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The Complete Works of William Shatner (abridged)

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The Complete Works of William Shatner (abridged)

By Snikt! Bamf! Thwip!

Written by Bill Stiteler and Tim Wick

The Shat, greatest of all living actors, must reconcile all of his roles as he fights a battle to save the most important man in the universe - himself!


World premiere Sci-fi/Mystery/Horror

Just so you know, this show has
Loud noises/gunshots

The creators say this show is appropriate for ages 12 and up

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The Complete Works of William Shatner (abridged) explores the mind of William Shatner though his greatest roles.  Brought to life by writers, Tim Wick (Highlander: The Musical, Story Time Time Bomb) and Bill Stiteler (Macbeth: The Video Game Remix, Thac0), the play explores the depths of The Shat's psyche as he grapples with his most challenging role ever - himself.

There are also a lot of jokes.

The producers of this show suggest attendees refrain from wearing red shirts.  You just never know....

Audiences are (mostly) raving!

"I think this might be my favorite show so far"

"...the show is smart, funny, and very accessible to everyone. well done!"

"A strong concept provided food for thought and discussion. From the Shat? WHO KNEW?"

"It is a fully realized narrative which raises some compelling questions as it deconstructs William Shatner's career"

"I'm not a seasoned Shatner buff (I'm more of a Star Wars gal than a Star Trek gal), but I still found plenty of humor in this show."

The Pioneer Press says we are Worth Considering! "Windy Bowlsby (as Captain Kirk) and Tim Uren (the Priceline Negotiator) turn in surprisingly deft portrayals of Shatner at two very different periods of his life"

TC Daily Planet Blogger Wendy Gennaula says "the storyline they concoct is both ridiculous and clever!"

Nick Decker says "Complete Works is unavoidable for any fan of The Shat, and any casual Trek fan will find a lot to love in this show"

The show was featured on the TC Theater podcast!  Listen to Tim and Bill talk about the origins of the show concept and, of course, William Shatner!

Based on our Fringe for All preview (below), the Star Tribune has rated our show a keeper!

Vita.mn also recommended us based on our preview!

Single White Fringe Geek Matthew Everett also had good things to say about our preview!  And he listed us as #12 on his top twenty !

We caught the interest of MinnPost as well!

We are also a top ten pick of MPR!

AND we were selected by Thrillist as one of five hilarious fringe shows!

Presented as a Joint Production of Snikt! Bamf! Thwip! and Rooftop Theatre Company 

Cast + crew

Windy Bowlsby
Role: Captain James T. Kirk
Windy first fell in love with the Shat when she used to sneak out of bed and watch "Star Trek" on late night tv through the cracked door to the living room. An unapologetic geek, Windy has watched original series, NextGen, and all of Deep Space Nine. When she's not doing an impromptu Netflix marathon with her husband, Windy also plays dress up with her daughter, teaches middle school English, plays roller derby, runs science fiction conventions, sings, dances, and choreographs.

Brandon Ewald
Role: Young William Shatner
A Minneapolis native, Brandon Ewald has acted at The Jungle,
The Southern Theater, The Walker Art Center, The Playwrights Center, Shadowplay theater, 3AM Productions, MN Fringe Festival, Mainly Me Productions, Pioneer Place on Fifth, HUGE Theater, Bedlam Theater, The Bryant-Lake-Bowl, Savage Umbrella, the Twin Cities and Chicago Improv Festivals, Screenlabs, Group 101 Films and MTV.

Also a fight choreographer, his work has been featured at Walking Shadow, the Guthrie's Dowling Studio, Dovetail Theater Co., MSSPA, as well as at other local educational programs. He is also an educator at Stages Theater Company. Brandon received his training at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre (London, England), the Brave New Institute and Augsburg College.

Tim Uren
Role: Priceline Negotiator
Tim Uren is just another actor/comedian/writer/game developer/geekasaurus trying to get by in his beloved Twin Cities. Along the way he's been lucky enough to work with Comedy Suitcase, Hardcover Theater, Starting Gate Productions, the Brave New Workshop, the Old Gem Theater, and the Theatre in the Round. He's been known to produce several shows of his own, largely as part of the Minnesota Fringe Festival. He's also also recently worked with Killing Joke films to co-produce the short film The Curse of Yig.

Derek "Duck" Washington
Role: TJ Hooker
Derek “Duck” Washington – Has acted in previous fringe productions such as Macbeth the Video Game Remix, Thac0, and The Adventures of Swash and Buckle. His company, Rogues Gallery Arts, produced last year’s fringe production of The 612, and Couch Aliens vs. the False World the year before. He is an actor, director, writer, and audio designer with work featured at Theatre in the Round, Nimbus, Park Square, The Guthrie, Theatre Arlo, Cromulent Shakespeare Company and many others. He is happy to be barrel rolling into this production as TJ Hooker. Shatner was ½ of the first interracial kiss ever shown on United States television and Duck has always thought that was extremely cool. Star Trek Season 3 Episode 10 “Plato’s Stepchildren” for those in the nerd herd who want to check it out.

Tim Wick
Role: Ensemble/Co-Writer
Tim has appeared in several fringe shows including Vilification Tennnis, Highlander: The Musical and Story Time Time Bomb. He produces shows with Vilification Tennis monthly at the Bryant Lake Bowl and can also be seen performing with his comedy band The Dregs.

In the debate between Kirk & Picard, Tim chooses Cisco. Sorry.

Tim blogs at Petsnakereggie.com where you can find out about other shows he has coming up.

He is the Artistic Director of Vilification Tennis and co-creator/co-host of the Geeks Without God Podcast.

You can also follow him on Twitter @Petsnakereggie

Bill Stiteler
Role: Co-Writer
Bill Stiteler is the co-founder of Theatre Arlo, and the writer/director of Watching Porn and THACO, the latter of which he also adapted into a short film. His work has been seen at several extremely nerdy venues, such as Penny Arcade Expo, Origins, and CONvergence.

John Newstrom
Role: Director
John would like very much to write a bio but he is just awful at writing about himself.

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User reviews

Great Spoof on an Actor
by Keith Rose
Rating 5 stars
This was incredible! My 14 year old son & I were laughing through almost all of it. To spoof on one actor in the way they did was brilliant!

Look forward to when they start this at the Bryant-Lake Bowl this fall!

Also, thank you to Veteran Tickets Foundation for the donated tickets!

by Marcus Downs
Rating 5 stars
I'm not a Trekkie by any means yet I loved the show. Great performances and the premise was very apropos. I will never forget Duck Washington's diving, car-hood exit for as long as I live.

by Emily Stevens
Rating 5 stars
You don't have to be a fan of Star Trek to find yourself laughing throughout this incredibly clever and well acted one act. I'm thinking Shatner himself would enjoy this show a lot. Great cast, funny funny script.

Boldly go
by Rick Treece
Rating 5 stars
Fun and entertaining. Though everyone (except the alien) is supposed to be an alter-ego of Shatner, a bit is made of the fact that no one in the cast looks very much like the actor. Curiously, it's the lone female (Windy Bowlsby) who does the most convincing physical impression, while Tim Uren has the voice spot on.

Less T.J. Hooker and more Denny Crane, please, perhaps embodied by underutilized but otherwise talented co-writer Tim Wick. NB: The Dregs should be prepared to perform "Subtext" at RenFest in Sept.

Great Idea
by greg Herrera
Rating 5 stars
I had a blast. The acting was very Shatneresque and the idea was very refreshing! I enjoyed this greatly.

very entertaining!
by Shannon Herrera
Rating 5 stars
This show was very entertaining. Good job!

Full of Shat
by Michael Lewis
Rating 5 stars
I went out of my way to make this show, and I wasn't disappointed. I was surprised by how many Shat references they got in this one, and just when I thought they had them all exhausted, oh, there was another one. I didn't really know much about TJ Hooker having never seen the show (despite being old enough to watch it when it originally aired), but I don't think you have to have complete knowledge of "The Shat" to enjoy this show. Come on, who DOESN'T know Shatner? Go see this one!

Should Be A Real Shatner Fan
by ian felton
Rating 3 stars
I got most of the references, but still, a caricature of Shatner can only carry an act so far.

It wasn't much of a rollicking-good time for me as it was for some in the audience. Maybe they are huge fans. Maybe I just didn't give a Shat.

by Barbara Klick
Rating 5 stars
The writers were clever and the cheeky actors brought it on home. Lots of bundled talent here especially Brandon Ewald (young Shatner) with his flair for the dramatic combined with great comedic timing. The show was so inspiring that I drove home and tried a tuck and roll.

by TJ Striker
Rating 4 stars
The local writing talents of Wick and Stiteler have produced an amazing jem in the realm of MN Fringe theather tradition. The Complete Works of William ~Tiberius~ Shatner... is... ... a must see. With the amazing cast of Windy Bowlsby, Brandon Ewald (EVIL!), Tim Uren, Derek "Duck" Washington. You know it will be... a long... long... time until you see something this rocket, cosmologically Shatner-ing worthy... again! You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll kiss another hour goodbye @Fringe

Made-To-Order Shatner Humor
by Tristine Miller
Rating 3 stars
Trekkies unite! Seriously, we all know it was Captain Kirk that sold the Federation to the masses, so why not have some fun at that "other" dude's expense, eh?

Beyond character bit humor, this production offers strong performances and witty punchlines. The stage rocks! Hehehe! Get it?!?!

Great for the convergence crowd and an entertaining afternoon with geeky friends. Wish it held more red-shirts for an escape from the character bits.

Beam Me Up!
by Sergius OShaughnessey
Rating 5 stars
Me and my good friend Norman used to talk about what it would've been like if The Shat had gone into theater and stayed on the Shakesperian stage instead of the much easier and forgiving realm of television and film, which led to fame, fortune and Priceline. He wouldn't have created the world that he did my playing starship captains, cops, drunken lawyers and himself -- instead he would've doomed himself to touring shows of "I Do I Do" or other ilk. And we wouldn't have the fun and fancy free romp through the melo-dramatic life of one of the world's best voice men, done up Derek, Tim, Brandy and Windy -- yes, four guys to create the essence of just one! I laughed! I farted! I chuckled! Bravo!

Very Cool
by Dean Hatton
Rating 4 stars
A very silly comedy full of Shanter-ish musings.
The last piece wraps things up well and gives it comedic sensibility that I feel is rarely seen in these types of comedies.

Get ready to laugh
by Douglas Abbott
Rating 4 stars
You will laugh hysterically and have a blast, well unless you are an unabashed curmudgeon!

A solid concept
by Adrianna Kristenzie
Rating 4 stars
This show is better when you are already familiar with most of Shatner's acting carreer (I was momentarily confused as I had never seen Shatner's cop show), but honestly, you could probably just listen to someone read anything like Shatner for an hour and it would be entertaining. A good concept to base a fringe show around.

I shat you not
by Captain Heck
Rating 5 stars
Although I am indeed a Star Trek fanatic, my teen nephews that I forced along at phaser point were not. They laughed more than I did, not that I didn't see plenty of humor but I was more impressed by how authentically these actors were each able to bring out very different aspects of the Shatner persona.

You also don't need to know much about Shatner other than what you see on the stage. He is a bit of an egoist, his great first success as Captain Kirk was also a failure for an actor striving for diversity.

See this show for the debate about ones choices in life, for the zany intensity and physical humor, and for the mocking of science fiction cliches.

Watch the star trek episode "Area" on netflix for more GIANT LIZARD shooting!

by Andrew Troth
Rating 5 stars
I can't quite believe I'm the first one to use that title for my review...

I adored every minute of this show. Every. Minute. Special props to Windy Bowlsby for her mastery of Kirk's characteristic poses and gestures as well as the vocal cadence. It had never really struck me before how much time the Captain spent propping himself up against a wall with his fist, or standing with one leg up on a rock.

You've done this lifelong Trek fan's heart good. Kudos to all involved!

by Rochelle Eastman
Rating 5 stars
This was the perfect fringe show - campy, funny, good script that wasn't overly ridiculous, great acting - the whole package! I loved it. My only criticism was I wanted more Denny Crane.

Excellent production
by Mark Goldberg
Rating 5 stars
Tim Wick and company always impress me with their unique take on pop culture, and this show was no exception. While it helps to be thoroughly grounded in Shatner, and especially Star Trek, lore, it is not necessary to appreciate this show.

The cast did an excellent job, with Windy Bowlsby doing an exceptional job of mimicing the speaking cadence of Captain Kirk. Brandon Ewald, as the young Shatner, had the unenviable task of bringing the least known of the Shatner avatars to life and was very successful in doing so.

One of the funniest shows I have seen at the Fringe, definitely worth checking out

Brings back memories
by Bradley Johnson
Rating 4 stars
Very funny and like how they tied all the Shats together. There is no doubt this cast is talented! You will laugh even if you are not a Trekkie or TJ Hooker fan.

The Shat is back!
by Curt Rawn
Rating 5 stars
This has everything the Shat gave us! It explains his greatness and why we love him in spite of himself!

Off performance?
by Frayed Edge
Rating 3 stars
I'm a fan of the author and much of the cast, but this just landed average for me.

Writing is very witty, but pacing dragged and several members of the cast smirked at their own lines. Fans of Shatner will love it, but those who aren't won't get many of the jokes.

If you've actually seen Shatner in more than Star Trek, this is worth seeing.

Disclosure: I know someone affiliated with the show.

1-Tell your friends not to go
2-A bad fringe show, below par for the festival. Don't Bother
3-Worth seeing, don't go out of your way.
4-Good to Great. Make time for this show.
5-Absolutely outstanding. A great show, festival or otherwise.

by Kelly Rosenthal
Rating 5 stars
Have to admit I'm a Star Trek fan, though. Great job with the impressions and very funny.

Not a Shatner fan? Doesn't matter.
by luann monahan
Rating 4 stars
Like many of the other reviewers, I'm not that familiar with all the Shatner references, but I still throughly enjoyed this show. I, personally, think Windy portrayed Shatner better than the others - but they were all good! A fun, enjoyable show worth seeing.

memories...of the way we were ~~
by Amy Sheppeck
Rating 5 stars
Do you remember when the only decent thing to watch on VHF was Star Trek reruns? There isn't any use in extolling the virtues of the acting, timing, adult acrobatics and realistic fight work. This is a loving tribute to an actor who truly influenced Generations (accidental pun)and popular culture throughout his career. Have fun picking out the trekies and the boomers in line! This definitely brought back fond memories of the days when TV was more like going to a fringe show. Take your imagination, I know you still have one!

It was worth the drive!
by Eve Adam
Rating 5 stars
I am a fan of of the Shat and thoroughly enjoyed the show. Shout out to young Shatner (Brandon Ewald) for losing his shirt! Portrayals of J.T. Hooker (Derek Washington) and Tim Uren's Priceline Negotiator was fun to watch. The rhythmic patter of Capt. James T. Kirk was eerily well done by Windy Bowlsby. The show provided a lot of laughs. Great job to one and all. It was worth the drive from Missouri.

A bedecked fighter tromps wool (W. S.)
by Brian Watson-Jones
Rating 5 stars
Okay, this was hilarious. And, shockingly, there's even a moral. I don't feel the need to leave a full review, because c'mon, you've already decided from the title alone whether you're going or not. It lives up to its title, let's leave it at that. Wait, one thing- Duck Washington's entrances are absolutely perfect. Great job, y'all.

Tough, But Fair
by Michelle Walter
Rating 5 stars
Though the content aims to take a couple of jabs at our beloved science fiction icon, the Shat, one notices a certain reverence towards him in the end. The impressions are dead on, the performances strong and enthusiastic, and the chemistry between the actors unmissable. This little comedy helps build a greater appreciation for the man while supplying plenty of laughs along the way!

Ode to Bill
by Pat Ewald
Rating 5 stars
Not a Shatner aficionado but still found plenty to laugh at and enjoy. Had fun watching a great cast who looked like they were all enjoying their roles, which made it even more fun to watch. Story tied all the various Shat's together nicely at the end. Had to look up the Leaving on a Jet Plane reference when I got home. Pure, enjoyable silliness.

Star Bleck
by Thomas Von Hanks
Rating 3 stars
You need The Shat if you want Shatner.....no man should go there if he isn't. Wait and pay for the real thing next time he does a one-man show.

The fur flew
by Michael Krefting
Rating 5 stars
I was laughing so incredibly hard. I may not have gotten every Shatner reference, but I got enough to enjoy it. If you like Shat, this show is full of it.

Shatner's Legacy
by David Rust
Rating 5 stars
In "The Complete Works..." different elements of Shatner (from young actor understudying Christopher Plummer through his shilling role as the Priceline Negotiator) are put on stage, interacting with each other. Each, however, is distinct. This is not a brutal skewering at all but, rather, a humor-filled tribute.

The laughs flow fast and constantly. Even though I'm not fully familiar with the full scope of Shatner's career, I didn't need to be. The dialogue was fast-paced and sufficiently plotted to keep me moving from one comedy beat to the next.

The show is expertly written and directed with plenty of fan service for those intimately familiar with Shatner's work as well as those who just know the man's legend and image.

by Kay Snyder
Rating 4 stars
I enjoyed this show a lot. I don't know every Shatner quote but I have watched him in several of the roles portrayed in this show. I do think that people who have a very limited knowledge of some of his William Shatner's roles will miss some of the jokes but overall it was a lot of fun and the actors did a fine job.

Clever and Fun
by David Trudeau
Rating 4 stars
The Shatner geek sitting next to me laughed at every in-joke and finished half the lines, which I assume were quotes from famous episodes of Star Treck. Even though my fund of Shatner-ology is meager, I still enjoyed this well wrought satire that employs the premise of four incarnations of Shatner brought to simultaneous life on an alien planet, to ponder their impact on each other. And I learned some things I did not know, such as William Shatner began his life in theatre as a Shakespearian! Memorable.

They Know Their Shat
by Josh Carson
Rating 4 stars
I will fully admit, I'm not all that well-versed in the obviously storied career of Mr. Shatner, but you know who I do love? Mr. Tim Uren. And this show doesn't stop that trend.

While I didn't know all the references (Infact, the reference I was most delighted to see was a throwaway gag to another older sitcom star), I know the cast is talented and has put together an extremely enjoyable show, and they are completely dedicated to their material.

And, if you're worried it's just reference-after-reference -- the ending ties all of them up with a lifty little theme of why they all ended up together.

Just -- brace yourself -- Shat's cameo in Miss Congieniality didn't make the cut. I know, I know.

Rolling laughs!
by Jeannie Hauser
Rating 5 stars
I think this might be my favorite show so far. It definitely doesn't take itself too seriously which works to the best possible end when dealing with William Shatner. I loved the Boston Legal joke and wish there was more to go around.

by Linda Zelm
Rating 4 stars
While funny and familiar to those who have followed Shatner's life, it also made one think about their own life's choices and how unexpected things happen and the consequences. I liked the show.

Fun even if predictable
by Scott Gilbert
Rating 4 stars
I enjoyed the show ant think that they did a good job with the farcical comedy of it all. I am giving it 4 and not 5 because I attended with my daughter who is 12 and she did not find it humorous at all. She suffered through references that she had no reference to. In order to understand the comedy, you have to be well versed in the works of the Shat.

laugh out loud funny
by Katrina Johnson
Rating 5 stars
There are a lot of laughs in this show. There are a lot of fairly obscure jokes, but for a shatnerphile, nothing too strange. I loved it.

by Publius McGee
Rating 2 stars
If you get a kick out of patting yourself on the back for catching references,

this is the show for you...because that's all it is. It's not that funny, even if you know everything there is to know about William Shatner's life and roles. There's no real plot, the acting quality is wildly varied, and they seem to think everything can be saved by screaming, "KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!" Come on.

Great for Trekkies.
by Sheila McMahon
Rating 4 stars
This was truly fun. I love the ending -- don't want to spoil it, but if you know some of Shatner's more, uh, obscure work, you will enjoy it thoroughly. And probably if you don't too, cuz it's hilarious.

Mind...blown by...cultural. References!
by Claire Alexander
Rating 5 stars
The cast did an awesome job, and it was absolutely hilarious. I thought each person did an AMAZING job capturing the subtle nuances of him throughout various points in his career, and any nerd will be rolling off their seats. And even if you aren't super savvy with Shatner's body of work, the show is smart, funny, and very accessible to everyone. well done!

by Joshua Humphrey
Rating 5 stars
A great time will be had by anyone with a passing familiarity with the life of William Shatner, and those who are ardent fans may find more to their liking when they get some of the more obscure jokes peppered throughout this ode to one man's worthwhile acting career.

Spot On!
by John Hatlestad
Rating 5 stars
This was a great fringe show. Great for Star Trek fans, probably even better if you've seen Shatner do the TJ Hooker show. I've seen just enough Priceline ads that I catch the general gist of those references. And if you're aware of his infamous career as a "singer," you'll enjoy those particular bits a little bit more.

Don't miss this show!

Beam yourself over now!
by Lesli Randall
Rating 4 stars
Laughed and laughed and laughed some more. Loads of nerdy references (some more obscure than others) which made for an extremely fun audience. The entire cast was in tip-top shape Sunday afternoon and didn't miss a beat.

This one's sure to make encore, but don't wait... see it now!

by Grace Christenson
Rating 5 stars
This was a very funny, witty, well written and clever show. I don't know everything about Shatner, but I still got many of the references and thought they were all great. I loved how everything tied together and especially the ending!

They played all the notes!
by Corinna Troth
Rating 5 stars
How many Shatner references can you cram into 55 minutes or less?They did manage to reference all the big Shatner roles. Disappointed there wasn't a gesture toward the Spike TV show "Invasion Iowa." But...the fact is, even for Shanter fans... that's pretty out there.

Pretty much everything else, they GOT. Brilliantly. Right down to a musical finale to top them all. The impersonations were on the money.

A many times as you want to have a TJ Hooker/ hood of car reference, as many times as you want to do a tuck and roll, I will LAUGH. And soI laughed and laughed and laughed some more. But then, you had me at "Shatner." I was there with kids who have not had that much Shatner exposure and they all seemed to have fun, too

Very Smart Fun!
by Larry Ripp
Rating 4 stars
See this show for the very smart and knowing script. There is only one actor who nails "The Shat" and he is only heavily used towards the end. I give this group points for having a woman play Bill as Captain Kirk but it's pretty jarring more than funny. And the actor playing Shatner and T.J. Hooker didn't even try to do an impersonation. That puzzled me. If the actor just can't do Shatner on some level, get another actor. But, 4 stars anyway because the script is full of inside stuff for Shatner devotees that is Big Fun.

Fun with William Shatner!
by Lydia Bolder
Rating 4 stars
This show is fun. Period. No one's taking themselves too seriously, but everyone is 100% committed. Those not up to speed on Bill's extensive body of work may feel excluded by just a hair, but that should really only motivate them to engage in a personal challenge to view the entire Collection of Shat.

FUNNY! and i've never seen star trek...
by Rachel Gates
Rating 5 stars
I've never seen an episode of 'Star Trek' nor the Officer TJ Hooker show, but this production was top notch hilarious. The cast did such a good job playing the array of Shatner characters. Even though I wasn't familiar with most of them, I'm still aware of Shatner's acting style and was in on most of the jokes. The cast/writer did right by makeing the show funny regardless of your 'Star Trek' knowledge. The show was poignant and heartwarming. A great addition to anyone's fringe line-up. Well Done!

Rocket woman
by Amy Bonifas
Rating 3 stars
Windy Bowlsby does a spot on Shatner. Very enjoyable but sometimes hard to follow for those unfamiliar with much of Shatner's work. Worth seeing!

Do you know what a Gorn is?
by Roy Close
Rating 4 stars
If you do, you're a diehard Trekkie and this is the show for you. The premise: various characters played by William Shatner are mysteriously transported to a place that looks a lot like a lot of Star Trek (TOS) settings, complete with papier mache boulders. The Gorn is in it too, along with the aspiring young actor Bill Shatner. It's quite silly but very clever, and in a show like this, cleverness goes a long way. The five-member cast nails it; Sunday's audience was deliriously happy.

Love the rolls
by Katherine Dugarm
Rating 4 stars
Even without knowing very much Shat, other than Star Trek, this was fun.

by Scarlett Andrews
Rating 3 stars
Very funny and well acted - timing is key here. But if you are not highly familiar with his career you will only laugh half as much as the rest of the audience. That being said, the rest of the audience laughs A LOT.

Best Fringe Show I've ever seen
by Erica Schaub
Rating 5 stars
Granted, I've only seen 3 fringe shows in my life, but this is still the best.

I was able to get away from my primary job as "mommy" to enjoy this show, and now hours later my kid is going around the house saying "Priceline Negotiator!!!" Where did he get that from? Oh that's from me, because it's in my head (and I can gander it's in everyone's head who saw this show) now.

Brilliant performances from all cast members, and tons of laughs from the audience.

Fecking awsesome
by Dawn Krosnowski
Rating 5 stars
This IS a......



4.5 Kitties!
by Anna Amyx
Rating 4 stars
All you geeks, just go to this show! It is funny *and* all your friends are there! I laughed all the way through. Yes, a few of the laughs are the cheap, predictable ones. Many more, though, were the ones where I was already laughing at what I thought was the punchline and THEN the punchline came. A lot of great physical humor, too. Enjoy!

by Matilda ZombieQueen
Rating 4 stars
An entertaining tour of the faces of Shatner. Windy Bowlsby particularly nails James T.

I Approve!!
by Art Drauglis
Rating 4 stars
I loved it! Much better than "Cats"! I'm going to see it again and again!

by Howard Kamil
Rating 5 stars
Very entertaining. The title contains "abridged" but the creators haven't missed much (if any) of Shatner's work. I have no doubt I missed some of the references. Excellent performances and I think the actors did a great job. Extra nod to Windy Bowlsby, just terrific. They didn't miss a single over the top mannerism (and he's got plenty). It's light, PLENTY of references, meant to be fun and it is.

Great fun!
by Mike Lilja
Rating 5 stars
If you know who William Shatner is you should see this show. Clever dialogue and character bits hold up throughout. Ending funny and dare I say poignant. Plus the characters look SO much alike;-)

The best deals on Fringe shows
by Gregory Abbott
Rating 5 stars
The Negotiator got me a good deal on a Fringe comedy. Wonderful show.

Really, a life lesson to take away
by Matt Peiken
Rating 4 stars
Tim Uren and Brandon Ewald give the most deft, committed performances of the title's namesake—the entire ensemble is charged with stepping into Shatner's shoes at varied places in his career. The show moves well and contains a lot of knowing laughs for anyone familiar with Shatner's ouvre.

But the greatest takeaway unfolds near the end, when we learn that every role you play, every choice you make, shapes you. We're left to contemplate our own choices and, just as this Shatner in reflection, realize we can't disentangle any pieces of your past from the people we are today.

How much Shatner can one man take?
by Jamie Zierden
Rating 5 stars
I loved the show! Certainly missed a couple of the inside jokes but I didn't find that got in the way of enjoying it. I will try to fit a second viewing in if my schedule allows.

Pantheon Of Shat
by Mark Long
Rating 4 stars
I'm little surprised William Shatner didn't insist on a cameo in a show all about himself. You might want to brush up on the oeuvre of Shatner before attending. The show is as odd as the man's career, but fun and silly.

Surprisingly thought-provoking
by Margaret King
Rating 4 stars
A strong concept provided food for thought and discussion. From the Shat? WHO KNEW?

Very Shatty
by Eric Wentling
Rating 4 stars
This was a pretty funny show in which Shatner from the 50's and several of his well-known characters are transported to a world filled with hollow rocks and lizard men. Most of the actors in this are very involved with Convergence so we knew they would be a good bet. Bowlsby did the best Shatner...

Reference Humor well done.
by Ryan Vanasse
Rating 4 stars
The Compleat Works of William Shatner, Abridged gains a lot from some well-done imitations of the Shat, and from loads of solid reference jokes. The plot of the show was not very well-structured and if I had tried to think about it more I would have been pretty confused, but it's not that kind of show. If you can sit back and laugh at references to Tekwar, T.J. Hooker, and Star Trek V, and turn off the part of your brain that tries to make it all make sense, you'll have a good time here.

by Cato Brutus
Rating 3 stars
I can't believe that no one has taken "Set phasers to FUN" as a title yet.

Anyways, it's a fun show, but it's funny in that "Scary Movie" way, where the joke is "Hey, remember this *insert pop culture reference*?" If you know your Shat, you'll probably annoy your date by nudging her in the arm every time someone quotes a line.

To be fair though, there are just enough clever bits as the show progresses to make it worth going if you're a fan of Star Trek, TJ Hooker, or Rescue 911. Be prepared for a lot...OF inCONsi..stent stilted Shatner impersonations of varying quality.

Denny Crane!!!
by Paula Nancarrow
Rating 5 stars
I loved this show, even if my favorite Shatner was largely missing from it. It was smart, funny, and nerdy – on top of that all the actors playing the different Shatner roles had his mannerisms – the bombast and pauses, the double-fist punch, the T.J. Hooker roll – down perfectly. Even that Twilight Zone episode with the creature on the wing of the plane was re-interpreted by the Priceline Negotiator. Denny Crane appears but once, briefly, and I was disappointed that the Mad Cow attorney did not have a more prominent role in the Shatner collage. But it would have been hard to treat him with any more irony than his character already owns. I think this crew might have been Enterprising enough to negotiate that, even so.

A Most Intriguing Enterprise
by Mark Mikula
Rating 5 stars
Brilliant and smart fun. Don't be fooled by the teaser preview for this show. It is a fully realized narrative which raises some compelling questions as it deconstructs William Shatner's career. I've only seen a few episodes of Star Trek and have even less exposure to some of his other television work, but I still found myself catching most of the references because Shatner is such an entertainment icon. I would guess that people with an encyclopedic knowledge of Shatner will appreciate this show even more. Kudos to the cast for paying homage to Shatner's vocal patter without trying too hard to impersonate him. I think they found the right tone for their performances. A gently insulting but sympathetic tribute to Captain Kirk.

Fun - Good performances
by Gorden Hedahl
Rating 4 stars
Very enjoyable - clever ideas and generally very well performed. I would have appreciated more volume from Windy Bolsby as Cptn. Kirk. Really enjoyed her approach to the role, but missed too many words at the back of the theatre. Worth seeing.

Thumbs Up to "Has Been" References
by William Marth
Rating 4 stars
Was waiting for Common People to come onto the speakers at some point.

Read above and below. This is a show for people who get the in-jokes and meta one-liners and share a hatred of TekWar. An analysis of a man who probably doesn't deserve it, but meh.

Great job to all involved. Glad the car hood made an appearance.

by Phillip Schramm
Rating 5 stars
There is not a dull moment in this show. The script has great jokes and references to all of William Shatner's works, and provides some nice twists and turns throughout. Definitely not a show to miss.

A fine homage.
by Eric Salo
Rating 4 stars
Fun, silly and highly entertaining. A special callout to Windy Bowlsby for channeling the spirit of The Man himself. Recommended.

The Shat Lives!
by Chris Kirkham
Rating 5 stars
A real treat for Trekkies, pop culture addicts and fans of "The Shat" in all his many incarnations. Windy Bowlsby's impression of Captain Kirk is dead on! I almost missed this one and I'm really glad I didn't.

by Jess Lindgren
Rating 4 stars
I'm not a seasoned Shatner buff (I'm more of a Star Wars gal than a Star Trek gal), but I still found plenty of humor in this show. It was well-written, well-cast, and tons of fun. A few minor technical glitches, but nothing out of the ordinary for an opening performance. A few of my favorite local actors share the stage - Tim Wick, Windy Bowlsby, and Tim Uren - making this a performance that should not be missed.

All Star Fun
by Roger Rosvold
Rating 5 stars
Funny, thoughtful, satirical at times. Lots of laughs with respectable acting from all players. Plenty of inside jokes for Shatner fans all wrapped up in good humor for the rest of us.

Definitely worth your time.

Well Acted and Funny
by Lena Lyle
Rating 4 stars
I went into this show knowing virtually nothing about William Shatner or Star Trek and yet I still found the play funny and refreshing. There are quite a few Star Trek and other pop culture references from the era, and even though I missed many of these, I enjoyed the show. Entertaining and well executed.

Boldly GO!!!
by Chris Gennaula
Rating 5 stars
Calling all fans of Bill and pop culture! This is your show!

Love Letter to Bill
by John Stevens
Rating 4 stars
It was a great love letter to the work of William Shatner, no matter how tongue in cheek. I had some trouble with the science behind it, but like many technobabble in Star Trek, I went with it. Most notable call out to Windy Bolsby and Tim Uren! Spot on. Captured the essence that is the Shat.

Nice Try
by Margarite Dante
Rating 3 stars
No one can outdo the real thing. Nice try, guys. But my butt cheeks got sore.

The (over)acting was great!
by Rena Rasch
Rating 4 stars
I'm not super familiar with Shatner's entire body of work, so some of the jokes went over my head, but I still enjoyed this show. The story is unique and well-developed, the acting was great, the tech was a little off, but it was their first show . Definitely recommend for startrek and/or comedy fans.

Why Doesn't It Work?
by Chris Kemp
Rating 2 stars
I wish I knew. I like Shatner; understood most of the references but this did not gel. Aside from the fact that you could not hear Captain Kirk, the lines and the bits just did not come together to engage me. I smiled (and many laughed) at the recognition of a line or an episode. The Captain and the others did have the speech pattern down, but for me it just wasn't that funny.

Complete Works of William Shatner
by Carla Mantel
Rating 5 stars
This play was highly entertaining and though my knowledge of all things Shatner is limited, even I - a 64 yr old woman could follow and get the jokes. I don't hear well, but I could hear well in this play. Just a delightful, energetic, funny play! I will go again if I have time, and will/have been recommend(ing) to my friends.

Carol Mantel

Shatisfying and enjoyable
by Kevin McLaughlin
Rating 4 stars
Well conceived, well written, quirky, and lots of fun to watch... there is no reason this should not be on your schedule. Just go.

Hilarious homage to the Great Big Head!
by Hazen Markoe
Rating 5 stars
A budding young Canadian actor named William Shatner finds himself on a strange planet with paper mâché rocks along with Captain Kirk, T.J. hooker and the Priceline Guy. Add to that a somewhat befuddled Gorn and you have a side-splitting "homage" to Shatner that is sure bring tons of chuckles to anyone remotely familiar with him. With more references than you can shake a stick at, this fast paced production is delightfully performed by the ensemble cast. Definitely a must-see here at the Fringe!

Roll on over if you love Shatner
by Mariellen Jacobson
Rating 3 stars
Real Shatner fans were cracking up at every musical cue, key phrase, gesture, "roll."  But those of us who are moderate fans were enjoying ourselves as well.   The young Canadian Shakespearean actor Shatner, Captain Kirk, TJ Hooker, Denny Crane and the Priceline Negotiator have a hecuva time trying to figure out why they all recognize each other.  A clever bit of fluff.  Good performances.  My favorite bit:  how they made us clap at the end!  

Polished and fun
by Florence Brammer
Rating 4 stars
I have not watched Star Trek and really know little about Shatner outside Priceline. Still, this was so well-done and the performances were so engaging, I enjoyed it. A great selection for the Shatner/Star Trek fan or if you have a Rarig slot open.

If you like shatner, this is a show for
by Carin Bratlie
Rating 4 stars
Funny impersonations, clever references, and an overall love of bill shatner. It's really just a string of shatner references, so if you don't know Bill you might not be as engaged. However, if you are familiar with his body of work (like most of us, I would imagine!) you will have fun.


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