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Musical theater
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By Yellow Bird Productions

Written by Jay'd Hagberg

A Deaf musical, examining the gap between hearing and Deaf cultures and how shared interest, romance, and tragedy bridge that gap. All performances are signing-accessible - this is for Deaf and hearing alike!

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Silence examines the gap between hearing and Deaf cultures, and what happens when things like shared interest, romance, and tragedy bridge that gap. The story follows Abby (Canae Weiss, local Deaf dancer and actress) in her struggles as a Deaf pre-professional dancer. When she meets the hearing musician Mark, (Robert Korsmo, local actor/singer with Stone Arch Armada) perceptions of the gap between the hearing and the Deaf cultures shift, and a romance ensues. Through a smorgasbord of song, dance, and American Sign Language, the story unfolds and lives are changed.

This show revolutionizes the way ASL (American Sign Language) and ASL interpreting is utilized in a theater setting by incorporating the interpreters as scripted characters on stage, rather than the customary front-of-stage position. Cast includes many hearing and Deaf actors from around the Twin Cities area, including many local ASL interpreters. The production has been shown a great deal of support from the University of Minnesota and other organizations around the metro.

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We've gotten a bunch of great press already! Check out our feature article in the Minnesota DailyTC Daily Planet included us in their yearly Top 10 list, MPR's Art Hounds gave us a shout out on their radio spot, and Silence was mentioned on www.twincities.com!

Cast + crew

Jay'd Hagberg
Role: Director/Producer/Keyboards
Hagberg is a Deaf musician/actor/composer whose credits include productions at the Jungle Theater (A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum), University of Minnesota (Immersion), Lowry Lab Theater (The Last Five Years), St. Paul Conservatory for Performing Artists (Bat Boy: The Musical), and abroad with the Wiener Konservatorium and the Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien (Rent, Company, Hänsel und Gretel, Makaido, and Tartuffe) in Vienna, Austria where he studied as a Gilman scholar. As a musician, past chairs and honors include principal flute with the Minnesota Youth Symphonies Symphony Orchestra, principal piccolo with the 2009 MMEA All-State Orchestra, principal bassoon with the Saint Paul Conservatory Chamber Orchestra, and runner-up in the 2008 GTCYS concerto competition. Hagberg has studied with Dr. Immanuel Davis (University of Minnesota), Julia Bogorad-Kogan (St. Paul Chamber Orchestra), Fr. Dr. Karimi Furough (Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien), and Dame Evelyn Glennie (London, England)

Thanks to my family and friends for their undying love and support. Happy fringe! - may the reviews be ever in your favor.

Megan Rudell
Role: Stage Manager
Megan Rudell is about to embark on her senior year in the BA Theatre Arts program at the U of M in the fall with a concentration in acting and costumes. She has been seen in the original cast of The Moving Company's "The War Within/All's Fair," and the U's 24 Hour Theatre as Edward Cullen and the 10 Minute Play Festival as Secretary. This is her first time exploring the role of a stage manager and she's thrilled about her journey in another facet of theatre!

Tom Bourque
Role: John
Tom Bourque is a theatre graduate of Boston Arts Academy. He worked as a sign language interpreter for stage productions in New England for ten years. Tom dropped out of clown school and is now studying for his masters in Special Education at the U. Tom is deaf.

Daniel Flohr
Role: Jack
Originally from Gillette, WY, Daniel Flohr is currently finishing his BA in Theater Arts at the U of M- Twin Cities. This is his second time working in the Fringe festival, the first being the role of Casper Sullen in the YPC performance of the Twilight parody "SemiDarkness". He has also done a great deal of work with the U of M's "Xperimental Theater", (Sam- The Greater American Passtime, Dr. Horrible- Dr. Horrible's Sing-along Blog). Now, coming back to a musical for the first time in over a year, he seeks to make a strong appearance in Silence.

Robert Korsmo
Role: Mark
Robert Korsmo has been making theater since age 13. He's elated to be partcipating in the Minneapolis Fringe Festival for the second summer in a row, and thinks it's just swell that you came out tonight. He wants to remind you that, whether or not you liked the show, you can (and should) review it on fringefestival.org. Have a wonderful fringe, folks!

Canae Weiss
Role: Abby
Canae received her dance training at Ballet Arts Minnesota, Washington
Ballet, State University of New York Purchase, and the University of
Minnesota. In addition, she was the first deaf dancer to train with
the American Ballet Theatre's summer intensive programs. Canae has
performed and taught as guest artist with Model Secondary School for
the Deaf in Washington, D.C. and at high schools & elementary schools
in the Twin Cities metro area. Canae currently performs in the Ethnic
Dance Theatre Company and has also performed locally with Voices of
Sepharad, Minnesota Chorale's Bridge Project with Young Dance Company,
Leili Pristchet's Persian dance and history show Hidden Yearnings,
and the Nancy Hauser Modern Dance Company. Canae has performed
nationally with the Orim Israeli Folk Dance Troupe and with the Silk
Road Dance Company. She is truly excited to participate in the Fringe
Festival and the thing she most wants you to do is...ENJOY yourself!

Evonne Bilotta-Burke
Role: Betty (Interpreter no. 4)
Evonne Bilotta-Burke - CI has worked as a full-time interpreter at the University of Minnesota since 2000 and specializes in performing arts interpreting. Holding a master degree in Liberal studies, (M.A.: Video production, theatrical direction, with an emphasis on minority cultural patterns), she is also author of "Inside the Gate: Perspectives of a Protest", a semi-documentary play about the historic Gallaudet University Presidential protests of 1988 and 2006. She has been a member of the Minnesota Deaf community since 1989 and facilitates workshops for colleagues on local, regional, and national levels on a wide range of topics. She has been studying theatre interpreting for the last 12 years and is happy to be working on this collaborative project for the community.

Cassie Lang
Role: Interpreter no. 2
Cassie Lang (NIC Advanced) is a nationally certified sign language interpreter currently living in Washington D.C. She is a graduate of the University of Minnesota with degrees in Music Education and Spanish, as well as Saint Paul College with a degree in Interpretation/Transliteration. Cassie has been involved in performing arts interpreting at a variety of venues such as the Guthrie Theater, Park Square Theatre, The Playwright's Center, The Minnesota History Theatre, Open Eye Figure Theater, 20% Theatre Company, the Minnesota Renaissance and Fringe Festivals, Mixed Blood Theatre and One Voice Mixed Chorus. Cassie served on the board of directors for the Minnesota chapter of the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf and co-chaired the organization MERGE, working to promote continuing education and networking for upcoming interpreting professionals. She is currently pursuing a graduate degree in interpreting at Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C. with a focus on International Sign. When not working, Cassie enjoys being active in music and theater, cooking, gardening, traveling and visiting the Twin Cities.

Shawn Vreizen
Role: Interpreter no. 1

Jack Williams
Role: Interpreter no. 3
Williams grew up in the Twin Cities area for most of his life. After high school, he went to Rochester institute of Technology in Rochester NY. There he received a B.F.A in photography and art history. He have been done countless theatre arts at RIT. Currently, he is working at Metro Deaf School. In his spare time he enjoys being with his partner, Moncies and two sons, Moncies Jr. and Cezar in the St. Paul area.

Cate Jackson
Role: Chorus
Cate Jackson is a rising junior at the University of Minnesota studying theatre arts and performance. She has studied theatre and dance from the age of four between her lives in Georgia, Connecticut, and New York. Other training includes French Woods Festival of Performing Arts and the American Academy of Dramatic Arts NYC. She recently appeared in The Birds directed by Bob Rosen and a staging of The Oresteia, a collaboration directed by Barbra Berlovitz. She lives by peace, love, and sarcasm. xoxo.

Stephanie Ritenour
Role: Chorus

Matt Blake
Role: Bass

Susan Miranda
Role: Oboe
Susan Miranda is a seasoned oboist. She graduated high school from Interlochen Arts Academy in Interlochen, Michigan. Susan has attended college for Music Performance at the University of South Dakota and Augustana College. She has participated in numerous master classes involving John Mack, Daniel Stolper, Linda Strommen, Nicholas Daniel, and Daniel Ross. Her performance resume includes various countries across Europe with the Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp Symphonic Band; Dakota Wind Ensemble in Sioux Falls, South Dakota; Sioux City Symphony Orchestra, Sioux City, Iowa; Huron Symphony Orchestra, Huron, South Dakota, and principal of the University of Minnesota Symphonic Band. Susan is currently completing her Bachelor’s degree in Communications at the University of Minnesota. She has a great passion for music and carries that through to her students. Susan teaches both oboe and English horn at Modern Day Music in West Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Andrea Myers
Role: Flute
Andrea Myers received her Bachelor of Music from the University of Minnesota where she studied with Immanuel Davis. She has participated in masterclasses held by Keith Underwood, Ali Ryerson, Conor Nelson, Pedro de Alcantara, and Wilbert Hazlezet. As an active and versatile performer she can be found playing at a range of events, everything from weddings and recitals to the Minnesota Fringe Festival. She has been teaching in the Twin Cities for the last 5 years and is on faculty at Hopewell North Music Cooperative. More information can be found on www.andreamyers and www.hopewellmusic.com.

Jon Rawski
Role: Percussion

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User reviews

by Marta Hill
Rating 4 stars
We went to see a production of "Silence" and found it entertaining, unique and wonderful!
(Completely unprejudiced point of view.)
Grandma and Grandpa Hagberg

by Amanda Lee Genaro
Rating 4 stars
Love having an ASL show with tons of elements we don't typically see in them (ie awesome music).

I wanted more. I was expecting more about the difficulties of a communication with a signer and a non-signer... but great story. Just wanted more development of their stories, but I know the time constraint. Felt super short because I wanted more and was super engaged. Sad. Funny. Cute. Moving. Stories powerful.

Some parts not together, but I know a lot of work went into this show. Difficult span of going from far stage left to far stage right during dialogue parts... missed the beginning of each person's line because needing to use ASL. Maybe my seat? Maybe move closer.

Y'all were amazing though! Thanks so much! Hope to see y'all do more!!!

ASL doesn't excuse horrendous writing.
by Abbie Lawrence
Rating 1 star
I'm so sorry. Despite really excellent intentions and an admirable, worthy goal, "Silence" needs a complete overhaul. The almost nonexistent script and songs both feel like they're Mad Libbed together from the best-known lines of existing musicals (mostly "Rent" - like, VERBATIM plagiarism). There is no character development; the entire show exists to tell us how AMAAAAZING Abbie is, but we don't ever see her being amazing. We're told she's an OMG AWESOME dancer...but we see her performing what looks like a parody of modern dance. We're told Mark is an OMG AWESOME writer/musician, but we see him, well, plagiarize "Rent". Also, no one can sing. Also, there is no forward-moving plot, and all action is talked ABOUT, not shown. Also...no.

Wanted More
by Bradley Johnson
Rating 4 stars
Having had a mother that was deaf, I was very interested in seeing this show. Love the concept, but I think the directing could have been better. I would have loved to see the relationships developed more. The show was only 40 minutes so there was plenty of time to spare. Impressive acting, dancing and singing. Looking forward to more shows like this.

Moving Performance
by Jeff Myers
Rating 5 stars
I found myself moved by the experience and brought to tears. Doing a musical for multiple audiences is challenging and I thought "Silence" did a wonderful job. The musicians were fantastic.

More than meets the eye and ears
by Troy Osswald
Rating 5 stars
As a theatre practitioner, I was very emotionally moved by the complexity of identities presented onstage. There are a myriad of interesting challenges brought to a performance space in which one wishes to bridge gaps in understanding, and this was completely new to me as a way to tell a story that lives between both the worlds of the hearing and deaf communities. As someone who has very little experience with the deaf community, I was captured by the visual drama of blending voice and American Sign Language, dance and bold singing which came together to make 'Silence.' As always with Fringe, more time could tighten this show technically- but it is already mesmerizing and will make you wish you you could see it again to catch all you missed

A refreshing delight
by Jacob Edholm
Rating 4 stars
This was a very well done musical that successfully conveyed a meaningful message about the deaf community. A show for the hearing and the deaf!

While the show had a serious message, it also had plenty of hilarious moments. Good job to the cast, especially by Canae Weiss who played Abby.

by Draico Noveles
Rating 5 stars
I was at the opening night of this show. I was so impressed by the subject matter, the amazing music, and the talent that went into this show. But I hesitated to write a review. I wanted to see uf this was all or if the show was going to be refined. I came back and what I witnessed was nothing short of perfection. With the limited resources the director and cadet were given, they turned a great show with possibility into a breathtaking show that continuously tugged at your heartstrings. It was done with such genuine feeling that you couldn't help but relate to the characters. I myself don't know any ASL. I wouldn't know where to begin. But you don't need to. This show is for EVERYONE, not just those who can sign. Jay'd Hagberg is going to do amazing things in this world. And personally, I can't wait to be able to say "I saw him when.....". I would LOVE to see each member of the cast take this show as far as it can go. They are all so amazingly talented. Canae is a force to be reckoned with. It wasn't until after the show I found out she is actually deaf. To not be able to hear anything and still be able to follow music and dance with such grace is nothing short of amazing. I genuinely hope this show is able to perform on Sunday so I can have the privilege of coming back. I can't say enough about it. Truly breathtaking......

I want MORE!
by Lisa Wasilowski
Rating 5 stars
As a member of D/HH community, I enjoyed this show so much that I am left with wanting for more! :) I love how the funny twists were incorprated in this show. Made me appreciate different perspectives the show has all in one. :) My only disappointment - it was too damn short for my liking! :) Jay'D - I want more!

ASL Musical? Pah! **Hands Waving**
by Cheryl Fielitz
Rating 4 stars
As a member of the signing community (I am an interpreter), I loved the fact that this was truly a show for Deaf and hearing audiences alike. I loved that the interpreters were incorporated in the action and the story, not stuck on one side so one has to choose what to look at. I loved that ASL and Deaf Culture was treated as simply something different, and it was the hearing character that seemed to be a bit at a disadvantage because he didn't sign. The signing and dancing were beautiful. I am echoing other reviewers when I say that I would have liked to see more...more dancing, more signing, more meat in the story. Hopefully I will get to someday! Thanks to all involved...let's do it again SOON, shall we?

From a Deaf perspective
by Eric Nooker
Rating 5 stars
I really enjoyed this play! It engaged both the hearing and deaf audience with excellent integration of spoken and visual communication. Using sign language interpreters as characters was a unique angle that was a pleasant surprise. I did wish I could have seen more of the developing relationship, but overall it was a great play for such a short time frame. Kudos to the people who were involved with making this play a reality!

An earnest effort
by Andrew Troth
Rating 3 stars
I applaud the idea behind this show, and there are parts of it that work really well. The music is pretty good overall; the multiple methods of interpretation are enriching rather than distracting; I like the extrapolation of the inherent beauty of ASL performance in some of the dance work; and Canae Weiss's dancing is lovely. The small amount of time that the two main characters spend together is well-acted and charming.

But... some of the supporting performances are uneven, some musical numbers come across as inadequately rehearsed, and the story needs more development, as other reviewers have noted. I hope the author will continue to work on the show; it could grow into something really wonderful.

Great concept with good execution, but
by Joshua Humphrey
Rating 3 stars
...there's a hole in this play that needs to be filled. After Abby and Mark (our deaf heroine and musician hero) hook up, we skip ahead a year in time. I wanted to see the what happened in the interval, the growing pains of their relationship--i.e., more communication issues, meeting the 'rents and friends, ect. More conflict would make this more engaging, and give the final act more impact. There's room for it too--Silence clocks in at 35 minutes, so there's at least 15 minutes that could be used to flesh out the script. I do think the concept is fantastic and it works well, but I wanted to see a longer production that plays on the complexities of hearing/not hearing relationships.

Deaf Kids Get to be Hackneyed Too
by Paula Nancarrow
Rating 5 stars
I loved this show, and was surprised when some of the other reviews marked it down for a hackneyed plot. Because I thought that was part of the point. It was Grease Meets Teen Angel. The idea of a Hearing Musician having a Deaf Dancer for his muse is a wonderful trope for bringing together both cultures; so often we have ASL interpretation for shows that is tacked on, and this was all integral. They were talented, fresh, energetic, and the leading roles were played extremely well. I found myself wondering what the experience would be like if I were Deaf, and I sure hope there will be Deaf reviewers of the show, because that's as close as I'm going to get to knowing.

Simple Story, beautifully told
by Vicki Joan Keck
Rating 4 stars
I have always been fascinated with Deaf culture and sign language, so when I read about this it went to my MUST SEE list. I loved the mix of ASL and voice, and the two leads were exquisite. The story is very basic, boy meets girl, loves, then loses girl. The beauty is in the music, dancing and the way it's told. Nice job!

A place to start
by David Trudeau
Rating 3 stars
The idea of a non-hearng/hearing musical is novel and this play shows it is feasible. I hope it is a launching pad for more serious work. A very simple plot and only a few good numbers leave it theatrically wanting. I do not speak ASL but my eye is always drawn to the signers at plays and every once in a while I see a gesture that gives a new depth to concepts expressed by spoken language. Signing is a graceful and expressive language that has its own movement art potential. I would love to see an ensemble dancing and signing. I also think of mime heavy theater pieces like "Ashland" that can incorporate hearing and non-hearing actors. Lots of interesting potential here. Thanks for breaking the ice.

I wanted more!
by Dawn Krosnowski
Rating 3 stars
Beautiful show with a stunning female lead. I only wish there was more plot development.

About Time and Not Enough Time
by Minrod Mier
Rating 3 stars
I thought the concept and execution of this show was terrific, but - clocking in at 35 minutes - I felt a bit cheated. The story had only just begun and I wish I could have seen so much more about the relationship. The characters were strong and the relationships that developed not only between them but all their interpreters was poignant and amusing and had me reeled in. But please - show me MORE! But - you all - go and see and hear this totally accessible show!

Refreshing new concepts at Fringe!
by Claire Alexander
Rating 5 stars
I loved the blended-style staging of this show. As a bilingual person, I can say that the language was nicely paired and equally sincerely delivered in both ASL and English. Canae's dancing was breathtaking (as always). Congrats and good luck with the rest of the run. FRINGERS: Consider seeing this show if you want to see something you've never seen before! :D

A strong start, but unfinished.
by Eric Salo
Rating 3 stars
This show was an epiphany for me: So obvious in retrospect that OF COURSE the ASL would be choreographed just like any other kind of movement on-stage. That part was beautifully done.

But the ending of the story was beyond horrible and a total cop-out. Also, our show started at 4:00 and was over by 4:37. That's 13 minutes which could have been used to tell more of the story...and I wanted those 13 minutes.

Also, I wanted to see more of Canae Weiss dancing. Whether that makes dramatic sense is irrelevant.

So, an excellent start. But seriously guys, rip out that lame ending and give us more of the good stuff.

Excellent Way to Bridge the Gap
by Stephanie Miller
Rating 4 stars
Having studied ASL I've seen a number of ASL performances and like to go to ASL interpreted performances. Both of these lack something as a full performance type and this show broke that problem wide open.

Both deaf and hearing characters have interpreters for the audience (some of them speak and some of them sign). These interpreters and with them physically throughout the scenes and even played a bit with the roles that the interpreters played.

I loved that the interpretation was two-sided and built in, instead of being layered on top of a finished product and I hope to see more of this type of work.

As for the plot, it was a little short and could have used a little more body in the middle to get the audience more invested.

I give it a standing ovation
by Madina Hagberg
Rating 5 stars
Great story.... It tickled my funny bone and tugged my heart strings. A very inspirational story. I highly recommend seeing this show.

Remarkable, inspiring
by Erika Hagberg
Rating 5 stars
I laughed and cryed I am impressed how well this show was written and acted by wonderful people that have not done this before. The story could defenetly grow into a great full length feature. Great!!!job for only haveing 55 minutes to tell a indepth story. I recommend it to anyone that wants a great story of love and the gap that could be there..... Keep Dancing. ;) never give up.

Take your time
by Jess Lindgren
Rating 4 stars
I enjoyed this show, though it could definitely use a longer run time for story/character development. This would also be fun on a thrust as opposed to a proscenium space.

Concept was innovative, but could use a bit of polishing - had a hard time keeping track of characters/interpreters at times. Show ended 20 minutes early - could have used that time to your advantage!

One star for concept/passionate actors/Canae's dancing. I am at a 3.5 rating overall, but will round up for the hard work put into creating an original work Thanks, and hope to see something like this next year!

Unexpectantly moving
by Brenda White
Rating 4 stars
When I heard the the concept of this show - a deaf musical - I was intrigued. What I didn't expect was to be moved by this show.

I'm sure with additional performances, it will become more polished (we saw it on its opening night). I understand there was little time for a sound check and that was apparent by some of the imbalance in the music and singing.

Unfortunately since I'm just in town for a long weekend, I won't have an opportunity to see another show. I wish I could...

by Sheila McMahon
Rating 5 stars
I loved it. a lot of beautiful moments... Tiny bits of cheese for comedy. Great job! I might see it again.

Great concept, weak show
by Diane Carter
Rating 2 stars
I'll give it one star for the concept of integrating signing and hearing characters and interpreters in a way I'd never seen before, and one star for Canae Weiss' dancing. Unfortunately, it comes with a hackneyed, melodramatic plot (how can you believe in a "special love" when the characters only have one scene together?), instantly forgettable music, and weak singing. I'd love to see the creators redo this show after some constructive criticism and coaching.

Hearing and feeling the music
by Jon Skaalen
Rating 4 stars
This musical by people who hear and who don’t hear stretches its reach into a realm that connects both worlds. A hearing person meets and is impressed by a Deaf person. We see what happens when they try to communicate – they adapt. A relatively simple love story is enhanced by lively if imperfect staging, incorporating interpreters, speakers, singers and movers in many creative, illuminating ways, sparked especially by the lyrically graceful movement of the dancer (Canae Weiss), who captures the hearts of more than just the singer. "Silence" challenges us in many ways, and deserves attention. Thank you!

Needs more time
by Grace Christenson
Rating 4 stars
Silence has a great concept and a lot to say, but sadly only has the fringe time slot to say it. I would love to see this show again in a year with its own venue and a 2 hour run time so that there could be more character and plot development. For now there was a lot going on for 55 mintues. However the dancing of the lead actress was beautiful and I found myself laughing and wanting to brush up on my ASL when the show was done.

Thoroughly Entertaining
by Maria Holloway
Rating 5 stars
If you go to see one show during the Fringe Festival, it should be THIS one - Silence. It was fantastic on opening night...I can only imagine what it will be like on the 5th night.
The music was beautiful and the ASL was mesmerizing. I applaud the actors, hearing and Deaf alike, and thoroughly enjoyed the combination of hearing and Deaf actors performing together.
Canae Weiss is such a talented dancer and an absolute joy to watch on stage.
Jay'd Roman Thomas Hagberg should most definitely be applauded for writing and directing such an entertaining musical!!!

I wanted to like it...
by Nathan Schilz
Rating 2 stars
This show has a great, original concept - bringing ASL to the front and center of the production. In that, I applaud the effort. However, the songs were weak in content and execution, and the plot was as cookie cutter as they come.

Heartfelt Story
by Mary Lundberg-Johnson
Rating 4 stars
I was drawn to this show with its theme of deafness after spending time with my mom as her hearing loss progressed. I learned then that deafness is the most isolating of disabilities. This play shows a beautiful uniting of both worlds in an emotional telling of a tale both sad and joyful. The dancing was beautiful, and the music was wonderful. I wondered if the story was based on a true happening. With a bit more polishing, this will definitely be a 5 Star Fringe Festival attraction.

I didn't applaud enough!
by David N. Muggli
Rating 4 stars
Dance, live music (soundtrack and songs!), comedy, chorus. There's a lot to love here! It's what Fringe is all about - an unpolished gem.

Genius Concept
by Zander Myers
Rating 4 stars
The concept of this play is a beautiful joining of two different worlds, and how they interact. This in itself earns its stars. If the musical had been a little more well executed it would of made the experience even more enjoyable. To make the play exceptional, it would of been mesmerizing if, when the full cast was out, all the ASL being shown was timed together. Along with that, on the actual music, the piano seemed a little overpowered which made it hard to hear the rest of the instruments. Otherwise, this musical was a well done entertainment that sure is to improve show to show. May come to watch the final night to see if its improved.

by Richard Heise
Rating 3 stars
A beautiful idea but it needs a bit of work. The flow and mechanics aren't there yet. A bit weak in the directing but the idea is good and the show was enjoyable although I think i'd could be outstanding.

Intriguing Concept Needs Cast to Sell It
by Michael Venske
Rating 2 stars
It was opening night and from my seat the nerves of the cast were palpable. Totally expected, however, instead of excitement in the air it felt like the cast was fearful to attack each piece with the emotional intensity necessary to sell the songs and scenes. There were many moments rich with potential, but the cast as a whole failed to own them and make the story theirs.

The concept is intriguing, but feels as though it's still in development as the execution was clunky and lacking clear direction. The message of the closing song was poignant and the live band made for an enjoyable evening of original music. As the run of “Silence” progresses, I’m curious to see how the cast and show continues to grow.

by Timothy Osburn
Rating 5 stars
I have seen many fringe shows in my time. Several of which were great and wonderful to see. But this is the first show that simply took my breath away. The story was heartwarming and incredibly original. The music was brilliant. The dance was awe-inspiring. I never expected to see a show of such brilliant quality. The cast is wonderful and the writer/director (Jay'd Hagberg) will have his name in lights on Broadway. If you see nothing else during fringe, SEE THIS SHOW!!!! I'M STILL AWE-STRUCK!!!!!!

Lots of heart
by Paul Hogrefe
Rating 3 stars
This show has a LOT of heart, spirit and a good soul. The singing and sound ... not so great. I'd recommend it, just don't go with an expectation of top-notch voices.

Putting the D into Dynamite!
by Tristine Miller
Rating 4 stars
I foresee this show getting more and more polished as Fringe continues. It's creativity incorporates hearing and Deaf culture into a thoughtful story about ability, not disability. The combination of signing, dance, music and dialog tugged on my heart far greater than I had envisioned when I first learned about this performance. I'll be recommending this to everyone I see!

by Lesli Randall
Rating 3 stars
There's a lot going on in this production which made it a bit overwhelming--modern dance segments, earnest solo ballads, harmonic ensemble pieces, electronic and acoustic music, and the constant flow of movement which is American Sign Language. It's obvious Mr. Hagberg has a lot to say, and a shame he had so little time to say it.

The performers wove together a timeless tale of two worlds coming together in friendship and love. Dancer Canae Weiss was a joy to watch, but my favorite thing about the show was the pairing of performers with interpreters on stage--a seamless, symbiotic relationship that touched me deeply.

Brilliant! Artistic breakthrough, a must
by Marcia Avner
Rating 5 stars
Jay'd Hagberg's "deaf musical" had us saying it may be the best Fringe show we have ever seen, and we have seem many! BRAVO!! Building this performance with a combination of deaf and hearing performers is a significant artistic accomplishment. The writing (a touching story), the direction (timing and choreography: near perfect), the music, and acting are top notch. Deaf dancer Canae Weiss gives an exquisite performance and is a star to watch. DO NOT MISS THIS SHOW. This is why I love Fringe...sometimes the magic happens and it is stunning in this instance. Thank you to all of you talented and disciplined writer, director, cast, crew.
"Silence" is a gift that will stay with those who see it.


Friday, 8/310:00 p.m.
Sunday, 8/54:00 p.m.
Thursday, 8/98:30 p.m.
Friday, 8/105:30 p.m.
Saturday, 8/1110:00 p.m.


U of M Rarig Center Proscenium venue information
330 21st Ave. S, Main Floor