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There is one big thing that makes Fringe different from any other event in town: All the shows you'll see at Fringe were selected randomly by lottery.

Yep. That's right. Each year the lineup is crafted by placing numbered ping-pong balls into a bingo cage and drawing them out, one by one. From stage veterans to people who are brand new to theater, Minnesota Fringe is a forum for anyone with a story to tell. We also provide the necessary support to make producing a show as easy as possible, regardless of where you land on the artistic spectrum.

Anyone (yes, anyone) can apply to have a show in the festival. If you'd like to have a show in our next festival, applications will go live in November here on our website. Sign up for our newsletter to receive a reminder as well as information about other theater events happening around town.

The mission of the Minnesota Fringe is to promote creative freedom and diversity of artistic expression by linking adventurous artists with adventurous audiences. Thank you for joining in this adventure!

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Shows start and end on time at Fringe. With hundreds of performances and dozens of shows in just 11 days, we have to run a tight schedule to avoid descending into chaos. Performances are no more than 60 minutes long with a half hour between each show.

On weekdays shows begin at 5:30pm, 7pm, 8:30pm and 10pm. On weekends there are additional shows at 1pm, 2:30pm and 4pm.

Late seating: There is NO LATE SEATING at Minnesota Fringe. In addition to keeping our schedule, late seating is a safety issue for artists and audiences.

Safety for artists: Some of our theaters require that patrons walk across parts of the stage to reach the seating area, and many of our production companies’ stage work encompasses entrances and exits from the house.

Safety for audiences: Entering a darkened theater, possibly for the first time, and trying to find open seats puts patrons and volunteers at unnecessary risk.

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Fringe Central

Fringe Central, sponsored by Surly Brewing and hosted by a local establishment, serves as the late-night watering hole for artists, staff, volunteers and audience members alike. Come in after a day full of shows to grab a beer and some bar food. Talk about what you loved and what you didn’t. Meet the artists behind the scenes and actors on the stage. Find out what you should see tomorrow or dream up your own idea for next year. You never know what will happen during Fringe, but dropping by Fringe Central gives you a serious head start.

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What to Wear

Shorts and a t-shirt. Seriously. Also, a pair of comfy shoes will serve you well in case you have to wait in line. Most Fringe shows take place indoors in air-conditioned venues, so having a layer to throw on in case you get chilly is also advisable.

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Choosing a Show

With hundreds of performances and dozens of shows, it's scandalous to see just one. But how to choose the perfect lineup?

Search by genre: You can filter for genres when trying to decide what to see.

Talk to people: It only sounds scary. Just look for the folks in lanyards. Lanyards are worn by Fringe artists and there are at least a thousand of them dying to tell you about their show.

Read and write reviews: See what audiences are raving about on our audience review page, then return the favor and let others know what you thought.

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Get Involved

Fringe isn't just a festival - it's a community, and it couldn't exist without people like you.

Create: Applications for the 2018 festival will are live on this website. Fringe is open to everyone, shows are selected by lottery, and you don't even need to have a show ready when you apply.

Volunteer: Our volunteers are near and dear to our hearts and make our festival go, so we shower them with lots of love and complimentary seats! Sign up for a shift now!

Socialize: Join us any night of the festival at our official hangout, Fringe Central sponsored by Surly Brewing and hosted by a local establishment, for a beer, a burger and maybe even some late-night shenanigans.

Support: Help us create Minnesota's Summer Theater Crawl by donating to or sponsoring our annual festival. Gifts of any size make a large contribution to our ability to meet our mission.

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Box Office Info

Pass, Reservations, and Tickets, Oh My!

In 2018, Fringe will still offer passes but is also re-introducing single tickets options to see shows. We are re-tooling our Box Office policies to reflect our changes. Please check back for more information in the spring.

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The Memory Box of the Sisters Fox

By The Winding Sheet Outfit
Created by The Winding Sheet Outfit

Playing at U of M Rarig Center Arena

A circle. A seance. A story. A memory. A tale of two sisters who spoke to the dead.

The creators say this show is appropriate for ages 12-15 and up


Fri, 8/4 @ 10:00pm


Mon, 8/7 @ 8:30pm


Thu, 8/10 @ 7:00pm


Sun, 8/13 @ 5:30pm

* Reservations not required, but a Day Pass is. Find out more below.

Ticket Options

Day Passes are $16 on weekdays; $22 on weekends. Day Passes serve as entry to any show in the festival on a given day. Optional reservations to guarantee a seat for a particular performance are available by clicking the "reserve" button above. Day Passes can be purchased in advance with a reservation or at any venue box office during the festival.

Weekdays 1pm-3pm and Weekends 11am-1pm we'll also open an Alternative Box Office at Fringe Central so you can grab a Day Pass and skip the lines at the venue before the show.

Day Passes for kids 12 and under are available at any box office during the festival just $5 every day.

A 2017 Fringe button isn't required for entry, but it does get you access! Wearing it not only identifies you as a part of a fabulous Fringe community, it also entitles you to special deals at local bars and restaurants and access to reduced ticket prices at various theaters throughout the year. Get your 2017 Fringe button for only $4 at any Fringe preview event or Fringe venue during the festival.

Read the reviews

Historical and Eerie

by Janis Emily Peabody on August 16, 2017
This user has reviewed 48 shows

I loved this show. Acting was incredible and the fact that it was based on a true story totally captivated me and left me wanting to learn more.


by Jeanie Johnston on August 15, 2017
This user has reviewed 7 shows

I have been attending Fringe for over 10 years now. This has to be the best Fringe show I have ever experienced. It was pure perfection. The lighting, setting, venue, acting, writing, singing was just perfect. Seriously.....perfect. This show was paced well. It was thoughtful, interesting, and to make it even better....a true story. The sisters looked like they could be sisters. The singing was fantastic.....every time someone started singing, I just started to cry. The four part harmonies were serious perfection. Boo Segersin just knocked it out of the park. When she started crying I watched the whole audience join her. I am hoping to be able to see this play again. If any Fringe play deserves a remount....it's this one! Brava!!

A wondrous look at the after life.

by Brian Wene on August 14, 2017
This user has reviewed 8 shows

Winding Sheet delivered a terrific performance dealing with the spiritual presence of the dead. The atmosphere created by the actors making sound effects made the arena theater into an unknown realm. The emotions I felt were powerful. A bit of sadness, a bit of humor, but overall a feeling of pure joy was had by myself & the rest of the crowd.


by Jen Lynn on August 14, 2017
This user has reviewed 5 shows

I loved everything about this show. I'm so glad I got to see the Encore Presentation. I plan to learn more about this sisters!


by Annie Galloway on August 14, 2017
This user has reviewed 4 shows

Beautiful and bittersweet script paired with interesting production elements (the music boxes & lace shawls may have been my favorites). The acting was fabulous. It is always empowering to see women telling stories about women. I really admired the staging (beautiful symmetrical images throughout); I never felt as though I was being neglected in the arena seating.

Great Show to End The Fringe

by Bradley Johnson on August 13, 2017
This user has reviewed 56 shows

Glad this won the encore spot. Very interesting story that was performed wonderfully! Need to check into this true story more.

Tender Tragedy

by Paige Tighe on August 13, 2017
This user has reviewed 1 show

The choreography of this show was so delicate and well thought out. Everything was a dance. It was spell binding to watch. I enjoyed the detail and the tech was spectacular. i wish I could watch this show again.

Finding spirits

by Jim Johnson on August 13, 2017
This user has reviewed 9 shows

Not light hearted. Superbly done exploration of the sisters fox.

Inventively Told

by Dylan Olmsted on August 13, 2017
This user has reviewed 13 shows

This comes across at times as if it's being told by children who keep getting ahead of themselves. I think that was the intention. I knew a bit about the Fox sisters beforehand, so I was a little on the side of "oh yeah, these frauds," but this humanized them for me.

How to tell a story well!

by David Johnston on August 13, 2017
This user has reviewed 1 show

The Memory Box of the Sisters Fox is theatrical stage story telling at its best. The story of 19th century American spiritualism is a complicated but very important, and little known, story that had far reaching consequences for our culture. The Winding Sheet Outfit do an astounding job from beginning to end to tell this story simply, authentically and with the raw emotion that is the stuff of life. The highlight for me was the human interplay between the two younger and older sisters. At the end of the play I wanted to give all four sisters a big {HUG} for having the courage and the intelligence to tell this story in a palpable life transforming fashion. Thank you Winding Sheet Outfut!

1 person found this review helpful

Awesome in so many ways

by Renee Polk on August 12, 2017
This user has reviewed 2 shows

Cool story, interesting narrative, nontraditional storytelling, and awesome actresses. This all-female team and their show rock!

2 people found this review helpful


by Liz Blank on August 11, 2017
This user has reviewed 14 shows

This is a very interesting show. It’s one of those productions that will stick with me.

2 people found this review helpful

I cannot get this show off my mind

by Alex Schumacher on August 11, 2017
This user has reviewed 4 shows

The minute you step into the theater you know this show is going to be something special. From the moment they step on stage the entire cast is totally devoted to these characters and this story. Any feeling that you can feel, this show will make you feel. The story, the acting, the set, the ambiance, all of it is perfect.

If you can go to this show do, it'll leave you thinking and change the way you see the world.

2 people found this review helpful


by Haydin Wellens on August 11, 2017
This user has reviewed 4 shows

Style of storytelling was hooking and eventually emotionally moving and heartbreaking. My friend started crying halfway through and never stopped.

2 people found this review helpful

Perfectly done

by Bethany Nagan on August 11, 2017
This user has reviewed 6 shows

The writing, the costumes, the stage presence, the acting, the music, the effects, the artistry, the plot...absolutely everything about this production was spot on. They nailed it. It was beautiful and charming. One of the best stage performances I have ever seen, inside or outside of fringe.

2 people found this review helpful

Nice production

by Mark Webb on August 11, 2017
This user has reviewed 56 shows

Nicely crafted, these fine actors bring the script to life. It's hauntingly moody and a nice look into the history of these sisters. Very polished production.

2 people found this review helpful

Bring a Tissue

by Anna Miller on August 11, 2017
This user has reviewed 1 show

The Memory Box of the Sister's Fox is an interesting and heartbreaking true story told in a very unique way. The story writing is exquisite and the acting superb. I loved the simple, yet meaningful set and the use of sound and music was subtle and sweet. Don't miss this show and maybe bring a tissue or 2 because this story is truly tragic.

2 people found this review helpful

Expertly Executed

by Vincent Hannam on August 11, 2017
This user has reviewed 7 shows

The concept and script were so well written, it was a great time to spend in the theatre. Imaginative staging also kept the pace up and the actors were mesmerizing, deftly weaving between silliness and real dramatic gravitas.

1 person found this review helpful

Fringe gold for sound effects & costumes

by Corrie Fiedler on August 11, 2017
This user has reviewed 43 shows

If there were Fringe awards for best 'atmospheric' environment (props, lighting, costumes, and sound effects), Memory Box would win hands down. Especially loved the way the actors interacted with the usual 'welcome to Fringe' pre-show audio. And I always appreciated Fringe performances that send me to Wikipedia (search: Fox Sisters) for more.

The script was somewhat hard to follow at the beginning (maybe read that Wikipedia article BEFORE you go!).

1 person found this review helpful

Loved It

by Bailey Soika on August 11, 2017
This user has reviewed 2 shows

Such beautiful and haunting imagery. This was one of those pieces where I sat there and thought to myself, "I want to make theater like this." I have a feeling The Memory Box of the Sisters Fox will stick with me for a long time. A big thank you to the whole cast.

1 person found this review helpful

Artful & Resonant

by Kate Katzer on August 10, 2017
This user has reviewed 4 shows

This is a gorgeous piece of theater. Brilliant performances of a super tight script that does inventive work with the narrative form. The production choices are all spot-on, the sound is mesmerizing, and the use of space is phenomenal. Reserve a spot, you don't want to miss this.

1 person found this review helpful

Didn't Hold My Attention

by J. Bach on August 10, 2017
This user has reviewed 26 shows

I appreciated the acting and the visual aesthetics, but the low energy of the show and the story itself didn't hold my attention.

This one stays in my memory box forever

by Katie Starks on August 10, 2017
This user has reviewed 5 shows

This was by far my favorite Fringe show of the year and possibly my most favorite ever and I have been attending for 14 years. I have wanted to see a WSO show for sometime and I was not disappointed. So thoughtful. So enchanting. So haunting. I would absolutely see this show again if I could.

1 person found this review helpful

There Were Never Such Devoted Sisters

by Kayla Hambek on August 10, 2017
This user has reviewed 7 shows

It's hard not to repeat what everyone else has said already - this show is a winner. About 10 minutes in, I forgot I was at Fringe, and reveled in the story and the production design. Beautiful acting from Boo Segersin and Kayla Dvorak Feld brings us into the world, and the inventive directing (and fantastic use of the Arena space) keeps us there. A haunting, moving piece that is likely to stay with you for a long time.

1 person found this review helpful

Wonderful and emotional

by Jon Snow on August 9, 2017
This user has reviewed 1 show

This show was moving and engaging. It's a wonderfully told story about two sisters, and their lives.

1 person found this review helpful

Best Fringe Show

by Aurora Strike on August 9, 2017
This user has reviewed 4 shows

This is the best Fringe show I have seen this year! All of the ladies did an amazing job with their roles. Everyone had a great connection with each other and it was a joy to watch. I was blown away by all of the music/sound cues that were made by various instruments and the actors themselves. You can tell they put a great deal of work into this show. An amazing show that will give you all the feels. I hope you guys get the encore! I would see it again in a heart beat.

1 person found this review helpful


by Zoey Cobb on August 9, 2017
This user has reviewed 2 shows

This was excellent theater- The use of the space, costumes, props, effects, etc really enhanced an already interesting story told in a unique way. I have so many positive thoughts about this production but I doubt I could organize them sensibly in the allotted space, so I'll echo what others have said- Go see this!

1 person found this review helpful


by Alison Mahoney on August 9, 2017
This user has reviewed 4 shows

This play is touching and strange. Good dialog, strong, sincere performances; the stage is set eerily with the simplest of props. I entered the mysterious space and stayed engaged throughout. My only gripe is that much of the performance takes place on the floor. I had a head in front of me and sometimes could only see one actress. That being said, action taking place on the floor was part of the charm of this piece; the dialog was so clearly-spoken, I did not lose the thread of the story even when I lost sight of the characters.

1 person found this review helpful

Haunting (pun intended)

by Sarah Parker on August 8, 2017
This user has reviewed 6 shows

From the first moment, the ambiance Amber and co. created for this show, from the set to the sounds, was delicate and eerie. Every single moment, including the pre-show, felt imbued with purpose; nothing was superfluous. Beautiful performances from everyone, especially Kayla and Boo. Amber Bjork seems to have this sense of reverence for sisterhood and ritual (literal and otherwise) that can be felt in all the work of hers I've seen, and it's an absolute gift. I thought the show was beautiful. Part of me wanted a more detailed story, but I'm conflicted because I also thought it was perfect as is. I went home and googled the Fox sisters for the next two hours. Go see if you can!

1 person found this review helpful

Completely Unique

by Jacob Gulliver on August 8, 2017
This user has reviewed 7 shows

This show is artful in ways other shows strive to be. The concept is wonderful, and the use of space and props is brilliantly inventive. The cast is captivating, don't miss this one.

1 person found this review helpful

Hauntingly Beautiful

by Tim Davis on August 8, 2017
This user has reviewed 2 shows

This show is truly stunning; one of the loveliest things I've seen in a long time. Sometimes scary, sometimes funny, sometimes sad; very human for a show about spirits! Sprint with all your might to see this show! It's daring, unique, intricate, and challenging; all things a Fringe show should be!

1 person found this review helpful

Job well done!

by Bailey H. on August 8, 2017
This user has reviewed 29 shows

It is so obvious the performers/writer's heart and soul went into making this a fantastic production. Staging, music, costumes, pace, acting... all were impeccable. It was an experience from the beginning to the end, there was never a dull moment. I love theatre that teaches me something about the past while also entertaining me, and this play inspired me to look into the Fox sisters! Fabulous theatre, don't miss this one!

1 person found this review helpful

Perfect Balance

by Jacob Steinbauer on August 8, 2017
This user has reviewed 2 shows

Fantastic job examining biographical information and combining the most important moments along with the ones that best recreate the sisters on stage. Striking the balance between the story and the characters can be especially difficult when dealing with non-fiction, but this moving show tackled many of life's emotions, from silly childhood games to heartbreaking loss, and what that could mean for those who claim to commune with the dead. Great script. Never a disengaging moment.

1 person found this review helpful

Brilliant - Superb Drama with Grace

by Jim McDonough Jr on August 8, 2017
This user has reviewed 3 shows

Great story and dramatic portrayal of real-life characters with grace and elegance. Kudos to playwright/director and cast. Well-done.

1 person found this review helpful


by Taylor Perrier on August 8, 2017
This user has reviewed 2 shows

This show was crazy good. Spooky and heartfelt with funny bits too! Seriously, whoa...

Haunting exploration of sisterhood

by Lauren Peck on August 8, 2017
This user has reviewed 3 shows

I loved seeing the Fox sisters' story of starting Spiritualism come to life on stage. The actors and staging were superb and the play was incredibly well-written. I'd love to see a longer full production version of it.


by Brendan Philip on August 8, 2017
This user has reviewed 11 shows

This show is wonderful! The cast is excellent, the story is moving, and the staging is interesting & effective. I'm not sure I was in the right headspace to fully enjoy it at the outset, so it didn't resonate with me as it might have otherwise - but if I could give it 4.5 stars, I would.

Extended Life

by Reid Gagle on August 8, 2017
This user has reviewed 14 shows

This is one of those rare Fringe shows that has what it takes to live on after the Fringe. I hope that it does get a remount somewhere.

This is the haunting tale of the true-life Fox sisters who created the Spiritualist movement of the 19th century. Spiritualism took on a life of its own and became a religious movement of sorts (one of the few created by and dominated by women). But the focus here is on the sisters, how a game between young sisters grew and mutated and basically took over their lives. And how their love for each other remained constant. It's an excellent show.

Even before the Fringe, I thought the title of this show was the best in this year's Fringe. It's nice that the show itself was equally well written.

Beautiful, Poetic, Moving!

by Edwin Strout on August 8, 2017
This user has reviewed 24 shows

You don't see this kind of show at Fringe very often, so make sure that you see it. So well-crafted by every member of the cast and crew! A wonderfully strong and emotional show! I knew a little about the Fox Sisters, but this is a take on the emotional side of what these two early spiritualists went through. Such nuanced and strong performances from this all-female cast. I was engaged every second of the way.

Elegant and engaging

by Dan Linden on August 7, 2017
This user has reviewed 1 show

Part of the Fringe's charm is to see any given company's answer to the question, "What can we accomplish with an hour?" Winding Sheet Outfit's answer is a wonderful slice of theater. They use the Arena space beautifully. Compelling performances all around.

Honest Ambiguity

by Phillip Germond on August 7, 2017
This user has reviewed 6 shows

Not a single element of this show was left to chance. Everything was carefully crafted to tell the story. The characters were brought to life by the most honest performances in the Fringe. The onstage accompaniment was anything but a gimmick. Each line, each look, each movement was laden with meaning. I don't just recommend this show. I pity people who don't get to see it.

I'm not crying you're crying III

by Laura Kauth on August 7, 2017
This user has reviewed 7 shows

OK, I might have gotten a little misty. I'll reiterate what others have said; if you're short, get a seat near the floor, because that's where the (in)action is, and you don't want to miss it while glaring holes in someone's back.

I want to describe this in non-trite terms, and I can't, because every element of it conveyed the experience of the Fox sisters' performances to their audiences: ethereal, spooky, mesmerizing, innocently cunning... It's a beautiful story of a sisterly bond that's part Bronte and part The Crucible. There are childish horror stories and real tragedies. And, like all the best ghost stories, in the end we're left to wonder...was there ever a ghost at all? The spirits say "No"....


by Harry Uxley on August 7, 2017
This user has reviewed 7 shows

Perfect in every way: music, acting, setting, costumes, lighting, story created an atmosphere as evocative as memory. This is a story about loss & love that would resonate with all ages. I was moved to tears. Our children were captivated.

Beautiful, simply beautiful.

by Sarah Lanners on August 7, 2017
This user has reviewed 10 shows

I am always a fan of Boo Segersin's performances, and with Kayla Dvorak Feld, the two make a wonderful pair. Their performances were honest, making us laugh and cry, and the harmonies among the 4 primary cast members in their a cappella singing were perfectly haunting in just the right way. A very powerful true story full of intrigue. I'd say it's a must-see, and possible reserve as the space is small!

Delicate, Powerful, Lovely

by Rachel Teagle on August 7, 2017
This user has reviewed 4 shows

From the opening tableau to the final moment, every part of this show is meticulously crafted. I love me some old timey ghost ladies and this hit all of my sweet spots and genuinely moved me. The stagecraft is so, so smart.

Haunting and lovely

by Ariel Lopez on August 7, 2017
This user has reviewed 18 shows

Less a story about spiritualism than one about siblings - the occult, alcoholism, and each sister's romances are really framed in how they affect the sisterly relationship (which I enjoyed). I love this kind of theater - creative directing which is perfectly suited to the subject and serves the narrative. Compelling performances all around, and good use of the arena stage. Highly recommend.

Fascinating, Magical, Supremely Engaging

by Stanzi Schalter on August 7, 2017
This user has reviewed 3 shows

Excellent storytelling and inventive use of sound, lights, costumes, and set. All the elements are expertly drawn together to make for a magical (and, delightfully, less scary than I presumed) night at the theatre. A must-see.

A Rare Perfect Show

by S. Coleman on August 7, 2017
This user has reviewed 6 shows

This show had all the charm and beauty of finding a well loved, yet pristine antique. Every moment was well thought out, executed to perfection, that care put into this show was incredible. I was drawn into the beautiful sisterhood and entranced by the inventive staging and curated atmosphere. Amber, you killed it! The show starts before you enter it almost makes you want the fringe announcement skipped.

This show is perfect, sweet, melancholy, and the kind of thing that as an artist makes you want to collaborate with this talented group in the future.

2 people found this review helpful

Amazing show!

by Austin Robinson-Coolidge on August 7, 2017
This user has reviewed 37 shows

Tightly written, beautifully acted, and a great story. This is my favorite show of the 19 I've seen so far. The rapport between the actors was great, and they sing well, too, for an added bonus. Definitely go see this one.

1 person found this review helpful

Memory Is Mesmerizing

by Vicki Joan Keck on August 7, 2017
This user has reviewed 17 shows

We got last two tickets to this sold out show on Sunday - make reservations! The seance type atmosphere was chilling and the (true) story of these sisters is fascinating. Exquisite acting and intriguing sound effects and lighting make this a mesmerizing production. You may have nightmares!

1 person found this review helpful


by Matilda Ruth on August 7, 2017
This user has reviewed 7 shows

If you attend this show, get a seat in the front. The Arena isn't the best space for a show that has the actors sitting or laying for a good portion. Love the rapport between the sisters. Actors have great emotion and singing voices.

A Must See!

by Kevin Granger on August 7, 2017
This user has reviewed 4 shows

Beautiful work by the cast and creators. A Must see!
The show kept me wanting more.


by Lynn Hickman on August 6, 2017
This user has reviewed 9 shows

Lovely production that makes you aware of the questions without answers...

A memory box you won't soon forget

by Anne Christians on August 6, 2017
This user has reviewed 6 shows

This was a delight to watch. It was very obvious that all involved are technicians of the craft and considered the show from all angles. As a result, the production was very tight, well executed, and extremely polished. The story was interesting and held your attention throughout. The format was very effective, and the acting was excellent. This show is a must-see, and I hope it goes into further production after the fringe.

1 person found this review helpful

I'm Geeking Out

by Laura Mason on August 6, 2017
This user has reviewed 6 shows

Love the performances, the aesthetic, the SCRIPT. This show is making me nerd out and if you want to see it, reserve a ticket! It was wonderful to see it in a full house.

I'm a Skeptic

by Riley Parham on August 6, 2017
This user has reviewed 14 shows

The director and cast make impeccable use of the Rarig Arena space. Their minimal in-the-round set design works perfectly to evoke a seance. While I loved the actors performance as well as the director's clever use of picture frames, I found myself wanting more from the story.
If spiritualism isn't your thing, you can miss this one. However, if you are into mediums and the like, this is the perfect show for you.

1 person found this review helpful

Lucky to see this one

by Brooke Magid Hart on August 6, 2017
This user has reviewed 13 shows

I got one of the last seats in a sold out show and lucked out. Excellent delivery of a unique and interesting script. Definitely recommend this show!

1 person found this review helpful


by Sara Robinson-Coolidge on August 6, 2017
This user has reviewed 49 shows

Wonderful script, costuming, acting. I loved everything about this, including the historical aspect.

1 person found this review helpful


by Callie Meiners on August 6, 2017
This user has reviewed 4 shows

A beautiful piece all around. I loved the movement of the piece. The choreography was perscise and wonderful. I loved the work with the veils and the picture frames. Beautiful performances by Kayla and Boo. Amber lead an amazing chorus of music boxes. Definitely a must see.

Reserve a seat before it is too late!

by Sofia Lindgren Galloway on August 6, 2017
This user has reviewed 9 shows

Sad, and funny, and strange. Best thing I've seen so far. Music, story, and movement blend beautifully to create a mysterious world. There isn't a weak line anywhere in this production. I hope it gets a remount after Fringe!

Feminist Victorian Gothic Occult

by Kit Bix on August 6, 2017
This user has reviewed 5 shows

This show about the sisters who founded the mid-to-late 19th c. spiritualism craze is like one of those Victorian jewel-inlaid music box that eerily tinkles out suspiciously saccharine children's lullabies. It's filled with gems - sparkling moments like the expression on Boo Segersin's face - beaming, ecstatic - as she slowly walks forward to her beloved. Themes range from the psychological ramifications of the ante-bellum domesticity cult to the emotional underpinnings of occult fantasies to the artists' ever-present temptation to capitalize on imagination. Direction is off-the-charts superb, design is beautiful, great use of physical theater techniques, and fine acting throughout. Many beautiful, memorable moments.

History? Spirits Speaking? Heck YAS.

by Kristopher Dean on August 6, 2017
This user has reviewed 4 shows

I love historical non fiction and if you do too then get your booty to this show. Very well directed and thoughtfully staged. Funny at times bordering on casual yet dealing with a topic that aroused fear in many left me craving a greater sense of fear of the unknown. The story was heartfelt and sad. Definitely an enjoyable piece of theater.

Out of this world powerful!

by Marie Cooney on August 6, 2017
This user has reviewed 16 shows

An extremely well polished gem. Great setting, props, costumes, sound effects from the second one enters the performance space. Outstanding performances by all. Excellent direction. Highest compliment is I would love to see it again. Written script was excellent: I really enjoyed the weaving explanations of child's play turned into hoax, gifted women who provided resources in times of need and brought about changes, true or forced or false confessions, the pain of losing a close sister whether in life or in death. I imagine this play being produced beyond the Fringe, but see it now, just in case. Favorite so far.

Heartfelt and moving

by Little Voice on August 6, 2017
This user has reviewed 16 shows

Simple, beautiful staging and impeccable performances. The characters were beautifully brought to life.

So good. So sad. So beautiful

by Corinna Troth on August 5, 2017
This user has reviewed 4 shows

This is basically an example of a perfect Fringe show: Artistically ambitious, Technically streamlined, Visually stunning with a minimum of scenery and props, all of which are gorgeous. Thoughtful, engaging performances. Gorgeous unaccompanied singing. It fits a lifetime into the strict fringe time allowance, and at the show's conclusion, I simultaneously felt both very satisfied and longed for more.

1 person found this review helpful

Unexpected Gem

by Randa Schollmeyer on August 5, 2017
This user has reviewed 8 shows

I thought this show would be interesting (and it was), but it was so much more than that. This show is well done. The stage is set perfectly for the story. The performances are strong with subtle changes in facial expressions that said volumes. The story is told in a compelling, compassionate way - without being sappy or making excuses. The show seems as if it were made for the arena stage, which it probably wasn't, so cheers to the company for adapting so well. If you sometimes skip historical dramas out of concern that they will be dry and boring, take heart that this one is neither. Ultimately it's the story of two sisters - like Frozen, but not.

Timeless Tale of Love, Life & Death

by Penny Sterling on August 5, 2017
This user has reviewed 4 shows

A beautiful, elegant, and economical telling of the story of the Fox Sisters--communicators with the dead, or opportunists who let a childhood game get out of hand, or maybe both. It's a rich, layered story, and it's handled deftly and knowingly, directed by the Medium who glides effortlessly through the space and time of the tale--even as the characters portrayed have difficulty reliving it. It's that delicious drifting across the line of life and death that made the Fox Sisters so compelling, and that drift is handled brilliantly by this group. Plus, it's staged with the precision of a music box in a way that's perfect for the in-the-round setting of the Rarig Center Arena!! Congratulations to all involved!

Visually beautiful show

by Fourth Wall on August 5, 2017
This user has reviewed 24 shows

A unique twist on the concept of "perception is reality." Strong acting. If the occult is not your thing, you can miss this one. I'm glad I saw it.

Outstanding Fringe fare

by Christopher DeVaan on August 5, 2017
This user has reviewed 17 shows

THIS is what Fringe was made for. This is an incredible piece that would probably get looked over, except for two inspired performances from the lead actresses.
Boo Segersin & Kayla Feld, both of whom I have had the priviledge of working with, move & interact with absolute harmony. If you didn't know it was theater, if you didn't know that they weren't actually related, weren't actually sisters, you'd never know. In their laughter, their tears, their fighting, & their absolute care of one another, the two bring this story of these two sisters to a life that is unlike a lot of Fringe theater you are likely to see.

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Loved it!

by Mark Long on August 5, 2017
This user has reviewed 5 shows

I love when a production immediately immerses you into their world even as you are finding your seat. The atmosphere created by The Winding Sheet Outfit perfectly suits this haunting tale. Beautiful, creepy, and touching, this is a wonderful, quiet, almost delicate production expertly performed by the company members.
It's really a treat to see something so well-conceived, so well-performed, and so different from most other theater productions.

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by Joseph Lowe on August 5, 2017
This user has reviewed 3 shows

I was so excited to see this show and I was not disappointed. The use of story telling, staging, and the two women were breath taking! Definitely put this on your Fringe list and check it out!

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Spiritualism: real or imagined?

by Nanette Stearns on August 5, 2017
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I had some familiarity with the Fox sisters and the early Spiritualist movement so knew a bit of what I was getting into. The staging and costuming was amazing and I found myself moved in ways I didn't expect. Were the sisters really able to communicate with the dead? Or were they making it all up? Or were they making part of it up? You may not have a clear answer at the end but you'll be engaged and entertained with this beautiful production!

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On my Recommend List

by Jim Louis on August 5, 2017
This user has reviewed 30 shows

Sometimes there is confusion at the start that makes no sense, however, this was a refreshing change to that. This show has a range of emotion that I rarely see. It was well conceived in using the stage layout. Definitely, go see it!

Elegant and touching

by Florence Brammer on August 5, 2017
This user has reviewed 41 shows

What an elegant show, with painstaking detail to sound, props, costumes, lighting and movement, as well as a tight and rich script. I did not know anything about these real-life sisters, and this very satisfying show combines a very touching domestic story of the sisters' devotion to one another with the evolution of Spiritualism. The Arena venue is perfect for this lovely show.

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gorgeous & gentle haunting

by Lydia Blaisdell on August 5, 2017
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Really enjoyed this piece for the use of gesture & a soundscape to convey mood & themes. Seriously wonderful work by all the actors & designers involved. Recommend strongly.

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Sad Tale

by Walter Furtney on August 5, 2017
This user has reviewed 35 shows

Fascinating historical tale. I was vaguely familiar with the girls story and I enjoyed the dramatization of the story which will make me do further research. I did feel however that the middle 20 minutes dragged a little.

Surprise I'm crying II

by Emma Dozier on August 5, 2017
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(Stealing that review title because seriously, same.) I felt the sisterly bond. I laughed at the at-the-expense-of-historical-figures joke so. I was intrigued by the debate of spiritualism between the sisters later in life. When Katie dies (not a spoiler) and comes back to observe her sister, suddenly I was crying. The Medium was SO important as a heard-but-rarely-seen character. It kept the pacing flowing in a magical way. Loved this show in the round!

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by Betsy Loikow on August 5, 2017
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Every detail was perfectly executed in support of the narrative. I loved how they used the space and the love and care with which they treated their subjects. A thoroughly enjoyable and engaging way to spend an hour at Fringe.

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by Daniel Pinkerton on August 5, 2017
This user has reviewed 6 shows

Forgive the pun, but this historically grounded story of two young sisters who found the Spiritualism movement in the 19th century is eerie, moving, and will stay with you. The narrative is nontraditional but clear. The performances, particularly Boo Segersin and Kayla Dvorak Feld, are superb. Simple props and music are used effectively. It's not without humor, but it is a tragedy, and a show I would urge everyone to see.

2 people found this review helpful


by Simone Needles on August 5, 2017
This user has reviewed 3 shows

The quiet, intimate setting pulls you into the story. The use of space, movement, and practical onstage sound effects create a world unbound by life, death, and time as the story of the Sisters Fox unfolds.

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by Braden Joseph on August 4, 2017
This user has reviewed 2 shows

I have been a long time fan of stories of the supernatural, and so when I saw this show listed for Fringe, I've kept my eye on it. AND BOY DID IT LIVE UP TO EXPECTATIONS AND MORE! The script is great, intertwining storytelling and theatrical scenes creating a very personal play. The actors are phenomenal and I will be following all of their careers. I do hope that this show lives beyond Fringe, because this is a piece of work that deserves it. It's a total must-see, you won't regret it.

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Surprise, now I'm crying

by Beckett Love on August 4, 2017
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Wow. I went in because the image on the postcard was freaky as sh*t. Ready for spooky and creepy, I settled myself in front for some scares. The only thing that was scary was how scary good this ensemble was. They worked together flawlessly to tell an emotionally charged story of family and loss that left me weeping. The choreography was beautiful and intentional. They created a world that was vivid and alive (even the dead? How'd they do that? You'll just have to see) and I found myself completely immersed in the story. So glad that I chose this as my first show of the season.

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Cast and crew

Megan Campbell Lagas

Catherine Fox Jencken, and shadowy others

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Megan is the Mother of two boys and a lot of pets, a Teacher, and a Theatre Artist. She has performed with 15 Head: a theatre lab, Children’s Theatre Company, Illusion Theatre, Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra, Theatre Unbound, Theatre in the Round, The Winding Sheet Outfit, and Sandbox Theatre where she has been a collaborator since 2004, and a company member since 2012. Sandbox credits include aphasiatica:duet, Zelda: Wonderland, War with the Newts (2007 and 2015), Suitcase, This Is A World To Live in, Marie-Jeanne Valet Who Defeated La Bête du Gevaudan, Killer Inside (Project Lead), and 600 Years (Music Director/Composer). Sisters Fox is Megan’s third collaboration with The Winding Sheet Outfit.

Megan earned her BA in Theatre and MA in Education, both at the College of St. Catherine. She teaches English at Adult Basic Education, Minneapolis Public Schools.

October 2017: Wanda Gag: In The Treetops (Project Lead) -- Sandbox Theatre at Open Eye Theatre

Kayla Dvorak Feld

Kate Fox

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Kayla is an actor and teaching artist in the Twin Cities. Formally of God's Country (Iowa), she received her B.A. in Theatre Arts at Simpson College. She is quite pleased to be performing with The Winding Sheet Outfit for a second time, having been previously seen in The Theatre of the Tiny Clandestines. Kayla has also worked with companies such as Daleko Arts, Theatre Pro Rata, Hero Now Theatre, Theatre Unbound, Theatre in the Round, among others. When she's not making theatre, Kayla enjoys reading, sleeping, being outdoors with her husband, and looking lovingly at her perfect dog, Mira.

2016: Mead Hall - Tedious Brief Productions
2011: Tempests - Tedious Brief Productions

Oct-Nov 2017: Body & Sold - Chain Reaction Theatre Project

Kristina Fjellman

Margaret Fox Kane, and shadowy others

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Kristina is a visual artist and performer, and is drawn to projects that combine these passions. She has exhibited sculpture in the Midwest and Twin Cities, is a 2010-2011 recipient of a Jerome Fiber Art Project Grant at the Minnesota Textile Center, and has performed with The Winding Sheet Outfit, Red Eye Theater and Sandbox Theatre. Her work with The Winding Sheet Outfit’s Theater of the Tiny Clandestines received a Knight Arts Challenge grant in 2014. Recently, a retrospective of her work was exhibited in Apparent Magnetism at Coe College in Cedar Rapids, IA, and Reflection and Refraction exhibition at The Phipps Center for the Arts in Hudson, WI. She was last seen on stage in 600 Years with Sandbox Theatre.

Kristina is a graduate of St. Catherine University with a Master of Arts in Education in both Art and Theater Education. She is an ensemble member of Sandbox Theatre and a founding member of The Winding Sheet Outfit.


2014: Fringe Orphans 3 “Fit in This” – Performer
2012: Birds of Passage - Winding Sheet Outfit- Ensemble/Peformer
2009: Full Frontal: A Tale of Love and Lobotomies- Director/Performer
2008: Lysistrata 2.0 - Ensemble/Performer
2006: Baghdad Burning - Performer

October 2017: Wanda Gag: In the Treetops (ensemble) – Sandbox Theatre, performing at Open Eye Figure Theatre
Fall 2017: exhibition (featured artist) -- at Gilded Pear Gallery in Cedar Rapids, IA

Boo Segersin

Maggie Fox

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Boo is freelance performer (acting, singing, moving, devising) who has been working in and around the Twin Cities since the age of 6. She has worked with many wonderful companies including Fearless Comedy Productions, Impossible Salt, Really Spicy Opera, Swandive Theatre, SteppingStone Theatre, Six Elements Theatre, Ghoulish Delights, Sod House Theater, Silver Slipper Productions, Cross Community Players, Lyric Arts, Children's Theatre Company, History Theatre and the Minnesota Opera. She is also a teaching artist with Stages Theatre Company and performs at birthday parties as a certain princess. Boo graduated Summa Cum Laude from Augsburg College with a B.A in Theater Arts: Performance and Directing/Dramaturgy/Playwriting with a minor in Musical Theater (and Norwegian).

2016: Game of Thrones: The Musical-- Really Spicy Opera Company
2015: Melancholy London--Ghoulish Delights

Andre Johnson Jr.

Stage Manager

André Johnson Jr. is a theatre artist in the twin cities stage managing, designing, acting, and creating works. Though he has only been in the cities two years, it has been a whirlwind of shows, great people, and fantastic theatre. He is excited to do his first show with The Winding Sheet Outfit and getting the chance to work with such amazing artists again.

2016: Home (The place where my stuff resides) (Publicity) -- Red Dice Collective
2016: Darlings (Stage Manager) - Animal Engine
2016: A Mario Kart Named Desire (Set, Costume, Props designer) -- Melanistic Squirrel

October 2017: The Minotaur (Stage Manager) -- Theatre Pro Rata at the Crane Theater

Amber Bjork

Director / Medium

Amber is a Twin Cities-based actor, director, writer, and producer. She is the founding member of The Winding Sheet Outfit, recipient of a 2013 Irrigate grant and a 2014 St. Paul Arts Challenge grant from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation for the production of the travelling tent show, The Theatre of the Tiny Clandestines. She is a recent recipient of a 2017 MRAC Next Step grant funded by McKnight Foundation that will allow her to take The Winding Sheet Outfit outside of theaters and into more surprising and non-traditional spaces.

From 2009 to 2016, Amber was a company member and artistic associate of Theatre Pro Rata, where she directed T Bone N Weasel, Elephant’s Graveyard, and The Knight of the Burning Pestle, and appeared in several productions including The Beauty Queen of Leenane, Lovers & Executioners, and The Taming of the Shrew. She has also appeared onstage with Transatlantic Love Affair, Savage Umbrella, Theater Unbound, nimbus, and Guthrie Theater, and collaborated and directed for Sandbox Theatre, Freshwater Theater, and Tedious Brief Productions, among others. Amber works year-round for the Minnesota Fringe Festival as the artist liaison and thinks you should bend time and space to see every show in this festival.

2015: 105 Proof or the Killing of Mack “the Silencer” Klein – Transatlantic Love Affair
2014: Marie-Jeanne Valet Who Defeated La Bete du Gevaudan – Sandbox Theatre
2014: Fringe Orphans 3 “Fit in This” – Navel Gaze Productions
2013: Turn Signals – Freshwater Theatre
2013: Fringe Orphans 2 “The Sound of Food” – Navel Gaze Productions
2012: Birds of Passage – The Winding Sheet Outfit
2011: Tempests – Tedious Brief Productions
2009: Bard Fiction – Tedious Brief Productions

October 6 – 22, 2017: The Minotaur (director) – Theatre Pro Rata, performing at The Crane Theater

More information

As children, Kate and Maggie Fox convinced their family, community, and ultimately the world that they could talk to spirits, essentially kicking off the Spiritualist Movement and creating the profession of Medium. In later life they announced that it was all a hoax. But their confession found them ousted by the Spiritualist community rather than toppling it, and they would die soon after, penniless and defamed. Inside this history is a tale of two sisters, their relationship to each other and to the dead. We tell their story in the form of a seance and give them time to speak. 

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 Photography by Melanie Miller. Graphic design by Kris Heding.


In our telling of the Fox Sisters' story, we set the stage for spirits and seances. Is it horror? No. While those of us in the present day may look back at shrouded ladies and hand-holding circles in the dark as mysterious and spine-tingling, the Spritualists of the 1800s saw these things as a beacon of hope. Death was more common in those days--diseases, accidents, the Civil War--what people were really searching for was proof of life after this one and the assurance that death enilightens rather than silences us.

The Memory Box of the Sisters Fox is a love letter to Margaret Fox Kane and Catherine Fox Jencken. As the accidental founders of the Spritualist Movement, their lives were fascinating and tragic, filled with spirits and loss. And while they were separated from time to time, their lives wound around each other, supported each other, beginning and ending in the same shared fates. The play is a blurring of past and present, of living and dead, and the kind of theater that transports you and one that reminds you exactly where you are sitting. There is sweetness, but mostly sorrow.

If you're interested in learning more about the Fox Sisters, here are some enjoyable references.

Podcast: The Memory Palace "The Sisters Fox." This was the first time we heard about them, and was the inspiration to make this show.

Podcast: Lore "Passing Notes." Another take on the story. While TMP episode is bittersweet, this one is a bit darker.

Book: Talking to the Dead: Kate and Maggie Fox and the Rise of Spiritualism by Barbara Weisberg. A meticulous book on the Fox Sisters, and the main point of reference for our production.

Book:  The Reluctant Spiritualist: The Life of Maggie Fox by Nany Rubin Stuart. While Weisberg's book comes from the perspective of a believer, this text is a bit more pragmatic.


For those of you familiar with the history of these ladies, you'll notice a stark omission to our tale--the third sister, Leah Fox Underhill. Leah was more than two decades older than Maggie and Kate, and a sly entrepreneur. Once she heard about her younger sisters' abilities, she rushed to claim them and control them. Leah became their manager and manipulator, their constant companion and puppetmaster. She ushered them into the houses of the wealthy and encouraged them to drink the wine that was offered, which they became terribly addicted to. Their substance abuse eventually lead them to early graves in their 50s. Leah used the fame of her younger sisters to build her own renown, and she has her own amazing story to tell, albeit mostly embellished by herself. Because of all of this mischief, Leah has been banished from our production. If we must call Maggie and Kate back to re-live their humanity, we can spare them that much.


The Winding Sheet Outfit is delighted to return to the Minnesota Fringe Festival. The last time we appeared in the festival, it was 2012 and we presented Birds of Passage, an original tale of immigrant sea crossings with live music. Since then, WSO has been busy with projects both small and large, including dance pieces (Sandbox Theatre's word/move), a take on a literary wizarding tale (MN Fringe's Five Fifths of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone), and our popular traveling tent series The Theatre of the Tiny Clandestines (funded in part by the Irrigate grant and the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, and in part by our lovely donors and supporters).

We have a lot of plans in our pantry and we're making efforts to bring our simple, weird, shadowy stories out of the theaters and to suprising spaces near you in the future. Keep track of us, and you'll be rewarded. If you like what we do, it's you we're making these stories for.

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