About Minnesota Fringe

There is one big thing that makes Fringe different from any other event in town: All the shows you'll see at Fringe were selected randomly by lottery.

Yep. That's right. Each year the lineup is crafted by placing numbered ping-pong balls into a bingo cage and drawing them out, one by one. From stage veterans to people who are brand new to theater, Minnesota Fringe is a forum for anyone with a story to tell. We also provide the necessary support to make producing a show as easy as possible, regardless of where you land on the artistic spectrum.

Anyone (yes, anyone) can apply to have a show in the festival. If you'd like to have a show in our next festival, applications will go live in November here on our website. Sign up for our newsletter to receive a reminder as well as information about other theater events happening around town.

The mission of the Minnesota Fringe is to promote creative freedom and diversity of artistic expression by linking adventurous artists with adventurous audiences. Thank you for joining in this adventure!

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Shows start and end on time at Fringe. With hundreds of performances and dozens of shows in just 11 days, we have to run a tight schedule to avoid descending into chaos. Performances are no more than 60 minutes long with a half hour between each show.

On weekdays shows begin at 5:30pm, 7pm, 8:30pm and 10pm. On weekends there are additional shows at 1pm, 2:30pm and 4pm.

Late seating: There is NO LATE SEATING at Minnesota Fringe. In addition to keeping our schedule, late seating is a safety issue for artists and audiences.

Safety for artists: Some of our theaters require that patrons walk across parts of the stage to reach the seating area, and many of our production companies’ stage work encompasses entrances and exits from the house.

Safety for audiences: Entering a darkened theater, possibly for the first time, and trying to find open seats puts patrons and volunteers at unnecessary risk.

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Fringe Central

Fringe Central, sponsored by Surly Brewing and hosted by a local establishment, serves as the late-night watering hole for artists, staff, volunteers and audience members alike. Come in after a day full of shows to grab a beer and some bar food. Talk about what you loved and what you didn’t. Meet the artists behind the scenes and actors on the stage. Find out what you should see tomorrow or dream up your own idea for next year. You never know what will happen during Fringe, but dropping by Fringe Central gives you a serious head start.

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What to Wear

Shorts and a t-shirt. Seriously. Also, a pair of comfy shoes will serve you well in case you have to wait in line. Most Fringe shows take place indoors in air-conditioned venues, so having a layer to throw on in case you get chilly is also advisable.

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Choosing a Show

With hundreds of performances and dozens of shows, it's scandalous to see just one. But how to choose the perfect lineup?

Search by genre: You can filter for genres when trying to decide what to see.

Talk to people: It only sounds scary. Just look for the folks in lanyards. Lanyards are worn by Fringe artists and there are at least a thousand of them dying to tell you about their show.

Read and write reviews: See what audiences are raving about on our audience review page, then return the favor and let others know what you thought.

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Get Involved

Fringe isn't just a festival - it's a community, and it couldn't exist without people like you.

Create: Applications for the 2018 festival will are live on this website. Fringe is open to everyone, shows are selected by lottery, and you don't even need to have a show ready when you apply.

Volunteer: Our volunteers are near and dear to our hearts and make our festival go, so we shower them with lots of love and complimentary seats! Sign up for a shift now!

Socialize: Join us any night of the festival at our official hangout, Fringe Central sponsored by Surly Brewing and hosted by a local establishment, for a beer, a burger and maybe even some late-night shenanigans.

Support: Help us create Minnesota's Summer Theater Crawl by donating to or sponsoring our annual festival. Gifts of any size make a large contribution to our ability to meet our mission.

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Box Office Info

Pass, Reservations, and Tickets, Oh My!

In 2018, Fringe will still offer passes but is also re-introducing single tickets options to see shows. We are re-tooling our Box Office policies to reflect our changes. Please check back for more information in the spring.

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Mayor Lear of Townsville

By Play-Dot
Directed by Shalee Coleman

Playing at Intermedia Arts

When our favorite dotty mayor of Townsville is vacation-bound, he decides to deputize Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup as temporary mayors. Does absolute power corrupt the ultra-super powered Puffs? Absolutely.

The creators say this show is appropriate for ages 16+


Sat, 8/5 @ 4:00pm


Sun, 8/6 @ 10:00pm


Thu, 8/10 @ 5:30pm


Sat, 8/12 @ 2:30pm
ASL interpreted


Sun, 8/13 @ 4:00pm

* Reservations not required, but a Day Pass is. Find out more below.

Ticket Options

Day Passes are $16 on weekdays; $22 on weekends. Day Passes serve as entry to any show in the festival on a given day. Optional reservations to guarantee a seat for a particular performance are available by clicking the "reserve" button above. Day Passes can be purchased in advance with a reservation or at any venue box office during the festival.

Weekdays 1pm-3pm and Weekends 11am-1pm we'll also open an Alternative Box Office at Fringe Central so you can grab a Day Pass and skip the lines at the venue before the show.

Day Passes for kids 12 and under are available at any box office during the festival just $5 every day.

A 2017 Fringe button isn't required for entry, but it does get you access! Wearing it not only identifies you as a part of a fabulous Fringe community, it also entitles you to special deals at local bars and restaurants and access to reduced ticket prices at various theaters throughout the year. Get your 2017 Fringe button for only $4 at any Fringe preview event or Fringe venue during the festival.

Read the reviews

Mash-up mayhem

by Corrie Fiedler on August 13, 2017
This user has reviewed 43 shows

I came into this more knowledgeable about Shakespeare than about the Powderpuff girls. I thought a basic grip of the King Lear arc would carry me through. Not so much. I was mostly baffled. Hard to tell if the acting was purposely cheesy, or just poor acting?

I was disappointed

by Mary Davidson on August 13, 2017
This user has reviewed 5 shows

10 year olds would probably love this show. I am not and I did not.

Packed a punch!

by Kendra Yarke on August 12, 2017
This user has reviewed 2 shows

If you are a fan of the Powerpuff Girls you will enjoy this show. The projections and use of narration brought me back to my days of watching the cartoon as a kid. Natalie Rae Wass is as good as all of the reviews say, and she handled an unfortunate facial hair mishap with hilarity. Emily Rose Duea is a perfect grown up Buttercup. The fight choreography is slick and impressive. I recommend seeing it!

Big set up, small delivery.

by Aimee Micek on August 12, 2017
This user has reviewed 2 shows

I was very excited for this show because I adore the Powerpuff girls. It started off with a huge burst of energy by the actress playing Mojo! I was immediately engaged and ready for an amazing show.

However, everyone else's energy couldn't match up, and therefore, the rest of the show fell flat. It was a major disappointment.

I think the story elements are there, the jokes are present, but without a solid cast with the right energy, the Powerpuff Girls seemed powerless.


by Bryn Tanner on August 12, 2017
This user has reviewed 7 shows

I came into this much more as a Powerpuff Girls fan than Shakespeare, but I still got plenty of enjoyment out of the show from that angle. I felt sometimes the King Lear elements were at odds with the rest of the show. Mayor/MoJo was easily the standout of the cast, and I wish everyone else had been able to match her energy. The technical elements helped sell a lot of the humor in a show that ended up being much dryer than I anticipated. Definitely the kind of show that captures the essence of Fringe.

Absolute PowerPuff Corrupts Absolutely

by Adam Boutz on August 11, 2017
This user has reviewed 56 shows

Infectious energy, slick staging, and fantastic acting are all layers of icing on the cake that is this incredibly intricate adaptation of Shakespeare's 'King Lear'. It never gets bogged down in the morose temperament of that play, but still brings to the the table more than just a few plot points. The fight coreography alone could have made this a must-see.

Missed the mark for me

by Mariellen Jacobson on August 11, 2017
This user has reviewed 38 shows

Cute show with some fun moments, but most of the contemporary culture references went over my head. The “Lear” references felt forced, and some of the voices were irritating (I’m guessing because I don’t know Powerpuff Girls). Effective fight scenes. Didn’t really resonate for me.

Here they come just in time!

by Paris Kelvakis on August 11, 2017
This user has reviewed 19 shows

As a Shakespeare dork, powerpuff fan, and lover of shows tightly packed with jokes and references and shiny absurdity, this production hit all my buttons. Also Natalie Rae Wass is an unstoppable powerhouse.

1 person found this review helpful


by Austin Robinson-Coolidge on August 11, 2017
This user has reviewed 37 shows

Definitely more Power Puff Girls than Shakespeare, but funny and well done. The mayor, in particular, is excellent.

Cute and Humorous

by Sara Robinson-Coolidge on August 11, 2017
This user has reviewed 49 shows

This show is far more Powerpuff Girls than King Lear, but it's fun, has a lot of laughs, and well done.

See it!

by Beth Spencewood on August 11, 2017
This user has reviewed 1 show

A really fun show for Powerpuff Girls fans and noobs alike. The acting was great, the story was witty and kept me engaged, and the fight scenes were really well done. My favorite Fringe show yet!

1 person found this review helpful

Quintessential Fringe romp!

by Anna Amyx on August 11, 2017
This user has reviewed 7 shows

This show was funny, well-acted, full of cultural/pop culture references, and low budget. Everything a Fringe show should be. I'm not very familiar with either King Lear or Powerpuff Girls but still found it delightful. Highly recommended.

1 person found this review helpful


by Leif Wallin on August 10, 2017
This user has reviewed 5 shows

Fun show with a bit of 1984 and glorious ladies of wrestling all mixed in

2 people found this review helpful

Fill your eye holes!

by Joe Allen on August 8, 2017
This user has reviewed 17 shows

This is an exuberant, adventurous, cutting-edge mashup of classics, pop culture, technology, projection, fight choreography, and gender studies. Keep your eyes peeled for Play-Dot in the future, because if Daniel and Shalee take as large a step forward as they did from Kamehamehamlet into Mayor Lear, you'll be scraping for tickets like all the other rabble lacking $3.75

If you only know PG, you'll learn about Lear. If you only know Lear, you'll learn about PG. If you know neither, you may feel a little lost. If you know both, don't blink.

Shout-outs to Wass, Erickson, and Duea, and heck, the whole company.

2 people found this review helpful

My favorite show this year!

by Dave Stagner on August 8, 2017
This user has reviewed 9 shows

Y'know how male actors, when they hit a certain level, become the guys who can do King Lear? Natalie Rae Wass did it, too. And played an evil monkey, to boot.

The entire all-female cast looked to be having the time of their lives, mashing up a favorite cartoon with the stuffiest of Shakespeare. Bubbles in her double role was heartwarming and heroic. Buttercup and Blossom were just what I imagine they might be, if they were put in charge of Townsville. The rest of the cast was having as much fun as they were. The fight choreography was AWESOME and cartoony. The animation! What a delight.

I just wish my daughter had been there with me.

2 people found this review helpful

Not for Me

by Kelly Regan on August 7, 2017
This user has reviewed 10 shows

I went to this show with friends despite having no knowledge of the Power Puff girls, and it was mostly incomprehensible to me as a result. The acting was stellar and the fight scenes were terrific, but as a non Power Puff fan, the references to the show missed the mark. If you are a Power Puff fan, this is definitely a show to see. Shout out to the Mayor/MoJo JoJo, she was incredible!

You've made Townsville proud!

by Mario Pena on August 7, 2017
This user has reviewed 1 show

A wonderful performance by everyone. Bre’Elle, Meghan, and Emily Rose all flawlessly brought their cartoon characters to life. These actors’ voices and personalities perfectly portrayed what I visualized a live-action version of the Powerpuff Girls to be. Mojo was energetic and hysterical – a true joy to experience. The show had delightful fluidity, many laughs tied into the dialog, and engaged the audience in a brilliant performance that brought back many Saturday morning childhood memories.

1 person found this review helpful

A+++ for production!!

by Kelly Glader on August 7, 2017
This user has reviewed 12 shows

And the fight choreography, and the direction, and the ACTING, and the animation - oh my! Wow. So much fun and silliness but pulled off so, so seamlessly. I am not a huge fan of Shakespeare and don't remember much about the Powerpuff girls but I had a lot of fun watching this production. If you love silliness or Shakespeare or Saturday morning cartoons you will have a blast during this show.

1 person found this review helpful

Fantastic production ⚡️

by Hillary Olson on August 7, 2017
This user has reviewed 15 shows

This show was impressively produced. Shalee & Daniel have set the bar high for Fringe shows with this one. The blocking was masterful and clever and worked so well with the stunning projection art! 💥 To appreciate this production fully you should have some knowledge/appreciation of one these things (any will do): Powerpuff Girls, King Lear OR wacky theatrical mashups. But if you do - you will LOVE this show. My favorite part was the bouncy hat.

2 people found this review helpful

Mayor Lear of Townsville

by anca sima on August 7, 2017
This user has reviewed 7 shows

very funny, fast played and the actors delivered.

Fun Mash-Up

by Cetius d'Raven on August 7, 2017
This user has reviewed 50 shows

While the entire cast did an excellent job, Natalie's performances as Mojo Jojo and the Mayor were everything one could hope for as a fan of the Powerpuff Girls. A fun watch, but likely more for PPG fans than Shakespeare's.

Cartoons before bedtime!

by Bailey Hess on August 7, 2017
This user has reviewed 29 shows

This was the perfect show to see at 10:00 after a long day of fringing. I felt like I was watching cartoons before going to bed. The Mayor was the most amazing part of this show - so much energy and honesty - she wasn't acting, she WAS the mayor. So great. I loved the all-female cast.


by Justin Betancourt on August 7, 2017
This user has reviewed 5 shows

This show was incredible. I am a fan of both Shakespeare and Powerpuff girls and this show did not disappoint. It captures the spirit of the cartoon while telling the story of Lear. I was smiling the entire time and would call this show a must see for this years Fringe. The background was projections of cartoon backgrounds that worked incredibly and added a ton to the overall feel of the show. The cast was the best part of this show. Every character from the classic cartoon came to life, the mayor was goofy, Buttercup was strong, and Bubbles was, well, Bubbles. Overall amazing show. Do yourself a favor and check it out!

1 person found this review helpful

fun idea..

by Steve Soler on August 7, 2017
This user has reviewed 7 shows

fun idea...but the plot seemed fairly weak. any bits of lear felt forced into a narrative which has some really fun moments cause powerpuff girls is a nostalgic show for a lot of us.


by Diana Thompson on August 7, 2017
This user has reviewed 9 shows

Guys, see this show. This is an amazing piece of theater that is so clever. Natalie Rae Wass's performance is one for the ages! And who can forget Emily Rose Duea and Bre'Elle Erickson? They were so full of energy that just jumped (sometimes literally) right off the stage. My one critique was that Meghan Wolff's voice as Bubbles was a little hard to understand at times. However, that could easily be forgiven with the ridiculously strong performance she gave. Loved the fight choreography. Also shout out to whomever created those AMAZING projections. Please go see this show!

1 person found this review helpful

Lots of Awesomeness

by Jennifer de Fiebre on August 7, 2017
This user has reviewed 14 shows

First off, I have never seen a single episode of Powerpuff Girls. For the first few moments, I was worried that the entire show would be over my head. While there were parts that were probably much funnier if you had watched the show, I was never lost nor did I feel I was missing out on important plot points. The interspersion of King Lear was fantastic and subtle. The graphics behind the stage were delicious and really made it visually enjoyable.

A Townsville Tribute

by Eric Siegel on August 7, 2017
This user has reviewed 6 shows

Remixing Shakespeare is often a risky gambit but the production quality alone makes this show worth it. Scene and sound design are on point and the costumes are particularly accurate and defined. Fight choreography and direction were noticeably strong and the entire ensemble - though notably the titular Mayor - put on excellent and committed performances.

While obviously not a perfect translation of King Lear the attention to detail here makes a convincing translation of two incredibly unalike worlds and does so without making Shakespeare feel overly childish and the Powerpuff Girls unduly grim; you get the best of both worlds and I recommend this show to anyone with familiarity over either source material who is ready to laugh or howl.

1 person found this review helpful

I loved this show.

by Eileen Noonan on August 7, 2017
This user has reviewed 1 show

I had a ton of fun watching this show. There is much humor and no shortage of brutal / sometimes stomach churning violence. The entire cast is hilarious. As the Mayor / Lear / Mojo JoJo, Natalie Rae Wass gave an at times stunning performance, capturing the Mayor's absurd vocal mannerisms, gait and cartoonish gymnastics while still managing to convey much of the fury and madness of the canonical Lear. The backgrounds were AMAZING - projections on Intermedia's back wall made it feel like the actors were truly inhabiting Townsville. A lot of people have already pointed out the fight scenes so I won't go there.

This show is NOT "cute" and it ... uhh ... obviously takes major liberties with the original text. That's ... kind of ... the point?

3 people found this review helpful

did' get it

by Walter Furtney on August 7, 2017
This user has reviewed 35 shows

The audience seemed to like the show. I tried to play catch up the entire show. I'm not familiar with the powder puff girls and I didn't see the king lear connection. Great art should have transcended my ignorance. I did however like the fight sequences

Did not live up to the premise

by Hailey Colwell on August 7, 2017
This user has reviewed 8 shows

The concept of the show was funnier than the show itself. There were cool projections, it was well-cast, and there was an interesting doubling of characters. But in forcing the Lear/Powerpuff story lines together, the show lost out on really bringing either of them to life. It's a silly Fringe mash-up; go if that's your thing.


by Jeffrey Guion on August 7, 2017
This user has reviewed 4 shows

I loved, loved, LOVED this show. I would give it 6 stars if I could. As a lover of both Shakespeare and The Powerpuff Girls, I loved everything about this show. It mixed the goofy and campy humor of the Powerpuff Girls with the more serious aspects of King Lear and it did it marvelously. The actors all did a fantastic job (particularly the dual casted Natalie Rae Wass) and the set merely being a projection, allowing us to see the artwork of the cartoon, was genius.

Packed A Perfect Punch!

by Siarde EvansChristoffer on August 7, 2017
This user has reviewed 4 shows

Not too familiar with Lear, but I definitely did not need to be. Felt like I could still appreciate those moments. Looove the Powerpuff Girls, so I was DYING with the first character (no spoilers!). And then The Mayor (we all know The Mayor is a given, no spoiler here!) was also on point. The Powerpuff Girls were all true to their nature, and fight choreography was enjoyable! Even if you aren't familiar with The Powerpuff Girls, the pure fun,
silliness, and energy of everyone involved will keep you entertained. Great to watch!!!

1 person found this review helpful

Strong All Around

by Abbey Casino on August 7, 2017
This user has reviewed 2 shows

I cannot go on enough about how much I loved this show. The script was witty and had something for cartoon lovers and Shakespeare lovers alike. The acttresses were hilarious (especially the duel casted Natalie Rae Wass), but played the more emotional, dramatic moments with the seriousness they deserved.
The show was also a joy to look at, thanks to the mix of clever blocking, empressive fight choreography, and well timed visual effects. This was easily the best show I've seen so far.

1 person found this review helpful

Packs a punch!

by Jim Dryden on August 6, 2017
This user has reviewed 4 shows

Natalie Rae Wass astounds in her two-fisted, dual-role performance as the Mayor and Moto. With unstoppable onstage energy, Wass is the real PowerPuff Girl. The animated graphic backgrounds were another star of the show. Stylish designs worthy of a much earlier cartoon show - The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends.

This show got me screamin

by Laura Mason on August 6, 2017
This user has reviewed 6 shows

While I admit I'm an easy laugher, this show had me straight up shrieking. Natalie Wass drove the energy of the show forward with impressive gusto. Fringe Crush material for sure. Jessica Smith's fight choreo was slammin and the adult portrayal of the Powerpuff girls was super fun, particularly the evil nature that emerged from Buttercup and Blossom. Super fun and silly! Loving it.

Hilarious romp! Great fight choreography

by Siri Hammond on August 6, 2017
This user has reviewed 6 shows

This is a great time! The writing is strong and even for someone who has little knowledge of Powerpuffs, it was enjoyable and easy to comprehend the universe presented. The king Lear parody moments were well deserved and hilarious! And the fight choreography is absolutely seamless and dynamic! I died laughing at the comedy moments and had a great time with all these dynamic, funny actors. My only criticism is that it was a little messy when it came to transitions and there were many prop/costume malfunctions. On one hand, this added to the fun, but a more polished presentation is usually what I look for, and it was distracting at times. However, I highly recommend this show if you are looking for a clever, engaging and hilarious mash-up!

Strong Lead Actress and Tech Elements

by Jesse Swanson on August 6, 2017
This user has reviewed 14 shows

People familiar with Powerpuff Girls will appreciate this more. The fight choreography wasn't effective for me. Very strong lead actress and tech elements raise this from 3 to 4 stars.

1 person found this review helpful

Leave Lear Alone :(

by Ellie Browne on August 6, 2017
This user has reviewed 13 shows

If you can't do Shakespeare, then don't. I'm not necessarily a purist, but this was a silly idea. We can do better.

2 people found this review helpful

10/10 for Fight Choreography

by Emily Townswick on August 6, 2017
This user has reviewed 2 shows

As a viewer that isn't super familiar with either Power Puff girls or Shakespeare - I found the show wildly entertaining. I was BLOWN AWAY by the amazing fight choreography and the actor's execution. As the show went on, I found myself remembering more and more about the Power Puff girls. "Bubbles" was fantastic in her double role.

Now off to read King Lear!

I definitely recommend Fringe goers see this show.

1 person found this review helpful

A Hoot and a Half

by Rob Thurston on August 6, 2017
This user has reviewed 1 show

This amalgamation of a Shakespearean tragedy and a Saturday morning staple was pure fun! The whole cast seemed to enjoy playing with their characters and being part of the production. The writing was quick and dense with enough references to make Sean Spencer proud. As someone who new the basics about the power puff girls and nothing about King Lear, I found this play still accessable, although I would have enjoyed it more if I had familiarized my self with the source material. Nevertheless, this play was all around fun with a message which was political but not polarizing. Go see Mayor Lear of Townsville, it will be a highlight of your 2017 fringe!

1 person found this review helpful

A fun return to Townsville!

by Kimberly Miller on August 6, 2017
This user has reviewed 2 shows

An extremely clever and delightful mash up of King Lear and Power Puff Girls. Lots of great jokes peppered throughout the show. The set projections were incredible. My favorite moments were when the iconic Shakespeare scenes were coming through this 90's cartoon lens. A fun time had by all.

A youthful take on a classic tale

by Emre Mauleon on August 6, 2017
This user has reviewed 1 show

This play was a joy to partake in. I love a play that's not afraid to make fun of itself. The all female cast did an incredible job, with talented and versatile actors. The story combined an old childhood cartoon with a Shakespearean tale, that alludes to some of our current political climate. With hilarious writing and even a Star Wars reference, the script kept me laughing throughout the entire show. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a good laugh.

1 person found this review helpful


by Diane Hellekson on August 6, 2017
This user has reviewed 5 shows

The preview was so promising (especially the helium-voiced hilarity of "Bubbles") and the premise clever (grown-up Powderpuff Girls as King, er, Mayor Lear's daughters). The all-woman cast was pretty great (I'll watch for "Bubbles" on future shows) and the projected sets marvelous. However... Maybe the script wouldn't seem so forced for those really into the original Shakespeare. For this philistine, however, it lacked enough honest laughs to reach recommendable.

Ambitious, flat

by Paul Mattes on August 6, 2017
This user has reviewed 3 shows

It was an ambitious production - clever backgrounds, integrated music and sound effects, fights. But it never quite worked, with all of the technical effects slowing down a rather weak mash-up, with too darned much stage time for the Mayor, enthusiastically trying to ruin her voice.

More Buttercup, please!

Wonderfully well-done

by Richelle Amundson on August 6, 2017
This user has reviewed 39 shows

I have never seen an episode of the Power Puff Girls and admittedly am not well-versed in King Lear. Yet, even with my lack of understanding of the references, this show captured me. The team has an amazing ability to create an entertaining tale, even for those of us who don't get all the jokes. I could tell by others' responses, that if you know the two sources being played on it would be even more enjoyable.

Great Fun with Mayor Lear

by James Smith on August 6, 2017
This user has reviewed 1 show

Great show with lots of laughs for all ages. The mixture of Shakespeare and the 90's kept it interesting and brought back fun images for the audience. It was fast paced but fun to follow.

1 person found this review helpful

Awesome show

by hawk eye on August 6, 2017
This user has reviewed 7 shows

It was laughter riot throughout the show.
Great show, Natalie was outstanding, supportive team.
Rocking performance.

1 person found this review helpful


by Suzi Love on August 6, 2017
This user has reviewed 7 shows

Shakespeare hybridized with cult classic 90s cartoon butt-kicking girls? UM YES. I can't think of a better way to spend my Fringey Saturday afternoon! Kinda wish I had brought a bowl of cereal to complete my nostalgia.
Also, this is a stellar team. Big thumbs up to Jessica Smith (THAT FIGHT CHOREO, THO), Emily Rose Dues(you loveable, smirking badass Buttercup), Nicole Wilder (NOICE), Natalie Rae Wass (So versatile, you'll be shocked to see what she can do with her voice!), Bre'elle Erickson (Blossom at her finest), and of course


by Phillip Schramm on August 6, 2017
This user has reviewed 6 shows

Shakespeare, Powerpuff Girls, and everything nice. These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little fringe show, But the producers accidently added an extra ingredient to the conncotion: Original artwork. And thus this show was born! Using their ultra-super great cast, Shalee, Daniel, and the rest of the cast, have dedicated their lives to making great theater and the forces of evil!

Seriously this show is a delight. See it.

1 person found this review helpful

Clever cartoon crossover

by James Zappa on August 5, 2017
This user has reviewed 10 shows

All I could think during the show is how much fun this show must have been putting together. Full of Shakespeare, powerpuff girl, and pop culture references all cleverly incorporated into a well directed and well performed show. What I loved most is how the show never took itself, and made fun of itself as much as anything else.

2 people found this review helpful

Best Shakespearean/Cartoon crossover in

by Oliver Unseth on August 5, 2017
This user has reviewed 1 show

More suspenseful than you would think.

3 people found this review helpful

I screamed the entire time

by Sarah Parker on August 5, 2017
This user has reviewed 6 shows

I loved it. Natalie Rae Wass is my new hero, she gave an absolutely powerhouse performance. I loved Emily Rose Duea's interpretation of Buttercup as an adult woman. I loved the tongue in cheek pop culture references. I was really impressed with how well The Powerpuff Girls lends itself to a King Lear allegory, and I died with happiness every time there was a direct callback to the original text. I had so much fun. Play-Dot are becoming a regular highlight of my Fringe experience. Don't miss out! Do see!

4 people found this review helpful

Yes please!

by Emily Weiss on August 5, 2017
This user has reviewed 4 shows

Hilarious nostalgia. Incredible cast, but Natalie Rae Wass shines brightest. The notes about elections were perfectly placed.

2 people found this review helpful


by Danielle Larson on August 5, 2017
This user has reviewed 8 shows

This is exactly the fun and entertainment I look for when Fringing! Amazingly well written, tight delivery, and WOW the illustrations were so so great. Definitely go see this show!

2 people found this review helpful

I enjoyed this show!!

by Cole Sarar on August 5, 2017
This user has reviewed 9 shows


2 people found this review helpful


by Tyler Haugen on August 5, 2017
This user has reviewed 3 shows

This show punches your nostalgia in the gut and breaks your funny bone in half! High octane action sequences and timely jokes fly throughout the show. Stellar fight direction! Also, excellent fusion of Shakespeare and Cartoon Network.

2 people found this review helpful

Great Fun

by Martin Sheeks on August 5, 2017
This user has reviewed 3 shows

A great time to be had with lots of nostalgic laughs around a childhood favorite. All of the characters are great, particularly Emily Rose's Buttercup. Just a hint of politics (vote in your city elections 2017!!)

2 people found this review helpful

Cast and crew

Natalie Rae Wass

Mayor of Townsville

BoomerNatalie has been performing in very nearly every fringe since the year 2000 when her first show was '47 Samurai' with Green T Productions, a company she still works with regularly '2001 a space odyssey' was remounted for fringe and this fall look for 'Frankenstein'. Last year she performed in 'Apple Picking' by Ben San Del with whom she also worked on 'A Nice Guy's Guide to Awkward Sex' for the 2010 Minnesota Fringe Festival. Other festival credits include her self-produced show 'Fashion Risk or the Accidental Nudist', 'Love in a Time of Rinderpest' with Bedlam theater, a number of shows with the Ministry of Cultural Warfare, Sharon DeMark's 'Knit One, Purl the Other' and 'Tiger in the Room' among others. She's also been seen frequently at the Old Log Theater and works for the entertainment department at Mall of America. Catch her this fringe in two other shows right here at Intermedia Arts! 'Full Metal Rabbit', an 80s action movie based on Watership Down and 'YouTube.me', a story of unrequited self love.

Natalie feels conflicted about her predicable choice of Bubbles as favorite Powerpuff girl but the appeal of the good natured fool can't be denied, she's always been drawn to the funny ones and underdogs.

Natalie Wass is appearing with the permission of the Actors' Equity Association. 

Bre'Elle Erickson


BlossomBre'Elle is a theatre teacher in the Twin Cities, most notably for Children's Theatre Company as well as Twin Cities Academy in Saint Paul. When she is not teaching, she is probably reading, or wishing she was reading. Bre'Elle was in Play-Dot's production of The Final Tubby Bye-Bye last year as Laa-Laa and is thrilled to be playing Blossom in this production.

Bre'Elle's favorite Powerpuff Girls character is Blossom of course, "because Blossom is most similar to Bre'Elle herself... narcissism at its finest."

Meghan Wolff


BoomerMeghan Wolff is a Minneapolis improviser who can most often be found performing with ComedySportz, improvising Jane Austen with Manners & Misconduct, or improvising Shakespeare with Juliet & Juliet. She's also one-half of the podcast and YouTube channel Magic the Amateuring.

Meghan's favorite Powerpuff Girls character is the city of Townsville, because of it's endless optimism and willingness to rebuild in what is obviously a nexus of monster activity.

Emily Rose Duea


ButtercupAs an actress and teaching artist, Emily Rose is passionate about her local, Twin Cities community. Emily Rose graduated from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities in 2014 with a Bachelor of Arts in Theater and Psychology. Recently, she has been seen performing with Uprising Theatre Company, Teatro Potlach (Fara Sabina, Italy), Segue Productions, Theater in the Round, Theater Underground, Chameleon Theater Circle, Babo Works Productions, Youth Performance Company, Season of Dreams Productions, Just Once Theater Company, and is a company member (Community and Diversity Advocate) with Hope Theater Company. Emily Rose has also had the pleasure of directing shows for Independent School District 191 and Beth El Synagogue. When not on stage, Emily Rose teaches yoga and is a professional makeup artist. See more at www.emilyroseduea.com.

Emily Rose's favorite Powerpuff Girl character is Buttercup. "Growing up with 3 brothers, I needed a little bit more grit than bubbles, and a little less "know-it-all" than Blossom; she and I have major middle-child syndrome. I also love that she is all action! She knocked out her own teeth to make a buck; that's badass! "

Nicole Wilder


BoomerNicole Wilder earned her MA in Directing and Gender Studies from Miami University (the one in Ohio) in 2008. She moved back to the Twin Cities and has been delighted to work with companies like 20% Theatre Company, Freshwater Theater Company, Theatre Unbound,and many more. She returned to the stage as a performer with Wonderlust in The Adoption Play Project. Check out her other 2017 Fringe shows: F@*k the 90s and "________."

Nicole's favorite Powerpuff Girls character is "Hands down Buttercup. I think as a tiny person I used her as a surrogate for my own rage. She is tough, sassy, and she takes up as much space as she damn well pleases. I try to channel my inner Buttercup as much as possible. "

Amanda Chial


BoomerAs a lover of Shakespeare and 90's Cartoon Network, this project is a dream come true! Amanda made her Fringe debut in 2016 with The Drollery's "Hostil Watching." Other recent credits include "A Midsummer Night's Dream" with Glowing Ember, "The Tempest" with Lakeshore Players, and "Tartuffe" with Wayward Theatre. Amanda currently resides in Bloomington with her boyfriend Josh and their cat Arya. 

Amanda's favorite Powerpuff Girls character is Him. "Because he is the only actually terrifying villain. "

Jessica Smith

Fight Director/Butch

ButchJessica Smith has been working in the Twin Cities theatre scene for the last three years since achieving her MFA from Savannah College of Art and Design.  She has had the privilege of working with various companies in the capacities of fight director, dance choreographer and actor.  Recently, she appeared as Desdemona in CC Production's Desdemona: A Play About a Handkerchief and as Agnes in Six Element's She Kills Monsters. She also works for Dancing Classrooms as a ballroom dance instructor for elementary-aged students in the Twin Cities. This is her second time getting to work with Shalee Coleman as a fight choreographer and her first time as an actor in a Playdot production.  She'd like to thank her family and Matt for their continued support.  And Jennifer Sayers, who has been so accommodating these last few months, allowing me to return to what I love most.

Jessica's favorite Powerpuff Girls character is Bubbles. "I love how she's a badass, but doesn't allow anger to motivate her choices as much as the other two.  She fights because its the right thing to do.  Also, she's adorable.  "

Michael Rappe

Narrator/Sound Designer

Shalee Coleman


BoomerShalee Coleman is an early career director/choreographer in the twin cities who specializes in working with visionary playwrights and performers to assist them in realizing their work. Shalee has previous directed with 20% Theatre Company, Freshwater Theatre Company, Uprising Theatre Company, Gadfly Theatre Company, Theatre Unbound, and has  assistant directed with Walking Shadow. It is a special treat for her to be returning to the the MN Fringe for the 3rd year in a row after directing KamehameHamlet and The Final Tubby Bye-Bye with her favorite Fringe company Play-Dot. For something completely different than this, check out her other MN Fringe show: Mnemosyne with Sunday Driver at The Southern.

Shalee's favorite Power-Puff girl is Buttercup, DUH! When Shalee was in 3rd grade she learned how to draw the Power Puff Girls and doodled them on to everything. She also got into trouble with the after school program "It-Girl" for signing autographs as Buttercup when she was supposed to be signing them as Bubbles. Oooops! As Shalee has aged though, The Amoeba Boys have wormed their germy way into her heart. She hopes one day to direct a musical telling their unheard, un-cared-about epic.

Daniel Mauleon


Daniel graduated from Hamline University with a Masters in Writing for Children and Young Adults. This is the third Fringe show he has producing with Play-Dot and the second he has written. While not writing cartoon theatre mash-ups, Daniel write comic scripts and cuddles cats.

Daniel's favorite Powerpuff Girl character was Bubbles when he was younger. He now questions the socializations around such a choice.

Meesh Morris

Stage Manager

Meesh Morris moved here from Ohio 5 years ago. Since then she has stage managed for companies such as: Theatre Coup d'Etat and ArtsNest. In the fall she will be stage managing for Swandive Theatre's production of mONSTER. This is Meesh's first Fringe show and she is very excited to be working with this group.

Meesh's favorite Powerpuff Girl is Blossom because she is basically a ginger and is both smart AND tough.

Sarah Simon

Costume Designer

More information

"You might feel Leared out after watching Nathaniel Fuller and Stephen Yoakam trade off in the role for the recent Guthrie production, but you’ll simply have to go back to see Natalie Rae Wass’ tireless take on the conceited ruler in the person, here, of the Townsville mayor." - Citypages

"If you are a fan, Natalie Rae Wass’ performance as Mojo Jojo and The Mayor is worth the price of a whole day pass alone. The all-female cast is unexpected and perfect. Shalee Coleman is one of the most gifted directors working the Twin Cities small theatre seen, so if you love nostalgia, hilarity, and well-done art, add this to your schedule ASAP." - The Column

A Twin Cities Stages Fringe Must See

Play-Dot brings more Saturday Morning Theater to the MN Fringe with Mayor Lear: a mix of Shakespeare's King Lear, the 90's Powerpuff Girls, and chemical X.  

Starring a super powered cast of women and featuring Jessica Smith's explosive fight choreography, Play-Dot's Mayor Lear of Townsville is must see fringe.

Follow the production on Twitter and Instagram using #MAYORLEAR.


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