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There is one big thing that makes Fringe different from any other event in town: All the shows you'll see at Fringe were selected randomly by lottery.

Yep. That's right. Each year the lineup is crafted by placing numbered ping-pong balls into a bingo cage and drawing them out, one by one. From stage veterans to people who are brand new to theater, Minnesota Fringe is a forum for anyone with a story to tell. We also provide the necessary support to make producing a show as easy as possible, regardless of where you land on the artistic spectrum.

Anyone (yes, anyone) can apply to have a show in the festival. If you'd like to have a show in our next festival, applications will go live in November here on our website. Sign up for our newsletter to receive a reminder as well as information about other theater events happening around town.

The mission of the Minnesota Fringe is to promote creative freedom and diversity of artistic expression by linking adventurous artists with adventurous audiences. Thank you for joining in this adventure!

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Shows start and end on time at Fringe. With hundreds of performances and dozens of shows in just 11 days, we have to run a tight schedule to avoid descending into chaos. Performances are no more than 60 minutes long with a half hour between each show.

On weekdays shows begin at 5:30pm, 7pm, 8:30pm and 10pm. On weekends there are additional shows at 1pm, 2:30pm and 4pm.

Late seating: There is NO LATE SEATING at Minnesota Fringe. In addition to keeping our schedule, late seating is a safety issue for artists and audiences.

Safety for artists: Some of our theaters require that patrons walk across parts of the stage to reach the seating area, and many of our production companies’ stage work encompasses entrances and exits from the house.

Safety for audiences: Entering a darkened theater, possibly for the first time, and trying to find open seats puts patrons and volunteers at unnecessary risk.

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Fringe Central

Fringe Central, sponsored by Surly Brewing and hosted by a local establishment, serves as the late-night watering hole for artists, staff, volunteers and audience members alike. Come in after a day full of shows to grab a beer and some bar food. Talk about what you loved and what you didn’t. Meet the artists behind the scenes and actors on the stage. Find out what you should see tomorrow or dream up your own idea for next year. You never know what will happen during Fringe, but dropping by Fringe Central gives you a serious head start.

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What to Wear

Shorts and a t-shirt. Seriously. Also, a pair of comfy shoes will serve you well in case you have to wait in line. Most Fringe shows take place indoors in air-conditioned venues, so having a layer to throw on in case you get chilly is also advisable.

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Choosing a Show

With hundreds of performances and dozens of shows, it's scandalous to see just one. But how to choose the perfect lineup?

Search by genre: You can filter for genres when trying to decide what to see.

Talk to people: It only sounds scary. Just look for the folks in lanyards. Lanyards are worn by Fringe artists and there are at least a thousand of them dying to tell you about their show.

Read and write reviews: See what audiences are raving about on our audience review page, then return the favor and let others know what you thought.

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Get Involved

Fringe isn't just a festival - it's a community, and it couldn't exist without people like you.

Create: Applications for the 2018 festival will are live on this website. Fringe is open to everyone, shows are selected by lottery, and you don't even need to have a show ready when you apply.

Volunteer: Our volunteers are near and dear to our hearts and make our festival go, so we shower them with lots of love and complimentary seats! Sign up for a shift now!

Socialize: Join us any night of the festival at our official hangout, Fringe Central sponsored by Surly Brewing and hosted by a local establishment, for a beer, a burger and maybe even some late-night shenanigans.

Support: Help us create Minnesota's Summer Theater Crawl by donating to or sponsoring our annual festival. Gifts of any size make a large contribution to our ability to meet our mission.

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Box Office Info

Pass, Reservations, and Tickets, Oh My!

In 2018, Fringe will still offer passes but is also re-introducing single tickets options to see shows. We are re-tooling our Box Office policies to reflect our changes. Please check back for more information in the spring.

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Gruesome Playground Injuries

By Mosaic Productions
Written by Rajiv Joseph

Playing at HUGE Theater


Storytelling/Spoken word, First-time Minnesota Fringe Festival producer

A boy. A girl. A nurse's office. One of them, an accident-prone goofball and the other a darkly witty cynic. Follow 30 years in the friendship, injuries, and scars of Kayleen and Doug.

The creators say this show is appropriate for ages Grown-ups only (18+)


Thu, 8/3 @ 5:30pm


Sat, 8/5 @ 10:00pm


Sun, 8/6 @ 7:00pm


Fri, 8/11 @ 10:00pm


Sat, 8/12 @ 5:30pm

* Reservations not required, but a Day Pass is. Find out more below.

Ticket Options

Day Passes are $16 on weekdays; $22 on weekends. Day Passes serve as entry to any show in the festival on a given day. Optional reservations to guarantee a seat for a particular performance are available by clicking the "reserve" button above. Day Passes can be purchased in advance with a reservation or at any venue box office during the festival.

Weekdays 1pm-3pm and Weekends 11am-1pm we'll also open an Alternative Box Office at Fringe Central so you can grab a Day Pass and skip the lines at the venue before the show.

Day Passes for kids 12 and under are available at any box office during the festival just $5 every day.

A 2017 Fringe button isn't required for entry, but it does get you access! Wearing it not only identifies you as a part of a fabulous Fringe community, it also entitles you to special deals at local bars and restaurants and access to reduced ticket prices at various theaters throughout the year. Get your 2017 Fringe button for only $4 at any Fringe preview event or Fringe venue during the festival.

Read the reviews


by Janis Emily Peabody on August 16, 2017
This user has reviewed 48 shows

What a sad story! Very well done.

How to become a pirate the hard way

by Susan Roberts on August 12, 2017
This user has reviewed 5 shows

Well that was a cautionary tale! Do not climb on roofs during thunderstorms or let a Zamboni run over you. You'll turn into a sad pirate.

And this sums up this show.

All the feels

by Chad Rowe on August 12, 2017
This user has reviewed 1 show

This show truly takes you on an emotional rollercoaster and the actors are impecible. By far my favorite show this Fringe!!!

Heartwarming and Horrifying

by Tim Perfect on August 12, 2017
This user has reviewed 3 shows

I was so pleasantly surprised by this charming, witty production, skillfully directed with economy in a small space by Shawna Bradt, and the these complex, troubled characters brought to such life by Lauren Schulke and Dakotah Brown, two young actors who have a bright future ahead of them. I was fully invested in both Doug and Kayleen's stories, and in the short span of a fringe show drama, that is a tall order. Hats off to the director, actors, crew, and Mosaic's production staff. I look forward to seeing what the future brings for this young company.


by Mariellen Jacobson on August 12, 2017
This user has reviewed 38 shows

Wonderful performances of a terrific script by Rajiv Joseph about two friends who fly in each other’s’ orbits for 30 years, intersecting only occasionally but at critical points of their lives. It’s hilarious and heartbreaking and touching.

1 person found this review helpful

Great performance

by Thai Nguyen on August 12, 2017
This user has reviewed 1 show

The actor/actress show great chemistry, and deliver a fantastically powerful show. There are ups and downs through the show and they have us laughing one moment, and gasping the next. This is a great show to go see!

Well done

by Austin Robinson-Coolidge on August 12, 2017
This user has reviewed 37 shows

Interesting and very well done.

creative and funny

by Milli Manchester on August 12, 2017
This user has reviewed 12 shows

great acting! i was impressed! the characters were relateable and the story had some depth to it.

This Show Cuts Deep

by Steve Looten on August 8, 2017
This user has reviewed 2 shows

I was entertained by the silly conversations, but this performance won me over when the adult characters talked about pain and relationships in ways I've shared with my own friends and romantic interests. I laughed a bit, but I more appreciated how Gruesome Playground Injuries delves into how we wound and heal each other.

Gruesome Playground Injuries

by Chase Kiefer on August 8, 2017
This user has reviewed 1 show

The shows cast conveyed a sense of relentless love as well as extreme heartbreak. Just like experiencing real love there were moments I laughed, but also moments I couldn't help but well up. Kudos to the cast for delivering a performance not soon to be forgotten.

Well acted, funny, hit me in the feels

by David Lawson on August 8, 2017
This user has reviewed 7 shows

Dakotah and Lauren are insanely good in this show. Funny, charismatic, and for a show about pain and hurt they both "went there" when things got heavy, and used just the right light touch when things were light.

Couldn't look away!

by Alex Friedemann on August 8, 2017
This user has reviewed 2 shows

Seriously so good. Spellbinding. Watching the actors' eyes was something else, too. So much storytelling can come through the eyes and both actors have a keen grasp on this concept. Stellar production.

Yep - this was really good

by Josh Forsythe on August 7, 2017
This user has reviewed 5 shows

Sometimes, a Fringe show doesn't have to be weird, or edgy, or off-the-wall. Sometimes, all you need are two great actors, a solid script, and a couple lockers. I'd go back and watch it again right now if I could - just so well done.

First Show I Saw; Might be best I see

by Matthew Garten on August 7, 2017
This user has reviewed 8 shows

This is the show I will compare all other fringe shows to this year. Great (real) characters. Amazing script. Fantastic acting. This show has it all. Only negative: it was only 50 minutes long. Could easily have sat through another 50 minutes. Laugh. Cry. Lighthearted and serious at the same time. Makes you feel; just like real art should! Do Not Miss This One!

2 people found this review helpful

Loved it!

by Jessica Sieck on August 7, 2017
This user has reviewed 1 show

I highly recommend going to see this show!! It's the perfect balance of sweet and heartbreaking and there's never a dull moment. Lauren and Dakotah were both phenomenal and did such a great job of bringing the characters and their relationship to life. Definitely make time to see this show!

Gruesome Playground Injuries

by Sue Davis on August 7, 2017
This user has reviewed 1 show

I loved this show. The performances were wonderful, the dialogue was clever, the story was heartbreakingly sweet. The language was pre PC , but very real for the period of time it plays in.


by McKenzie Alosi on August 7, 2017
This user has reviewed 1 show

Amazing show with amazing actors!

Well done.

by Delaney Gilliam on August 7, 2017
This user has reviewed 2 shows

This is one of my favorite plays and I thought the actors did a phenomal job of portraying such a complex and compelling relationship. I enjoyed every aspect of the performance. The scene changes/costume changes were smooth and executed well. Overall, a job well done!

Good to the point of overdone

by Hailey Colwell on August 7, 2017
This user has reviewed 8 shows

The actors had wonderful chemistry and brought a lot to the tense, dark and sometimes funny script — especially at the beginning. But what started out as an intriguing look into two friends' relationship fell into a predictable pattern about halfway through, and even the strong actors could not sustain it. Overall, it was a pretty good take on a [pre-existing, published] drama, but the drama became too heavy-handed to totally accept it.

1 person found this review helpful

Lots of layers

by Kathy Bedford on August 6, 2017
This user has reviewed 2 shows

Very good characters changing, and not changing, over time. Nuanced and complex storyline. Nice balance of humor and drama. I would have liked to have seen their relationship later in life.

small crisp production

by James Chase on August 6, 2017
This user has reviewed 2 shows

Great acting, they got me wrapped up in their story. Sad tale that seems incomplete, but relationships often are.


by J. Bach on August 6, 2017
This user has reviewed 26 shows

Captivating actors, captivating script, captivating finished product. I'm particularly impressed by how the cast and crew created all that they did on what must be one of the smallest dramatic acting stages of all time. The audience was utterly transported by what was happening on that tiny stage.

Good story--worth seeing

by Michelle Blaeser on August 6, 2017
This user has reviewed 11 shows

This was well acted and a good story with flash back scenes revealing the beginning of the friendship. I enjoyed it a lot and it is worth seeing.

Love me, love me not

by Gene Bard on August 6, 2017
This user has reviewed 14 shows

Well acted. Good story but wished for more love and less conflict as story continued.
Really good.

Excellent show

by Keith Uhlig on August 6, 2017
This user has reviewed 1 show

Terrific acting and attention to details such as lighting, costume changes and pacing all make this show absolutely compelling. Absorbing, bittersweet story about two flawed people -- funny, sad, intense.

Acting good, script needs help

by Stephanie Alexander on August 6, 2017
This user has reviewed 7 shows

The reason that this is getting 3 stars is for the acting, script alone would make it a 1 or 2. As others have said... it's 2017, the R word is in poor taste. If the scenes and ages wouldn't have been in the program I would have been really lost. Were the characters really good friends at some point? It was hard to tell, as I felt like they were always upset with each other. But, if they weren't close then why all the emotions? Interesting choice having the actors change on stage, probably the best use of the stage though if so many costume changes are required. My recommendation- If at Huge and can't make it to another show on time stick around and watch it, don't drive all the way there for it specifically.

I was going to give it 3 stars but...

by Vanessa Markman on August 6, 2017
This user has reviewed 4 shows

The frequent and flippant use of the "r" word in this show is completely unacceptable. I take this word very seriously and it took me out of the story every time it was used. Dakotah's performance was the only redeeming element of this piece. I found him endearing and honest, and I appreciated his effort to connect to the other actor, who felt a bit artificial. I expected more from a piece with a published script and such glowing reviews, but unfortunately I do not recommend this piece.

I was totally sold

by Max Hailperin on August 6, 2017
This user has reviewed 5 shows

Despite the glowing reviews, I wasn"t sure this would be my cup of tea. But only if I were dead could I be anything less than enthralled by these performances.

1 person found this review helpful

Broken Lives

by Eric Meininger on August 6, 2017
This user has reviewed 31 shows

Two lives, intertwined, add laughter, trust, and tears and you'll come close to this show. 5 stars. This is a small theater and this will sell out. Arrive really early or reserve seats ahead. You won't regret it.

PS - Minnesotan's don't like to sit in the front row, so look for your seats up there.

1 person found this review helpful

I love a good drama.

by Bailey Hess on August 6, 2017
This user has reviewed 29 shows

Interesting storyline, lots of layers, it was compelling, well-acted, and I lost myself in the hour. At times it was a tiny bit over dramatic, but then it would go back to being great. Dakotah is absolutely fantastic, I completely believed he was the character.

Amazing show

by Jimbo Kramer on August 6, 2017
This user has reviewed 8 shows

This play requires mature actors, and boy did they deliver. The actors in this play were committed to their characters and confident in their performance. They took on every part of the character, including the ugly parts. I was highly impressed with this play and would see it again in a heart beat!

Humorous, engaging, and moving

by Vivian Cook on August 6, 2017
This user has reviewed 3 shows

A comedy and drama and sitcom all wrapped up in one, Gruesome Playground Injuries is well-acted and engaging from beginning to end. Go see it!

Good theater

by karl evans on August 6, 2017
This user has reviewed 1 show

Drama with some well written lines of comedy. Scene changes were creative and kept you in the story. Very creative use of a small stage. Thoughtful direction with actors truly telling a story that all audience members can relate to. Overall.... a favorite fringe show.

Worth Seeing

by Bradley Johnson on August 6, 2017
This user has reviewed 56 shows

I won't go into all the details and there are enough other reviews that do, but this was a nice surprise for me. Wasn't high on my list, but really glad I saw it. And... it was close to a sold out show, so arrive early or reserve a seat!

1 person found this review helpful

really well-done

by Richelle Amundson on August 6, 2017
This user has reviewed 39 shows

A drama about people's wounds and how two people are wrapped together through them. No quibbles with the performance at all - found it impressively performed. Regarding the story, I was left feeling it may have celebrated a co-dependently entwined relationship more than I personally was comfortable sitting with at the end.

Don't miss this show.

by hawk eye on August 6, 2017
This user has reviewed 7 shows

Lower your expectations while entering, On return you will be 110% satisfied.
Both the actors are stunning, nice screenplay, Lots of F word, lovely romance.
Lovely coordination, cute pair. Must watch show.

Worth it

by Krispin Shax on August 6, 2017
This user has reviewed 11 shows

It's very, very good. It's not standard Fringe fare, since it's a proper drama more at home in a formal theater than at a festival like this, but for that reason it's a very welcome change of pace.

Though the script is magnificent, one gets the feeling that cuts had to be made to squeeze it into an hour, and so certain moments feel a little smooshed and unnatural, as if cobbled.

The acting, by and large, is quite good. The star of the show is the script itself, though. It's one of those great shows where you're hypnotized just by two people's lives.

Strong Performances of a Strong Script!

by Carl Swanson on August 6, 2017
This user has reviewed 2 shows

Wonderful performances! Both found beautiful moments of connection and humor. The seamless transitions were well done and the actors ability to change their age to show the passing of years was amazing with out any use of makeup. At times they got a little quiet for the space they could project a little more. Rajiv Joseph's writing is always spectacular and the two actors interpreted his words beautifully!

I expected more?

by Mickey Anderson on August 6, 2017
This user has reviewed 12 shows

After reading many positive reviews for this show, I was very excited to see it done. However, during the performance I couldn't help but notice how heavily the actors were relying on the script to do most of the work for them. One problem part of this show that really bothered me was the continual use of the "r" word, when it did not progress the plot in anyway. It's 2017, I don't care how the play was written, you can change the "r" word to the word "stupid". What kept me going through the show was the performance of Lauren Schluke. Stunning acting through and through, and by far the stand out performer of the show. 2 stars for the show, 1 star for Lauren's performance.

1 person found this review helpful

Good fringe

by Laura Herbers on August 6, 2017
This user has reviewed 4 shows

The script for GPI is wonderful. Intimate and moving, it is a great pick. The performance was well rehearsed, though the moments of connection between the characters was a bit hit-or-miss.

See this play!

by Chuck Taylor on August 5, 2017
This user has reviewed 5 shows

laughter, tears, heartache, joy. Can't ask for much more in under an hour. The actors were outstanding as they pulled you through the lives of Doug and Kayleen. This show was so nicely polished as all the scenes blended one into the other and the actors didn't miss a beat, leaving the audience (or at least myself) hanging on to every word. With such stellar direction and a superb cast this show is a Fringe MUST SEE! Don't miss it!


by Ragnar Sorenson on August 5, 2017
This user has reviewed 2 shows

Gruesome Playground Injuries is a dependable fun time – can't go wrong!

Two Thumbs Up!

by Caroline Paulson on August 4, 2017
This user has reviewed 1 show

I saw this show on opening night of Fringe and wow, what a great way to kick off a great festival!

The well written script is charming yet filled with depth. The two characters are brought to life by the actors on stage. The direction is clear and poignant, with each moment feeling fully realized.

I laughed, I cried, and a absolutely fell in love with this show.

Gruesome playground injuries

by Lovea Story on August 4, 2017
This user has reviewed 3 shows

I thought the acting in this short play was incredible. The space was almost too small for the size of the acting and the depth of the story. I found myself thinking about it all evening. I highly recommend this play.

Gruesome playground injuries

by Debra Pitton on August 4, 2017
This user has reviewed 1 show

The two leads do a masterful job of transitioning from children to adults as they deal with their injuries - accidental and self-inflicted. The dialogue is witty and the story will have you considering the hidden pain that many young people face. Well staged and performed!!!


by Lori Evans on August 4, 2017
This user has reviewed 1 show

I was drawn into the play immediately. Brilliant performance by the actors with conversations that made me smile, as well as uncomfortable. Nostalgic..... Beautiful story...... Well directed and produced..... A must see!

Expected Fringe Highlight

by Henry Southwick on August 4, 2017
This user has reviewed 2 shows

I believe that this show will be a highlight of the 2017 Fringe, and I absolutely encourage everyone to see it. It's quirky, it's zany, it's dark, it's Fringe. In a lot of ways, I think it kind of captures the zeitgeist of 2017 in that it blends the comically absurd with profound emotional and physical damage. It blends the personal with the universal.

Particular aspects of merit:
- The actors have wonderful chemistry together. They really brought the relationship to life.
- The venue is intimate (almost too small) and you can see every little detail
- The show was rehearsed to a T. The mechanics equaled a brand new BMW and zipped us right along.

I dunno, I'm a big theatre snob and I think this is just right for the fringe. Well done!

1 person found this review helpful

Simply Fantastic

by Michael Hentges on August 4, 2017
This user has reviewed 1 show

The actors in this show do some work, conveying emotion, intent and even age in every word of every sentence. The script was weird enough that I loved it and the actors managed to artfully feed us the drama of the show while making me laugh along the way. I would call out specific individuals who shined, but I figured theres no point in listing everyone involved in the project. I guess I'd say the show is emotionally complex while remaining relatively simple. Simple from a staging perspective (they just have conversations) so you can really focus on the characters and their relationship. Does that make sense? Whatever. It was my favorite show I saw on Thursday. I'd recommend it.

Thoughtful, poignant, amusing

by Don Feeney on August 4, 2017
This user has reviewed 14 shows

A thoughtful, poignant and amusing (often all at the same time) look into different points in the lives of two flawed yet engaging people. Tight writing (though with a somewhat unsatisfying I-don't-know-how-to-end-this ending), sensitive direction, and spectacular performances. I can't wait to see the careers of both these young actors develop and predict big things for both.


by Jeff Sontag on August 4, 2017
This user has reviewed 1 show

I saw Mosaic's production of Almost Maine so was curious to see how they'd handle GPI. I was impressed. It was spot on, crisp pacing without feeling rushed, liked how they handled the scene changes, excellent acting and seamless direction made it easy to forget you were watching a play and just dive into what was happening in front of you. And, yes, I got a little misty eyed.


by Bradan Swatch on August 4, 2017
This user has reviewed 14 shows

First and foremost - the performances by Lauren Schulke and Dakotah Brown were incredible and brought the play to life (major props to you both!). Second, the story itself is incredibly solid. I loved every single one of the eight vignettes; all of them were purposeful and powerful and made me laugh (and...I won't lie to you, I got a little choked up too at one point). If there weren't 166 other shows to see on such a tight timeline I would see this one a second time. Add it to your queue my friends, add it to your queue.

1 person found this review helpful

Good. Theatre.

by Elliot Eddles on August 4, 2017
This user has reviewed 2 shows

What do you want me to say. It's good theatre, Its an amazing script by an amazing playwright with amazing performers. If your looking for a sure bet which can be hard to find at fringe this is it. Lauren Schulke and Dakota Brown lend youthful fidelity to tragic premise.

Scenes in a relationship

by Fourth Wall on August 3, 2017
This user has reviewed 24 shows

Heartwarming in many places. A nice work illustrating how life can be distilled into important moments. Overuse of the words "f***" and "retard" to illustrate how imperfect the two characters are. Glad I saw it.

3 people found this review helpful

You MUST see this show!

by Cheryl Lambert on August 3, 2017
This user has reviewed 3 shows

I was skeptical due to the title, but I was pleasantly surprised at this darkly comic, perfectly-timed show. Dakotah Brown and Lauren Schulke shine as down-to-earth yet larger-than-life characters and make you not only evaluate your own personal injuries, but also make you realize how important friendships can be. Bravo!

1 person found this review helpful

Gruesome Playground Injuries

by Linnea Kolesar on August 3, 2017
This user has reviewed 1 show

A must see! The combination of comedy and pathos in this show has you laughing and being moved at the same time. The actors are superb!

1 person found this review helpful

Gruesome Playground Injuries

by Heather Olson on August 3, 2017
This user has reviewed 1 show

Lauren Schulke and Dakotah Brown enthrall us with their funky friendship. Through 8 scenes, this unlikely pair effectively demonstrates childhood admiration, teen flirtation, young adult dismissiveness, and finally mature empathy for one another. Despite the dark story, these two actors bring a reassuring glow to the human condition.

3 people found this review helpful

Must see!

by C Resell on August 3, 2017
This user has reviewed 2 shows

Very well written poinient story with a message. Both actors were exceptional! I see great things in their futures!


by Valerie Bradt on August 3, 2017
This user has reviewed 1 show

WOW! This show is amazing. There are only two actors in the production, and their performances are outstanding. I was moved to tears and got choked up in two different scenes. The story being told keeps your attention the entire time. Great acting, great story, great direction...GO SEE THIS SHOW. Absolutely superb!

1 person found this review helpful

Moving performance

by Tyler Leeks on August 3, 2017
This user has reviewed 2 shows

This performance was truly compelling. As an audience member, the hour flew by. The acting was brilliant and the scene changes were smooth. Lovely performance all around!

1 person found this review helpful

Gruesome Playground Injuries

by Connor Smith on August 3, 2017
This user has reviewed 1 show

GPI was an extremely moving piece that takes you through two connected lives threaded together by misfortune and injury.

It's deeply relatable, truly serious, and charmingly funny at all the perfect times.

Each actor brings their best to the production and it really shows.

Laughs, tears, and touching moments.

Gruesome Playground Injuries is a must see.

3 people found this review helpful

Gripping Performance!

by Yusef Peterson on August 3, 2017
This user has reviewed 1 show

The actors were fabulous in bringing this compelling story to life! In enjoy the entire hour and pacing of the show was perfect. The timing was on point! 5 stars.

Fun and introspection provoking show.

by Michael Schugel on August 3, 2017
This user has reviewed 2 shows

This show made me think about my lost friendships and my mistakes as a parent but also made me laugh throughout. I enjoyed the way the timeline was mixed to help highlight how the characters actions affected each other.

1 person found this review helpful


by Tyler Goodrich on August 3, 2017
This user has reviewed 1 show

Beautiful performance

This is a must see!

by James Brown on August 3, 2017
This user has reviewed 1 show

Incredible acting! This is a must see! 2 thumbs up!

Wonderfully Funny

by Tammy Brown on August 3, 2017
This user has reviewed 1 show

Moving play with amazing actors! So funny!!! Would definitely see it again!!

Great Performance

by Marie Ives on August 3, 2017
This user has reviewed 1 show

Loved this! Really spoke to my heart about relationships.

1 person found this review helpful

Fantastic Show!!!

by Amber Brown on August 3, 2017
This user has reviewed 1 show

Absolutely fantastic!!! Do not want to miss out on this one!

1 person found this review helpful

Cast and crew

Dakotah Brown


This is Dakotah's first time being a part of Mosaic Productions and his second time participating in Minnesota Fringe. The previous fringe show he was in was Kaleidoscope with Wayward Theatre. He is currently attending UW - Stevens Point for his BFA in acting.

Lauren Schulke


Lauren Schulke is excited to be making her Fringe debut with the cast and crew of Gruesome Playground Injuries. Lauren is a graduate from the University of Minnesota Duluth but has made the Twin Cities her recent home. Her past productions with UMD have included Spoon River Anthology, Red Light Winter, Legally Blonde: The Musical, and Rhinoceros. Her next production will be These Shining Lives with Uprising Theater here in Mpls. Lauren wants to thank her parents for their ever constant support, her friends for being true warriors in life, and her dog Max for always welcoming her at the door after late night rehearsals.

Shawna Bradt


Mady Davis

Stage Manager

More information

A boy. A girl. A nurse's office. One of them, an accident-prone goofball and the other a darkly witty cynic. Follow thirty years in the friendship of Kayleen and Doug, whose interactions happen at some of the most pivotal moments they will ever experience. See the nature of a deep relationship that will transcend even the most bizarre circumstances, and decide for yourself which scars run deeper: the physical, or the psychological. 

2010 Pulitzer Price Finalist, Rajiv Joseph, is the genius playwright behind Gruesome Playground Injuries:

"Rajiv Joseph is an artist of original talent." —NY Times. "Irresistibly odd and exciting…This darkly humorous drama is Rajiv Joseph's most satisfying work." —NY Daily News. "This wondrous strange two-hander finds as much humor as horror in the play's bizarre events." —Variety. "Mystical, arresting, and quirkily amusing." —Washington Post.

Eide Bailly
Two Bettys