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The Naked I: Wide Open (Abridged)

Something different
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The Naked I: Wide Open (Abridged)

By 20% Theatre Company Twin Cities

Created by 20% Theatre Company

Fresh, sexy, humorous, gut-punching, and unbelievably honest and true stories from transgender individuals and allies- The Naked I: Wide Open explores gender identity far beyond the land of "male" and "female".

Something different

GLBT content World premiere Storytelling/Spoken word

Includes artists of color

Just so you know, this show has
Nudity, Adult language

The creators say this show is appropriate for ages 18 and up

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the naked i: wide open - abridged!

created by 20% theatre company twin cities, with the contributions of over 20 local transgender/gender non-conforming artists and allies.

inspired by 20% theatre company’s ground-breaking, sold-out 2009 production of the naked i: monologues from beyond the binary by transgender playwright, tobias k. davis, the naked i: wide open was created by the company and originally produced in february 2012 to eight completely sold-out houses, and then re-mounted in june 2012 to another four sold-out houses.

the naked i: wide open is made up of monologues and short scenes, and our 'abridged' fringe version will feature approximately half of the original world-premiere. filled with fresh, sexy, humorous, gut-punching, and unbelievably honest and true stories by transgender/gender non-conforming individuals and allies, the naked i: wide open explores gender identity far beyond the land of “male” and “female”.

Cast + crew

Claire Avitabile
Role: producer, director, writer
Claire Avitabile has been living in the Twin Cities for almost seven years, since her move from Massachusetts in August 2005. For 20%, Claire has directed numerous shows, including the critically acclaimed "Hot ‘n’ Throbbing" by Paula Vogel, "Anon" by Kate Robin, and the world premiere of "The Birth of Venus" by Lisa Flora Meyers. Other local credits include directing "Desperation Panties" for Freshwater Theatre, and "Biloxi Blues" and "The Diary of Anne Frank" for the Sabes Jewish Community Center where she currently works as Director of Performing Arts. Claire is the founding Artistic Director of 20% Theatre Company Twin Cities and was a co-producer, director, and editor of "The Naked I: Wide Open".

Nicole Wilder
Role: performer, director, writer
Nicole Wilder received her MA in Theatre with an emphasis in Directing
and Women's Studies from Miami University in August 2008. Since
settling in Minneapolis, she has been overjoyed to work with 20%
Theatre on multiple projects, including the development and facilitation of the Naked Self workshops.

Anthony Neuman
Role: performer, director, writer
Anthony Neuman has been seen on stage with 20% as David in "Standards of Care" and the sold-out production of "The Naked I: Monologues from Beyond the Binary". He produced and starred in the world premiere of his one-act play, "Artichoke Hearts", as part of 20% Theatre's The Fresh Five in January 2010. Anthony was one of the co-producers, writers, directors, and performers for "The Naked I: Wide Open", and is a lead facilitator for 20%'s "My Naked Self" workshops.

Katie Burgess
Role: performer, writer
Katie Burgess is an artist and activist living in South Minneapolis. She is Executive Director of the Trans Youth Support Network (TYSN) by day, and by night studies the art of physical theater and juggling. You can sometimes catch her commuting home on her unicycle or making puppet shows in the park with her four year old roommate. Otherwise, she enjoys performing dance with the occasional Zenon student, short plays at Bedlam, training with traveling clowns, lending a hand to queer/trans performance art pieces, and doing whatever 20% Theater tells her to do.

JamieAnn Meyers
Role: performer
JamieAnn Meyers made her acting debut in the world premiere of “Naked I: Wide Open” at Intermedia Arts in February 2012. She is very enthusiastic about continuing to pursue performing and views her acting as an opportunity to not only entertain audiences but also to educate them in social justice issues. JamieAnn is Professor Emerita of Geoscience at Winona State University in Winona, MN, where she taught geology for 30 years before her retirement in 2010. She has devoted much of her retirement to social justice advocacy and activism for LGBTQIA people, and works at the intersection of oppressions in both secular and faith communities. JamieAnn is also an enthusiastic traveler and companion to her spouse of 45 years.

Davey Ethan Wilkes
Role: performer, writer
Davey Ethan Wilkes most recently wrote for and performed in 20% Theater Company’s world premiere of "The Naked I: Wide Open". Before moving to Minneapolis in 2011, Davey performed his work in Seattle with Tumble Me Productions ("And God Said, Come On Inside"), and spent several years writing, teaching, and performing with BENT: A Writing Institute. He likes chewing gum, thunderstorms, and potatoes.

Jay Masika
Role: performer
Jay Masika is a self-identified Black and Trans* performer, musician, community organizer, and youth worker. His most recent stage performance was in 20% Theater's "The Naked I: Wide Open" at Intermedia Arts this past winter and again in June. They have also done stage reading's for Andrea Jenkins' developing piece, "voice/Love," and you can see them perform again in the August edition of the Pleasure Rebel series at Bryant Lake Bowl, curated by Nastalie Bogira. Coming from an art-influenced family, Jay's life has been submerged in creative expression - his mother is a performer and musician, and his brother is a mixed-media artist.

Jenn Western
Role: performer
Jenn Western made her stage debut in June 2012 with 20% Theatre Company’s world premiere production of The Naked I: Wide Open. While her true passion lies within documentary photography, she considers herself as a multi-media artist whose ultimate artistic vision is to create art for social impact. In addition to being a photographer, she works in other art forms such as sculpture, painting, writing and now performance art. Jenn resides in Minneapolis with her 5 year old son and works as a Gallery Assistant at the Walker Art Museum and as a part-time cab driver.

L Puck Matz
Role: performer
L. Puck Matz is a newcomer to the Twin Cities theatre scene, performing in their first show with 20% Theatre Company and first Fringe show this year. Puck is also a spoken word and drag performer, as well as a Women's Studies, Sociology, and Theatre Performance student at St. Catherine University. Puck will also begin serving as Box Office and Public Relations Director for the SCU Theatre Department in the Fall. When they're not in the theater, Puck likes taking short walks on the beach, and pulling pimentos out of olives. Puck would like to thank 20% for their endless love and trust and for welcoming them into the family with open arms. Here's to years of changing lives on and off stage!

Maria "Mea" Johnson
Role: performer

Carisa Anderson
Role: stage manager

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User reviews

Honestly amazing.
by Mark Benzel
Rating 5 stars
Wow! There is one chance left to see this show. Please go see it. When I'm asked about the Naked I, I immediately respond "in all my theatre going I have never seen more honest and selflessly shared performance."

The same goes for this volume. While this is an abridged version, each story hits hard and welcomes thought and dialogue as individual pieces and as a whole. Such a beautiful work deftly handle by everyone involved. Go See it!

Brave and insightful
by Florence Brammer
Rating 4 stars
These artists share a wide range of riveting, highly personal stories about gender and how it influences/dominates/informs lives. Very touching and memorable.

Raw and Insightful
by Mark Mikula
Rating 4 stars
A revelatory story set with different soloists and combinations of performers providing raw, poignant, and humorous meditations on their lives. They cover a range of topics regarding identity from fear of discrimination to gender fluidity to self-acceptance. The stories often are provocative and made me more aware of ways in which my assumptions might be preventing me from seeing people for who they are.

Gender Fluidity
by Dixie Treichel
Rating 5 stars
Great show all around. Entertaining and educational short pieces about gender fluidity and identification. Good acting and writing. Must see.

It was amazing!
by meader victoria
Rating 5 stars
I wish there had been time for a discussion afterwards! All the performers were excellent and the content was really important and real. Highly recommend!!

Brave, honest, and heartfelt
by Dustin Bronson
Rating 4 stars
Great show! The candid honesty of the performers sent chills down my spine. Check it out.

120% Amazing
by Katie Starks
Rating 5 stars
I have seen every incarnation of The Naked I: Wide Open so far and it never fails to make my heart fall out of my chest and hit the floor. It is brave, smart, funny, gut-wrenching and unforgettable. For me, the opening piece was particularly personal and moving. Another stand out was Puck’s monologue. A perfect balance of heart-warming humor and relatability. They have a keen grasp on the piece and make it their own. See this show for a look at yourself and how you might see the world.

Life Changing...
by Mykel Pennington
Rating 5 stars
I was lucky enough to bare witness to this production in its original manifestation in February and then again in the Spring. Ever time I witness it is a gift. It is full of bravery and humanity. It is beautiful, touching and a gift to see. Do yourself a favor - See this show! You won't regret it!

A Must See
by Marcus Kennedy
Rating 5 stars
This was my second time going to see the Naked I, the first time seeing the full version. It was just as entertaining and mind-opening as my first time. I think the contents of this show are rarely vocalized in our society. This show was written by people in our community and features true stories. I don't think this abridged version makes the show any less impactful, in fact I think that it helps the audience to focus more. I would definitely recommend this show to anyone looking for a laidback, mind-opening show.

Real, Raw, Engaging
by Melissa Cuddy
Rating 5 stars
I saw the full "The Naked I" this spring, and discovered last night that the Fringe version is simply more concentrated, and, if possible, even more poignant. It remains one of the most incredible pieces of theatre I have ever seen.

The stories told here are authentic. Whether or not you have experience in the queer community or know folks who are trans*, everyone will find something with which with they identify in this production. This is a show that paints PEOPLE, people who are gorgeous and vulnerable and honest, and their diverse stories. It would be hard to walk away unchanged.

Thank you, 20% Theatre Company and writers, cast, and crew whose hearts and lives are engaged in this work.

by Billy Navarro Jr.
Rating 5 stars
The something different category is perfect for this show because it is unlike anything out there right now. No single show has touched on so many of my own and our community's multiple identities like this one. While this show focuses on the many genders in the spectrum of trans all folks can find some very personal truth in it. I have seen the show in all 3 of it's incarnations several times with a variety of people and not one has left the theater without crying, laughing and just generally feeling the love. The cast is so authentic in their performances that you can't tell who is speaking their own words or someone else's. If you know nothing of our community or if your right in the middle of it, this play is for you.

So Important for Our Communities.
by e. shor
Rating 5 stars
The Naked I gives voice, face, and strength to my community. I am so grateful to 20% Theatre Company for providing the space, finding the stages, and bringing transgender and gender non-conforming artists and voices to this festival.

The performers, directors, and producers are to be applauded to for putting together such an honest, humbling, and powerful production.

Whether or not you identify as transgender or gender non-conforming, you should see this production because it speaks to us all about humanity and the power of lived experience.

Moving and Beautiful
by Jimmy Leduc
Rating 5 stars
This is a moving and beautiful production. It features so many moving stories. This show is universal. It is about love and embracing the beauty that makes each of us unique and amazing. Don't miss this show!!

Brain Changing
by Liz Blank
Rating 5 stars
This is an Ultimate Fringe Experience.

10 STARS!!!!
by Douglas Abbott
Rating 5 stars
Some performances in Fringe are simply beautiful, artistic, or cleverly staged. Some performances are powerful in how they give insight to life experience. This performance does all these things and more. This performance is my new favorite pick for Best of Fringe. I cannot say enough good things about this piece. The actors in this performance are courageous and exquisite in their openness and humanness. I applaud every artist in this performance! Thank you for bringing this piece to Fringe 2012. FRINGE ON!

by David Trudeau
Rating 2 stars
To me this case study by case study in transexuality was presented stiffly and clinically. Informative and in some cases eye opening. I think it is great workshop-discussion material for a human sexuality seminar, but not theatrically developed enough to make it entertaining.

I claim you.
by MaryLynn Mennicke
Rating 5 stars
This piece is lovely, intimate, and honest. 20% Theatre's dedication to giving voice to the trans and queer community is a beautiful gift to those on the out and inside of it. In this piece you will hear the stories of many wonderful trans people - you'll be brought into their hearts, their minds, their families, and their bedrooms. It is quite humbling to see these people strip naked for you, and it illuminates the need for unity and love among all of us. I laughed and teared up through the whole piece. Bravo to 20% theatre and to these wonderful people for sharing these powerful stories!

by Gemma Irish
Rating 5 stars
Identity is complicated. These are the stories of people becoming who they are, and they're completely engaging and beautiful and important stories.

poignant and moving
by Katrina Johnson
Rating 5 stars
This is a must see for anyone who would like to have some insight into trans folk and their community. But, beyond that, it's a far more universal story about how we all experience vulnerablity and a sense of otherness.

Serious piece with lots of laughs.
by Corinna Troth
Rating 5 stars
Brilliant exploration of the concept of nakedness both in a literal and figurative sense. So much honesty. The performers are so comfortable with it, though, the audience is able to feel comfortable throughout.

I was familiar with the material from seeing a previous incarnation, but found that I was again moved - nearly to tears- at several points. I also loved getting to see "Naked Squared" which I had not seen before - Poetry in motion!

Even as though this is a serious piece and really takes a good look at gender outside of the rigid boxes it is generally kept in, it is also filled with genuine humor and far more laughs than tears. A perfect blend. Once again 20% gets this one just right. Go see it.

simply honest, funny, sad, moving.
by Ariel Leaf
Rating 5 stars
Not that I didn't love the full length productions in February and June, but this version is the best, stripped down this show becomes even more poignant. All of the performances are mind blowing. Do. Not. Miss.

Bold and beautiful
by Andrew Troth
Rating 5 stars
A work of astonishing honesty and openness, this collection of intensely personal narratives is one of the most moving things I've ever seen.


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