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August 1–11, 2013 / Minneapolis

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Stuck In An Elevator With Patrick Stewart

Comedy /

By The Theatre Cosmic

Written by Brandon Taitt

A renowned actor torn between the London stage and Hollywood, and the sharp but awkward teenager who idolizes him, challenge each other's hopes and fears amidst the chaos of a sci-fi convention in 1988.


World premiere, First-time Minnesota Fringe Festival producer, Includes artists of color

Just so you know, this show has Adult language.

The creators say this show is appropriate for ages 16 and up.

Saturday, 8/3 7:00 p.m.
Sunday, 8/4 8:30 p.m.
Tuesday, 8/6 10:00 p.m.
Friday, 8/9 5:30 p.m.
Saturday, 8/10 8:30 p.m.
Sunday, 8/11 8:30 p.m.
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Red Eye Theater

15 West 14th St.

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Audience reviews

George Calger-period.

By Jack Silverman / August 15, 2013
This user has reviewed 10 shows

Saw this as the encore and glad we made the choice to go. Simply said, George Calger as Patrick Stewart was brilliant. I thought he was Patrick Stewart! The story was original and provocative even if you didn't know the Star Trek characters. Props also to the rest of the cast especially Brandon Caviness as Daniel Jimmies.

It's in the Layers

By Claudia Haas / August 12, 2013
This user has reviewed 5 shows

I love surprises. At the beginning of the play, you meet up with trekkies at a convention (and I made assumptions) and and Patrick Stewart lost in "I-need-to-do-Shakespeare-Angst" (and I made assumptions). As the play moves forward, my assumptions melted away. Brandon Taitt's script gently probed the layers of humanity behind many of the characters and I chastised myself for my early "assumptions." George M. Calger and Brandon R. Caviness performances danced and sparkled. Aided by Kevin T. Houle's thoughtful direction, the entire ensemble offered laughs, heart and nuance - which is why I go to the theatre.

Perfect Fit

By Steven Flamm / August 11, 2013
This user has reviewed 5 shows

So often Fringe shows are plays that want to be longer and always feel like the writer is shoving as much of a two act play that he/she can in a half hour window. STUCK did not feel this way. It was a perfect little play that ended just when it should have. The direction was tight, and the actors were very individual and interesting. Mr. Calgar was so convincing that I forgot it wasn't Stewart. Mr. Caviness gave a moving nuanced and totally believable performance. I appreciate that Mr. Taitt did his research on Stewart. Especially his campaign against abuse of women and children. And his passion for the stage. This show was a perfect meld of comedy and drama.

GRRREAT! without knowing any Star-Trek

By Suzanne Sharrock / August 11, 2013
This user has reviewed 56 shows

I debated whether to go to this show, and had to laugh when it started and one of the first characters I saw was Dr. Who - I had just learned about him in the previous Fringe slot! It was really a heart-warming, rather sweet drama that happened to be nestled within a Star-Trek fan story of sorts. All the really emotional meat occurs in the elevator itself. The young fan, Daniel, in the elevator with Patrick Stewart was the perfect foil for him - I think Daniel's role enhanced the show immeasureably (in the positive direction!). Just a wonderful, amazing performance - if you've missed it so far, maybe you'll get lucky and get an Encore slot!!


By Natalie Sendak / August 10, 2013
This user has reviewed 1 show

STUCK IN AN ELEVATOR is getting so many wonderful reviews from the audience. It is selling out. Thank goodness people are discovering this gem of a show as everyone in the fringe blogosphere and the mainstream press (okay, great review in St. Paul paper, so-so in Vita.Mn) have all but ignored this show -- perhaps because it is Star Trek. But as I discovered, and so many others have too, it is a well-scripted slice of reality mixed around people who play roles. It makes you tear, it makes you think, it makes you laugh-out-loud (as the audience Friday surely did). The lead actor is Patrick Stewart in every nuance. The kid is touchingly lovable. The rest of the cast seamless. And the script moving. A Perfect Fringe Experience!

More than a Fringebait title.

By Ryan Vanasse / August 9, 2013
This user has reviewed 10 shows

With a perfectly chosen fringebait title, this show could have been a lazy riff on sci-fi nerds and Patrick Stewart's career a la "Complete Works of William Shatner" last year and done just fine. But Taitt's script is smarter than that–it's got comedy, but a tasty dramatic core inside the elevator. Even with the drama, the characters could have been marginalized into "Patrick Stewart hates Star Trek but learns to love it thanks to one special kid," BUT THEY'RE NOT. Both PS and Daniel are fleshed out and believable as people. Heck, even the sci-fi nerds have a decent backstory.

Serious Kudos to George Calger, who *is* PS here, to Brandon Caviness, who brings great dignity to the role, and to the adept direction

Hope you can see the encore!

fun night

By randall starck / August 7, 2013
This user has reviewed 2 shows

from the rave reviews, i was expecting a little bit more but was still pleased i went to this show. patrick stewart was right-on and the rest of the crew competent. the script was a little better than average but the show seemed to bog down a little at times. recommended if you want something light/fun.

Heart & Soul Of Space

By Lester Thorson / August 7, 2013
This user has reviewed 1 show

I am in love with this show and hope it will be remounted sometime soon. I came to know more about Patrick Stewart than I would've ever journeyed to find on my own. He is a passionate man about his life and his art and I must applaud that he discovered that you can also sellout and do good work. I can also identify with the young man who has his fantasy world of space cruisers and aliens, something to escape to from the life of yelling parents and people who might make fun of you if you are a tad chunky, or even brothers that don't respect your space. You do seek out worlds, sometimes strange new worlds, hoping to fit in & be liked. Eventually you grow old and appreciate yourselff! Love This Little Bit of Theatrical Delight! Thank you all!

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Renewed For Five More Years!

By Michael Steale / August 7, 2013
This user has reviewed 1 show

I want to see this show again! But would rather have someone else be able to get a ticket to this sell-out hit. So I just hope it will be restaged at another venue soon, or perhaps do an encore showcase at Fringe 2014 in a much bigger theater. Brandon Tait has taken a simple idea and molded a story that is enchanting, emotional and extremely funny. So it is inhabited by dressup fans who act weird. Everyone has heart, even the mean old baddie Dr. Who fan lost in a cluster of Star Trek worshipers. Material pulled from the life of Patrick Stewart -- now known more for X-Men, perhaps, than Jean Luc Picard -- mixed with a fictional life of a fan makes for good theatre. Hands clap loudly amongst the laughter for a fine job from the cast of 8!

One of Fringe's Best Ever!

By Liz Levan / August 7, 2013
This user has reviewed 1 show

Okay, so many will think this another gimmick piece that has a narrow, yet strong, following. But it has taken something as simple as that "gimmick" and under the direction of Kevin T. Houle, Brandon Tait's script -- which should be a Fringe throwaway -- has become something that could stand the test of Annual Fringe Remounting Year-After-Year! Look, throwing two actors into essentially a box for the greater part of the play is mind-madness to begin with. But to make one a Trek Fan and the other an overbearing frustrated actor was genius. And culling real-life stories of the star and weaving them around the life of another, is above genius. Plus humor. Lots and lots of Humor! A Fringe Gem!

Very Good, Worth Catching.

By Barrett Solberg / August 7, 2013
This user has reviewed 9 shows

The actor portraying Patrick Stewart was terrific - I thought the script could've provided resolution a bit sooner and would've made for a more interesting hour (Stewart character a bit too cantankerous too long, stuck fan a bit too whiney), but overall very entertaining with many laughs along the way.

Probably best suited for the die hard Sci-Fi fan (more than Trekies here)

People Are People

By Lily Shave / August 7, 2013
This user has reviewed 1 show

This is a play about people. The roles they play and the humaness they seek. From the hilariously funny Camille Smith as the receptionist who shifts from business to gushing fan, to the hunky swarthy Max Lorei as Agent David, to the Star Trek fans playing Spock (Andrew Thews is reserved scary) and Klingon (Phillip Schramm shifts between strong and meek with ease), to the nasty Dr. Who (Joel Thingvall steals the stage for a moment), to the convention organizer (Alyssha Rose Jordan is power and person at the same time). But it is George Calger (as Patrick Stewart) and Brandon Caviness (as Fan Daniel) who get to explore their own lives and meanings in an elevator. Both sparkle and shine and entertain us with heart and soul and reality! Go See!

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Great Idea, Greater Execution

By Shannon Maria / August 7, 2013
This user has reviewed 2 shows

Walking into the Red Eye Theater, I expected a silly, lighthearted show ridden with geeky Star Trek references that I wouldn't understand. Boy was I wrong. Sure the show maintains that fun, geeky vibe, but it also contains heavy elements of drama that play a significant part in the plot.

The whole concept of the play is brilliant, but even more is the ability of the actor's playing these roles so believably. Like Daniel said in reference to Patrick Stewart, it wasn't like they were just acting a part, you really believed her or she was the starstruck secretary or the overly zealous fan who was glad, YOU RESTORED MY HONOR.

This show perfectly blended comedy and drama into a fantastic show great for all audiences (16 and up): geeky or not.

Make it So

By Pj Doyle / August 6, 2013
This user has reviewed 11 shows

Okay, I admit it. I wasn't expecting much, but was intrigued by the title. Oh, heavens. The BEST Fringe show I have seen in all these years. Extremely well written with flashes of Shakespeare, Conan Doyle and SNL. Acting is superb and the message is thoughtful. A tribute to fandom, escapism and a challenge to look beyond the surface. Just excellent all around.

Where No Woman has Gone Before

By Dorothy Bergstrom / August 5, 2013
This user has reviewed 1 show

George Calger as Patrick Stewart IS a Silver Fox! I thought HE WAS Stewart! The Three Trekkies were a delight: Andrew Thews unemotional Vulcan shined when I thought he was actually hitting on con-organizer Alyssha Rose Jordan, a gem of a performance as the head honcho in a boy's world. Phillip Schramm was maddeningly noble as the Klingon. Brandon Caviness was adorably cuddly and I would be happy to spend time in an elevator with him. Joel Thingvall is hilarious as a bitter and nasty Dr. Who fan. I so want to be Camille Smith's phone operator full of ditzy charm. Only because I could be working for agent hunk Max Lorei who sweet-talks with all the ooze of the 1980s, gold chain and big phone aside. Happy to be Stuck on This Stage!

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Funny, Familiar, and Full of Heart

By Jennifer Hughes / August 5, 2013
This user has reviewed 1 show

I had the opportunity to read the script before seeing the show. I absolutely loved the humor of fans who tend to sink their teeth into their idols, and the drama of a man who desperately refuses to take ownership of that position. As I read the dialogue, one nagging concern remained at the back of my mind: who would play Patrick Stewart? Success would hinge on that actor really bringing the character to life, and if he failed, the show would not live up to the script.
I was pleased to discover that George Calger channels Patrick Stewart brilliantly, from posture to vocal intonations, and I could not applaud hard enough at the end. He and Brandon Caviness were a joy to witness.

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Make it so...

By Bruce Rehberg / August 4, 2013
This user has reviewed 5 shows

Real world drama interlaced with Trek humor makes this a must see for Trekkers. The interpersonal relations allows even non-trekkers something to enjoy. I'm glad that I chose this to be part of my Fringe viewings for 2013.

Set Phasers to FUN!

By Kerry Crawford / August 4, 2013
This user has reviewed 1 show

Don't wait to read the rest of this review, go online and get your tickets NOW before they are sold out!! Small cast, Small venue, Big story with HUGE heart. This show will make you laugh and make you tear up a bit as well. You can tell this is a work of pure love on the writer and directors part. The actors are magnificent and dedicated. What else can be said without giving it away???

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Well done!

By Kelly Rosenthal / August 4, 2013
This user has reviewed 21 shows

Funny and touching with a well-written script, this show is accessible for Star Trek fans and non fans alike. Great performances and a great show overall.

Make it so!

By Gregory Abbott / August 4, 2013
This user has reviewed 7 shows

I thought this would be another great spoof of all the Trekkies and wierdness that follows hero worship. And though there are pieces of that in the play, it is much more well-rounded and ended up telling a touching story about actors and their fans. George Calger really makes this play, and I was impressed at how it included some of the actual background of Stewart's life in the dialog. A great show.


By Kristi Lawless / August 3, 2013
This user has reviewed 8 shows

What an enjoyable show! This is a captivating story for all ( whether a Star Trek fan or not). Funny, moving, thought-provoking...I'm so glad we made it in since it ended up selling out.

Not to be missed

By Heather Freeman / August 3, 2013
This user has reviewed 1 show

The show goes beyond its Star Trek theme to focus on the choices we make in life and how those choices affect others. Hearfelt script, touching performances and altogether definitely a show you shouldn't miss.

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Great show!

By nr Calger / August 14, 2013
This user has reviewed 1 show

Ah reality! Neither being a star nor a convention going fan tells you what a person is. This show did that! Both Patrick Stewart (George Calger) and Daniel Jimmies (Brandon Caviness) showed us the human side of their characters. Their performances were excellent! The entire show was excellent. It deserves all the accolades and sell-outs it received!

Best Fringe Show Ever

By Mike Lewis / August 12, 2013
This user has reviewed 4 shows

I've been attending the Fringe for 11 years, and this one is easily the best show I've attended in that entire time. I went expecting a funny and cute little comedy, but what I got was so much more. This was a heartwarming story, and I have to admit, it even brought a tear to my eye.

I can't believe this is the first show that Brandon Taitt has written and put into the Fringe. This guy needs to get to New York or LA, as this would make an excellent Broadway play or movie. Seriously, it's that good.

I hope this gets remounted, as I have told several people about this, and they couldn't get tickets. Tonight, they turned everyone away, as the show sold out again with will call.

This is definitely a must-see show if you get another chance.

So fun!

By Hannah Wellumson / August 11, 2013
This user has reviewed 1 show

I loved this show. It was a perfect mix of fun, serious, and star trek puns. The actors did such a stellar job and the story was not was I was expecting, but far better! It's no surprise to me they sold out all their shows!

Heartwarming and Superbly Written

By Gregory Ng / August 10, 2013
This user has reviewed 8 shows

Again, this is a show I went into not knowing what to expect. But, you can bet this was one of the best shows of the fringe I've seen. Even not being a big Star Trek or Star Wars fan (thus some of the references went over my head), the unexpected message near the end of the show was very heartwarming. The only bad thing I would have to say is that I was a little disappointed that there wasn't as much comedy in it then I would of liked. But that isn't a good enough reason for my rating to drop. Some of the people I went with may have found the show a little boring (expecting more comedy). But, in my opinion, the show was brilliantly written and the acting was absolutely amazing! This show definitely deserved to get the encore show.

Please remount!

By Liz Capouch / August 10, 2013
This user has reviewed 2 shows

This is fun, original work, which (like others have said) you don't need to be a Trekkie to appreciate. This is bound for the Encore slot, and I'd jump at the chance to go again, but wouldn't want to take away someone's chance to go who hasn't seen it yet! Great performances from the whole cast, especially George and Brandon, and a witty script that is funny and touching in equal and appropriate parts. I hope we see more great scripts like this from Brandon Taitt in the future!

Good show!

By Denise Bell / August 8, 2013
This user has reviewed 3 shows

The best part is, you do not have to be a Star Trek fan to enjoy this. If you get a chance, go see this show.

What a Great Show!

By Matthew Hertz / August 7, 2013
This user has reviewed 1 show

Had to post that Stuck In An Elevator With Patrick Stewart is one HELLUVA show! The entire cast is wonderful and full of energy. Brandon Taitt's script is never boring or patronizing to the audience. George and Brandon have done an amazing job of bringing their characters (Patrick Stewart and Daniel Jimmies) to life. Both men show a great range of emotion, from sheer anger to true tenderness, and really "leave it all on the stage". I am so glad I got a chance to see this show, and hope many more will also.

Boldly Go

By Justin Nelson / August 7, 2013
This user has reviewed 1 show

Whether you love the Star Trek series, or have never seen a single episode, any theatre-goer will be delighted to spend an evening "Stuck on an Elevator with Patrick Stuart".

The play is an excellent combination of dramatic and comedic, allowing things to get heavy, but bringing in a laugh at just the right moment. The jokes in the play are excellent, and easy to get regardless of your knowledge of the series. It even manages to create some very realistic and lovable characters, brought on stage by a stellar cast.

I highly recommend seeing this production at least once. Clever, funny, and heartwarming, there's something in it for everyone!


By Steven Hendrikson / August 7, 2013
This user has reviewed 1 show

A spot on Patrick Stewart accent by George Calger, who also shaves his plate to look the part (great dig by Joel Thingvall's Dr. Who regarding this shining globe). A coming of age patch of starlight in Brandon Claviness as the young Star Trek fan Daniel. Thrust them together in an elevator and we go on a rollercoaster ride of Hero Worship, living in a world no one has ever really gone to, and the ups and downs of life in general -- with a little Shakespearian gamesmanship thrown in. A tight and masterful script by Brandon Tait. Excellent ensemble acting under the direction of Kevin T. Houle. Either there are a lot of Fringe Trekies out there, or people are recognizing this as a Great Show! I say -- Great Show!

In Space People Can Hear You Laugh

By Will Sturges / August 7, 2013
This user has reviewed 1 show

This show is a belly-busting laugh riot with some heartfelt touches of kindness, sadness, and thought. Right out of the gate we meet a dead serious Patrick Stewart (George Calger shaved his head for this!) thrust into a world of madness. A fangirl receptionist (Camille Smith) and the never-a-care agent (Max Lorei) get the audience rolling in the aisles. Cut to a convention floor where Andrew Thews, Phillip Schramm, Brandon Claviness and Joel Thingvall (caustic as Dr. WhoWhat) behave like refugees from TV's "Big Bang." And then you have a con-staffer who understands Klingon (Alyssha Rose Jordan). Kevin T. Houle directs this cast as a laugh riot set-up to a meaningful encounter in an elevator between Stewart and Fan Daniel. Laughs never stop!

1 person found this review helpful

sometimes universal themes = unoriginal

By Erica Mauter / August 7, 2013
This user has reviewed 6 shows

A catchy concept and the whiff of a sell-out tell Fringe-goers that a show is worth seeing. It makes for box office success, but it doesn't necessarily make for a great show.

I'm as big a ST:TNG fan as the next geek. But this show was a good 15 minutes too long. You get the idea in the first 20 minutes, and it doesn't require 30 more minutes in the elevator to make the point. The universal themes that make it potentially appealing to the non-Trek fan actually make it unoriginal and kinda boring.

That said, George Calger's Patrick Stewart was great.

Could Have Boldly Gone Further

By Mark Mikula / August 7, 2013
This user has reviewed 14 shows

The lead was fantastic. It is worth seeing just for his performance as the title character. But don't be too disappointed if you're shut out of this one (since it has been selling out). The story wasn't as dynamic as it could have been; it seemed stuck in a loop for most of its time in the elevator. The supporting players, with the exception of Spock, needed more direction in order to give this production a more even tone. And, as for accessibility, I'm not a big Star Trek fan either, but some of the delight in a show like this is learning more about the insider culture that makes a piece of pop culture an obsession for some. I'd give this another half-star for George Calger's performance if I could. He really owns it.

Not Just for Star Trek Fans

By Rob Goudy / August 6, 2013
This user has reviewed 3 shows

First of all, yes, even if you have an artist's pass (like me), pony up and book your tickets online. There will be none at the door. Now for the more important stuff. Kevin T. Houle sensitively directs a surprisingly touching story anchored by George Calger and Brandon Caviness's soulful performances. Brandon Taitt's clever script skirts just the right side of cliche, giving us what we want but surprising us when we don't expect it. Seriously, watching two people act in five square feet of the cavernous Red Eye should not be this engaging. But it totally is. And it's great for Trek fans and Theatre fans alike. Just. Go.

Lots Better Than Elevator Music

By Maynerd Saxon / August 6, 2013
This user has reviewed 5 shows

This is one hilarious show! And it has bonus touching moments. Makes you laugh, think, and a tear forms, at times, in the corner of the eye. New playwright Brandon Tait strings together a story that is more than a lovefest for Star Trek Geekdom. Masterful direction by Kevin T. Houle, especially when two actors are basically performing in an elevator-sized space. George Calger has taken the plunge and shaved his head and looks and sounds the part of Patrick Stewart brilliantly. Brandon Caviness is the inner boy so many have lost. Kudos to Alyssha Rae Jordan, Max Lorei, Camille Smith, Andrew Thews, Joel Thingvall and Phillip Schramm for fine ensemble work. A fun and heartfelt evening of theater!


By Sco Holm / August 5, 2013
This user has reviewed 6 shows

This show is like an onion. It has many layers that slowly are stripped away as the show gets to the core, and makes you tear up a little. Some layers are vibrant and funny, while others are darker and much more serious.

A show that reaches out beyond it's intended audience of Trek, and really can be viewed by anybody and everybody. This is a great show!

Must See

By Ray Klahr / August 4, 2013
This user has reviewed 6 shows

As other reviewers have said, this show is not just for Star Trek fans, it goes beyond the regular laughs and stereotypes, although there are some of those in there too! It is a touching and witty play that is sure to entertain all.

A genuine pleasure

By Wes Dunser / August 4, 2013
This user has reviewed 1 show

This show was amazing. The writing was excellent! The depth of the characters, the humor, and the drama were all extremely well written into the hour long performance. The actors, were nothing short of spectacular. I really felt as though I was there with them in the elevator. The story line was extremely believable and the actors were flawless. I hope to see it again. What an unexpected and magnificent pleasure.

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Beyond Trekkers

By Keith Edstrom / August 4, 2013
This user has reviewed 1 show

This show hit every button-it was funny, poignant, well paced and the acting was very believable. I consider myself a bit of a Trekker, but think that anyone would enjoy this well-crafted show. George Calger and his cast won my heart. I laughed a lot, but also needed to wipe away a tear or two. The best Fringe production I've seen in the 5 years I have been attending. Boldly go!

Please Your Inner Geek

By Oz Me / August 4, 2013
This user has reviewed 5 shows

Well crafted, funny, with the stereotypic characters I grew up with.

If you're into any kind of fandom, Trek or not, you'll love this in all its dimensions.

Sci-fi(Sci-Fy?) fun

By Jesse Villarreal / August 4, 2013
This user has reviewed 1 show

Fun, witty, and you don't need to know much about Star Trek at all!



By Tom Rietz / August 3, 2013
This user has reviewed 1 show

Blends the comedy of Big Bang with the Shakespearean angst of a Shakespearean actor forced to play five more years as a Star Trek character. Deftly touches on war, family dynamics and seeking peace in a tumultuous world. A must see.

Arrive early!

By karen / August 3, 2013
This user has reviewed 1 show

Poignant without being heavy handed, this show combines tender with hilarious bits. As a non-trekie, I found plenty to enjoy. The actor who plays Patrick Stewart creates a multidimensional believable character. Strong directing, great leads. Opening night was sold out so do arrive early. Karen Rietz

1 person found this review helpful

Not Quite What I Expected

By Jennifer de Fiebre / August 12, 2013
This user has reviewed 3 shows

I have to admit, the title of the show is what grabbed me. Plus the fact that I have a HUGE crush on Patrick Stewart (the man is just dead sexy). I tried to catch the Sat night show on Aug 10th, but it was sold out, but they were kind enough to share that they were likely going to win the audience choice spot for Sun night. Once I saw confirmation on the Fringe FB page, I bought a ticket. The show was good. It was more serious than I wanted it to be, but still a good show. I probably would not have labeled it as a comedy, but glad I got tickets.

More than just funny

By Andrew Troth / August 12, 2013
This user has reviewed 28 shows

This was a surprisingly insightful and moving play, peppered with plenty of humor and featuring a bravura performance by George M. Calger as Patrick Stewart. Portraying a prominent, living actor as a multi-faceted human being (rather than a caricature) is tricky business, and Calger, director Kevin T. Houle, and author Brandon Taitt pulled it off remarkably well.

All Good Things...

By Valerie Stachour / August 11, 2013
This user has reviewed 11 shows

This show works on many levels- it's a funny peek inside the craziness of a Sci-Fi convention, and it's a dissection of the nature of fandom, and the obligations of the creators/actors to their fans, as well as a look inside the mixed-up world of acting in Hollywood.

While it's true that you can appreciate the show without being a TNG fan, I think there are many nuances that can only be appreciated by a fan. Great writing to make the show work for both audiences.

George Calger and Brandon Calviness give outstanding performances, and the supporting cast is also strong. This has been my favorite show of Fringe thus far.


By Susan Knutson / August 10, 2013
This user has reviewed 6 shows

As a Trekkie, I'm feeling a little starstruck, as though I have really just spent the evening with Patrick Stewart... George M. Calger is THAT good! In fact, I thought ALL the roles were well cast, especially Daniel and Jake. I hope to see more work from Brandon Taitt--excellent writing! Sympathetic characters, natural dialogue, good balance of laughs and heartfelt moments.
One tiny heads up: The plastic stand on the autograph table was reflecting the spotlights back at the audience.
Not the effect you wanted, I'm sure.

Out Of This World

By Daniel Pederson / August 9, 2013
This user has reviewed 1 show

A witty and well written show featuring an (inter)stellar cast. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment.

Happy, Happy, Happy!

By Brandy Leavitt / August 8, 2013
This user has reviewed 1 show

I came to this show not believing that it could be so highly rated. I mean, this is Star Trek, nerds running around in costume rack outfits for a space show not based in reality. No way could something like this be considered serious theatre, even in the mapcap World of Fringe. I was proven wrong. This show deserves every single star, every single applause of clapping hands, every single word-of-mouth that any Top Fringe Show should receive. It is real, folks. Yes, we have some stereotypical Star Trek humor, but it is based on people not playing themselves and confronting reality, especially Patrick himself and young Daniel Jimmies. And the show is highly entertaining to boot. Come for the fun. Leave with the thought, And a Big Smile!!!

Came Out Smiling

By Fan of Theater / August 7, 2013
This user has reviewed 9 shows

This was a great surprise. Patrick Stewart and Daniel were incredible. Superbly well written and very entertaining. If you haven't seen it yet, you better.

A Natural "Yes"

By Briana Malrick / August 7, 2013
This user has reviewed 1 show

What else would a young, fan want to talk to Patrick Stewart about besides Star Trek? Nothing at all.

This play, escapes the four walls of that stuck elevator with intriguing characters and a believable sub plot which tickle you inner Trekki. But what happens in the elevator is even more dynamic and surprising.

so happy I went!

A solid, enjoyable show

By Warren Bowles / August 7, 2013
This user has reviewed 29 shows

George M. Calger sets the bar very high for the rest of the cast with his spot-on Patrick Stewart. As a whole they cannot keep up with him but they do solid enough work to make this an enjoyable show. If you're going to see a Fringe show I'd recommend this.

Don't miss it

By Mark Webb / August 7, 2013
This user has reviewed 48 shows

Having no expectations whatsoever, I was pleasantly surprised by the great script and wonderful performances (especially George, Brandon, and Andrew). It's an engaging and touching story with an excellent cast. Don't miss this one!

What they said

By Richard Jackson / August 7, 2013
This user has reviewed 55 shows

I have nothing to add to what is said in the other reviews. George Calger and Brandon Caviness anchor a mostly strong group of performers in a sweet and insightful script and production. Sold Out on Tuesday night at 10. Reservations are probably necessary.

Expectations exceeded

By Eric Salo / August 7, 2013
This user has reviewed 56 shows

I went into this show with frankly low expectations and ended up being very pleasantly surprised. George Calger does an excellent job of channeling Patrick Stewart. The supporting cast was also uniformly strong. (I was particularly fond of Joel Thingvall's nasty Dr. Who.) The story has genuine heart and some nice laughs.

Strangely Endearing

By Ryan L. / August 6, 2013
This user has reviewed 3 shows

You REALLY don't have to be a trekkie or a Stewart fan to enjoy this show. The jokes that reference Star Trek: The Next Generation are made obvious by the clever writing and acting, so you wont feel left out of the fun! Get there early, the line gets long fast!

See this show!!!!

By Jeanie Johnston / August 5, 2013
This user has reviewed 24 shows

This is absolutely one of the best shows at the Fringe (an I am not a Star Trek fan)!! Funny, sweet and thought provoking. The Trekkie fans nailed their roles and George Calger as Patrick Stewart was absolutely spot on. Congratulations......this show was WONDERFUL!!!


By Caitie Johnson / August 5, 2013
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I must say, I am not a huge theater person. My fiance purchased tickets for us and we went to the 8:30 showing on Sunday night and boy am I glad we went. This play was FANTASTIC. It had all the best qualities of a production- it was hilarious at times, sad at times, and had a wonderful overall message. Reflecting on the play, it is hard to understand how this emotional roller coaster could have taken place in merely 50 or 60 minutes, but it did and it was brilliant. I found myself falling in love with all of the characters, and believing that Patrick Stewart was really there. If you go to one play during Fringe, make sure it is this one. You will NOT be disappointed!!!

George Calger Channels Patrick Stewart

By August Berkshire / August 4, 2013
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This sellout play hardly needs my help to promote it. If you've read the Fringe ad and attendee reviews, then you know exactly what this play is about and there aren't going to be any profound surprises. Nevertheless, George Calger's portrayal of Patrick Stewart is stunning and alone is worth the price of admission. The rest of the cast do a great job too, and the intelligent, sensitive script make for a thoroughly enjoyable show.

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Fun and touching

By Blake Frink / August 4, 2013
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Very well done. The performances by everyone were great but in particular Brandon Caviness.

The story didn't dive too deep in to the human condition but it had heart.

I would highly recommend this show, especially if you're a fan of the Star Trek franchise.

Funny, inspiring and well-crafted

By Luke Rohde / August 4, 2013
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SIAEWPS was a WONDERFUL experience! While I am a little familiar with both Star Trek: TNG and other works of Patrick Stewart's, I wondered if the writing of this play would be over my head. In fact, it was not. This play feels like it was written with a wide audience in mind; broad enough to be enjoyed by nearly anyone, and sharp enough to tickle even hardcore fans' desires (and we all know how intense those fans pride themselves on being!). Kudos also to the cast who were brilliantly assembled and gave performances more than worthy of such great writing. The dialogue is funny, pointed, detailed and very touching. It makes wonderful points about art and about life, and the actors and crew have done a fantastic job of bringing those to life.

Voyage Beyond

By William Holten / August 4, 2013
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An adventure where people go everyday....be it as themselves or someone else. But in the end the real you prevails! Patrick Stewart (George Calger looks & sounds the part to perfection) has just been thrust into the celebrity spotlight after STNG & meets the world of Trekkie-dom (Andrew Thews is scarily Spockish and Phillip Schramm is a riot as Klingon Son of...whatever). And then there is the nasty Dr. Who fan (Joel Thingvall spews bile & venom like a Star Trek baddie). Stewart escapes but is stuck on an elevator with young Daniel (Brandon Caviness oozing charm & innocence). Lives that interconnect because of Star Trek further connect because of...life. Applaud Brandon Taitt for a script that goes beyond Trek into reality! Charming!

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A gem!

By Kari Kjeldseth / August 4, 2013
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I was excited about seeing this from the moment I knew it was in the line-up, with the talented George Calger as Patrick Stewart. This show delivered on all levels and did not exclude any non "Trekies", with it's moving dialogue, tender moments of humanity, and what it means to uphold a celebrity in the light, only to discover that the light is shared, and that we all have something special to show the world. I was engrossed and engaged from the start, and found myself wiping away a tear toward the end. Do not miss this show.

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Funny and moving

By Melissa Prusi / August 3, 2013
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More than a riff on sci fi conventions, this show is about connections, between humans and between people and the things they choose to embrace.

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Background information + more

Buzz for "Stuck in an Elevator with Patrick Stewart"

  • Dominic Papatola of Pioneer Press calls the show "a wise and unexpectedly affecting story that should appeal to Trekkies and non-believers alike."
  • Writer/Producer Brandon Taitt was featured on Joshua Humphrey's recent TC Theater Connection podcast 
  • The Minnesota Daily featured us as one of three comedies, along with Wanderlust and To Mars With Tesla, to see at the Fringe: "Underneath bright starship regalia, Taitt’s comedy reveals rich depictions of devoted “Star Trek” followers. None of the actors trade in the stereotypes found on “The Big Bang Theory” because they’re fully fleshed out. [...] The same way “Star Trek” unites fans with an endearing optimism, “Stuck in an Elevator” paints its Trekkie characters as human."
  • MinnPost has us in their list of "Top 12 Favorite Fringe Show Titles". We're pretty big fans of it ourselves!


First-time Minnesota Fringe Festival Producer and playwright Brandon Taitt is a lifelong Trekkie, but that's not what inspired him to write a play about Sir Patrick Stewart: "While reading up on [Stewart's] history, I came upon the story of his tumultuous home life growing up in England. His father was incredibly abusive to him and his mother. Stewart has achieved such great success but how did he move past this? Was the theatre an escape for him?"

Though there are plenty of hilarious Trekkie moments to be had, STUCK IN AN ELEVATOR WITH PATRICK STEWART is only comedy in part. It touches on themes of hero worship and the fervency of fandom, Stewart's displeasure at being known as a "spaceman" over his decades on the London stage, and the domestic violence of Sir Patrick's childhood at a time of his life (the play is set in 1988) when he could not speak publicly about what he had experienced. A sixteen-year-old "Trek" fan trapped with him in an elevator at a sci-fi convention manages to bring this to the surface. Although they clash at first, they soon come to an understanding and learn something about themselves.

Director Kevin T. Houle says, "Brandon has written a funny and heartwarming script, and we have a stellar cast. I've been involved in theatre for over 35 years and I've been a Star Trek fan even longer. I think the Minnesota Fringe Festival is the perfect place to explore the human potential of both."

Cast + crew bios

George M. Calger

"Patrick Stewart"

Photo Jun 27, 8 56 31 PM

GEORGE CALGER is a long-time Star Trek fan and character actor who is excited to do this script for his first Fringe play. He has been doing theater for 27 years, since doing 4 shows during Winter and Spring terms in his first year at Oberlin College. Recent roles include E.K. Hornbeck in "Inherit the Wind" (LPT), Eddie Kurnitz in "Lost in Yonkers" (TRP), Det. McPherson in "Laura" (LPT), Noah in "Children of Eden" (Ashland), Max Detweiler in "The Sound of Music" (LPT), Philip in "The Lion in Winter" (LPT), and Grandpa Joe in "Willy Wonka" (Ashland). He has been married 22 years this Sept. to his wife, Susan, whom he met in college. They have 3 Trek-indoctrinated children: Christine, Katie and Henry, who have just completed family viewing of season 7 of ST: Voyager, having done TOS, TNG, and DS9 over the last few years. He thanks them all for putting up with his acting obsession, and shaving and grooming himself into male-pattern baldness to portray one of their favorite actors, circa 1988. Engage!

Brandon R. Caviness

"Daniel Jimmies"


Brandon has appeared in over 45 shows in the Twin Cities and surrounding area, most recently performing in the Eat Street Players production of "Into the Woods," Theatre Coup D'Etat's production of "Angels in America" as Louis, and Theatre on the Park's production of "The Rocky Horror Show" as Riff Raff. Brandon studied theatre at Anoka Ramsey Community College in his home town of Coon Rapids and is honored to be participating in the 2013 Minnesota Fringe Festival. "Art is so important. It encourages people to express themselves, to think outside the box, and most importantly to dream. I feel truly privileged to share my passion and my art form with all of you! Enjoy the show!"

Andrew Thews



Andrew is a Minnesota man who, when he is not working, loves exploring the world through books, music, film, travel and sport. His experience in theater has spanned a decade under various capacities and enjoys being the entertainer, but more often, simply likes being the entertained. He hopes you all enjoy the fun play of Stuck in an Elevator with Patrick Stewart!

Phillip Schramm



Phillip Schramm is a recent graduate of St. Olaf College and is happy to be back for his second Fringe Festival show. A native of Bloomington, Phillip is an actor/improvisor/playwright and is starting to get his neck out in the Twin Cities theatre circuit. He has been a part of various shows from Theatre Terra Firma's "Shake in a Day", to "Improv A Go Go" at Huge Theatre, to his show in last year's Fringe Festival, "Everything and Nothing" at Bryant Lake Bowl.

Alyssha Rose Jordan



AlysshaRose Jordan is excited to be making her Fringe Festival debut! AlysshaRose hails from Lancaster, PA, and is no stranger to the wonderfully geeky world of conventions. She was a performer with the PA Renaissance Faire for 3 years, and is the founder/director of Best Laid Plans, an interactive improv group that performed at the Wicked Renaissance Faire in Somerset, NJ this past winter. In addition to renaissance faire work, AlysshaRose has performed in over 20 productions in Pennsylvania. Some of her favorite roles include Lexie Richards in The Dixie Swim Club, Magenta in the Rocky Horror Show, Fritzy in Cabaret, and Iris in Metamorphoses. Thank you to convention Muses Jeff Mach, Leighann Subecz, Amanda Green, and Jonathan Clyde Moore. AlysshaRose dedicates her performance to Virginia “Ginny” Bartholomew, her amazing, graceful, and hilarious director of Metamorphoses. RIP Ginny, you are my Ginsperation!

Joel Thingvall

"Doctor Who"


JOEL THINGVALL has acted in over 100 plays since first setting foot on stage as a teen in his native Twin Cities back in 1968. What is even more astounding is that he took a 30-year sabbatical from acting in-between. This is his third year in Fringe. He has also acted locally at Theatre of Involvement, Lakeshore Playhouse, Theatre in the Round and Open Window Theatre. A retired journalist, Joel is also an active comic book collector and historian!

Max Lorei


Photo Dec 30, 11 40 30 AM

MAX LOREI is thrilled to be part of this great production and the Fringe Festival. You may have seen him in "Death of A Salesman" at Anoka Lyric Arts, as well as standup comedy open mics throughout the cities. Lorei especially is grateful to his friends and family for their support.

Camille Smith

"Debbie/Guest #1"


CAMILLE SMITH is extremely grateful to be apart of this fantastic production. Previous credits include Once Upon a Mattress (Lady H) and Fiddler on the Roof (Ensemble) with Blue Water Theatre Company, The Sound of Music (Fraulein Schweiger), Antigone (The Watchman), and A Chorus Line (Ensemble) with Wayzata High School, as well as Seussical the Musical (Max the Dog/Marshall) and Footloose (Urleen) with Off Broadway Musical Theatre. Her hobbies include running, reading, and jazz flute. She can also be seen this summer in Blue Water Theatre Company's entry in the Fringe Festival, Pullman Car Hiawatha, a new musical. Camille would like to thank her family and friends for supporting her through it all.

Brandon Taitt



BRANDON TAITT is new to the Fringe Festival as a playwright and producer. His creative voyages include technical directing for various community theaters, directing a web series and working as an assistant on the NPR syndicated series "The Tobolowsky Files". He wants to thank director Kevin T. Houle and the rest of the stellar cast and crew for their hard work and dedication. He lives in Blaine with his wife Jill, their dog Darwin and their trifecta of feline companions, Alistair, Apollo and Penny.

Kevin T. Houle



KEVIN T. HOULE has been an actor, educator, technician, administrator, stage manager and director in community, educational and professional theaters for more than 35 years. He has an M.F.A. in Directing from the University of Utah and a B.A. in Drama from Augustana College in Sioux Falls, SD. He served as the Managing Artistic Director of the Waukesha Civic Theatre in Waukesha, WI for one season, and was formerly the Operations Manager at the Ordway Center for the Performing Arts, and a stage manager at both the Ordway and Children's Theatre Company. He has directed plays in the Twin Cities for Lakeshore Players, Box Wine Theatre, TEASE, Theatre Limina, Heritage Theatre Company, Lex-Ham Community Theater, Northwestern College, hipp-kitten theatreworks, Child's Play Theatre Company, and Theatre in the Round. He lives in Saint Paul with his wife Heather and their daughter Kate.

Karen Hokenson

Stage Manager


KAREN HOKENSON is a local lighting designer and is excited to be involved with The Theatre Cosmic as a first-time stage manager.

Ryan Julien

Set Designer


RYAN JULIEN has been involved as a designer and technician in the Twin Cities for several years. He is an IT specialist and facilities manager for the Spring Lake Park school district.

Bill Hedrick

Makeup Artist


BILL HEDRICK has been doing stage and prosthetic makeup for 20+ years. He makes the Klingon foreheads for the Klingon Christmas Carol shown annually in Chicago. You can see his work at www.illusionstudio.info

Ben Wood

Graphics and Design


Ben Wood is a graphic designer in the Twin Cities area. See more of his work and contact info at www.benwooddesign.com

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