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By Jason Schommer / La Vie Theatre

Created by Jason Schommer

Katy Perry. Lady GaGa. Kathy Griffin. Rosie O'Donnell. Simon LeBon. Jessica Simpson. Dolly Parton. Jason's met them all. Who wants to be nobody when you can be somebody! Come and Cher in all the dish and dirt!


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"Jason's show is jaw dropping funny!  I've never laughed so hard...or been so frightened!" - Louie Anderson, Emmy Award Winning Comedian.

STARF*CKER by Jason Schommer

As a senior in high school, Jason infamously predicted in his yearbook that he would be famous.  Well, that hasn't happened...yet. But what has happened is a crazy life spent orbiting around the rich and famous for the past twenty years.  From working at "The Rosie O'Donnell Show" and Clear Channel Radio to now living in Las Vegas and working as Louie Anderson's opening act, Jason has brushed elbows with some of the biggest, brightest, and infamous stars of our time.  Katy Perry, Lady GaGa, Kathy Griffin, Rosie O'Donnell, Simon LeBon (Duran Duran), Jessica Simpson, Dolly Parton, Carrie Underwood, Jewel, Criss Angel, Holly Madison, Rich Little, Screech (Screech? Yes, Screech.).  Jason has met them all on his quest for fame.  Who wants to be nobody when you can be somebody!  And Jason is hell bent on being somebody!

In this hilarious one man show, Jason retraces his life back from growing up in Little Falls, Minnesota and his journey to New York City and Las Vegas, to now returning to his hometown to perform at his twenty year high school class reunion and all the celebrities that he has encountered along the way.  From crashing a red carpet, sneaking on to a movie set, and showing no fear when face to face with Barbara Walters in a hallway.  Jason has found himself in some of the funniest situations a pop culture die-hard could dream of.  Some celebrity moments were awesome...and others, well...not so much.  Why did Katy Perry tell Jason that he is her "tiny dancer"?  Why did Jason and Dolly Parton talk about Boy George?  What happened when the boy next door finally met the girl next door?  The quest to fame has been a wild ride filled with amazing victories and epic failures but still continues...

What the stars have to say about meeting Jason...

"Could you maybe just stand over there?  Yes, way over there." - Katy Perry
"Security!" - Lady GaGa
"Wow!  You're even a bigger Starf*cker than me!  Impressive!" - Kathy Griffin
"Chaz!  Great to see you again!  Oh wait...you're not Chaz!" - Rosie O'Donnell
"No I will not autograph your @#$&" - Simon LeBon
"Please give me back my dog." - Jessica Simpson
"Hey...look me in the eyes.  Up here." - Dolly Parton

Cast + crew

Jason Schommer
Role: Performer
Jason Schommer is a stand up comedian whose energetic style and relatable material has made him one of the region's favorite entertainers. A native of Little Falls, MN, Jason now lives in Las Vegas where he opens nightly for comedy legend and Emmy Award winner Louie Anderson at The Louie Anderson Theater. Louie Anderson has said, "When I first saw Jason I thought of a younger funnier me. I'm proud to have him as my opening act. Soon he will have his own show! He is funny, clever, smart, and on his way to the big time!".

Jason ventured into the world of stand up comedy while working on "The Rosie O'Donnell Show" in New York City. The show's writers thought he was funny and they signed him up to perform at the New York Comedy Club. Jason took to the stage and easily won over the crowd with his ordeals of being a Minnesota boy in a big city for the first time. Like many comics, he was hooked immediately and from there he has taken off to rave reviews and a rapidly growing fan base.

Jason holds a B.A. in Theatre Arts from the University of Minnesota - Morris. He has produced, written, directed, and acted in numerous productions at the Minnesota Fringe Festival including "Wonderland", "Beer Goggles: The Musical" and "Shameless" among others. Jason has worked for numerous theatre groups and has directed such memorable productions as "Evita", "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat", "Grease", "Disney's Beauty and the Beast" to name a few. He has also been seen on stage in such hit shows as "Annie", "Godspell", "Peter Pan", and "Jesus Christ Superstar".

Rebecca Jo Malmstrom
Role: Set & Props
Bio coming soon!

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User reviews

Is that Louie?
by Evelyn Blum
Rating 5 stars
Oh no its not! its better! local boy does his stand up routine, tells his stories of crossing path of the famous. Although humble himself. He might have left the minneapple to make it big on the Vegas strip, but the heart of the midwest hasn't left him. I highly suggest following him, and trying to see him any time he comes to town!

by luann monahan
Rating 3 stars
Jason does know stand-up - I'd like to see his opening act for Louie Anderson. I'd see him again.

Stalking for laughs.
by Eric Salo
Rating 4 stars
Jason speaks with an honesty and enthusiasm that just suck you right into his world. And it's a fun trip. A much better show than I was expecting from the synopsis.

by Julie Lloyd
Rating 4 stars
A good end to a night of Fringe shows. Full of hearty laughs.

Not quite stand up...
by Roger Rosvold
Rating 3 stars
Jason's show tonight straddles the line between stand up & storytelling. He has some great stories but does not capitalize on them, instead going for laughs. And he has at least 2 really wonderful insights into humanity and celebrity but didn't pursue those thoughts. In fact, his best insight slipped by without real exploration, exchanged for shallow humor.

Yes, I laughed at times and it was enjoyable throughout. But I really hoped for the constant humor roller coaster but tonight it didn't sync up.

by Cato Brutus
Rating 4 stars
Jason's show is exactly what you'd expect from reading the synopsis. His show has exactly one schtick, but its a really reALLY REALLY fun schtick. Jason is a living subscription to Star Magazine: part stalker, part awe, part brutal mockery. He's the gay best friend with all the best gossip that you wish you had growing up.

by Laura Bidgood
Rating 5 stars
Jason Schommer is AMAZING!

His stand up comedy show, centering around his encounters with celebrity had me laughing until I cried.

The thing that makes Jason so awesome as a performer is his honest reactions and relatability.

His, "Oh my Gods!" upon celebrity meetings is so genuine that you can't help but smile and be excited along with him.

I've seen Jason perform a number of times a Storyteller and he's amazing but as a Stand Up Comic he shines on that stage and takes you for a hilarious ride that you want to ride shotgun along with him on.

Not to be missed!

See This Show!
by Jenn Schaal
Rating 5 stars
Jason Schommer is a brilliant stand-up comic (currently working nightly with Louie Anderson) who makes you feel like he's letting you in on a one-on-one secret while delivering charming stories about his brushes with fame and celebrity. He's got a real knack for creating laughs at his own expense. Great stage presence, great stories, great laughs. If you are looking for something fun - see this show.

Let's have a kiki
by Erika Klein
Rating 5 stars
STARF*CKER is like having a kiki with your funniest BFF. Jason not only shares the deets on his celebrity encounters, but does it in a hysterically self-depreciating way.

What List AreYou On?
by Richard Shields
Rating 5 stars
Jason Schommer offers a well-paced show that combines gossip, storytelling and stand-up. Based upon his real-life encounters with many of the celebrities he speaks of, you get a brief glimpse into the character's of various well-know names. He holds your interest with his stories and with his charm.

Jason's show is for folks that like witty insights on the show biz personalities that fill tabloids and airwaves. His enthusiastic vigor about these folks makes you want to be in his world.

by Paul Hogrefe
Rating 5 stars
VERY funny. Must see.

Great Execution!
by Jordan Oxborough
Rating 5 stars
Jason had excellent execution throughout his whole skit. He had great command of the space which, allowed me to stay engaged the entire time! Even though I couldn't relate to every thing he said it didn't matter because of his commitment to every line! He had great enthusiasm which, you don't always see with stand up! His timing with the audience was spot on and his set was perfect! I hope he makes it big someday!

Well done Jason Schommer! If you like stand up comedy and are into celebrity humor this one is for you.

by Will Weisert
Rating 4 stars
Funny show, not quite stand-up but not quite story telling. Following celebrities doesn't do much for me but Jason's enthusiasm, humor, and mugging made for a well spent hour. And a full hour it was - had the sense he could have filled a two hour slot.

Great Entertainment!
by Bradley Johnson
Rating 5 stars
Jason's star struck stories were funny and entertaining. He made full use of the hour and I still could have listened to more! A must see for all who long to cross paths with a star!

A good time
by Publius McGee
Rating 4 stars
There wasn't really much of a point to this show (unless it was, "Jason loves celebrities!" or "Jason has met some celebrities!), but Jason Schommer was SO enthusiastic, SO charming, and SO funny that it didn't matter. I hope he gets his big break someday, and then we can be BFF (and a day).

by Dawn Krosnowski
Rating 4 stars
Super fun show!

Hilarious!!!! Must see!!!
by Jenna Feela
Rating 5 stars
This recount of celebrity encounters throughout his comedic career is absolutely hilarious & had me in tears with laughter!!! We had a great time at the show & I would recommend everyone see it!!! It well worth it!!!

by Ray Klahr
Rating 5 stars
I was a bit put off by the summary of the show and was hesitant about going, but I was really glad I did! It was wonderfully funny. Jason is a wonderful story teller and comedian. I definitely recommend this show.

Gut Busting Laughter
by Amy Hart
Rating 5 stars
Jason's comedic timing and unique glimpse into the lives of the STARS is creative and crazy (crazy good)! His story-telling and demonstrative moves are hilarious. He lights up the stage and puts forth so much energy, he captivates you and draws you in. The time flew by. I left this show wanting more. That's how you know the quality of a performance!I want to see Jason Schommer perform again. What I also thought was interesting was though he started with a little vulgarity, he didn't capitalize on it. He even noticed a "non-adult" in the audience and was sensitive that. What a classy guy.
Jason Schommer's show was GUT-BUSTINGLY-HILARIOUS and I'd recommend EVERYONE see him perform! Rock on Jason. Simon Lebon's got nothin'on you!

Humble, Hilarious Homeboy Makes Good!
by Amy Salloway
Rating 5 stars
Jason has been opening for Louis Anderson in Vegas for a while now, so some Fringe-goers might not realize that he used to live here, and that he spent years producing huge-cast Fringe shows in which other actors got to create his riotous, larger-than-life environments and spout his humorous dialogue. It's so rewarding to see THIS Jason now - the one that honed that writing, and paid his stand-up dues, and has completely come into his own! Jason's stories about being obsessed with celebrities are a riot, but ALSO clever and kind (he avoids all gossip and snark, and focuses entirely on observable behavior), and his stage presence is so relaxed, relatable and utterly real, I didn't want the hour to end. Huge applause, well deserved!

Funny, Funny, Funny!
by Rob Olson
Rating 5 stars
Jason has a knack for translating life as he knows it into misadventures with the rich and famous. With the perfect blend of story telling and physical humor this show is great from start to finish. For a hilarious spin on how the A-Listers conduct themselves you must see this show and hear Jason's side of the story.

Pure fun!
by Jennifer Furan
Rating 5 stars
This is Jason at his best. His excitement is contagious, and you feel like you lived the celebrity adventures with him. Absolutely hilarious and pure fun!

lots of laughs
by Claire Avitabile
Rating 4 stars
Jason is so much fun! Didn't quote know what I was going to see, but definitely laughed a LOT and really needed that tonight. It was also nice to take a break from plays and just see some stand up comedy (and whether or not the stand up comedy had been rehearsed - I didn't care and it didn't matter because his delivery and storytelling was just great).

A hoot and a half.
by Lindsey McDonald Dorsey
Rating 5 stars
Jason is an engaging & hilarious storyteller; the hour flew by!

Loved it!
by Matlisa Semrad
Rating 5 stars
Even though we didn't know who all the stars were, we still felt Jason's excitement at meeting them. The time flew by listening and laughing and sharing with Jason. He should be selling out at Excel and opening for Mo.

Fun Tales From A Fanboy
by Mark Long
Rating 5 stars
Jason is charming and funny. He has a wonderful storytelling style and has you rooting for him from the start. He is not a creepy starf*cker. He is a guy who is fan and takes you through his various celebrity adventures. Great fun!

(I look forward to seeing him do stand-up in Vegas some day soon.)


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