Minnesota’s festival of performing arts
August 1–11, 2013 / Minneapolis

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One Night On Hole 6

Comedy /

By Damn You Banana

Written by Adam R.W. Woolhouse

A secluded, romantic evening alone on their favorite green at the local golf course: that is all college senior Robert wanted to share with his girlfriend, Jenny. Unfortunately, Robert picked the wrong hole.

World premiere, First-time Minnesota Fringe Festival producer

Just so you know, this show has Adult language.

The creators say this show is appropriate for ages 16 and up.

Friday, 8/2 8:30 p.m.
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Saturday, 8/3 1:00 p.m.
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Tuesday, 8/6 8:30 p.m.
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Wednesday, 8/7 10:00 p.m.
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Saturday, 8/10 1:00 p.m.
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This performance is audio described

Minneapolis Theatre Garage

711 W Franklin Ave.

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Audience reviews

Not quite a hole in one

By Kenneth Hanf / August 11, 2013
This user has reviewed 10 shows

Good idea but plot development and progression were very slow. It just seemed to drag on and go nowhere. I didn't figure out the plot until late in the performance. A brief solo passage at the beginning by Robert (Lance) to set the stage would have helped but the side steps were overdone and distracting.

Performances were pretty smooth and there was definitely humor there but not enough to maintain interest.

tap in bogie

By Joe Alba / August 8, 2013
This user has reviewed 5 shows

Had the start of something great and funny, then spent too much time describing a relationship that we're all familiar with. Would have been really funny to elaborate on the 3 schmucks that came in later and the squirrel too! Actors did a good job and with a little more work shopping could be a great script.

One night on hole 6

By Denny Gellert / August 7, 2013
This user has reviewed 1 show

My wife and I thought it was a very entertaining, well written and acted play. The story was funny and the interaction between the characters was very believable. The dialogue was smart and you were able to hear and understand the actors except the groundskeeper seemed to mumble a little of his lines. I really respect Robert and Jenny for all the lines they had to learn and they delivered them with feeling and humor.

A definite must see!

By Merileigh Heeg / August 6, 2013
This user has reviewed 1 show

Right from the opening line, this performance contained witty dialogue from a likable and rambunctious lot of characters. The script was cleverly written and carried out allowing the individuality and quirks of each character to surface. A definite must see!

Fun & Sweet

By Emily Schmidt / August 6, 2013
This user has reviewed 4 shows

I went to this show knowing the writer is a quick-thinking and very funny improviser, and I expected his script to be as fast-paced as a short-form show. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see a patient, nuanced and sweet love story, punctuated by well-executed comedic moments. The acting was great -- I was especially impressed by "Robert," who spent nearly the entire show on stage. A cute little play!

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Made me laugh

By Janet P. / August 3, 2013
This user has reviewed 1 show

Fun script with an outstanding cast! While it was somewhat predictable story, there was a surprise ending that will make you smile. I’d recommend adding it to your list of Fringe shows to catch. We especially loved the “Groundskeeper” with his creepy, then funny, and then creepily funny character – lots of talented people in this show, thanks for the laughs!

Makes me wanna kiss a groundskeeper

By Rhett Romsaas / August 3, 2013
This user has reviewed 1 show

The best parts about One Night on Hole 6 are easy:

1. Great performances by talented actors.
2. Writing that surprises you with uncontrollable laughter one minute and familiar, thought provoking emotional connection the next.
& Finally... 1 word:


Whether your a Fringe fanatic or have just heard the fables of the fest, your support for ONOHS will NOT go unrewarded!

Love, Laughter & Longing for more! ONOHS, as Usher would put it, "makes you wanna leave the one you're with and start a new relationship with it... This is what you do babe."

3 people found this review helpful

Funny and clever

By lisa eder / August 10, 2013
This user has reviewed 1 show

Great show, great acting and funny story line. My husband and I were smiling and laughing through the whole show.

Bad Relationship

By Becci Schmidt / August 8, 2013
This user has reviewed 4 shows

Great idea bad execution. The story dragged, the main characters were whiny and obnoxious, and I didn't understand why it took 20 mins to see anyone else from the play. I've spent most of the play wishing the two had broken up already there was no chemistry between them. The comic relief for the story wasn't all together that funny and the weird groundskeeper was just too random. The only moment I believed he actually even liked his girlfriend was after she left, but I wanted him to get with the girl he described, not the pretentious cliche writer girl who came back to him. It was like playing Mozart in the wrong key, it was almost great and I recognized a bar or two but it just hit all the wrong notes.

Tiger wood (sic) be jealous

By Peter Out / August 7, 2013
This user has reviewed 5 shows

Classic lovers' bantering, rogue animals, and over-the-top physicality = big laughs and a lump-in-the-throat ending. Great props!

Solid effort

By Mr. Josh / August 6, 2013
This user has reviewed 10 shows

I was mildly amused and moderately entertained. The chemistry between the leads coulda been better, and the distracting dudes coulda been more natural, but overall I wasn't impatiently waiting for it to end.

Funny premise

By Paul Anton / August 3, 2013
This user has reviewed 4 shows

A funny premise but the execution fell somewhat short, in my estimation. The lead actors tried hard but were burdened by a script that wasn't sprightly and was too often repetitious. Some laughs but clearly a work in progress.

Fun but...

By Bill Jordan / August 3, 2013
This user has reviewed 2 shows

This has the makings of a very fun piece. Good story, talented actors and more energy and enthusiasm than you may find in many shows.

The primary problem for me was that the script itself is overly long, unnecessarily repeating plot points (for a laugh), but not moving the story forward.

On the positive, the lead actors were fun to watch and believable - particularly the talented Jennifer Dorsman.

Great way to start my Fringe 2013

By Bruce Rehberg / August 3, 2013
This user has reviewed 5 shows

Never quite knowing what to expect from the mind of Mr. Woolhouse, this production had a nice mix between drama, comic relief and some well placed surprises. Who knew that such activities and/or shenanigans occur on the golf course late at night? I'm glad I was able to start my Fringe with this show. BRAVO! to everyone involved.

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Worth the drive (Fore!)

By Kenny Champagne / August 8, 2013
This user has reviewed 1 show

Despite a lack of golfing puns I was hoping for, I enjoyed the play. It was funny, but not a constant laugh-out-loud show. (Though there was plenty of laughs.) The main relationship was a little rough at the beginning, but won me over by the end. The crowd favorites were the three supporting actors, and each of them brought something strong and different to a story that I don't think could have sustained a full hour without. Overall, a fun show for someone looking for a lighter Fringe show.

Great laughs and characters

By Nathan Bitzer / August 8, 2013
This user has reviewed 1 show

It's great to have a show that makes you laugh with some original writing. While the lead actors did a tremendous job, I feel the real show stealers were the three supporting men.. I was so armored with the script that I am starting to refer to myself in the third person. FREE THE DAVE! If you love to have a good time, this show is for you. Well done!

Fringe Fun!

By Jess Wamstad / August 6, 2013
This user has reviewed 1 show

My first fringe show ever. The play was both funny and unexpected. Big actors for what seemed like a small production. Loved the Groundskeeper's "surprise" and Robert and Jenny had a great relationship. Happy I saw this show!

Above par presentation

By Pj Doyle / August 6, 2013
This user has reviewed 11 shows

Talented acting brings inventive script to life. Audience really engaged -- especially the golfer guys.

very good show

By Linda Woolhouse / August 3, 2013
This user has reviewed 1 show

I laughed (a lot), cried a little, & thoroughly enjoyed the plot, the actors & the ending was great, the writing was smart, witty & well executed by all

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Hole in One (on six)

By Brian Rice / August 3, 2013
This user has reviewed 2 shows

This was a great show! The characters are real, believable, and engaged in their own realities. The play takes place on hole 6 of a golf course. This initially made me uneasy...An hour on one hole of a golf course. The actors did a great job with the script and the show has some very fun interesting turns. A couple of the jokes I'd have taken 'mulligan' on, but overall it's a great show with a strong cast. Check it out!

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Background information + more

One Night On Hole 6 takes place on a golf course, after midnight, and - ironically enough - on Hole 6. It's the favorite date-spot for college senior, Robert King (Lance Morgan), and on this night he has brought his girlfriend, Jenny Cooper (Jennifer Dorsman), for a very special evening-out before finals. But with Jenny's mind focused on her Dean's List standing, as well as attacks by the local wildlife - plus constant interruptions by staff and fellow trespassers -  the enchanting evening Robert had planned is not far from crashing all around him. And, unfortunately for Robert, this is a romantic-comedy, and he is going to screw everything up.

For more up-to-date information, rehearsal pics, giveaways, and so-forth, you can "Like" us on Facebook here!  (Or copy-and-paste - http://www.facebook.com/OneNightOnHole6 )

Cast + crew bios

Lance Morgan

Actor - "Robert King"

Lance Morgan hails from the great state of North Dakota ("No, the other Dakota"). In 1997 he had his breakout role in a production of Grease, where he made up a character for himself in an attempt to receive more lines. He played multiple characters in the Minnesota Fringe Festival production of Me in 2002. He has played Jesus Christ in two short films, humped a stove in another, and recorded the creepiest version of the traditional circus-music tune one will ever hear. When not performing, Lance can be found playing softball, sand volleyball, and wishing that Man of Steel was a better film. Lance would like to thank his wife, Carrie, and his parents for their unconditional love and support.

Jennifer Dorsman

Actress - "Jenny Cooper"

Jennifer Dorsman is still adjusting to Minnesota weather after moving from Orlando in 2011. Cast as One Night on Hole 6's leading lady, Jennifer hopes to deliver as enthralling a performance as her past roles as "Genie," "Gargoyle," and "Pinhead #2." Jennifer can usually be found drinking chai tea, geocaching, shooting hilarious videos, and goofing with her three-lady improv group, Ladyfriend.

Zach Woolhouse

Actor - "Charlie Cooper"

Zach Woolhouse was born on top of a mountain, as foretold by a swallow. Upon his first introduction to the game of golf, he scored four hole-in-ones. He has acted in several short-films for the 24-Hour Minneapolis Film Race, producing the music for the majority of them. He is the owner and sole designer of Zach Attack Design, designing logos for a number of local bands, businesses, and this very play. (*Note* Part of this biography may have accidentally been lifted from the biography of Kim Jong Il. Damn You Banana Productions regrets the error.)

Taylor Pettis

Actor - "The Groundskeeper"

Taylor Pettis was a childhood performer… That’s if you count telling jokes in second grade that landed him in detention. Over the years he has transitioned from class clown to improv actor. Taylor completed improv training at The Second City in Chicago, and The Brave New Workshop in Minneapolis. Following his graduation from The Brave New Workshop Student Union, he performed as part of the theater's Six Ring Circus. Currently, Taylor performs at Stevie Rays Comedy Cabaret in Chanhassen, along with other improv and comedy stages around the Twin Cities.

Brian Smallbeck

Actor - "The Dave"

Brian Smallbeck is perhaps best known for seeing Billy Dee Williams at a restaurant once, then lying about it in his bio. A lifetime bystander of the theater arts, Brian hopes to look like Jon Hamm someday. He was once voted "Volunteer of the Month" at HUGE Theater for assisting in the design of their website.

Keith Mullin

Stage Manager


Keith Mullin is a freelance photographer and cinematographer. He and his crew won five awards at the 2013 Minneapolis 48-Hour Film Fest. With his wife, Marie, he runs MarKei Photo & Video.

Emily Barrett

Prop Lady


Emily sells antiques at Auntie M’s Antiques store in Hopkins; who better to be the “Prop Lady” than her?

Adam RW Woolhouse



Adam RW Woolhouse originally penned The Putting Green in 2000 to satisfy a theater credit for his college degree. In 2004 his attempts to turn it into a short-film cost him and his editor three separate hard-drives. After discovering that they had also forever lost the tape holding the footage of the "climax" of the story, Adam moved on to other projects, including: several entries into the Minneapolis 24-Hour Film Race; local short-form improv comedy with Stevie Rays, Yes and Food, Jesters Comedy, and his own Meat & Cheese Improv; and being a husband of one and father of two. Adam hopes One Night On Hole 6 will be a success, thus justifying the time he has spent ignoring the needs of his family.

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