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By Blue Umbrella Productions

Created by Windy Bowlsby

The skill and style of Broadway PLUS the bass beat of the dance floor PLUS the pizzazz of flashy jazz (dancing, that is). It's Fosse to LMFAO, Robbins to MC Hammer: wiggle-making boogie plus artistry and skill.


Just so you know, this show has
Adult language

The creators say this show is appropriate for ages 12 and up

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There are two kinds of people in the world: people who love Broadway musicals, and people who won’t admit that they love Broadway musicals. 

BOOGIEography showcases the athletic, emotional dancing style of those spectacular productions – the dancing we watched in old movies, played orchestra for in high school, and paid $100 bucks for at the Ordway. Luckily, instead of sitting through all the plot and love songs to get to the fun stuff, this is nothing but the leaping, leggy best!

Don’t worry, you won’t need a catalog of Rodgers & Hammerstein musicals to keep up – we’ll be dancing to songs freshly familiar and songs you’ve hummed for years, plus a few new surprises – pop, blues, hiphop, swing…anything that makes you boogie.

Star Tribune calls BOOGIEography "infectious"! "Director/choreographer Windy Bowlsby and her exuberant troupe borrow from Broadway, Bollywood, vaudeville and opera (classical and the Jerry Springer variety) for 14 numbers infused with energy and humor that will have audiences boogieing in the aisles."

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Cast + crew

Laura Bohne
Role: Dancer
Laura graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a B.S. in Dance. At the University of Wisconsin, Laura was honored to have performed for Chris Walker, Jeremy Nelson, Alan Sener, Kathleen Hermesdorf, Jin-Wen Yu, Kate Corby, Li Chiao-Ping, Ashley Selmer, and Ella Rosewood. She previously attended Virginia Tech where she earned a Marketing Management degree in 2006. While attending Virginia Tech, Laura performed with the Contemporary Dance Ensemble where she had the opportunity to dabble in many different dance genres: jazz, ballet, lyrical, hip-hop, modern, Chinese, and Caribbean. Laura moved to Minneapolis in 2009 to take advantage of all the wonderful dance opportunities the Twin Cities has to offer. She is proud to be the Education Associate at The Cowles Center for Dance and the Performing Arts and a dance instructor at The Little Gym of Burnsville. Laura has also performed with The Starettes and has competed at the Twin Cities Open in the Rumba and Cha Cha in 2011.

Grace Christenson
Role: Dancer
Grace is currently studying Theater with an emphasis in Musical Theater and Dance at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. She is mainly a jazz and musical theater dancer, but loves trying a little of everything. She was recently seen in the Xperimental Theater's productions of Animus and Tea Party. She is currently studying dance in the Zenon Zone performance program and working in various short and feature films with many local filmmakers.

Jessi Fett
Role: Dancer
Jessi Fett graduated from Hamline University with a B.A. in Theatre and Dance and her K-12 teaching license. Jessica has been an active member of the dance community since the age of 3, being a studio dancer for 16 years where she competed regionally and nationally. From 2008-2011 she was a member of the Minnesota PerformDance Starette precision high kick dance company. She currently is the Education Director at The Cowles Center for Dance and the Performing Arts.

Christina Leines
Role: Dancer
Christina received the majority of her dance training from Bob Fosse’s assistant, Eddie Gasper, and his wife Kathy. As a member of their professional dance company, she was instilled with a strong appreciation and passion for authentic Broadway style jazz in the tradition of Fosse, Jerome Robbins, Jack Cole and Michael Bennett, to name a few. She majored in Musical Theater at NDSU, and in the years since has enjoyed performing, choreographing and teaching at various Twin Cities venues including The Guthrie, BCT and Minnetonka. For the past five years, Christina has been teaching Musical Theater, Tap and Jazz classes at The Phipps Center for the Arts in Hudson, where she lives with her husband Kevin and children Madeline, Andrew and Jack Henry.

Jeremiah Lewis-Walker
Role: Dancer
As local celebrity impersonator, dancer, coach and choreographer, Jeremiah has performed in various major productions. Some of his favorite performances were at the Ivey Awards and Midwest Regional Emmy Awards. Jeremiah also serves as the choreographer/coach for show choirs, theatre projects, and dance pieces for numerous high schools in the Minneapolis/St.Paul metro area. In addition, he is a national pageant choreographer.

Jeremiah’s other performance credits include: Numerous shows with Bloomington Civic Theater, Soul to Sole Dance Conversion, Mythology, The Capone All-Stars, Taylor Dayne, Esera Tuaolo, Skitzo, Big Lots TV Commercial, and in multiple music videos such as Motion City Soundtrack’s “A Lifeless Ordinary” and “RuPaul’s Drag Race” Season One first place winner, Bebe Zahara Benet’s debut.

Alicia Olson
Role: Dancer
Alicia Olson is from Glenwood, Minnesota and has been dancing for the past 17 years. She received her BS in Dance with a minor in Theatre from the Minnesota State University- Mankato in 2012. During her years at MSU, Alicia had the pleasure to work with professors Julie Kerr-Berry and Daniel Stark, along with guest artists such as: Stuart Pimsler Dance & Theatre, Mary Davis Stark, and Jeffery Peterson. Before transferring to Mankato, Alicia attended St. Cloud State and was able to be a part of the Repertory Dance Theatre and got the opportunity to work with April Sellers, John Munger, and Morgan Thorson.

Benjamin Parrish
Role: Dancer
Benjamin Parrish studied dance at Rochester Community College and has also worked as a choreographer for John Marshall High School and The Rochester Civic Theatre.

Dylan Rugh
Role: Dancer
This is Dylan's first experience with the Fringe Festival. Other performances include: Ren in Footloose, Finch in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, and Riff in West Side Story. Dylan is attending UMD to pursue a degree in Musical Theatre.

Ed Williams, Jr.
Role: Dancer
Edward has performed at several theatres in the Twin Cities area: The Jungle, Mixed Blood, the Children’s Theatre Company, Bloomington Civic Theatre, Walking Shadow, Paramount Theatre in St. Cloud, and Minneapolis Musical Theatre. Some of his favorite roles include the MC in Cabaret, Mason in Take Me Out, Bobby in A Chorus Line and Seymour in Little Shop of Horrors. In 2007, he received an Ivey Award for his portrayal of Molina in Kiss of the Spiderwoman. Edward’s full-time job is a K-3 Creative Dramatics/Theatre Specialist for the St. Paul Public Schools. When he’s not performing, teaching or directing, you may see him out running!

John Zeiler
Role: Dancer
John Zeiler graduated from Gustavus Adolphus in 2006 with a BA in Dance and English. John has been acting, dancing & singing all over the Twin Cities for the last 6 years. His three favorite Twin Cities roles are An Adult Evening of Shel Silverstein (2010 MN Fringe Festival), Mendel in Falsettos (Joey Clark Productions), and Vin in Where We're Born (20% Theatre).

Windy Bowlsby
Role: Creator/Choreographer
Windy Bowlsby is a performer, choreographer, director, producer (wife, mother, teacher, rollergirl). She used to be onstage regularly at Bloomington Civic Theater & Minneapolis Musical Theater, but then she went behind the scenes and started choreographing. A lot. (Summer of '42, Grease, Annie, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Godspell - twice!, Kiss Me Kate, Guys and Dolls)

Windy is a founding member of Blue Umbrella Productions and has appeared in their prior Fringe shows Jungle Mary Bang Bang, Flops!, and Those Were The Days. Blue Umbrella is excited to expand their mission of exploring the music theater arts to include our first dance revue!

You can also see Windy onstage this Fringe Festival in THE COMPLETE WORKS OF WILLIAM SHATNER, ABRIDGED at the Rarig Thrust and STOP TALKING: A GAME OF TALKING at the Rarig Experimental. She does not dance in either show.

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User reviews

Energetic and Fun
by Hailey Colwell
Rating 5 stars
Though I did not have the chance to make it to as many Fringe shows as I would have liked, this one made up for a lot of them. It was pure movement, laughs, and excitement. The variety of dance and music left nothing to be missed, and each dancer was obviously having a great time. If you are considering attending the remount of this show (and I so hope it happens), you should not miss it!

by Nathaniel Case
Rating 5 stars
A great show. Clearly need to follow this group more closely. The two-man duet especially was breathtaking; one of the best performances I've seen this year.

Sweet Dance
by Corinna Troth
Rating 4 stars
This is a great dance show with a lot of energy and entertainment value. I don't think it is as strong from the side of the stage where I was sitting as it likely is from the front, but it was still a great show with a variety of styles and moods in close juxtaposition. Worth seeing, for sure!

Great Number To Go Out On!
by Tristine Miller
Rating 4 stars
What a fun performance to enjoy as my first dance Fringe show, as well as ending my 2012 season! I felt that the dancers were having a blast on the stage and the variety of music and choreography kept me guessing on what will come next. My favorite number was the two-gentleman dance! WOW! The all-male review with the chairs and the lady's Bollywood number displayed the dancers energy beautifully. Glad I could end my Fringe with a big dopey grin!

by Bruce yoder
Rating 5 stars
Wow, I am in love. This performance is so enjoyable that you can't stop smiling. This group really knows how to move and the use of the music is excellent. I had to come back and see it a second time.

Such fun!
by Scott Pakudaitis
Rating 4 stars
A delightful collection of short, mostly upbeat dances that look like they could have come off the stages of lively musicals. Excellent use of the small space - there isn't a bad seat in the house.

Blame it on the Boogie.
by Barrett Solberg
Rating 3 stars
Guess based on the summary I was expecting more of a revue. That said it had its high points, a couple real standout dancers.

Perfect end to an evening
by Scott Gilbert
Rating 5 stars
Just saw the show and have to share how amazing it was. This was my favorite dance piece of the fringe this year and am pleased that I was introduced to Wendy's work. I look forward to seeing her future projects.

Holy Hot Pants, Batman!
by Peter Avirom
Rating 5 stars
Holy Hot pants , Batman! That was bootylicious! Even the guys gave Beyonce a run for her money. Very simple choreography but everyone danced with pure joy. Great music ! Please put track listings on your website! This group is one to watch.

My last show and best show
by SciFi Guy
Rating 5 stars
This was my last show for the fringe and I would definitely say that it was my favorite. Each dance was better than the one before. I don't normally go to dance shows at the fringe but I'm glad I made an exception for this one. Excellent!

Boogie Delicious!
by Tim Torgerson
Rating 5 stars
Saw the show Wednesday night. Fun show. The dancers are very talented, they smile and look to be having a fun time. The music is upbeat and leaves you feeling good.

What is all the hub bub about?
by Shelly Setten
Rating 3 stars
Not at all what I had expected. Judging by all the hype I thought I was going to see something out of this world. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't bad, but not that incredible. Don't worry if it sells out, there are many other great things to choose from.

by Ariel Leaf
Rating 4 stars
This was pure, unadulterated fun. Alicia Olsen was a standout, and rightfully in almost every dance. John Z was delicious in "Bootylicious" and I appreciated the tender two man performance as well. I would have given it 5 stars, but I thought some of the cast could use more energy. Overall though,a delightful hour and well done in such a tight space. I did pity folks in the side seats.

by Debbie Fuehrer
Rating 5 stars
I LOVE this production! It was fun, sharp, creative, humorous, sassy, but too short. Excellent example of leaving the audience wanting more.

So awesome I had to see it twice!
by Sarah Eshelman
Rating 5 stars
An amazing, energy-filled production. A very feel-good performance!! I went back and saw it a second time!

I cried twice--once from laughing so hard, and once because the dances were so beautiful.

Get there plenty early as it will probably sell out!

Worth the drive
by Will Weisert
Rating 5 stars
Ten dancers having what appeared to be the time of their lives just can't be missed. Lots of well choreographed energy packed into 50 minutes.

High Energy Dance!
by Bradley Johnson
Rating 4 stars
Overall this is a dance show that delivers continuous high energy, dance after dance. A couple numbers were a little rough around the edges, but most are pretty spot on. If you plan to see this, make a reservation as they are packing the house!

Amazing Time!
by Emma Ottoson
Rating 5 stars
This show was amazing, great music and even greater dancers. I loved the variety in the music and dance types. Most of all I loved the dancers, you could tell how much fun they were having and there was some really great talent!

I would definitely recommend this show, so not miss out on this one!!

Densely packed.
by Eric Salo
Rating 3 stars
10 dancers stuffing 14 different pieces into 50 minutes. Although, given that we had a sold out show, that description could also apply to the audience. The dancers had varying degrees of talent and the dances were a nice mix.

The audience absolutely loved this show. Maybe I just have no soul because I thought it was good but unspectacular. So 3 stars, which for me is not a bad rating but I am well aware that this places me way on the extreme low end of reviewers for this show even so.

So Fun! Make Reservations!
by Mark Long
Rating 5 stars
It's hard to tell who's having more fun, the dancers or the audience. It's just a great, high-energy show with some wonderful dancers and music.

Do Not Miss This Show
by Roger Rosvold
Rating 5 stars
Loved so much about this show: can't fit it all in 750 characters.
Strong & powerful at time, fun and joyous at others; whimsically delightful. A well crafted and confidently presented hour!
This is a must see.

So much joy
by Robin Nelson
Rating 4 stars
I thoroughly enjoyed this show. Although a little rough around the edges, the exuberance of the dancers and variety of styles swept me along. I particularly loved the male duet and the Bollywood-style piece. And I was near-to-tears for the sheer joy of the final number!

Fun atmosphere with some good variety.
by Trevor Dwire
Rating 4 stars
I wasn't too sure I was going to enjoy the show while watching the first act but that turned out to be the only act I didn't care for much. There was a lot of variety, a lot of energy, and a lot of fun. I do recommend sitting in the front row or at least one of the higher back rows so you have a clear view of any ground work.

Fun, fun, fun!
by Eve Adam
Rating 5 stars
This show is so much fun! It was a smorgasbord of dance - jazz, lyrical, a nod to Fosse, and Bollywood! The cast did a wonderful job. They lit up the stage! See this show if you can.

Grey Goo Phobia
by Brian Watson-Jones
Rating 5 stars
Fantastic! I'll admit, I caught this only because I was hitting the slot after it, and I knew one of the performers. Nothing in the description particularly drew me. Man, I'm glad I hit it by accident. Fun scenes, varied styles of dance, and engaged responsive performers made this a joy. The... I'm gonna call it the "Vote No" segment was particularly touching. My only nit to pick is that one of the dancers' frozen smile was too frozen- it started off pleasant and a nice change from typical 'blank dancer's face', but since it didn't alter at all, it ended up feeling like a death rictus. But really, that's a tiny detail in a fantastic dance show. Well done!

Dance It Out
by Mark Mikula
Rating 4 stars
You have to wonder whether reality television like So You Think You Can Dance is a boon or a weight for dancers. I'm a little spoiled as a fan of that show. This dance company brings such enthusiasm and commitment to their work that most of that critical comparison melts away. My favorite numbers here were the ones where the performers weren't expected to be synchronized (little kids and lighthouses come to mind). It showcases a wide variety of forms and combinations of dancers from a moving ballet/contemporary duet to high-energy Bollywood from a quartet of committed women. If anyone has the inclination to see an eclectic showcase for local talent, I would urge you to take a seat and try to keep from boogieing yourself.

High voltage
by David Trudeau
Rating 4 stars
This dance show just goes and goes with hot stuff and great choreography executed by really good dancers. The clumsy silent blackouts between routines slow its otherwise dizzying energetic pace.

Amazing variety
by Rick Treece
Rating 5 stars
This is the only dance show I'll probably attend at Fringe, but I was THOROUGHLY entertained. I was astonished to learn that all of the numbers were choreographed by the same person, because every number had a distinctive look and feel.

Since I'm not a dancer, maybe the "unevenness" mentioned by other reviewers bothered me less. On the contrary, I was impressed that the cast could perform effectively in so many styles.

Windy is my hero
by Claire Alexander
Rating 5 stars
BOOM. Awesome choreography, done by awesome dancers. High energy all the way through, this show has strikingly beautiful moments that are shuffled in with absolutely goofy light-hearted delightful dances. GO SEE THIS SHOW. And sit in the front row for optimal viewing of the steamier numbers!

by Elizabeth Schuetzle
Rating 5 stars
I loved this show. I had never been to a dance show before and was a little worried if it could hold my attention. The second the performance started all my worries were gone. The dancers told a great story and conveyed lots of emotion in their dance. Whether it be dramatic or silly. I recommend this show to everyone especially people who have never been to a dance show before and want to try one. AMAZING!!!!!!!

Very entertaining!!
by Taylor Johnson
Rating 5 stars
I loved the show! The dancers were very talented and the atmosphere of the show was very fun. I would watch it again!

A dance show for all types
by John Newstrom
Rating 5 stars
I am not afraid to admit that I tend to avoid most dance shows as I sincerely lack the talent/knowledge to recognize a great performance. I am sincerely glad I made it to the first performance.

BOOGIE-ography flows effortlessly between humor, grace, vision and back to humor as it brings the audience along on a toe tapping adventure with stellar dance and music. Easily a must see for anybody seeking a great show!

Joie de vivre!
by Katherine Engel
Rating 5 stars
Ain't we got fun? and ... We got attitude! Spunk! Energy! Some rough edges on unisons and skill levels not matching, but also some beautiful dancing and lines, and the sheer spirit and pace is infectious - enjoyed some of the choreography's creativity and the variety, especially appropriate I think in Fringe; thus my high rating.

I was ready for this jelly.
by Jess Lindgren
Rating 4 stars
Seemed like the Sunday performance got off to a bit of an unsure start, but the dancers quickly found their groove, and really started to have fun with it. Would have been nice to see in a larger venue so the dancers had more stage to work with, but was very fun to be so close to the action. All in all, a fun show, and I'm glad I fit it into my schedule.

Loved the show!
by Jamie Zierden
Rating 5 stars
I was lucky enough to see this on its opening night and from the subsequent sell outs I consider myself lucky! Fun and flirty is mixed with love and thoughtfulness in this dance show that makes the audience think and laugh the whole way through.

Mindless fun, and a lot of it
by Roy Close
Rating 4 stars
Ten vivacious dancers in a small space, high-energy choreography that overflows with good vibrations -- what's not to like? The dances are short, which is fine; some of the blackouts too long, which is a fixable problem. If you've never seen a dance performance at the Fringe, this would be an excellent choice for your first plunge.

High Energy
by Margaret King
Rating 5 stars
by Meg and Jen King
The energy of the performers was matched by the enthusiasm of the audience. Time speeds by as the exuberant dancers fling themselves into the music. The joy of the lighthearted dancers was contrasted by the elegant and dramatic duet by the 2 male dancers. For a good time, see this show.

Surprisingly enjoyable
by luann monahan
Rating 5 stars
In full disclosure, I'm not typically a fan of dance shows. They tend to be the one genre I avoid during the festival, but this one took my breath away. These young dancers have so much talent and energy it's impossible to not like this show. The music choices were brilliant and beautifully choreographed to fully appreciate and understand each song. The opera with the two gentlemen was breath-taking. Their comfort level and trust of one another was so obvious and made that piece one of my favorites of the show. Just wonderful! My only negative, and it's not a big deal, was the amount of time spent on costume changes and transitions. Personally, I would have been okay seeing them in the same costumes if it meant being able to see them perform one more number. No doubt I'll be looking for this group in future feativals.

Bring the kids!
by Tim Wick
Rating 5 stars
Fast paced, funny and filled with energy, this is a show everyone in the audience seemed to love. My kids (aged 7 & 12) really had a great time watching the show. There area couple of F-bombs in the final number so you need to decide if you are OK with that but if you are, a parent could do much worse at this year's fringe.

by David Thompson
Rating 0 stars
This show's rating should be 2 1/2 to 3 stars. I gave it zero because clearly many of the other raters are family or friends, or have never seen a good dance production--so I wanted to average it out... It was a fairly fun, entertaining show to watch. However the quality of the dancing was mediocre to poor. The concept was good, the choreography ok, and the execution poor. The spirit of the performers was good/fun. If it was a comedy dance, it would be great. But often it was funny when they weren't trying to be. Besides below average dancer skill, they also hadn't rehearsed adequately and frequently botched the choreography. Sorry, but that's the truth.

The joint was jumpin'!
by Mariellen Jacobson
Rating 4 stars
Pure entertainment...the happy endorphins will be flowing. Great music choices, choreography, and dancing…the joint was jumping and the energy seemed to continue even after the show was over! Whoooeee!

Consistently entertaining!
by Anne Pederson
Rating 5 stars
Surprising, joyful, vibrant, just an incredible evening. I was uncertain what I'd be getting with a dance show, but these gifted performers were obviously in love with what they're doing and the energy is infectious. Treat yourself to this one!

Rating 5 stars
Fabulous show. Choreography was clever and fresh, dancers were amazing. High energy, great skilland they all looked like they loved every minute. I know I did.

A great time was had by all!
by Bridget Faricy
Rating 5 stars
Very fun fringe evening spent at Patrick's Cabaret watching Boogieography. Great music, fun dancing and some highlights including the pas-de-dudes piece that was really lovely. Even the program was well done and very descriptive. The best part was that everyone had a great time.

Puttin on the Ritz
by Christopher Yaeger
Rating 5 stars
This show is a HIT! The cast is outstanding. Laura Bohne can Bollywood like a superstar. Jessi Fett can Fosse like a fiend, Ed and Jeremiah are on Fire. There isn't a weak link in the bunch. They are all well rehearsed and dishing it out with everything they got. Even the music mix kicks. It will take you from fun to sassy, from bounce to oh baby! and from wow to pow. I just want to effin dance!!! Windy Bowlsby the choreographer does a fantastic job honoring dance legends from the silver screen to YouTube and the cast nails it. Both humor and talent bring the audience to a standing room boogie shake down finish. I am still reeling. Go and get your grove on! Better yet go twice. This will make Best of the Fringe this year positively YES

Pure high energy fun
by David Woolley
Rating 5 stars
If you don't walk out of this show with a smile on your face, something's seriously wrong with you.

Freaking Joyous!
by Caroline Toll
Rating 5 stars
Wow! From now on, this show is my happy place! I think they could fix all the ills of the world with jazz hands and thumping beats!

by Rick Kolodziej
Rating 5 stars
I DARE YOU NOT TO ENJOY THIS!! BOOGIEography has something for everyone and the dancers left it all on the dance floor. Creator Windy Bowlsby has a unique talent of combining music and dance that one would never expect, starting out with a rendition of WEST SIDE STORY danced to MC Hammers "Can't Touch This (which you can't). Within the Jazz, Bollywood, and Musical Theatre, she adds humor, campiness, and has a lyrical piece that would bring tears to Mandy Moore. The 10 dancers are exceptional. WHERE DO THEY GET THE ENERGY?? For the nonstop 14 dance, 60 minutes, they perform with one another like they've been together for many seasons, bringing an interpretation and zest that is mesmerizing, enchanting and - well - just down right fun.

Very entertaining!!
by Nick Fett
Rating 5 stars
This show is a lot of fun! I was smiling and laughing the whole time. It's obvious the dancers love what they do and want you to love it too! Come see this show and you won't regret it!!

Absolutely FANTASTIC
by Lucy Lloyd
Rating 5 stars
If you don't see this, you are seriously missing out on one of the best shows I have ever seen. This shows drives in the fact that we just want to dance and these dancers clearly are having a wonderful time on stage. I am so happy I got to see this show and I WILL be seeing it again!

Love it!
by Maria Le
Rating 5 stars
This show was just too cute! I was pleasantly surprised with the balance of dancing and theatrical performances. I found myself laughing at some of the comedic numbers, was touched with other numbers, and others where I wanted to get up and dance myself. Check it out!

Delightful Fringe Fun
by Lacey Piotter
Rating 5 stars
Wonderful group of dancers, doing what they do best and loving every minute of it! I left feeling uplifted and inspired to dance out into the night. Don't miss this one! (Parking at Patrick's has gotten much better so don't be put off.)

Floor Vibrating
by Liz Blank
Rating 4 stars
This is a production packed with energy!

Tail feathers shook? Check.
by Amanda Greenhart
Rating 5 stars
There is something so wonderful about watching talented dancers who really love what they are doing! I couldn't pick one favorite dance number, it's more of a four way tie. There was beauty and storytelling and humor, it was a great time!

by Wendy Thoren
Rating 5 stars
The entire performance kept me on the edge of my seat. The performers engaged the audience and made us feel alive. We hooted and cheered and yes, even came close to tears. Prepare for an uplifting experience.

Go Go Go to this Show Show Show!
by Carol Eshelman
Rating 5 stars
Feelin' so good after seeing this show. Thank you, Blue Umbrella for this mood enhancing show! Unique fun music , outstanding choreography and ever-so-talented dancers. Want to feel happy? Go see this show!!! I have to see it at least one more time during Fringe!

absolute must see
by barbara fenick
Rating 5 stars
This was a funfest!! They were dancing for the sheer joy of it and they transfered all their exhurbance and love of dance to the audience! How can you not love an MC Hammer song done like a dance scene in West Side Story? For the love of everything Fosse, Broadway and great dance just come and see this show and enjoy. I was smiling the whole time. Loved the songs, the choreography and all the great dancers who boogied the night away. My bowler hat is off to you guys!

by Madeline Graham
Rating 5 stars
This show is EXCELLENT and I can't recommend it enough. Windy's dances were inventive, energetic, narrative, and beautiful. As a huge Fosse fan I was thrilled to see many of his signature moves with a new twist and flavor. I was especially impressed by the fact that these dancers were also amazing actors - their faces were alive and emotions readable(not always the case with dancers). Many of the dances also told a story that was clear, amusing, and touching. My favorite pieces were the fun and frenetic Maahi Ve Bollywood piece, the sassy This Tightrope's Made for Walking, and the beautiful Lakme. Many pieces had me laughing out loud. I could point to many other favorite moments, but don't want to ruin the show. GO SEE IT!!!!

A lotta dance packed into an hour
by Florence Brammer
Rating 4 stars
This is such a fun show -- the dance genres include jazzy, Fosse-inspired pieces; lyrical, romantic works; burlesquey, campy fun; and even a Bollywood work. The juxtapositions of choreography and music are often unexpected and always delightful. While the dancing skills of the performers vary quite a bit and that variance sometimes can be distracting, this is irresistably entertaining and well worth one of your Fringe slots. If you are intent on seeing this, a reservation might be a good idea. There were very few open seats even for the first performance.

Want to see again!
by Julie Lloyd
Rating 5 stars
Terrific music, incredible variety of styles and emotion. I was moved and inspired to get up and dance! All of the dancers were so full of energy...a really great time! Highly recommend!

Very entertaining!
by Jack Henry Leines
Rating 5 stars
I really enjoyed the variety of music and the energy of the talented cast in this show. Make time to see this one!

Truly outstanding: this show had it all!
by Paul Gutmann
Rating 5 stars
The main reason why I came to this show was to support a friend of mine who was one of the dancers, and also the choreographer/director, who I have worked with before. I didn't really know what to expect in terms of music selection and dance style, but I was excited and ready for a great show!

From the moment the first dancers stepped onto the stage, I knew we were in for a fantastic show. The music selections were terrific, and the choreography was classic yet so fresh! From tongue-and-cheek jazz to beautiful opera and everywhere in between, this show had it all, and it truly inspired me! A show of this caliber deserves to be recognized, and that is why I chose to rate this show with five stars. Magnificent work!

Fun-filled and fantastic!
by Madeline Leines
Rating 5 stars
This show is a blast! So much energy, great music, and awesome choreography. I was sitting at the edge of my seat the whole time, and it made me want to get up and dance, too! Everybody should go see it, it's simply wonderful!

by Kevin Leines
Rating 5 stars
So much fun, emotion and energy in a small space, but their production is enormous. Go experience it!

Great fun
by David Shlay
Rating 4 stars
There is something fun for everybody in this show. Most of the dancing is wonderful. I loved the music and the enthusiasm of the performers.

Unbridled Happiness
by David Rust
Rating 5 stars
So, this is what pure, distilled joy looks like.

What a great, uplifting, joyful explosion of dance, music, and a celebration of the human form! I don’t follow dance. Too often it leaves me cold and un-involved. Not this. BOOGIEography is a blast right off the bat from its first number, a “West Side Story”-like take on M.C. Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This” and doesn’t let go clear through a rocking finale (“I Just Wanna Dance”) that belongs on any, big stage. I cannot stress enough how much fun this show was.

“BOOGIEography” plays with gender roles and audience expectations while presenting fun, lively, and really downright cool dancing. Simply amazing! I’m going to try to bring my nieces to see this one.

High style & energy
by Jennifer Eckes
Rating 4 stars
Wonderful display of fun dances! A great mix of Broadway styles, plus I loved the feisty numbers, comic relief bits, and the gorgeous lyrical pieces. This cast works hard and deserves to be seen!

Are you ready for this jelly?
by Derek ""Duck"" Washington
Rating 5 stars
This show had me hooting, cheering, laughing, and smiling till my face hurt. I believe its intent is to just make sure everyone has a great time, and it succeeds in spades. The dances are strong, the performances are excellent and we just wanted to cheer it all on. If you can't find something positve to take away from this show you might be a little dead inside. The perfect show to bring you up after seeing a downer.


Thursday, 8/28:30 p.m.
Saturday, 8/48:30 p.m.
Sunday, 8/52:30 p.m.
Wednesday, 8/810:00 p.m.
Saturday, 8/1110:00 p.m.
Sunday, 8/128:30 p.m.
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