About Minnesota Fringe

There is one big thing that makes Fringe different from any other event in town: All the shows you'll see at Fringe were selected randomly by lottery.

Yep. That's right. Each year the lineup is crafted by placing numbered ping-pong balls into a bingo cage and drawing them out, one by one. From stage veterans to people who are brand new to theater, Minnesota Fringe is a forum for anyone with a story to tell. We also provide the necessary support to make producing a show as easy as possible, regardless of where you land on the artistic spectrum.

Anyone (yes, anyone) can apply to have a show in the festival. If you'd like to have a show in our next festival, applications will go live in November here on our website. Sign up for our newsletter to receive a reminder as well as information about other theater events happening around town.

The mission of the Minnesota Fringe is to promote creative freedom and diversity of artistic expression by linking adventurous artists with adventurous audiences. Thank you for joining in this adventure!

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Shows start and end on time at Fringe. With hundreds of performances and dozens of shows in just 11 days, we have to run a tight schedule to avoid descending into chaos. Performances are no more than 60 minutes long with a half hour between each show.

On weekdays shows begin at 5:30pm, 7pm, 8:30pm and 10pm. On weekends there are additional shows at 1pm, 2:30pm and 4pm.

Late seating: There is NO LATE SEATING at Minnesota Fringe. In addition to keeping our schedule, late seating is a safety issue for artists and audiences.

Safety for artists: Some of our theaters require that patrons walk across parts of the stage to reach the seating area, and many of our production companies’ stage work encompasses entrances and exits from the house.

Safety for audiences: Entering a darkened theater, possibly for the first time, and trying to find open seats puts patrons and volunteers at unnecessary risk.

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Fringe Central

Fringe Central, sponsored by Surly Brewing and hosted by a local establishment, serves as the late-night watering hole for artists, staff, volunteers and audience members alike. Come in after a day full of shows to grab a beer and some bar food. Talk about what you loved and what you didn’t. Meet the artists behind the scenes and actors on the stage. Find out what you should see tomorrow or dream up your own idea for next year. You never know what will happen during Fringe, but dropping by Fringe Central gives you a serious head start.

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What to Wear

Shorts and a t-shirt. Seriously. Also, a pair of comfy shoes will serve you well in case you have to wait in line. Most Fringe shows take place indoors in air-conditioned venues, so having a layer to throw on in case you get chilly is also advisable.

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Choosing a Show

With hundreds of performances and dozens of shows, it's scandalous to see just one. But how to choose the perfect lineup?

Search by genre: You can filter for genres when trying to decide what to see.

Talk to people: It only sounds scary. Just look for the folks in lanyards. Lanyards are worn by Fringe artists and there are at least a thousand of them dying to tell you about their show.

Read and write reviews: See what audiences are raving about on our audience review page, then return the favor and let others know what you thought.

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Get Involved

Fringe isn't just a festival - it's a community, and it couldn't exist without people like you.

Create: Applications for the 2018 festival will are live on this website. Fringe is open to everyone, shows are selected by lottery, and you don't even need to have a show ready when you apply.

Volunteer: Our volunteers are near and dear to our hearts and make our festival go, so we shower them with lots of love and complimentary seats! Sign up for a shift now!

Socialize: Join us any night of the festival at our official hangout, Fringe Central sponsored by Surly Brewing and hosted by a local establishment, for a beer, a burger and maybe even some late-night shenanigans.

Support: Help us create Minnesota's Summer Theater Crawl by donating to or sponsoring our annual festival. Gifts of any size make a large contribution to our ability to meet our mission.

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Box Office Info

Pass, Reservations, and Tickets, Oh My!

In 2018, Fringe will still offer passes but is also re-introducing single tickets options to see shows. We are re-tooling our Box Office policies to reflect our changes. Please check back for more information in the spring.

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By The Theatre Cosmic
Written by J. Merrill Motz

Playing at HUGE Theater


Warnings: Adult language.

Ted "Critter" Montana knows the streets & will teach YOU how to survive: no guns, no karate chops, just KNIVES. Think you got what it takes to be the next Knifeslinger, hotshot?

The creators say this show is appropriate for ages 12-15 and up


Sat, 8/5 @ 2:30pm


Sun, 8/6 @ 5:30pm


Mon, 8/7 @ 10:00pm


Fri, 8/11 @ 8:30pm


Sun, 8/13 @ 1:00pm

* Reservations not required, but a Day Pass is. Find out more below.

Ticket Options

Day Passes are $16 on weekdays; $22 on weekends. Day Passes serve as entry to any show in the festival on a given day. Optional reservations to guarantee a seat for a particular performance are available by clicking the "reserve" button above. Day Passes can be purchased in advance with a reservation or at any venue box office during the festival.

Weekdays 1pm-3pm and Weekends 11am-1pm we'll also open an Alternative Box Office at Fringe Central so you can grab a Day Pass and skip the lines at the venue before the show.

Day Passes for kids 12 and under are available at any box office during the festival just $5 every day.

A 2017 Fringe button isn't required for entry, but it does get you access! Wearing it not only identifies you as a part of a fabulous Fringe community, it also entitles you to special deals at local bars and restaurants and access to reduced ticket prices at various theaters throughout the year. Get your 2017 Fringe button for only $4 at any Fringe preview event or Fringe venue during the festival.

Read the reviews

Great show

by Janis Emily Peabody on August 16, 2017
This user has reviewed 48 shows

This show was well performed and created much discussion. Thank you!

Knife To Meet You

by Adam Boutz on August 15, 2017
This user has reviewed 56 shows

An A for awesome. The 80's self-defense guru forced to admit he's a fraud is a wonderful and funny premise. The moral lecture about the evils of stand-your-ground legislation was more than a bit ponderous, and I a bit concerned that the story was somehow trying to present the legal case as justice being denied. Still rocked my face off.

More than silly fun!

by Penny Sterling on August 14, 2017
This user has reviewed 4 shows

This was a show that took a caricature and over the course of an hour, revealed that he was, in fact a fully-realized character with a very definite moral compass. Fun, funny and even a bit provocative!


by Sara Robinson-Coolidge on August 14, 2017
This user has reviewed 49 shows

This could have used a little extra polish (as other reviewers noted), but it was *very* funny and creative.

See it

by Sam Ahern on August 13, 2017
This user has reviewed 4 shows

Just see it. Don't piss off Critter.

Knife to Meet You!

by Kara Greshwalk on August 13, 2017
This user has reviewed 7 shows

Motz does it again! There's nothing better than nearly crying with laughter, then getting an opportunity to explore both sides of an issue like Stand your Ground legislation--and doing so without feeling preached to. That's no easy feat, and Motz takes the audience on this journey with him, even breaking the fourth wall along the way! This is one artist to watch and keep on watching. Motz has such an original, intelligent voice, and I look forward to seeing what's next from very talented writer and actor.


by Kelly Glader on August 12, 2017
This user has reviewed 12 shows

Great writing. Full of surprise feels but that doesn't take away from the laughs. Motz - you are one hell of talented person! You better do a show next year or else!!!!


by Hillary Olson on August 12, 2017
This user has reviewed 15 shows

I expected it to be funny - but I didn't expect to have feels! Well done Motz! 👏👏👏👏👏

A Very Good Show!

by Edwin Strout on August 12, 2017
This user has reviewed 24 shows

Okay, very distracted by the fact that his special guest star couldn't pronounce the word "indictment"!!! Motz, if you need someone to help you, please, call on me, as I will know the script, not verbatim, but at least I would know how to pronounce the words that you have written. Motz performance is amazing, as always. Go to see this show because of him, and not whomever he has wrangled to read the script with him.

A cut above the rest

by Bryn Tanner on August 11, 2017
This user has reviewed 7 shows

I was expecting some goofiness and I certainly got it. Stellar performance from the playwright and star that really sells much of the comedy. I was disarmed by the show's segue into heavier subject matter, but ultimately found this only enriched the experience. And it finished with 20 seconds left on the clock - talk about efficiency!

To the point

by Jim Johnson on August 11, 2017
This user has reviewed 9 shows

Inventive and funny. Would have gotten 5 stars if the production was more polished. Worth the look.


by Paris Kelvakis on August 11, 2017
This user has reviewed 19 shows

Was not prepared for this one. Funny and clever mutates into poignant and profound. Well played Critter.

Sweet slinging skills

by Erica Murphy on August 10, 2017
This user has reviewed 6 shows

Fantastic character, and critter was hilarious how ever the lawyer guy on my night had a hard time with the script so his scenes brought the energy to a screeching halt.

There Will Be A Quiz

by Tony Laundrie on August 8, 2017
This user has reviewed 5 shows

Mostly enjoyed it. The lead character reminded me of Rex Kwon Do from Napoleon Dynamite. Loved his 5 points of survival with the help of your sharp instruments, and all the different knife holding positions and stances. Just the "video" would have made for a fun show, but the courtroom stuff added depth. Still, those courtroom scenes were a bit long, and breaking the wall to visit the bar didn't fit as humorously as Cliff's courtroom jacket. Still, go see it!

Must See

by Dani C on August 8, 2017
This user has reviewed 8 shows

The script was clever and made for non stop laughing! Ted Critter Montanna truely teaches you the meaning of being a Knifesligin'. Defiantly a must see!

Save your ass!

by Liz Capouch on August 8, 2017
This user has reviewed 12 shows

Cleverly written and delivered with nuance. It's parody without melodrama and social commentary without being bashed over the head. Critter develops from a redneck stereotype into a surprisingly relatable character. Highly recommended!

KNIFESLINGIN'! is More Great Motz

by Matt Saxe on August 8, 2017
This user has reviewed 10 shows

One thing I really respect about Motz's shows over the years, is that he always makes you feel for his characters, no matter how ridiculous they may seem. Critter is a self-defense teacher/perpetual expert witness and pseudo guru of fighting, and he's hilariously over the top, but his habits and character are grounded in reality and that's what makes the character work. The back and forth from the 80's instructional video to a modern courtroom is transitioned seamlessly and the issue brought up in the case doesn't come off as preachy to me. From how to stand, to how to grip your knife, to when to sling, Critter knows his stuff and its great stuff. Pogi Sumalani made for a worth foe in the courtroom scenes. Another Fringe success for Motz.

1 person found this review helpful

Surprisingly enjoyable

by Nanette Stearns on August 8, 2017
This user has reviewed 25 shows

I was surprised I liked this show as much as I did. Violence, knives, self defense don't seem like strong ingredients for a comedy show but this one worked surprisingly well. Some plot twists and turns (and the enjoyable action with his straight-man/woman/Assistant District Attorney) made this show extra fun. Yes, it's far-fetched, No, it's not realistic. But it is fun!

Cutting it Close

by Riley Parham on August 7, 2017
This user has reviewed 14 shows

A very fun play with an important message that hits a little too hard on the preachy side. Motz does a wonderful job bringing Critter to life and his telemarketing scenes are incredible. It would have been nice to have a set actor as the ADA so that the lines could have been more polished.

Can I Get a VHS Copy

by Matthew Garten on August 7, 2017
This user has reviewed 8 shows

Part VHS instructional video, part court-room drama, this show had a lot of laughs and a surprisingly serious message. Motz channels his inner Danny MdBride to make "Critter" a lovable loser type of character. The lists and ramblings were full of quick jokes and helped give the show some structure.

Talkin' the Walk

by Karen Seay on August 7, 2017
This user has reviewed 1 show

Critter Montana speaks a language all of us here in America 2017 know all too well. He's a red-blooded son of the NKA. He's all man, all the time. He talks his legend and encourages others to live it. And he knows his enemies on sight. In this hilarious Fringe hour, I got to know a little about the man behind the Critter, whose scar has its own story to tell. I also was prompted to think about some seroius changes that are being wrought in our lives, sometimes without our noticing. The show is fun, well-written, and excellently performed by Motz and his crew of guest artists. Rachel Austin was terrific in last night's performance, but the show will no doubt change as each new co-star takes her/his turn at the prosecutor's table.

Ted "Critter" Montana or Kenny Powers?

by Bradan Swatch on August 7, 2017
This user has reviewed 14 shows

SUPER reminiscent of HBO's "East Bound and Down" (mullet included), which I happen to have loved and I hope J. Merrill Motz isn't sick of the Danny McBride comparison. This was a funny and clever show where the laughs come regularly, and, there is a political message thrown in there, per the rules of The Fringe Gods.

Hilarious and Oddly Deep

by Jeffrey Guion on August 7, 2017
This user has reviewed 4 shows

I loved this show. Motz's Critter was always a delight to watch as he switched between him in the 80s and him present day. His interactions with the Assistant District Attorney (played wonderfully by Rachel Austin) were always entertaining to watch. And, as a man who loves meta jokes, this show was fantastic.

More than meets the eye!

by Christopher Allen on August 7, 2017
This user has reviewed 24 shows

Knifeslingin' had a great preview, but I wondered how it would stay fresh for an hour. Well, they showed me... Unlike some shows, it managed to deliver on the promise of its advertising and preview, while still providing plenty of surprises. Just when I thought they had bled a certain well dry, they'd reveal a new one. And amazingly, this silly script ended up having a message that actually makes you think without bashing you over the head with its own opinion. When regarding an issue that has so many gray areas, I appreciate that. And Motz is fantastic!

1 person found this review helpful

This Show is the Sh- ... Crap!

by Air Force on August 6, 2017
This user has reviewed 4 shows

Knifeslingin' delivers steady, reliable hilarity AND poignant social commentary. How does he do it!?


by Tony Harrington on August 6, 2017
This user has reviewed 4 shows

A Motz show is a must-see at the Fringe. It is a pleasure to watch as characters he inhabit turn slowly from the cartoons on his postcards into real people. With timely subject matter, this show is Motz at his best.

Fun with a message

by Ted Allen on August 6, 2017
This user has reviewed 2 shows

This guy should be a total jerk, but he isn't, he's sympathetic. At the end the message is out front and not in the least subtle. But on the whole the show doesn't hit you over the head with its message. A really great show

... Critter on the Stage

by Sean Wilcott on August 6, 2017
This user has reviewed 7 shows

This is Motz at his best, presenting the hard exterior while protecting vulnerable underbelly. The guest artist (Suzie Juul on this particular performance) was a great addition. It was fun to see Motz's play with the one-man show format. See this show.

2 people found this review helpful

Humor and Message

by Mary Moilanen on August 6, 2017
This user has reviewed 1 show

Once again, Motz delivers a show that keeps you laughing and leaves you with something to think about. The main character, Critter, was night and day from his frontmen in past plays. It served as a good reminder that Motz is a not only a talented writer, but also a skilled actor who can bring life to a range of roles.

Once again

by Sunny Sorenson on August 6, 2017
This user has reviewed 13 shows

Once again, Motz's one man shows is delightful, weird, and thoughtful.

Suzie was lovely. It was perfect for the venue. This classic Motz production was perfect

1 person found this review helpful

Great satire in an imperfect vehicle

by Paul Mattes on August 6, 2017
This user has reviewed 3 shows

The satire of toigh-guy self-defense videos was spot-on, and carried to a just-silly-enough extreme. Alas, the story it was embedded in pierced the main character much too quickly and got predictably preachy.

On balance, worth seeing.

A for actor...

by Diane Hellekson on August 6, 2017
This user has reviewed 5 shows

... and B- for writer (both are the charming J. M. Motz). When playing the absurd knife-fightin' guru in a self-defense "video," Motz is hilarious. But it all gets a bit thin in the courtroom scenes, when the parody becomes a message piece about "stand your ground" legislation. The asst. district attorney's joke that referring to her notes might sound like reading from a script is a nice cheat for the actor (a different one is in the ADA role for each Fringe performance). The moment when Motz doffs his bandana/ponytail, breaking character to address the other actor, however, is just odd.

1 person found this review helpful


by Richelle Amundson on August 6, 2017
This user has reviewed 39 shows

...of putting on a hilarious show that had me laughing out loud. I think I have a little crush on Critter.

1 person found this review helpful

Had me laughing the whole show

by Frank Neubecker on August 6, 2017
This user has reviewed 5 shows

Motz is a master of word play and physical comedy. Suzie was great as the special guest. I would highly recommend checking it out!

2 people found this review helpful

Another winner from Motz!!

by Sonja Freeman on August 6, 2017
This user has reviewed 5 shows

He strikes again. Motz is an unbelievable writer, and fully commits to his characters in a way rarely seen. Superb job for both him and his guest performer!

1 person found this review helpful

Great show!

by Mary Johnston on August 5, 2017
This user has reviewed 11 shows

This show was funny AND thought provoking while bring light to current social issues. I dig it. I highly recommend this show.

2 people found this review helpful

If you wanna laugh, see this show!

by Stephanie Vadala on August 5, 2017
This user has reviewed 7 shows

This show was a blast! I laughed through the whole thing. Not to mention, Motz embodied the character completely and I was eating up every word he said. Super funny while leaving you with something to think about. Best show I've seen so far at Fringe!

2 people found this review helpful

Clever, Funny and Engaging

by Bradley Johnson on August 5, 2017
This user has reviewed 56 shows

Motz has a really entertaining show here that will keep you laughing. Recommend for anyone wanting a fun filled hour!

2 people found this review helpful

Year after year, Motz keeps getting bett

by TJ Hara on August 5, 2017
This user has reviewed 1 show

Motz really excels at exposing the humanity and insecurities of some pretty silly characters while telling a funny story. His past shows featured characters you end up feeling sorry for; this is his first I've seen that presents a ridiculous character who ends up being more than the sum off his parts at the end, and not just someone down on his luck you walk out feeling bad for. I'm really looking forward to seeing the continued evolution of his work.

1 person found this review helpful

Doesn't take own advice; is not the crap

by Ariel Lopez on August 5, 2017
This user has reviewed 18 shows

Motz wonderfully inhabits the role of knifeslinging Ted "Critter" Montana (the name pretty much says it all). Delivers laughs a-plenty, and manages to comment on violence without being preachy or simplistic, or detracting from the comedy.

2 people found this review helpful

I'm sold! Where can I buy the videos?

by Ben Mendis on August 5, 2017
This user has reviewed 10 shows

The show was hilarious all the way through. Motz is a master of comedy and he cleverly skewers his targets in the best way possible.

I think one sign of good art is when audience comes away with a new perspective. I'm definitely thinking and re-thinking about not just the jokes but also some of the more serious ideas in the piece.

Definitely check this one out if you're looking for some excellent Fringe comedy.

3 people found this review helpful

Motz is a Master

by Farrah B on August 5, 2017
This user has reviewed 2 shows

A seriously funny show, its like laugh out loud funny. Well written, and well done. This is one not to miss!

Yes! More of this please, thank you!

by Harry Lantto on August 5, 2017
This user has reviewed 3 shows

Critter gotta Walk and audiences need to Watch! Go see it!

Cast and crew

J. Merrill Motz

Writer/Ted "Critter" Montana

Motz (rhymes w/ boats) has been creating his own Fringe shows since 2013. He was last seen as gameshow-host-out-of-water Cliff Kunkel in THE JACKPOT HOUR WITH(OUT) JACK POWER in 2016, before that as the ding-dong who sings songs (and sometimes wears pink gorilla suits) in DING DONG! SING SONG! in 2015, as Buddy in REWIND-A-BUDDY in 2014, and Inspector Black in BOXCUTTER HARMONICA in 2013. He received a Master's degree from Ohio University's Professional Playwriting Program and a BFA in Acting from Central Michigan University. His plays have appeared through Freshwater Theatre, Northland Words, UW Fon Du Lac, the Seabury Quinn, Jr. Playwrights' Festival, KCACTF, and Swandive Theatre's Veggie Stock. He was shortlisted in 2012 for The Old Vic New Voices TS Eliot US/UK Playwright Exchange. He has a niece named Elleonor and a nephew named Xavier and another on the way this fall...but none of them are allowed to see this show. By day Motz can be found at Grant Thornton LLP in downtown Minneapolis, by night he's probably a private eye.

Emilia Seay Allen


EMILIA SEAY ALLEN’s great love in life is musical storytelling. She is the artistic director of Impossible Salt, a collaborative of musical storytellers who create devised work based on folk and fairy tales that reveal the truth behind the fantastical. Working with Motz allows her to indulge another love--playing around with words. Other theatrical credits include Stages Theatre, Edina Public Schools, Nautilus Music-Theater, Frank Theatre, Dangerous Productions, 20% Theatre, Freshwater Theatre, Theatre Unbound, Twin Cities Fringe Opera, Box Wine Theatre, One-T Productions, Oberlin in Italy, Pensacola Opera, Boston Opera Collaborative, Boston Actors Theater, Guerilla Opera, Juventas New Music Ensemble, Opera Hub, and Musica Nuova. Emilia studied vocal performance at Bard College.

Jay P. Fosgitt

Poster Art

(This is the fifth time Jay has created Motz's artwork for the MN Fringe!)

Jay P. Fosgitt is the creator of the all-ages comic book BODIE TROLL. Jay is also the creator of DEAD DUCK: RISING FROM THE GRAVE (Source Point Press). Jay’s other creator-owned work is NECRONOMICOMICS, a single panel comic that lampoons horror films, which ran in Rue Morgue Magazine from 2011-2015.

Jay has also produces licensed comic book work, as an illustrator on IDW's MY LITTLE PONY series, and as a cover artist for their POPEYE CLASSICS series. He's drawn for Boom's ADVENTURE TIME, THE AMAZING WORLD OF GUMBALL, and contributed to their art book for the 30th anniversary of the Jim Henson film LABYRINTH. At Ape Entertainment, Jay did illustrations for DREAMWORKS ANIMATION MAGAZINE, and was a writer and artist on the SESAME STREET comic book. Jay created a variant cover for BETTY AND VERONICA #1 for Archie Comics. Jay has also drawn for Marvel Comics, with a cover for AVENGERS STANDOFF: ASSAULT ON PLEASANT HILL ALPHA, illustrating issue #5 of ROCKET RACCOON AND GROOT, and doing both cover and interior work on ALL NEW, ALL DIFFERENT AVENGERS ANNUAL #1 in 2016.

Jay's artwork was featured in the Eisner Award-nominated book TEAM CUL DE SAC: CARTOONISTS DRAW THE LINE AT PARKINSON'S, alongside other professional cartoonists who drew characters from Richard Thompson's comic strip CUL DE SAC, with proceeds going towards a cure for Parkinson's Disease. Jay's comic BODIE TROLL has been nominated for best comic book in the 2014 Reuben Awards. And Jay's work has been endorsed by such creators as Marvel Comics' Stan Lee, director James Gunn, animation director Chris Sanders and The Jim Henson Company. Among Jay's various clients, he has recently designed artwork for Lady Gaga. Jay is also a member of The National Cartoonists Society.

Jay lives in Plymouth, MI with his cat, Goonie. Find him online at:

Brandon Taitt


Brandon Taitt is a playwright, performer, producer, and founder of The Theatre Cosmic. His previous Fringe outings include 2016's LAZY EYED GEEK and THE GUN SHOW, 2014's AFTER LIFE, and 2013's Audience Choice winner STUCK IN AN ELEVATOR WITH PATRICK STEWART. Brandon also works on the production team of the syndicated radio series and podcast "The Tobolowsky Files" for National Public Radio and Public Radio International. He lives in Blaine with his wife Jill and his daughter Clara. Outside the theater he is also active in politics, and he is running for the Minnesota House of Representatives in 2018. You can visit his website at TaittForMN.com

Kevin T. Houle


KEVIN T. HOULE has been an director, stage manager, producer, actor, educator, technician, and administrator in community, educational, and professional theaters for 40 years. He has an M.F.A. in Directing from the University of Utah and a B.A. in Drama from Augustana College in Sioux Falls, SD. For the MN Fringe he has directed STUCK IN AN ELEVATOR WITH PATRICK STEWART, AFTER LIFE, LAZY EYED GEEK, and produced and directed THE GUN SHOW. He has also directed plays in the Twin Cities for The Theatre Cosmic, Lakeshore Players, Box Wine Theatre, TEASE, Theatre Limina, Heritage Theatre Company, Lex-Ham Community Theater, Northwestern College, hipp•kitten theatreworks, Child's Play Theatre Company, and Theatre in the Round. When he’s not in a theatre he’s usually reading, watching the Vikings, playing poker, or hanging out on Twitter @kevinhoule.

Nick Decker

Production Assistant

Suzie Juul

Assistant District Attorney Prosecutor (Saturday Aug 5 Performance)

Rachel Austin

Assistant District Attorney Prosecutor (Sunday Aug 6 Performance)

Eric “Pogi” Sumangil

Assistant District Attorney Prosecutor (Monday Aug 7 Performance)

Michael Terrell Brown

Assistant District Attorney Prosecutor (Friday Aug 11 Performance)

Laura “Baller” Mahler

Assistant District Attorney Prosecutor (Sunday Aug 13 Performance)

More information

From the creators of THE JACKPOT HOUR WITH(OUT) JACK POWER, DING DONG! SING SONG!, REWIND-A-BUDDY, and BOXCUTTER HARMONICA comes a new “solo theatre” experiment for the 2017 Fringe, KNIFESLINGIN’! 

1989 A.D. The Streets, USA. Crime runs rampant. Nowhere is safe. Fear is winning. And the world is about to be rocked by “KNIFESLINGIN’! Ted “Critter” Montana Teaches YOU to Survive the Streets”. Critter walks The Warrior’s Path. Critter is not afraid to stand his ground. And Critter carries more knives than you can even count, tough guy. If you think you got what it takes, pop KNIFESLINGIN’! into your VCR, strap up your switchblades, and pay attention. It just might save your life. 

Cut to: 2017. The Warrior’s Path has lead Critter to a Grand Jury hearing in Minneapolis. Can he knifesling his way out of this? 


J. Merrill Motz as Ted “Critter” Montana: The Knifeslinger. The Cuttist. The Sliceman. 

Actual Testimonials from Real Knifeslingers 

Critter’s Six Rules To Save Yer Ass 

A whole mess of rubber knives 

One very fake ponytail 

And co-starring as Assistant District Attorney Prosecutor, special guests stars each performance! 

Saturday, Aug 5: Suzie Juul 

Sunday, Aug 6: Rachel Austin 

Monday, Aug 7: Eric “Pogi” Sumangil 

Friday, Aug 11: Michael Terrell Brown 

Sunday, Aug 13: Laura “Baller” Mahler 

Bollywood Dance Scene
Bryant Lake Bowl