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Storms Beneath Her Skin

Something different
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Storms Beneath Her Skin

By Rebecca Kling

Created by Rebecca Kling

Are you a boy or a girl? Are you sure? I am transgender, which complicates things. This show is about my experience, as well as apologies, surgery, the equations of sex, the weather, boobs, and more.

Something different

GLBT content Solo show Storytelling/Spoken word

Multimedia First-time Minnesota Fringe Festival producer National/international company

Just so you know, this show has
Adult language

The creators say this show is appropriate for ages 16 and up

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User reviews

by Publius McGee
Rating 5 stars
I enjoyed the audience interaction (first time I've ever said that)

before and after the show. It was well done in a nonthreatening

manner, and was able to include all of the old straight white

Minnesotans present, as well as make everyone feel good about

themselves for being there. Plus, candy.

More seriously, Rebecca's unapologetic, straightforward approach to something that very few people know about was both well constructed and compelling. I could have done without the artsy-fartsy seasons of her body filler, which did not fit the tone of the show at all.

by Bradley Johnson
Rating 5 stars
Not only did I learn something about Rebecca and the transgender community, but I was touched by her openness to share her life. She is a very beautiful person, not only on the outside, but inside as well. Gets my vote for best "Something Different" Fringe!

Open and Honest
by Valerie Stachour
Rating 5 stars
Rebecca created a safe space to allow the audience to ask questions, both before and after the show. Her way of challenging the kindergarten view of gender (what's between your legs?) was powerful without seeming threatening.

Well done
by Will Weisert
Rating 5 stars
Pulling together and presenting a show that is a combination of personal experience and discovery, is educational, and still is entertaining without striking strident notes or engaging in overt advocacy is a tall order -- Rebecca Kling's done it and done it with flying colors.

Educational and poetic
by Lynn Cross
Rating 5 stars
I am really glad I saw Rebecca's show and grateful for her intelligence, sensitivity, and poetic nature. This is the best kind of education. Answered many questions -- and opened my mind so that more have been raised. This was a really valuable contribution to the ongoing gender dialogues!

Intense, Personal, Informative
by luann monahan
Rating 4 stars
I understand and respect Rebecca's need to educate the public on transgender topics, but I'm not sure the shock value was necessary. I found her incredibly open about the process but didn't find any additional value in the profanity used- I'm not a prude, I just thought it took away a little bit from the overall message. I also didn't understand the "seasonal interludes" which were poetic and beautiful but, again, it didn't add anything to the information being provided. The Q&A at the end of the performance was open, honest and incredibly helpful for many audience members. I wish nothing but happiness for Rebecca during her transition.

Trans 101, Fringe-style
by Fringivitis Vulgaris
Rating 4 stars
Real life stories from one woman's real life: Rebecca Kling puts her ongoing story on stage for strangers to investigate and appreciate. There is art, there is lecture, but there is no shaming in this show. If you only know movie versions of gender transition, if you have never heard of "cis-" as a descriptor, or if you've always wondered about life beyond the binary, this show is a lovely leaping-off place.

by Dixie Treichel
Rating 5 stars
In a skillful mix of self-portrait and poetic performance Rebecca performed with high energy throughout the whole show keeping my attention consistently. She weaves her insight and life experience into her performance from both a trans and human perspective. Before and after audience engagement adds to this show. Great writing and performing. Go See.

Storms beneath all skins...
by Joshua Humphrey
Rating 5 stars
Cross-posting from my blog!

Transgender artist and educator Rebecca Kling uses her hour to tells us about her journey from boy to girl (and the many steps in between). She began by engaging the audience, breaking down our definition of gender and reconstructing it as more layered and fluid, before leaping into more personal aspects of her story. Kling is open and straightforward, and eager to have a conversation with the audience about their own gender identities. There are portions where Kling delves into the clinical or the poetic, but she never loses her audience. It felt like everyone was part of the show.

Nicley Done
by Dean Hatton
Rating 5 stars
Very informative and presented in a way that keeps your attention.

by Douglas Abbott
Rating 5 stars
I can’t begin to imagine the personal struggle that goes along with transitioning. There are many pieces in Fringe which help shed understanding on issues we have learned we shouldn’t discuss. This performance is another fine performance in that genre. Through very poignant and personal narrative Rebecca delivers succinct bits of information interwoven with deeply personal details and facts allowing me to question and think about things that NOW seem so obvious. She unflinchingly invites the audience to evaluate our own social conditioning preventing us from understanding gender and sexuality as a non-binary continuum. This performance is funny, enjoyable, engaging, provocative, poignant, and highly intelligent.

"Language matters."
by Eric Salo
Rating 4 stars
Indeed it does, and Rebecca Kling makes excellent use of it. It would be so easy for a show of this nature to slide into self-indulgence but there's never even a hint of that. It's entertaining and thought-provoking, and manages to be both light-natured and serious. That's a rather impressive balancing act. A good chunk of time is left after the end of the show for a Q&A session with the audience, which turns out to have been an excellent idea; it wraps up the show very nicely, or at least it did for us.

A thoughtful and generous performance
by Florence Brammer
Rating 5 stars
I first saw Rebecca Kling at the Chicago Fringe two years ago and was so happy to see her here this year. Rebecca passionately and tirelessly enlightens, educates and entertains as she shares her personal transgender insights and experiences. A gifted writer as well as performer, Rebecca presents her story with frankness, authenticity and humor, managing to avoid being theatrically dramatic or clinically didactic. A fascinating, entertaining and thoughtful show. I loved the pre- and post-show Qs & As.

spot on
by Katrina Johnson
Rating 5 stars
Rebecca's narrative is incredibly captivating. Listening to and watching her describe her transgender experience was fascinating. It is similar to my own but painted with the palette of a much younger woman. She has insight to the anger, the humor, the joy and the pride in being a fulfilled transwoman. If you're trans, go. If you're not, go.

under the bed
by Lindalee Soderstrom
Rating 5 stars
completely educational and very moving. i could not get the image of her 8 year old self, with all her furry animals, crying, under the bed out of my mind.

Weathering Gender
by Paula Nancarrow
Rating 5 stars
Rebecca Kling eases us into her presentation of one woman's transgender experience using the weather as a metaphor. Her performance throughout is accessible and genuine. There is an elegance to her movements on stage rare in a show that is mostly narrative, a dance-like quality, as if to say "I am now at home in my body; I am now at home in my body." Yet, like weather patterns and the change of seasons, this not a static experience, but a dynamic process. She talked about how she experienced transitioning as a gain - becoming more herself – as well as how those who knew and loved her from birth felt it as a loss. It takes compassion, strength and clarity to understand this, while also being a steadfast advocate for oneself. Bravo!

Thought Provoking and Engaging
by Shawny Sena
Rating 5 stars
This show is smart, interesting, and clearly comes from Rebecca's heart. It's worth your time. Bring a friend.

fun, engaging, and accessible
by Puck Matz
Rating 5 stars
Rebecca performs serious material with a light heart, bringing to life her tales of transgender identity with stunning wit and grace, and with messaging that allows anyone - trans or otherwise - to laugh out loud and learn something new. The diversity of storytelling styles she has incorporated into her work kept me engaged and excited for what would come next. A great way to kick off my Fringe schedule!

Electric Slide
by Kyle Cheesewright
Rating 5 stars
Moving through the weather has never been more thought provoking. Rebbecca is an engaging performer with an important story, and is willing to talk with great knowledge and detail about many of the less public aspects of Trans experiences. The open format discussion before and after the show allow space for the audience to learn more and contribute to the story. Her metaphors are a powerful reminder that the body is a beautiful thing, with far more potential than society generally allows. I highly recommend this gorgeous piece of work.

Better than the video
by Lisa Beller
Rating 4 stars
I went to this show without knowing much about it because it fit conveniently in my schedule. Very engaging, entertaining, thought provoking and informative. Rebecca Kling expertly communicates her transgender journey in her one-person performance by using powerful spoken word, anecdotes, as well very articulate responses to audience questions about gender identity.

by Claire Avitabile
Rating 5 stars
I love Rebecca Kling. She is REAL. She is down to earth. She is not "acting". She is performing her story - with all of its ups and downs and humor. This show was informative and thoughtful, and moved with great pace and spunk. It was relateable (even if you aren't transgender or know nothing about being transgender). I absolutely love that she came out to chat with the audience before the show, and left 10 minutes at the end for Q&A. She is incredibly smart, and created a show that had my attention each and every second. Highly recommend it! It was wonderful.


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