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176 shows * 16 venues * Minnesota’s festival of performing arts * August 1–11, 2013

Join Fringe for our 21st birthday party!

We'll be celebrating our ascent into adulthood and marking the executive director transition between Robin Gillette and Jeff D. Larson on September 25, and we'd love to have you join us! In addition to free (!) and unlimited (!!) Summit beer, the evening will feature performances by festival favorites Joseph Scrimshaw, Tom Reed and Les Kurkendaal. Fringe's board of directors will be providing birthday-themed baked goods for sale. Tickets are limited, so get yours now!

Wednesday, September 25, 6 p.m. to 9 p.m
Summit Brewing, 910 Montreal Circle, St. Paul
Tickets - $40 and include free snacks and unlimited Summit beer


Holy cow, what a fantastic festival that was!

49,991 tickets, 895 performances, 11 days.

Thanks to everyone who made this magic possible - without the incredible community of artists, audiences, volunteers, staff, press, donors, sponsors, venues and more that we're lucky to have here, we'd be nothing.

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L. Robert Westeen: Out Of Towner at the MN Fringe!

Musical theater

Teenage Misery: A Horror Musical

Presented by Devious Mechanics
Theatre in the Round  

L. Robert says… My Curiosity is piqued!


Theatre 101

Presented by ABTech Midwest
Theatre in the Round  

L. Robert says… Not only am I doing a quick cameo... but I saw this show in it's first incarnation LO THOSE many years ago when I lived in the cities. Good stuff...


How To Date A Werewolf (or, Lonesome, Wild and Blue)

Presented by Love's Prick Productions
Theatre in the Round  

L. Robert says… This coule be a LOT of fun!!

Musical theater

Pullman Car Hiawatha: A New Musical Drama

Presented by Blue Water Theatre Company
Music Box  

L. Robert says… Mix it up a little with a musical...



Presented by Borealis Dance

L. Robert says… Keep it fresh with some dance!

About L. Robert

Years attending Fringe: This is my first year
35-44 years old
Lives in... Out-of-state
Favorite genre: Comedy

Fringe in the news

It was a totally, completely 100% GORGEOUS day yesterday and still hordes of people agreed to go inside, where there is no sunlight, and watch theater. There is something wrong with us. Still, given the quality of the work I saw yesterday, it seems entirely worth it.

— Paul de Cordova, Minnesota Playlist, August 4

As first weekends at the Fringe Festival go, this one came off big. Most of the shows I saw were sold out or close to it. My random picks were mostly as satisfying as the my a priori choices. Even the shows I expected to be terrible were pleasant surprises.

— Rob Callahan, Vita.MN, August 4

Since its beginnings in 1994, when the Minnesota Fringe Festival was born, hosting a few dozen shows for a total profit of $37, the festival has grown to be one of the signature events in the country — and the biggest week and a half in Twin Cities theater.

— Ed Huyck, City Pages, July 31

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