Minnesota’s festival of performing arts
August 1–11, 2013 / Minneapolis

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Non Edwards's Bob Fosse Makeover

Dance /

By Non Edwards

Choreographed by Non Edwards

Robert Louis "Bob" Fosse (1927-1987) won 8 Tony awards for choreography and 1 for direction. Shannon Rae "Non" Edwards (1985-) grew up in small-town Iowa and graduated with a BA in Math from Grinnell College.

World premiere

Thursday, 8/1 10:00 p.m.
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Saturday, 8/3 2:30 p.m.
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Wednesday, 8/7 7:00 p.m.
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Thursday, 8/8 5:30 p.m.
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Saturday, 8/10 4:00 p.m.
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Southern Theater

1420 Washington Ave. S

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Audience reviews

Poor Bob

By Kevin McDonnell / August 11, 2013
This user has reviewed 18 shows

Firstly, this show has NOTHING to do with Bob Fosse. As an avid Fosse fan, I am offended that his name is used in the title for this show and I think he would be too. Secondly, if I wanted to see poor dancing to no music and people changing their clothes, I could've stayed home & looked in a mirror. If there was music, their dancing & finger snaps may have been in since with each other. It was painful overall. RIP Bob Fosse!

Jazz Hands More or Less

By Patrick Pfundstein / August 4, 2013
This user has reviewed 29 shows

"Fossey" does something most Fringe shows would never dream of; explore the tension of silence and stillness on the stage. (Sort of the graphic design of using your white space.) When motion happens it is a combination of a choreography of preparation and rehearsal (with all of the unnatural combination of starts and stops that entails. This leads to some magic moments of resolved tension, and fabulous use of the Southern's dramatic spaces and lighting to frame the dancers. It also leaves you wishing for just a bit more design in the center of the page to go with the white space. Good show with great courage.


By Jeb Hagan / August 2, 2013
This user has reviewed 4 shows

Full of surprises, Non Edwards takes movement choreographed for musicals, and strips it down to the bare essence, alternately reinterpreting it as contemporary dance and absurdist theatre. The accessible becomes obscure, connection becomes aloofness, the sensual becomes mechanical, dancers daring you to find some shred of delight in their jazz hands.

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Jazz Meets Modern

By Jordan Thompson / August 5, 2013
This user has reviewed 34 shows

This is a slow show, but it's worth seeing if you're into contemporary theory. Wonderfully executed, and very funny in an absurdist kind of humor. Interesting look at dance history (from my naive perspective on the matter, anyway).

Wow what a dissapointment.

By Barrett Solberg / August 3, 2013
This user has reviewed 9 shows

If by 'Makeover' they meant to strip all the fun, edge, energy, pacing/movement/ironic brilliance out of Fosse's work, then sure I guess the title fits.

Ever been looking forward to eating a favorite piece of your chocolate cake at the end of the week, only to find out they used sawdust instead of flour? That's what experiencing this program felt like.

I don't get it. The women appeared to know and understand dance - attractive in appearance and attire; the very slow movement and same three droning musical pieces just didn't click with me.

As both a fan of Bob Fosse's work and an entertainer, I kept getting that dreaded feeling my time was being wasted with filler. The Duet sequence was especially painful.

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Well-done but hard to connect with

By Laurie Swenson / August 4, 2013
This user has reviewed 8 shows

I thought this show was impeccably done, with beautiful costuming, great choreography and very talented performances. The music made me think of Kill Bill, James Bond and The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

Still, I thought the obscurity and distance were too stark for an hour-long time slot. The opening was intriguing at first, but later became painful in its stark repetition. That pattern repeated. This was difficult for me to sit through because of that, but I do have appreciation for the talent in this show.

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Not My Cup of Tea

By Julie Lloyd / August 2, 2013
This user has reviewed 9 shows

Was expecting more of a dance show, less absurdist type theatre. Sorry, maybe I just didn't get it.

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Background information + more

Don't come expecting show tunes. This is not a musical theater production, and it's not even a celebration of Fosse technique. However, it is an exploration of theatrical (dance) production and its components. And I did watch most of Fosse's repertoire. I hope you enjoy the show.



Photo by Jim Smith. Dancer: Missa Kes

Photo by Jim Smith. Dancers, left to right: Aly Townsend, Emily Gastineau, Catlin Henderson, Nora Schull, Non Edwards

Cast + crew bios

Katie Drietz


Katie Drietz received her B.S. in Dance, as well as a Nutrition minor, from Minnesota State University, Mankato. She has been dancing for about 15 years, loves working with children and currently teaches Lyrical, Jazz, Hip Hop and Modern technique at QC Dance in Blaine. Katie has worked with artists such as Morgan Thorson, Alan Sener, Gabriel Masson and is currently a company member of “Sole 2 Soul Dance Conversion” and “MSHE Productions” located here in the Twin Cities area. She has previously performed works by Non Edwards, such as “Before the Dawn” and “Patience and Other Boring Virtues.” Katie is excited to be working with Non Edwards again in the 2013 Fringe Festival!

Non Edwards


me and painting

Non Edwards grew up in small-town Iowa and graduated from Grinnell College with a BA in Mathematics. She spent two seasons dancing for the 940 Dance Company before moving to Minneapolis in 2009. In 2012 Non produced "Bausch, Bull, Edwards, Gastineau, Hansen, and Hay" with Emily Gastineau, and she was also one of the Red Eye Theater's Works-In-Progress Artists. She will be one of several artists creating something new and different during the IMPETUS performing arts festival Aug 21-24 at the Soap Factory. She is a feminist, choreographer, and performer.

Dani Friedman



Dani Friedman, born and raised in Sioux Falls, SD, graduated from Minnesota State University with degrees in Dance, K-12 Dance Education, and Elementary Education. She has been dancing with Non since 2010. Dani is currently working for the St. Paul Public School District as the Dance Specialist at Linwood Monroe Arts Plus. Dani would like to send peace and love to all those who have inspired and supported her in life.

Emily Gastineau


Emily Gastineau is an independent artist based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, working in and beyond the fields of dance, performance, and criticism. Her recent work includes a performative lecture about work, a dance for a large group of nude performers, an evening of appropriated solo dances (with Non Edwards), and nausea alert nausea alert/The Rite of Spring (with Billy Mullaney). She has recently performed in the work of Laura Holway, Non Edwards, and April Sellers. Her next two pieces will happen at the Soap Factory: Profitraining, a group score based on her research on practice, at Impetus in August, and then Art Is Easy in 2014, a project about immaterial labor, at the Minnesota Biennial through September and October.

Catlin Henderson


Catlin Henderson, native of Brooklyn, NY, was trained at the Alvin Ailey School. At Vassar College she performed in works by Steve Rooks, Paul Mosley, Pascal Rioult and Mark Morris while majoring in computer science. Cat is grateful to be dancing while “geeking out” in Target IT by day. She’s been dancing for Non Edwards for 3 years and is also a company member of Christopher Watson Dance Company.

Bill Hewitt

Stage Manager/Costume Constructor

Bill Hewitt (color, left, 210x233)
Bill began sewing at the age of four. He has designed and constructed dozens of garments and home furnishings, and costumes for ballets with Deuxmensions Junior Dance Theater and Ballet Arts Minnesota. He was a circus rigger for Circus Juventas in 2010, and stage manager for Non Edwards’s Patience and Other Boring Virtues in the 2012 Fringe

Bill began studying ballet and modern dance at MDT and Zenon in 2010, and has since expanded into the theater and performance art realms.

He performed with Bedlam Theater in their Union Depot Grand Opening Ceremony in 2012, and in Claribel Gross’s A Flying Lesson with Bedlam’s 10Fest in 2013.

Bill will be performing in Emily Gastineau’s Art Is Easy in 2014 project this September and October at The Soap Factory.

Nora Schull


Aly Townsend


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