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Bodacious Beauties

Something different
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Bodacious Beauties

By Bodacious Bohemian

Created by Eileen Rosensteel

Step right up! Meet five bigger-than-life women from circus history! Be amazed as these fat ladies expose more than just impressive measurements - a view of the world from atop the freak show platform!

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The sideshow never really died. It merely transformed. Now we view our freaks on television medical shows, make them do tricks for prizes, and documentaries. People are fascinating and we love to know how others live, especially those who seem different from us. The dangerous aspect is that sometimes we forget that they are still people with stories and feelings independent of their "freakiness". And yet most of us feel like we don't fit in even while wearing a mask of conformity.

In the grand tradition of the circus, this show is a mix of real stories and creative remembering, honoring the memories of the performers. This brilliant one woman show portrays five bodacious beauties from the 1880s to the 1940s as they remind us, that no matter how big our differences, we are all the same - freaks.

I've always been a fat girl and usually the biggest person in the room. Because of that, I've considered myself an outsider. A freak. But then I ran across a picture of a woman who looked exactly like me. The image was from a hundred years ago - I had found a physical foremother. So I started to search for information about the fat ladies and this show was born to give a voice to their lives.

Cast + crew

Eileen Rosensteel
Role: creator

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User reviews

Simply Beautiful
by B. Nelson
Rating 5 stars
It takes a lot to get to me in a short period of time, but Bodacious Beauties had real tears falling down my cheeks and authentic laughter pouring out. Ms. Rosensteel has created a breathtaking and beautiful show that was gentle, outrageous, upsetting, and touching. My favorite thing about art is how it opens up worlds or tells stories from other people's experiences: this show gave light to the spirits of women who were threatened to be relegated to b&w snapshots or forgotten entirely. Each character was excellently placed, the show flowed, and the emotional arch of the piece was pitch perfect. Bravo to Ms. Rosensteel; I look forward to seeing her work again in the future (maybe even an extended version of this one?!)

More development needed
by Sara Saenz
Rating 2 stars
The subject matter is interesting, but ultimately the five characters are not distinctive enough to propel the show toward. It lags in some places. Still, it's an intriguing concept. It just needs more development.

A Big Undertaking
by Sergius OShaughnessey
Rating 4 stars
This is a tough show. Yet it is endearing. Fat Ladies. They are wonderful. Yet they are also fat. That alone is the makings of a script. Eileen, you took a chance, it worked, and thanks for taking the time for a Q&A after the performance.

Really courageous
by Danielle Claseman
Rating 4 stars
Wow. This show is good and has the potential of being great. So much thought, passion and research has gone into this show. Truly hats off to Eileen. Thanks so much!

Great Potential Material
by Andrew Berton
Rating 3 stars
Such courage to face what most would consider shameful and yet look it straight in the eye! Eileen brings to the fore from several perspectives the classic "Fat Lady" sideshow. Yes, her rendering is at times hesitant, almost reticent, but Eileen draws upon a wealth of material and with some professional back-up/guidance this could become a truly GREAT one-woman show on a par with Shirley Valentine. Andrew B.

No stereotype here
by Lesli Randall
Rating 3 stars
This fictional account of sideshow Fat Ladies is based on historical facts researched by the creator/performer. The sad truth is that not much has changed when it comes to how our culture views and treats overweight women. The bright side is that an intelligent young woman like Eileen can tell these stories a hundred years later without asking for pity or making excuses.

The performance lacked polish but not heart. After the show, Eileen turned on the house lights and opened the floor for questions. Someone asked how she got interested in the topic; her sincere answer was that she was looking for photos of women that looked like her, and found them in hundred year-old circus handbills.

Look *in* a person, not just *at* them.


Friday, 8/38:30 p.m.
Saturday, 8/410:00 p.m.
Monday, 8/67:00 p.m.
Wednesday, 8/85:30 p.m.
Saturday, 8/118:30 p.m.


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