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August 1–11, 2013 / Minneapolis

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Musical theater /

By Top Hat Theatre

Written by Todd and Pamela Russell

Drama! Murder! Passion! Affairs! Kidnappings! Amnesia! A bad script and cheesy songs plague the stage in this wild romp through the city of love! Will the hot romance of Star and Chase survive this madness?

Opera/New Music

World premiere, Includes artists of color

Just so you know, this show has Adult language.

The creators say this show is appropriate for ages 16 and up.

Friday, 8/2 7:00 p.m.
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Saturday, 8/3 8:30 p.m.
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Sunday, 8/4 4:00 p.m.
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Tuesday, 8/6 5:30 p.m.
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Sunday, 8/11 2:30 p.m.
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U of M Rarig Center Proscenium

330 21st Ave. S, Main Floor

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Audience reviews


By Jake Sullivan / August 8, 2013
This user has reviewed 3 shows

Flakes has some crazy talented singers in it. However, to rehash what seems to have already been said, the book is juvenile, and absurd to the point where you wonder where the plot was. To reiterate: seriously talented performers performing to their best what little they were given.

Well performed dreck

By Andrew Troth / August 7, 2013
This user has reviewed 28 shows

Here's the good thing: The cast is talented. The singing was all good (except for some sound balance issues, and lyrical clarity suffered in the group numbers), and the acting was all at least competent.

The problem here is the material. Inappropriate? I love inappropriate. That's not what this is. This is a revolting, confused mishmash of horribleness. I'll leave it at that.


By Lynn Carlson / August 5, 2013
This user has reviewed 1 show

There was some wonderful singing, however the show was filled with middle school humor that lacked combined with sexual content which seemed very out of place while small children were present in the scenes.

Overall, it was an hour of my life that I lost and will never get back. I would pass on this show.

1 person found this review helpful

Poltential Over Powered by Piano

By Tim Torgerson / August 5, 2013
This user has reviewed 3 shows

There is potential to this show however the electric piano over powers the singers so it is hard to hear what they are saying. A lot of actors and a lot going on. Really needs to be reworked. I would pass on this show.

Not Recommended

By Mary Buchen / August 4, 2013
This user has reviewed 2 shows

This show had some talented actors but it was self indulgent and messy. I agree with the other reviewer regarding the poor judgement of casting children in a raunchy sex romp. Last night's audience sat in complete silence.

2 people found this review helpful

Not Recommended

By Lowell (Rick) Prescott / August 3, 2013
This user has reviewed 6 shows

Potential audience members should know that this show consists of a long series of crotch grabs, unsubtle sexual innuendo and bathroom humor. Some may find it funny, but I did not. If there is a narrative, I could not follow it.

And, given the graphic and unapologetic nature of the material, the presence of young children in the cast (despite the fact that they were fine performers) was somewhat disconcerting.

The performers did what they could, and should be given credit for just going with the material. And the music, while not bad, was in the wrong show.

It's difficult to recommend this show to anyone.

4 people found this review helpful

Pass on This One

By Kassie Church / August 3, 2013
This user has reviewed 3 shows

There was basically no plot. The end was so rushed that you couldn't understand what the actors were saying. A couple of the singers were terrible. It was supposed to be funny, but isn't. All around a pretty terrible show.

4 people found this review helpful

awesome show

By jacques conrad / August 3, 2013
This user has reviewed 1 show

Musicals aren't really my thing, but my wife insisted this was the show to see after seeing a number at one of the showcases. I have to say that the show was hilarious and a great way to spend an hour. The characters are funny and quirky and the plot was full of interesting and entaining twists. Fringe goers, this is one that shouldn't be missed.

Fun Adult Humor

By Joseph Magno / August 8, 2013
This user has reviewed 1 show

I can't for the life of me understand all the comments about the show's inappropriate humor when the preview clearly states that it's for audiences aged 16+. This show shines with a wonderfully talented group of performers gifted with a great sense of comedic timing (Al Fiene is especially funny in his role as Clark). The script delivers the funny with gusto. All of the songs are catchy, but some are filled with soaring melodies that showcase the voices of some especially powerful vocalists. A must see.

Highly Inappropriate

By Darlene Dashwoods / August 7, 2013
This user has reviewed 2 shows

Whoa, this show is filled with sexual innuendoes and disgusting "humor". I was sitting in my chair with feelings of disgust and disturbance. NOT the feeling I was hoping to leave the theatre. It is HIGHLY inappropriate - be forewarned before you see this show.
The cast is full of talent. They hold much potential and I only wish the quality of the script did that talent justice. From a technical standpoint there was nothing special but the costumes were done well.

Lovin' the Hospital Drama!

By Terry Caswolt / August 5, 2013
This user has reviewed 2 shows

What a fun production! I went with my elderly mom who was tickled b/c of her adoration of Soap Opera drama! I am not sure she caught all the jokes, but she loved it and wanted to meet Dr. Cox afterwards. (We didn't find him sadly!) Many stand outs in this large cast... McNutt, Wolf, Tatone, Fiene, and a band of kids that kept up with the adults. I was worried about that part, but the show handled this well and anything edgy that occured, happened during their offstage time. Nice to see something different and goofy that kept a fine tuned pacing all through the hour. Clever music/lyrics and just a whole bunch of Flakey Fun! Farah, you have some competition for the role of #1 Dr. Cox fan. My mom! I was all about Dan, Dan the custodian man!

Not recommended

By Carrie Nelson / August 5, 2013
This user has reviewed 2 shows

I give the actors credit for giving it their all, but this show was disjointed, confusing, and frequently irritating. The in-your-face sexual content, which can be funny, wasn't. And worse--It was made creepily uncomfortable by the presence of young children in the cast. Seriously inappropriate. What were they thinking?

3 people found this review helpful

Traffic Cop Not Involved

By Richard Shields / August 3, 2013
This user has reviewed 20 shows

This show had a cast of over 25 by my count and was at times like a three ring circus on stage. A traffic cop was not a role in this show, but would have benefited having one in some capacity in this fast paced, manic show.

There are beautiful voices in the cast and the show has a large number of cute kids which tug at the heart. There are also several adult cast members that are enjoyable eye candy. The downside is that the stage is always so crowded key singers are buried in a manner that distracts from their performances. Some performers are also not audible ( I sat in fourth row) and due to this factor you miss part of the show.

The show fails to focus on the many performers in their cast with strong voices, which is sad.

Oh, Dear

By Peter Johnson / August 3, 2013
This user has reviewed 2 shows

Well, the very large (for the Fringe, anyway) cast certainly embraced their material and gave it their all. Good for them. I just wish they'd been given better material. A great deal of talent was misused in a series of unfocused, mostly incoherent story lines with characters that I just couldn't make myself care about. I get that it was supposed to be just wacky and nothing else, but there's a good way to do that and a not-so-good. Sadly, this was the latter, with even a couple of wince-inducing moments. Great singers, though, and the energy was very good, but it seemed like they were rushing the ending to make sure they were done in an hour. The kids in the cast were very strong and fun to watch. Overall, a couple of chuckles-no more.

2 people found this review helpful

Awesomely Gross

By Jeffrey Jones / August 3, 2013
This user has reviewed 1 show

High paced, comedic fun! Once the horse left the gate, it was a mad gallop around the track only pausing to shock us with quick punches and offensive bits. And this is a good thing. I am a guy and musicals are here and there for me, but the wife wanted to go so we went. And here I am to say she made a good pick. Shout outs to the head surgeon for his pipes and his hilarious "When You're Sexy" song, the freaking talented Amy Wolf who played her role to the fullest (who knew the ICU could be funny?) and Matt Tatone, my favorite guy role for being so awesomely gross. I think I am going back to school so I can be a rhyming OB too. A laugh out loud, solid hour of great music, grab em by the balls comedy and a stellar cast to pull it off.

Flakse Is Just What It Sounds Like

By Laura Mason / August 2, 2013
This user has reviewed 11 shows

Making a musical about flakey people sounds entertaining, but you can only pull that off if the show itself isn't flakey. There were way too many plot threads...and all of the characters were pretty weird (without being endearing at the same time).
There were definitely people in the audience who ate it up and loved the show, but I just thought it was pretty cliche in almost every way.

Fun Flakes

By Mary Parker / August 7, 2013
This user has reviewed 1 show

Flakes was a non-stop adventure from the Emergency Room. It was like Grey's Anatomy, but funny...all the time. Flakes' own "Dr. Dreamy" (Dr. Cox), Dr. Zeus and Farah the hypochondriac elevated the show with their memorable performances, especially their singing.

It's certainly not high-brow entertainment...but let down your guard and laugh a bit and you'll have a good evening.

Sassy Soapy Drama!

By Gia Clarkson / August 5, 2013
This user has reviewed 1 show

I am a soap opera fan and I am also a FLAKES fan! Thank you for the naughty comedy and for switching up the stage to include a unique and sassy musical! Great talent, flawless execution and a good time for me and the ladies! In a world of 50 shades of grey, this little animal is a tame kitten. Can't see what everyone is getting so worked up about! I am a parent and glad I didn't bring the children, but why would I have? I read the description before attending! The kids in the show are obviously the only "together" characters and end up being in charge. The world is that of FLAKES, and malpractice and drama and affairs, babynappings and amnesia, boners and boobs! If those things make you uncomfortable, then keep walking!


By Marvin Grave / August 5, 2013
This user has reviewed 1 show

From reading previous reviews, I went in expecting some wild sex romp show (I was excited about that)... and instead found a light, farcical comedy with great music and an outstanding cast! I will say that there is some bold content, but it's lighter than cable television. There is a rating on it, so I am not sure what other reviewers were surprised about? I thought the plot lines were amusing, and the multiples of them keep things clicking along at a ready pace throughout. Farah's ICU issues, Dr. Cox's skirt chasing, Dr. Zuess's weird ideas and persistent failures with the ladies, cafeteria madness, what a wild hospital adventure! LOVED the hot tub scene! It was creative, easy to swallow and all I can say is: NO PRUDES ALLOWED!!!

Sometimes you need a farce

By Chris Anderson / August 4, 2013
This user has reviewed 4 shows

This show is cliched farcical. It is very light and sophomoric in the comedy, which is fine for this show. There was entirely too many people in the cast, there was a lot to keep track of with all the plot lines and to have numerous random people on stage makes it lose any magic. The high point is the scantily clad 'speedo' guy, he alone is worth the price of admission.

I thoroughly enjoyed it!!!!

By Joseph Vang / August 3, 2013
This user has reviewed 2 shows

I found this to be quite amusing! Loved the cast, the characters, tunes were awesome and different, easy to follow story line, it was amazing! I felt bad the audience was holding back their laughter, but it was hilarious! It was cheesy, quirky, and it was just very fun! Its definitely something you either love or you hate, and I loved it! The talent in the show was phenomenal even though there were some unsung heroes/heroines . I say go see this show!

Flakes - The Real Deal

By Karla Hill-Donisch / August 3, 2013
This user has reviewed 1 show

This show made me laugh while being shocked by the realness beneath the quirky, funny, eclectic characters. It also made me miss my soaps! You simply must go and experience this grand hospital extravaganza.


Great show. Great cast. Great fun!.

By Keith Wolf / August 3, 2013
This user has reviewed 1 show

Flakes started fast and never let up. With a great cast of characters, this show is packed with physical comedy, on-liners, and great singing. This show was hilarious, not taking itself too seriously, and just plain fun. I recommend this show to anyone who wants to laugh out loud.

A Very Large Cast

By Bill Fricke / August 2, 2013
This user has reviewed 5 shows

I liked the show, but at times it seemed there were too many people on stage that took away focus from the "solo"songs. Sometimes there seemed to be too much "busy work" in the background that was distracting. The storyline was a little hard to understand, and the wrap up at the end was a little rushed. Otherwise, the show is pleasant and enjoyable. The singing is great, some good songs, and some strong and entertaining characters. It just needs a little less "clutter" in my opinion.

1 person found this review helpful

Background information + more


"Funny and quirky... shouldn't be missed!"

"Packed with physical comedy, one liners and great singers!"

"You simply must go and experience this grand hospital extravaganza!"

"Unsubtle sexual innuendo and bathroom humor..."


This is a story of a quacky, crazy hospital not too far away from where you live.  Head surgeon, Dr. Cox, is wild about Nurse Tiffany, and although she is able to resist his delicious fruit, he keeps thinking she may be the one for him. He sexily goes about his days sampling the bounty around him, and even gets a go at Nurse Bianca in the hot tub at the staff party.  That Dr. Cox is a busy man with his quick wit and erogenous ways, even swooning Rose, the flower delivery girl with his magic airs... so much in fact that she ends up on the operating table with no need for surgery at all. 

Dr. Zuess is another one you'll see around the joint, dazzling everyone one with his rhythmic linguistics, and ability to perform most tasks fairly well.  He appears to be pretty darn good at his job and will stop at nothing to make that facade continue.  He has his interests set on Nurse Tiffany until that incredible day the glamorous Star births like an animal in the lobby, making the innards of his soul tingle.  Now he just has to get rid of that diva husband of hers, Chance, who is living the perfect life with her. Their money, charm and great singing voices make them the envy of many.

Without giving away too much, let's just say that Dr. Zuess loves Star who is married to Chance who has secretly fallen for Dr. Cox who is hot for Nurse Tiffany. Star's divorced dramatic mother, Nancy, on again off again sees Clark, the nutty lab technician who is dutifully trying to fend off the advances of Nurse Nelly from the psych ward. Apple runs the lobby, Rose delivers the flowers, Zuess delivers the babies. Farah loves the ICU, Nelly loves Clark, Clark loves Nancy, and Nancy loves money.  Apple doesn't really love any of them, but she sure does love the Krispy Bars fresh from the greatest Cafeteria Ladies in the world, Julie and Anne who battle to win the Golden Tongs.  Yeah.  All that PLUS cheesy songs, funny dances and a great big healthy serving of sexual innuendos tangle together to create this beast in a nutshell.  So grab your patient gown and come on over for a taste of FLAKES: THE MUSICAL!!!   Oh, and if you decide to bring the kids... you're an open minded parent.  Enough said.


2012-  "Salem"

2011- "Cinderella's Fella"

2011- writers of "A Little Bit of Vegas" (Encore Winner)

2010- "Dracula's Castle" (Encore Winner)

2009- The Frog Prince

2008- Robin Hood: The Musical (#7 in Fringe attendance)

2007- Hansel and Gretel (#5 in Fringe attendance)

2002- Cinderella (#2 in Fringe attendance)

Cast + crew bios

Riley McNutt

Dr. Cox (He's sexy and he knows it)

Riley McNutt is very pleased to be appearing in Flakes! with Top Hat Theatre in this year's Fringe. Most recently he performed in Bloomington Civic Theater's production of Cabaret. In past performances he enjoyed performing with Minnesota Opera in the Pulitzer Prize winning production of Silent Night, with Skylark Opera in Wonderful Town and Mlle. Modiste, and with The Ordway Theater in Beauty and the Beast, as well as several previous productions with Top Hat Theatre. He would like to give a big thanks to all of Minnesota’s many theater patrons out there, and he hopes you enjoy the show!

Matt Tatone

Dr. Zuess (A man of many trades and he rhymes to make it fun)

There's a lot to say, but this you should know,
Let's get these facts straight before we start the show.
He's happy to be here at age twenty-four,
To play Doctor Zuess in Fringe shows galore.
He lives in Golden Valley and he drives a decent car,
He waits tables by day, and sometimes plays guitar.
A volunteer at Huge Theater, he does improv there!
Most people believe he looks older with chin hair.
These facts don't define him, nor does his age,
For what he loves most is being on stage.
I will keep it short and let you keep reading below,
but I must express my gratitude before I go.
Thanks to the cast, and thank you to Top Hat.
Thanks to his friends, and the family of Matt.

Amy Wolf

Farah (an accident prone hypochondriac who sings everything)

Lyric soprano Amy Wolf has been hailed as "whimsical, alluring and seductive." She received her Bachelor of Music degree in vocal performance from the University of Minnesota. She has appeared in leading roles as well as an ensemble artist with Anoka Civic Opera, Duluth Festival Opera, Lyric Arts of Anoka, Minnesota Opera, North Star Opera, Park Square Theatre, Opera on the James, The Oasis Players and Utah Opera. She has appeared on the concert stage as soloist with Lynchburg College Choral Union, Macalester Festival Chorale, Coro, Chorus Polaris and Sonomento.

Al Fiene

Clark (a quirky lab technician determined to find the cure for the common cold)

Al is excited to be back with Top Hat (and Fringe) . His last fringe outing with them was Giles Corey in Salem. He also appeared as Friar Tuck in Robin Hood the Musical. Other productions of note: Sabes JCC's world premier of The Fence, and The Old Gem Theatre's production of A Don't Hug Me Christmas Carol. Favorite roles include Curly McClain (Oklahoma!), Paravicini (The Mousetrap), and Bob Cratchit (Scrooge the Musical). Regional Theatre credits include Major Malone (Zombies From the Beyond) with Commonweal Theatre Company. Al has also toured nationally with Troupe America as Mortimer (The Man who Dies) in The Fantastics . Thanks to Diane, for her understanding and support.

Brooke Wahlstrom

Rose (the flower delivery girl)

Brooke Wahlstrom, a Minnesota native, is very thankful to be a part of Flakes: the Musical. To be a part of her first Fringe show is truly thrilling. She most enjoys singing, playing piano, cooking, and spending time in the greater outdoors. Not only does Brooke love musical theatre and dance, but she also has a heart for opera. She currently is working towards her Bachelor of Music degree in Vocal Performance at Palm Beach Atlantic University.

Emily Beh

Star (the dramatic rich girl who births a big kid)

Emily is thrilled to be letting her inner diva burst out and take to the stage in her debut Minnesota Fringe production. A proud Minneapolis native, she has acted in productions both in the Twin Cities and in Chicago, where she attends DePaul University and interned at Chicago Dramatists. Emily would like to give a huge shout out to her friends and an even bigger "I love you" to her big wacky family; you guys are the only reason I have any shred of sanity left in me. As for everyone else, Emily hopes you thoroughly enjoy the next hour, watching the drama of Flakes unfold.

Katie Bockhaus

Nurse Nelly (head of the psych ward... though perhaps she should be admitted)

Katie is thrilled to be performing with Top Hat again in,Flakes! This is her 4th Top Hat Production. She has performed with CORO!, The Chameleon Theatre Circle, Lakeshore Players, Woodbury Community Theater, and various other local theaters and vocal ensembles around the Twin Cities area. She currently studies voice with Angela May, of Twin Cities Vocal Arts, and Lila Olson of Olson Vocal Arts.

Debbie Swanson

Nancy (the dynamically dramatic Mother of Star and Daisy)

This is Debbie's first production with Top Hat, and she's quite excited to be working on a Fringe show! Her "home" theater is Lyric Arts Main Street Stage in Anoka, where some of her favorite roles include the Evil Queen in Snow White, Sister Bertha in Sound of Music,Vernadette in The Dixie Swim Club and Fraulein Schneider in Cabaret.

Missy Hildebrandt

Nurse Tiffany (the sweet, flirty nurse Dr. Cox wants a piece of)

Missy Hildebrandt is a graduate from Concordia College in Moorhead with a degree in Theatre Arts and Classical Studies. Although this is Missy's first production in the MN Fringe, she is not new to the fringe festival setting. In 2009, Missy stage managed the opera "The Nightingale" in the Edinburgh Fringe in Edinburgh Scotland. When not performing in college productions, Missy has also been seen performing with Blue Water Theatre Company and Prairie Repertory Theatre in Brookings, SD.

Dorothy Owen

Nurse Bianca (funny and crass, keeps the OR working like a dream)

Dorothy, originally from Chicago, recently moved to Minneapolis after a five year stint in New York City where she attended the American Musical and Dramatic Academy. She is delighted to be in her first ever Fringe show working with such a warm, welcoming, and amazingly talented group of people.

Tyler Jay

Chance/Choreographer (wildly fashionable husband of Star working to find his true self)

Clair Tomari-Leak

Honey (brilliantly eloquent guidance giver and bill payer)

Ten year old Clair is new to the stage having recently made her debut performance as an orphan in "Annie" with Minnetonka Theatre. She is no stranger to the spotlight however, as she is a competitive figure skater who placed in the top ten at the Minnesota State Figure Skating Championships. Skating six days a week pays off! Clair has also won a national award in art and loves designing clothes in her spare time. She hopes to one day have her own collection, but in the meantime is thrilled to be here in the Minnesota Fringe Festival because FRINGE ROCKS!!!

Zoe Hollander

Daisy (rich and bold girl who tells it like it is)

A student of the Children's Theater, Zoe loves acting and singing. She also plays violin and enjoys listening to many kinds of music, especially jazz. Previously Zoe performed in Fidgety Fairy Tales in many venues in and outside of the Metro Area.

Rachel G Edwards

Anne (cafeteria chick with a chip on her shoulder)

Rachel was last seen in Top Hats production of Salem in the 2012 fringe festival and is super excited to be back in Flakes: The Musical. A recent graduate from Normandale College, Rachel will be starting the Vocal Performance program at the University of Minnesota School of Music this fall.

Sondra Glynn

Apple (front desk Queen of everything)

This is Sondra's second Fringe show with Top Hat after making her debut as Tituba in "Salem." She feels honored to repeat her experience with Top Hat for the Fringe audience. She has also been on the theater scene in Gadfly Theatre's production of "The Good Body" by Eve Ensler,and her favorite show to date as Sharon in "Working" with Normandale Community College. It was this performance that caused her to fall in love with musical theater.Sondra is currently pursuing degrees in psychology and theater. The marrying of the two will enable her to better understand her roles and help others through the art of live theater. Sondra gives a shout out to her co-workers who have the glory of listening to her practice for auditions and shows from her tiny cubicle. :)

Raine Joubert

Julie (winner of the Golden Spatula award)

Raine is so happy to be part of the "Flakes" cast and is also happy to be making her debut in the MN Fringe Fest! Raine has a degree in Theater Arts from Hamline University and has spent the last few years teaching theater in public schools. "Flakes" is the perfect scratch to the theater itch Raine's been experiencing and she's glad to once again be acting. When not onstage or prepping for class, she spends as much time as she can with her two favorite little people, her kids, Andre and Esme.

Tom Raddatz

Dan (the custodian man)

Tom has studied musical theater at Anoka Ramsey Community College and Augsburg College. He loves Shakespeare and renaissance music, has studied Chinese Kung Fu and is currently earning his Bachelors in Science at Metropolitan State University in the physical sciences. He would like to say thank you to the cast and Pam and Todd Russell, and his family, especially his sister. Enjoy the show!

Cassandra Johnson

Chloe (the Hospital Administrator)

Cassandra is so excited to be making her Fringe debut in FLAKES:THE MUSICAL. She is a Musical Theatre BFA candidate from MSU, Mankato and going into her Junior year. Some of her credits include, A CHORUS LINE (Diana Morales), I LOVE YOU BECAUSE (Marcy), and LEGALLY BLOONDE:THE MUSCIAL (Serena). This summer, she is in MSU Mankato's Summer Highland Theatre in, I OUGHTA BE IN PICTURES (Libby Tucker) and SPAMALOT (Laker Girl). She also partnered two Irene Ryan nominees to the finals this past year. Cassandra would like to thank her two amazing and loving parents for all of their love and support throughout the years.

Sophia Russell

Raquel Banks (13 and accidentally in charge)

Sophia is proud to be a part of her sixth year of Fringe. Aside from the summer stage, she loves performing all year in Top Hat's musical theater program and cabaret club as well as her doing her school shows. Favorite roles include Dottie in "The Wind in the Willows," Princess in "Fairy Fail," a student in "Dracula's Castle" and Gisela in "Hansel and Gretel." When not on stage, she enjoys playing the French Horn,piano, painting her nails, staying on the school High Honors roster and babysitting.

Max Russell

Attendant (hauls patients around for a paycheck)

Ready for his senior year of High School, Max is happy to be back on the Fringe stage. Fresh out of the limelight, he just finished his season which he started as Gaston in "Fairy Fail" with his role as Otter in "The Wind in the Willows." Max also runs track and plays football for his school.

Gabe Russell

Attendant (finds emergency care awesome and entertaining)

Happiest of the football field,track or on the nordic ski trails,Gabe also at home on the stage. Recently he played a hardcore weasel in "The Wind in the Willows" and Pig Charming in "Fairy Fail." His life long dream is to play in the NFL, but might just end up being your local dentist. He also plays a fine sax.

Kimber Lee

Attendant (the practical one)

A college student at St. Ben's University, Kimber has been in nearly every MN Fringe since she was 8. Much of her life has been on stage performing all across the Metro in theater, print and voiceover work. In addition to She enjoys playing trumpet and guitar, singing and is learning to design websites.

Sawyer Grant

Boy 1 (man servant to Daisy)

Sawyer does not love being a man servant to Daisy. He would rather play sports or go on vacation, but the Fringe must go on.

Adrian Joseph

Boy 2 (has a happy ending)

Adrian needs to run. It is in him. He aches when he sees people racing and he is not in it. He can't wait to be old enough to be on a track team and to learn from the pros. He also happens to love to sing and dance, play football, play piano and listen to the fine sounds of jazz.

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