Minnesota’s festival of performing arts
August 1–11, 2013 / Minneapolis

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The Forger's Apprentice (a true story)

Drama /


Written by Mark Forgy and Kevin Bowen

Vicious agents. Hapless buyers. Conniving dealers. International art forger Elmyr de Hory has a Kafka-meets-Marx Brothers life that is coming unwound. Can his young Minnesotan protege help him hold it together?

Historical content, Literary adaptation

World premiere

Just so you know, this show has Adult language.

The creators say this show is appropriate for ages 16 and up.

Saturday, 8/3 8:30 p.m.
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Tuesday, 8/6 10:00 p.m.
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Thursday, 8/8 10:00 p.m.
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Saturday, 8/10 2:30 p.m.
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Sunday, 8/11 1:00 p.m.
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U of M Rarig Center Thrust

330 21st Ave. S, Main Floor

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Audience reviews

The Forger's Apprentice

By Elaine Toft / August 16, 2013
This user has reviewed 1 show

Though familiar with the story, its performance took me in completely start to end, perfect drama, laughs and tears. So much squeezed in an hour yet it truly filled me up.

Lots of Strong Pieces

By Michael Sheeks / August 11, 2013
This user has reviewed 6 shows

This show was carried forward by a strong cast with excellent performances. The script provides a lot of material for the cast to work with, developing characters in some strong ways. I was confused by the decision to play the minor characters in a broad comic, almost melodramatic way, while the heart of the show is contained in a realistic dramatic narrative. There are some very funny lines in the script, but they would have been just as funny without camping the show up. This detracted from the ending, which was not supported by the arc of the dramatic action in large part because of this choice. Still, they held me all the way through and I was engaged by their fates. A strong production.

I loved it!

By George Kukacka / August 11, 2013
This user has reviewed 2 shows

I would definitely recommend seeing this play. and the book is also a great read. Fantastic story, and very enjoyable.

Drama In The Art World

By Richard Shields / August 10, 2013
This user has reviewed 20 shows

This story held my interest and provided entertainment as we followed the crooked trail of art con men. I felt the show was a good one. The actors held my attention and the staging was good, with some appropriate props. The ending held some surprise. Still a chance to see this show on Sunday for those looking for one to add to their schedule.

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Apprentice First Class!

By Robert Yarwood / August 9, 2013
This user has reviewed 1 show

What an overwhelming surprize this evening to be able to catch the Forgers Apprentice at the Rarig. Bar none a very witty and wonderful original play written out of Love and Life experiences. And TRUE at that! The performance brought to the stage by an ensemble of talented and professional actors. Several from our wonderful stable of local muses, plus new and formidable faces I had never seen perform before. My hat is off to Mark Forgy and the troupe for such a riveting evening. Thank You!

2 people found this review helpful

Fascinating Story!

By Brandon Hirdler / August 7, 2013
This user has reviewed 2 shows

This play did a great job of portraying Elmyr's story in just one hour. John Olive did an amazing job portraying Elmyr and the writing provided the perfect amount of laughter, tension, and tragedy. I would highly recommend seeing this play. I hope to see a more full length version in the future!

2 people found this review helpful

New love for plays

By Jon Fisher / August 6, 2013
This user has reviewed 1 show

This play renewed my love for plays. After reading some of these reviews, anyone who gave a 0-1 stars need to get their vision checked. The actors of this play made the experience a journey that will not be forgotten anytime soon. I was sucked into the story from the beginning as it was a very interesting story that kept me interested the minute the lights dimmed. The fact the story was a true story made it all the better! The only thing I wished could have changed was the length of play to tell more as I didn't want it to end. A HUGE MUST SEE!

1 person found this review helpful

Forgers Apprentice

By bill c / August 5, 2013
This user has reviewed 1 show

Amazing! I am going back on Sunday to see it again. The story kept me interested the whole time. The acting was very good. The writing was excellent. The play was very intriguing and part of history. The play had very good crowd reactions. The hour flew by very fast. This play was very entertaining and it made me laugh and cry. A must see!!!!

3 people found this review helpful


By Carter Allen / August 5, 2013
This user has reviewed 5 shows

I absolutely loved this show! The writing was fluid and pushed the story along at the perfect pace. The show had some beautiful acting from Jason Garton and John Olive. The ensemble of the cast was absolutely amazing. They switched between characters with so much ease! The story was beautiful and kept me invested the entire time. Direction, tech, acting, and writing all work for this piece. This show is brilliant! Go see it!

3 people found this review helpful


By Jonathan Kravetz / August 4, 2013
This user has reviewed 11 shows

One of the most pretentious, poorly written shows you'll ever see if you make the mistake of attending. Positive reviews must have been written by ringers. The acting was so bad that to compare it to community theater actors is an insult to communities that put on plays. But the writing is worse: "playwright" has no idea how to dramatize action.

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Don't miss The Forger's Apprentice

By Nancy Adam / August 4, 2013
This user has reviewed 1 show

The scriptwriters skillfully condensed Elmyr's long, incredible life story into barely an hour, a tale beautifully acted by a strong ensemble and talented director. Fast paced, brilliantly held together by a cast with real chemistry. An entertaining evening of tears and laughter. I look forward to seeing an enhanced two hour version.

A definite must-see.

4 people found this review helpful

Rushed but good!

By Colin Dunn / August 4, 2013
This user has reviewed 3 shows

This play throws a wall of information at you. It was a bit overwhelming, but the strength of the acting really saves the play. In particular, the supporting actors were very strong. Meri Golden, who plays a number of roles, stole every scene she was in! Just a wonderful performance. And Nick James, who also covers a number of roles, was very funny and a joy to watch. I would definitely recommend this play to a friend.

3 people found this review helpful

A mess

By Jim G. / August 4, 2013
This user has reviewed 5 shows

Bombastic, poorly written, and so over-acted it was hard to tell if they were attempting farce or drama or what?. All in all, the potentially compelling story of a mid-20th century art forger has been turned into a completely boring one hour stage play.

1 person found this review helpful


By Paul Anton / August 3, 2013
This user has reviewed 4 shows

Well written and well acted by people who knew what they were doing. Thoroughly professional. Props, stage business, costumes, and pacing all at the level of very good community theater, if not higher. I recommend it highly.

3 people found this review helpful

Friendship at it's best, inspirational

By Anna Glanzer / August 12, 2013
This user has reviewed 1 show

Unconditional friendship.....a tragic story of hopes and dreams not reached....but a friend to help you through those times....a gift.....loyalty and love .....We'd read the inspiring book, then to see the play with the talented cast telling the story of a man's life in an hour..is amazing and worthy of applause ...Keith and Anna Glanzer

Fascinating tale

By Richard Jackson / August 11, 2013
This user has reviewed 55 shows

I believe there's a solid play here with a fascinating slice of art history. However, the production was a mess. Although it was well staged, the actors all appeared to be in different plays. I've seen a number of these actors before and know they have the talent required to pull this off. The faults with this production lie in the lap of the director.

The Best is Yet to Come

By Marie Cooney / August 11, 2013
This user has reviewed 11 shows

Four Fringe Festival Shows at the University of MN: "The Forger's Apprentice" was fantastic! The storyline was compelling. The acting was exceptional. The use of simple props and lighting cues were very suggestive. One can easily imagine a more fully flushed out version of this script. What a delight to get a Fringe Festival bite, as an appetizer of what lies ahead! Will the future production be the apprentice's forgery or an embellished original? Time will only tell! Keep an eye out for this one!

Classic show don't tell

By larry bieza / August 10, 2013
This user has reviewed 19 shows

What was a potentially interesting tale turned into a travelogue of events and by the end I knew no more about the characters than at the beginning. If you ever attempt a rewrite please just show us a week in the life of this triangle of interesting people.

Interesting story, Rocky Script

By Morgen Chang / August 7, 2013
This user has reviewed 5 shows

I thought parts of this show were very compelling and left me wanting more of the story. In a way, that is what this Fringe "preview" is meant for. It is based on a book and a true story, and the program warns that the one-hour show will leave much out. However, that left a lot of exposition fitting awkwardly in the script, shallow relationships between some of the characters, and dramatic outbursts that seemed to come out of nowhere. A little tweaking would make it smoother. John Olive gives an excellent performance as Elmyr: I loved watching him on stage.

A fascinating story, but a bit amateur.

By Gabe Heller / August 7, 2013
This user has reviewed 27 shows

The preview for this show was the most intriguing one we saw. Unfortunately, the rest of the show didn't really compare with that one amazing scene. It's based on a book, and you'd be better-off reading the book, if you have time. If not, see the play, but for the story. The author is a good writer, but in my opinion he needs a little more practice as a playwright. Too many incidental one-dimensional characters have too many lines. The pacing needs work, as does the staging. This show desperately needs a grip to remove superfluous set pieces that clutter the stage in scenes they are not needed for. Great acting by the three leads, but the ensemble didn't do much with what little they had to work with. Amazing true story, though!

Wished It Was More

By Bradley Vanasse / August 5, 2013
This user has reviewed 8 shows

I liked this play, but I wanted to like it so much more. The description sounded so interesting but it just didn't draw me in. I didn't feel the relationship between Mark and Elmyr. I couldn't understand Fernand's hold on Elmyr. Perhaps it is a play that needs more length than the Fringe allows to transmit this to the audience.

2 people found this review helpful

An excellent play

By Leanna Larson / August 5, 2013
This user has reviewed 1 show

I read the book prior to watching the play. It was exciting to see the characters come to life. They did a good job of condensing the events in Elmyr's life into an hour-long play without losing the storyline. The cast did a great job. I've told my whole family to go check out this play!

2 people found this review helpful

The Forger's Apprentice

By Nick Kuhnley / August 5, 2013
This user has reviewed 1 show

I thoroughly enjoyed the play. The actors did a great job of portraying the many varied characters, with the actor playing Elmyr receiving the louded ovation. Having read the book prior, I had the advantage in detailed character study, which made me fully appreciate the small detail & manerisms captured by the actors. The yound lady seated beside me, decided to come to this play at the last moment, without knowing the content, only that it was a true story.
She did seem to enjoy the play, laughing at the (unadvertised) comedy segments, and quiet during the drama. The stage itself does not carry the actor's voice well when they are facing 180 degrees away, even with good projection by the actor. Stage props did get in the way on occasion

3 people found this review helpful

go see it

By JOHN BENNETT / August 4, 2013
This user has reviewed 1 show

I don't know as much about plays as these other reviewers or how scripts are supposed to be written, but I enjoyed this and thought these actors did a great job, especially Meri Golden who played 4 different roles! I also enjoyed John W. Olive's performance as Elmyr de Hory. This was a well paced story going from scene to scene flawlessly. It was very different and kept my interest thoughout. Delightful.

3 people found this review helpful

Great Show!!

By Alice Doll / August 4, 2013
This user has reviewed 1 show

This play made me laugh and cry. A great play. The acting and directing were incredible . Jason Grarton and John Olive were outstanding talents, as were all the cast members. A completely riveting show. Must see!!

3 people found this review helpful

Needs work...

By Scott Linke / August 4, 2013
This user has reviewed 10 shows

Exceptional cast. Meri Golden and Stacey Sogard were fantastic. That being said there were some technical issues which made me count the minutes. Too many props, an extremely rushed pace, and the loudest steamer trunk casters imaginable helped to muddle the story for me. I think it was an interesting story, but the distractions did me in. Maybe this needs a little more workshopping.

Compelling story; Good performances

By Suzy Wurtz / August 3, 2013
This user has reviewed 2 shows

Well directed, well written, and well acted. Rarig Thrust is a great performance space.

I recommend this one. Nick Wolf''s performance, in particular, embodied the scheming Fernand Legros.

The story itself was interesting enough that I might read the book as well.

Go see this one.

3 people found this review helpful

The Genuine Article!

By Patrick Pfundstein / August 11, 2013
This user has reviewed 29 shows

Great writing. Great story. International intrigue. The world of fine art. Awesome villain! Courtroom drama. Romance. Trust. Betrayal. Life. One hour. True story!

Great story gone wrong

By Mark Webb / August 11, 2013
This user has reviewed 48 shows

I really liked the story, but the uneven performances just didn't cut it. Both cast members Olive and Garton gave fine performances. I would love to see this realized in a full production.

A mess

By Eric Salo / August 11, 2013
This user has reviewed 56 shows

The acting was all over the place and the relationships between the characters were not developed in ways which made me either understand or care about them. Lots of head-scratching with situations and actions which made no obvious sense. Might eventually make a good show with a lot more work but it's not there yet.

Sweet and gutsy

By Nate Farley / August 9, 2013
This user has reviewed 12 shows

The connection to a real person was the draw for this show. The script is a bit rough in spots, and it will scale into better into a longer show, but the actors are fearless and its worth the time to see.

1 person found this review helpful

Must See This!

By Lindsay Odegaard / August 7, 2013
This user has reviewed 4 shows

What a beautiful piece of theatre. The Forger's apprentice is such an interesting story and to know its all true makes it even better! Wonderfully staged, wonderfully acted and truly memorable. Make sure you get a chance to see this show!

1 person found this review helpful

Loved It!!

By Janet J. / August 6, 2013
This user has reviewed 1 show

This show was a hit, it was funny and serious at the same time! Well written and the actors were great. I would highly recommend you to see this play. Loved It!!

So much in an Hour!

By Ron Beck / August 5, 2013
This user has reviewed 1 show

The play gave insight into the world of art in the 1960's and how the allure of art corupted the characters.
The condensed story ( it was only an hour!) flowed well over the decade the story covered. The cast was great and were entertaining. It's a show to see!

3 people found this review helpful


By Emily Carroll / August 5, 2013
This user has reviewed 1 show

This play was very intriguing from the beginning to the end. It captured my full attention with the amazing acting and play writing. This must see play will enlighten your knowledge of a true story and keep you entertained and wanting more! I didn't want the play to end! Very certain I will come back to see this play again!

5 people found this review helpful

on the mark

By Susan King / August 5, 2013
This user has reviewed 1 show

This play is the right mixture of laughter, tension and tragedy. Our entire party found it well written, well acted (some very strong!), well staged and thoroughly entertaining. I recommend fringe followers see this one!

3 people found this review helpful

More miss than hit for me

By Kelly Rosenthal / August 4, 2013
This user has reviewed 21 shows

Thought the acting was uneven with some actors going with an accent for non-American characters and some not. Agree with another reviewer on the noisy steamer trunk. Thought the base story was interesting but execution left me wondering if the laughs were intended or not.

2 people found this review helpful

Fascinating Story

By LuAnn Monahan / August 4, 2013
This user has reviewed 23 shows

This was a solid show, with a strong cast and excellent story line. I'm not at all familiar with the true story this show is based on, but it has definitely peaked my interest. My one and only complaint about the show was the steamer truck steam rolling over cast members lines when it was being moved around. I understand what they were trying to accomplish, but it wasn't executed effectively. If it weren't for this, I would have happily given the show a five star. Still a show worth seeing.

3 people found this review helpful


By Jennifer Walker / August 4, 2013
This user has reviewed 14 shows

A very interesting story told by talented performers, but unfortunately the directing falls flat. Large set pieces and poor blocking meant I mostly saw either an easel, a huge steamer trunk, or someone's back for most of the hour. It seemed like they didn't know how to use the thrust space effectively. On the plus side, it did make me want to read the source material.

Can't recommend it

By Dave Larson / August 3, 2013
This user has reviewed 13 shows

I thought the writing was weak and the production OK, and actually not that interesting of a story.


Background information + more

Vicious agents. Hapless buyers. Conniving dealers. International art forger Elmyr de Hory has a Kafka-meets-Marx Brothers life that is coming unwound. Can his young Minnesotan protégé help him hold it together?

WRITTEN AND PRODUCED BY: Mark Forgy & Kevin Bowen
DIRECTED BY: Sara Pillatzki Warzeha
MUSIC BY: Martha Davis

John W. Olive..........Elmyr de Hory
Jason Garton............Mark Forgy
Nick Wolf................Fernand Legros
Meri Golden............Spanish Judge Two, Mrs. Hawthorne, Expert Two, Lady Campbell, Swiss Judge
Nick James..............Sr. Perrera, Mr. Hawthorne, Dr. Corcos, Claude, Expert Three
Stacey Sogard..........Sra. Delgado, Valerie, Server, Ursula, Expert One, Landlord, Police Officer, Silent Dealer
Paul Steffens...........Spanish Judge One, Algur H. Meadows, Gallery Owner, Mr. Dupont, Detective

This new play is based on the book "The Forger’s Apprentice" by Mark Forgy, which was described by Star Tribune Arts columnist Mary Abbe as “an incredible read.” First time Minnesota Fringe Festival producer Mark Forgy has teamed up with veteran producers Kevin Bowen (The Red Tureen ), Sara Pilatzki (Thick Chick ) and Minnesota composer Martha Davis to bring to the stage the true story of Elmyr (pronounced el-MEER) de Hory a.k.a. the world’s greatest art forger. The drama unfolds in a courtroom hearing on 7 December 1976, deciding whether Elmyr will be extradited from Spain to stand trial in France for art crimes based on charges concocted by Fernand Legros, his increasingly menacing dealer bent on destroying him. Elmyr’s young American protégé, Mark, intent on protecting his artist/mentor friend navigates this Dali-esque reality of misplaced trust, half-truths and lies trying to reconcile what’s authentic, what’s not. In the aftermath of a life governed by duplicity Elmyr struggles to shed his image of talented scoundrel; hoping for a reevaluation of his art untainted by reputation but based on artistic merit. While his relationship with Mark achieves a depth neither anticipated, Mark’s innocence blinds him to the threat Fernand Legros poses. During the days before the pending court decision that will determine Elmyr’s fate, he reflects on the ironies of his life, the effects of free but poor choices, the circumstantial nature of morality, the dirty little secrets of the art world, and  events determined not by him, but others.

In 1973 Orson Welles produced his last feature film: F for Fake, a docu-fantasy on the world of trickery and illusion. De Hory was its focus. Welles adored Elmyr and felt a roguish/artistic kinship with the artist, drawing trompe l’oeil correlations between film and fine art, how artifice and pretense in each domain create a parallel universe more deserving of suspicion than eulogy. While taking some artistic license with this stage adaptation of The Forger’s Apprentice, the unreality of the story and characters is eerily close to fact. It is bizarre and wildly entertaining; a piece about which Lewis Carroll might have written, “I wish I had thought of that.”

KICKSTARTER : We do have a Kickstarter campaign going, so please take a look and support this project if you are able to.

THANKS TO:  Katie Owings, Inspiration Performing Arts Center, Troy Hahn , CLIMB Theatre Co., Sara Gullickson, The Guthrie Prop Shop, King Controlsand everyone at Minnesota Fringe Festival.

Cast + crew bios

Full Cast

Introducing the cast:


Back Row (L-R): Nick James Parker, Paul Steffens, Nick Wolf. Front Row (L-R) Jason Garton, Stacey Sogard, Meri Golden, John W. Olive.

John W. Olive

Elmyr de Hory


John has lived in the Twin Cities area for over a decade now enjoying opportunities to perform, Direct and Design shows in different venues. Recently reinvesting himself in education he performed in On Golden Pond, One Flea Spare, Death Trap, Dial M for Murder and Bus Stop for Minnesota State University, Mankato and in productions closer to home include Defiance, Democracy and Triumph of Love for The Park Square Theatre and Jesus Hopped the A Train at the Pillsbury House Theatre. In Bemidji’s Paul Bunyan Summer Theatre John performed in The Lion in Winter and Dinner with Friends. John has lived and worked all over the country, while living in Nashville, TN John worked for The Tennessee Repertory Theatre , Chaffin barn Dinner Theatre and The Nashville Children’s Theatre. In Washington State John was the Artistic Director of The Lakewood Community Player for five years and Acted, Directed and Designed in numerous productions in Seattle and the Puget Sound area. John was the Managing Director of the Quincy Music Theatre, west of Tallahassee, FL. Originally, from Detroit, MI and living many years in Kalamazoo John has been working professionally in the world of Theatre for over forty years and referrers to himself as a Thespian Jack of all Trades. John is very excited to be part of this wonderful production, and thanks his wife Patricia for all her support.

Jason Garton

Mark Forgy


Jason Garton plays Mark Forgy in The Forger’s Apprentice. He is also an Associate Producer for the show. He has recently finished touring the Midwest with Climb Theater. Jason has his BFA Degree in Musical Theater Performance from Minnesota State University, Mankato as well as his AA in Theater Performance from Casper College. This is his second Minnesota Fringe Festival show; he played John Wilkes Booth in "Robot Lincoln, the Musical" in 2011. He is thrilled to bring this story to fruition at the 2013 Minnesota Fringe Festival.

Nick Wolf

Fernand Legros

Nick Wolf Headshot2

Nick Wolf is an actor and fight choreographer from St. Paul. He is a graduate of the Johnny Carson School of Theater and Film at The University of Nebraska- Lincoln. After returning to the Twin Cities Nick has performed in: Black Dirt Theater in "Resurrection," Table Salt Productions’ "After the Apple Festival," "Moonlight Starlight," "The Northern Light" and "The Ivory Tower" at the 2012 Minnesota Fringe Festival. Nick is an active Actor Combatant in the Society of American Fight Directors and recently appeared in Six Element Theater’s "Human Combat Chess." Nick is excited to return to the Minnesota Fringe Festival in "The Forger’s Apprentice."

Meri Golden

Spanish Judge Two, Mrs. Hawthorne, Expert Two, Lady Campbell, Swiss Judge


Meri Golden is excited to be back acting in the Minnesota Fringe Festival again, having performed previously in "Desolation in America" and "Gooogle, the Musical." Meri has performed with many theatres in the TC area, including Girl Friday Productions, Mixed Blood, Nimbus Theatre, Illusion, Park Square, Theatre in the Round, MN Jewish Theatre, Gremlin Theatre, Lakeshore Players and Theatre Coup D'Etat, for which her performance of the "Nurse" in Romeo and Juliet was named Best Supporting Actress and Classical Performance of 2012 by Lavendar Magazine. Meri has recently retired from being Theatre Director and Instructor at Inver Hills Community College. She and her husband live in South Minneapolis and love to travel, especially to see their new granddaughter.

Nick James

Sr. Perrera, Mr. Hawthorne, Dr. Corcos, Claude, Expert Three


Nick James is a graduate of the University of Minnesota Morris where he studied English and Theatre. He has been performing in the Twin Cities since 2008, recent work includes playing Hamlet in "Hamlet" with the Minnesota Shakespeare Co. and Vladimir in "Waiting for Godot" with the Gonzo Theatre Group. He has also performed improv comedy at Huge Theatre and co-hosts Bawdy Blue: A Burlseque Review monthly.

Stacey Sogard

Sra. Delgado, Valerie, Server, Ursula, Expert One, Landlord, Police Officer, Silent Dealer


Stacey grew up in Hibbing, MN and started acting just as soon as her babysitter realized she got paid even when Stacey was in rehearsal. Some of her favorites include The Music Man and The Merry Wives of Windsor. Her recent work in the Twin Cities includes Almost, Maine, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, and A Christmas Carol (all with NewBridge Theatre Company), and the short play Cold Duck and Turkey.

Paul Steffens

Spanish Judge One, Algur H. Meadows, Gallery Owner, Mr. Dupont, Detective


Paul Steffens is excited to be a part of The Forger’s Apprentice. He was most recently seen at the Commonweal Theatre performing in Miss Julie, A Christmas Carol, and The Philadelphia Story. He received his BA in Theatre from Ripon College in Wisconsin. Favorite productions there include Arcadia, The Imaginary Invalid, and Eurydice. He would like to thank his friends and family, especially his sister Fly, for their support and inspiration.

Sara Pillatzki Warzeha



Sara Pillatzki-Warzeha holds an MFA in Acting from MSU Mankato and currently works as the Theater Program Coordinator for the Northfield Arts Guild, as an acting teacher for Inspiration Performing Arts Center and as a freelance actor, director, writer and educator. Directing work includes Leading Ladies and The Fox on the Fairway (Northern Fort Playhouse), The Shape of Things and Buzz (MSU Mankato), Hello, Dolly and Damn Yankees (Redfield Area Arts Council) and others. Favorite acting roles include Toinette in The Imaginary Invalid, Maria in Twelfth Night, Callie in Stop, Kiss, Golde in Fiddler on the Roof and Mag in The Beauty Queen of Lenane. Her writing work includes the original musical for children Buzz (MSU Mankato), Thick Chick (2012 Minnesota Fringe Festival), Cold Duck and Turkey (Northfield Very Short Play Festival) and Adventures in Dreamland (IPAC). Sara is thrilled to be a part of this beautiful world premiere. Special thanks to her husband Brian for his constant support and encouragement.

Pauline Jennings

Assistant Director


Pauline taught creative dramatics and appeared in several productions with The New Tradition Theater Company (TNT) in St. Cloud. Her favorite roles include Prudie in "Pump Boys and Dinettes," and Alice in "A... My Name is Alice" (TNT). She has also worked with the Northfield Arts guild, most memorably as M'Lynn in "Steel Magnolias" (NAG). Pauline sang in the groups Late Arrival and Dame Station which released a CD in 2000 called "Not One Of Many." Most recently, she joined students at Arcadia (a Northfield Charter School) to perform The Laramie Project.

Martha Davis

Music Composer

When she is not composing, Martha Davis is a sought after piano and composition teacher in Eagan, Minnesota with numerous award winning students. She also works at Macalester College as Department Coordinator for the Department of German and Russian Studies. In the summer of 2011, Martha created the entire score for the full-length remount of "The Red Tureen," adding additional music that was not in the original 2009 Minnesota Fringe Festival version with music by Kevin Bowen. The show, performed by the Eat Street Players had a successful run in June 2011. Plans are currently underway to remount "The Forger's Apprentice" as a full-length musical with music and lyrics by Martha Davis and Kevin Bowen after its 2013 Minnesota Fringe Festival run. When she is not working she is playing with her three year old and six month old grandsons, Jack and Jason.

Tim Colby

Stage Manager

Tim is a local artist, stage actor, set builder and designer. As all around theater enthusiast, Tim enjoys all aspects of what it takes to stage a show. In the Spring of 2013 Tim's creativity and passion for the arts shone through in the design and building of the set for The King Of The Kosher Grocers at the JCC. He has portrayed roles such as Renfield in Dracula at the Lyric; Iggy in the film "The Body Of Real Things" due to come out this Fall; and Smokey in Christopher Street at last year's Minnesota Fringe Festival. Other projects have included one of August Wilson's very first productions--Black Bart And The Sacred Hills--at Penumbra; Mid-Summer's Nights Dream at the U OF M experimental stage; The Red Shoes for Bloomington Civic Theater to name a few. Tim's favorite line comes from Plato who said, "Remember that everyone has problems...so be kind."  

Mark Forgy



Mark Forgy authored the memoir The Forger’s Apprentice; whose story and life with Elmyr de Hory inspired his co-writer Kevin Bowen to propose a stage adaptation and transform the bizarre but true saga into this play. He also lectures on de Hory, his life, and is collaborating with curator Colette Marvin on “Intent to Deceive” an exhibition about art fakes and forgeries that will travel to four major US museums beginning in 2014. It will feature a number of works by de Hory. He is also a freelance writer.

Kevin Bowen



When he is not writing music and plays, Kevin works as a freelance graphic designer at Bowen Design (kevinbowendesign.com). Kevin is honored to have collaborated with Mark during the past year to adapt his compelling memoir for the stage, and is thrilled to be part of this amazing team: Director Sara Pillatzki-Warzeha (creator of last year's "Thick Chick"), our talented cast & crew and the wonderful folks at The Minnesota Fringe Festival. Kevin’s first play, an original musical called “The Red Tureen” about two brothers during the Irish potato famine (co-written with Jim Lundy) had a successful run during the 2009 Minnesota Fringe Festival where it was named a Pioneer Press “Must See” show and was the 6th most popular play out of 162 shows that year. None of this would be possible without the boundless support of his incredible wife Lynn, and their two children, Erinn and Christopher.

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