin Bratlie
Rating 4 stars
There is not much in this world that is more enjoyable than watching fotis and bosic together onstage.

by Cato Brutus
Rating 4 stars
Ferrari McSpeedy: dependable, high-energy, enthusiastic. Feels like a drawn-out improv skit, buuuuuuut they're so great at improv that you won't care.

Great fun
by Eric Stephan
Rating 4 stars
Very funny concept and execution. A few areas felt like they weren't polished very well, but that is where the team's improv skills took over to pull them through it. I expect the show to improve as the week goes on.

Hilarious, as always
by Maija McKeown
Rating 5 stars
I never expect anything but hilarity from Ferrari McSpeedy, and they never disappoint. Great characters, witty dialogue - check it out!

Reliability from Ferrari McSpeedy
by Will Weisert
Rating 4 stars
Nothing new here, just Bozic and Fotis doing what they do best with their improv-centric, 'wink-wink, nudge-nudge' style of humor. These guys could sleepwalk on stage and still generate more laughs that most mortals.

Not for kids
by Publius McGee
Rating 4 stars
Ferrari McSpeedy, what can you say?

The writing was largely snappy, the acting was terrific, the characters memorable. They were having a lot of fun, and that ensured the audience had a lot of fun too.

Excellent fun from some real pros
by Steve Smith
Rating 4 stars
Wonderful show. Loved the concept, loved the characters, loved the snappy dialogue, loved the acting. Somehow, it felt tight for the first half then more like really good improv for the last half. I expect this to tighten up during the run and be better and better.

In short: fun. Worth a trip. (But give yourself time to get there. Riverside is a mess.)

Terrific comedy
by Marcia Avner
Rating 5 stars
This is good comedy, delivered by a talented a versatile troup with multiple roles for players. Laughed a lot at the intellent writing and playful delivery. Fotis and Bozic are a great team.

Hey, he's standing up now!
by Dave Stagner
Rating 4 stars
Fun, amateurish clowning and snappy grownup dialogue. You could do better at Fringe, but odds are you'd do worse.

Hilarious Nonsense
by Andy Flamm
Rating 5 stars
Looking for fun, not metaphysics? This is your show. Enjoy actors enjoying themselves. A few bad words and some scat humor, but mild enough for most kids over 12. I laughed throughout the show.


Thursday, 8/27:00 p.m.
Saturday, 8/47:00 p.m.
Monday, 8/68:30 p.m.
Tuesday, 8/710:00 p.m.
Saturday, 8/117:00 p.m.This performance is ASL interpreted


U of M Rarig Center Thrust venue information
330 21st Ave. S, Main Floor