The following postings are from producers who have confirmed they will be present at the Fringe Unified Auditions on April 26. If you are interested in auditioning for any of the shows listed below, please sign up for the Fringe Unified Auditions by emailing by April 14th at 5 pm. See audition details here.

First Things Last by Whatever Productions

From creators of the hit A-listed Bryant Lake Bowl comedy sketch show S#!tlisted: The Very Worst of Craigslist, First Things Last is a themed sketch show about firsts, lasts, and things. Seeking male and female actors with stage experience and a love of the silly and absurd. Must be able to create big characters, be adaptable under direction. Please! Be available for intensive weekend rehearsals in late May, June and July and of course, Fringe run July 31-Aug 10 (except for Aug 2). Warning: some adult themes and very few sacred cows.

Self Fulfilling Prophecy by Ponders Productions

Anders Ponders, a singer-songwriter, hits rock bottom and is forced to flee Minnesota for Northern California, bringing with him an adventurous yet fool-hardy new friend, Andreas. As they drive through the Great Salt Lake Desert, Andreas runs over wildman in the middle of the road, setting off a string of twelve star-crossed encounters with different Greek mythological characters in a parallel dimension where story and symbol live and breathe.

Twelve songs in one hour means that this original musical will be solidly composed from start to finish. The quality of the music is exceptional so strong voices will be of primary importance in casting. Roles to be filled are ANDREAS, a tall, boyish, raw vegan, a Zeitgeist-type and the only other "real" person apart from ANDERS; CRONUS, or Father Time, an old man with much gravitas (and very little singing parts); GAIA, or Mother Earth; HERMES, god of communication, an engaging character whose song will likely involve audience participation; OEDIPUS, a bass whose eyes have been gauged out, singing a mournful song; ACHILLES, a muscular, armored, hot-head; DAPHNE, a spritely nymph that transforms into a tree; PSYCHE, a beautiful young woman desperately in love; CASSANDRA, a prophetess cursed so that no one believes her visions; CHIRON, a centaur (half-man/half-horse), a teacher, mentor, or guide; SISYPHUS, a gruff, persistent, madman; GANYMEDE, a slender, small and cherubic young man; and NARCISSUS, an exceedingly good-looking man.

The Pat Ryan Effect by Brandt Schubbe

Hello prospective actors,

I am asking for any actor who wants to be in my play. It is called, The Pat Ryan Effect. It will be a lot of fun and you will be able to exercise any creative impulse you might have. The play is about a main character, man or women, explaining a time in their lives where they were taking to the brim of reality. There are four parts. One is obviously the storyteller, and the other three are people acting out the situations the main character went through. It will not be an easy job. It will take a lot out of everyone involved. I look forward to this experience.


Producer Brandt Schubbe

Forgotten Goddess Productions

We are looking for 4-6 Actors ages 18-30. Gender is open and we STRONGLY seek actors/actresses of COLOR.

Austen-tacious! by Mendota Theater Company

Ever heard the effin-heimer in opera?? Seeking four or five men and four women for the comedy, "Austen-tacious!" The irreverent parody of Jane Austen's "Emma" set in contemporary times will have the author spinning in her grave. Dialog will be interspersed by songs sung in opera set to Mozart's "Cossi Fan Tutte." Not all actors will need to sing. Looking for actors between 18 and early thirties. One cameo role for a venerable gentleman fifty or older. If we do well, we all share in the net proceeds! Many patrons said my last show was the best in the Fringe:

Colfax Theatre

A male character between the ages of 18-26 Either can be Chechen, Middle eastern, Somalian, or African Comedic, part time student deciding whether to be a terrorist or not be a terrorist. Must be an innocence to him.

2 Leading Female Roles Comedy ages 25-35, strong comedic timing, can carry a show, and is not afraid of being topless or partially nude on stage.

Romeo and Juliet by Lowell Schoenherr


Romeo- 18-22 years old. Romeo is approachable and friendly. However underneath there is a longing for something better and exciting. Romeo feels trapped by a feud he doesn’t really understand or buy into. A very thoughtful and philosophical kid but prone to acting on an impulse. Mercutio is Romeo’s only confidant. He is close with Abraham and Benvolio but they are more involved in the feud than Romeo.

Juliet- 18-22 years old. There is a disconnect between her and most of her family. Natalie and Juliet are incredibly close. Juliet is very outgoing, intelligent and confident. She knows what she does not want but isn’t quite sure what she really wants. She wants a way out of the feud and the city she lives in. Once she makes up her mind its made up good luck trying to change it.

Abraham- 22-28 years old. Romeo’s cousin. Well-read articulate guy who is slow to speak but not slow to act, despises the Capulet’s. Incredibly loyal to his family and the family’s preservation.

Tybalt- 22-28 years old. The heir to the Capulet house and Juliets older brother. Tybalt is a smart guy but hot headed and cold. He views himself and his family as very important and deserving of respect. Anything or anyone he views as disrespectful he will attack. Prefers fear and intimidation over diplomacy but he is charismatic enough that those close to him like him. Has been a boxer/MMA fighter since he was a teenager, natural athlete. He views masculinity in a more outdated chauvinistic way.

Gregory- 22-28 years old. One of Tybalt’s minions. He is always looking for someone else to start a fight. Not what you would call a brave man.

Sampson- 22-28 years old. Tybalt’s younger brother and Juliet’s older. Sampson wants to prove himself to his father and Tybalt. He believes the best way of doing this is acting like Tybalt. A bigger guy but has softer heart then Tybalt.

Natalie- 24-30 years old. The oldest child of Lord and Lady Capulet. She and Juliet bonded over their dislike of the feud and in some ways their own father. Natalie views Juliet as her own redemption. In her mind if she can just save Juliet and get her out of Verona the feud doesn’t matter. Tries to be the diplomat of the family and is always looking for a way to maintain the peace.

Lord Capulet- 45-60 years old. Lord Capulet is an old stern patriarch. Deep hatred for the Montagues which he tried to instil in his children as well as the reasons why the Capulet’s were in the right. Bordering on obsessive about family reputation and honoring the legacy of the Capulets and expanding for future generations. Tybalt is his idea of a perfect son.

The Show

Our show is a one act adaptation of Romeo and Juliet told narrated by Bevolio. In essence it’s a memory play with Benvolio filling in the gaps and guiding the audience through his recollection of events. The language will remain in its original form we have just cut and combined scenes to make it work as a one act. The setting of our show is set in a dystopian city. In our vision of the show the Capulet’s and Montagues each control half of the city but for generations were warring for control of all of it. The Prince of Verona built a wall separating the city and containing the violence and the opposing family’s areas of influence. The wall was built thirty years before the start of Romeo and Juliet and has done little to cool the feud. In our vision Romeo and Juliet are both not on board with the feud. Their main desire is not to solve the problem between the family’s but to simply get away from it and start over. This rendition focuses mostly on the youngest generation of the family’s with only one appearance by a member of the older generations. Our hope is to bring out how younger generations respond to the legacy left behind and the expectations set for them by their predecessors.

Urgent Care or The Doctor Will Eat You Now! by Mic Weinblatt

An Urgent Care Clinic on the eve of a Zombie Apocalypse. Raz, a witch-woman (40's- 70's) and her cheerful husband, Bobbie wait patiently to see the doctor. A bickering couple,Artie and Sheila (20's )with a bullet wound , get no support from the Dour receptionist, Jane (20-40's) who's attention is firmly fixed on the newest issue of National Geographic...And then there's the Zombies!

The Tiger in the Room by Unfolding the Sky Productions

On behalf of Unfolding the Sky Productions, we would love to invite you to our open audition! We are casting a lovely little play called The Tiger in the Room, a play that brings memory to life in some very intriguing ways...Right now, we are looking for some men of various ages and a couple of teenagers. Please see our description below. Almond is pre-cast (being played by Natalie Wass).

MAN at party: He's a dude. He likes cars. He likes to talk, but you don't like talking back. He's the guy you hope ignores you at a party!

SCIENCE KID #1: You know that kid you didn't talk to while you were in high school, but he or she ended up being really successful and so you kind of wish you would have? This is one of those kids.

SCIENCE KID #2: This is another one of those kids (see above).

STONE: Almond’s neighbor – single guy in his mid-40s: You know that guy in a romantic comedy who you maybe know you're not supposed to like at first but who you just know is going to get the girl because he's like a really charming person underneath a gruff exterior, like a complicated onion? This is that guy.

DAD: Almond’s dad, in his mid-50s: Kind, protective (perhaps a little bit overly-so)...a dad-type Dad if you know what I mean. The kind of Dad you want to be.

STAN another of Almond’s neighbors, a born and bred Brooklynite, mid-60s: That old Jewish man you've met who always has a story to share (and you'll learn something if you listen).

THERAPIST shows up at very end of play: A really good listener...

We're looking forward to seeing you at auditions!


Nicole Wilder

Director, The Tiger in the Room

Captain Do-Good Saves the World from Wal-Mart by Comedy Comics

Summary: Villain General Idiocy has teamed up with Siren Seductress Leather Alice to make the world "more stupider" with his M-ray gun. It's up to Captain Do-Good to convince people to make better choices (shopping at hometown stores instead of Wal-Mart, etc.) and defeat General Idiocy.


Captain Do-Good: (male) Is the 1950s TV Batman thrown into 2014. Overly sincere and optimistic, but very naïve. His super power is a gravity ray that helps people to make better choices.

General Idiocy: (male) The villain who can't help tell bad knock-knock jokes and is out to make the world "more stupider."

Emma: (female) The bartender love of Captain Do-Good who is patiently waiting to have him put her first, instead of his inventions and his superhero duties.

Leather Alice: (female) A siren seductress who can rob any man blind. She teams up with General Idiocy to try to defeat Captain Do-Good.

Hardcover Theater

We're looking for a good looking guy in his mid 30s that would be appealing to an audience. We also need an attractive mid 30's woman. Both need to appear intelligent.


SPEAKEASY is a site specific Fringe show at 4 Seasons Dance Studio on Loring Park. Join the PEACE GANG with a 3 minute bit of your own with a 1920s theme that is kid-friendly. No alcohol or guns. I know! What is a SPEAKEASY without alcohol or guns? It's the PEACE GANG! Help us figure that out with your input.



- 2 character actors, male or female, to play the Speakeasy Doormen and do a little acting scene at the door. Improv skills a plus.


- Male and female dancers that know or want to learn Charleston, Swing & 1920s tango for at least one group number, maybe more.

- One mature experienced male dancer to partner female professional dancer.

- Extras needed to sit among the clientele and burst out in spontaneous dance.

Dress up and join the party!

The Miss Longview Texas Drag Pageant by Brazen Theatre

A gay Thanksgiving day gathering in the piney woods of east Texas goes awry when secrets are exposed, lies are revealed, and a drag pageant to be judged by movie star Matthew McConaughey causes heated friction. Further mayhem ensues when an escaped prisoner takes the group hostage, and a mysterious light from the sky forces everyone to ask the question, “are we alone in the universe?”

Stipend, plus a portion of the ticket sales provided.

Casting is open to All Ethnicities.

HARLAN: (Lead 25-45) gay, a budding drag performer, all he wants is to get the hell out of Longview, Texas in order to move to Los Angeles where he can pursue his dream of being the next huge diva drag (Cher) queen star. He is by no means a “Nancy Boy” but he may have a touch of Nelly (but not overwhelmingly so). He does, however, take his profession as a drag artist very seriously.

WYLIE: (Lead 25-45) gay, hot, a construction worker, typical, straight-presenting “good ole boy” from east Texas. He probably even wears a cowboy hat that people make him take off to be polite. He looks great in his jeans. A nice guy but a bit of a sexual cad.

LLOYD: (Lead 25-55) the sheriff, Tamera’s ex-husband, with a checkered past. The very picture of "butch," he probably has a moustache and looks more like a character from the Village People than a real sheriff.

EDDIE: (Supporting 25-45) A nervous escaped convict and even though he has a heart of gold, there is no telling what he will do if push comes to shove.

MATTHEW McCONAUGHEY: If we can't get the real thing, we need someone who can pull off a close imitation of the Oscar-winning actor. Shirt optional.

PRODUCTION STAGE MANAGER: Ability to run rehearsals and coordinate actors during the show run, and and available to manage lights/sound with Fringe technician during the show run.

A Christmas Carol Passover--This Seder Never Sounded So Good!

If you have a great voice and are looking for a show where there are no lines to memorize 'A Christmas Carol Passover--This Seder Never Sounded So Good!' would be a great fit. This musical parody will feature 7 singer/actors around a Passover holiday table. The Jewish father--Marvin Goldstein--has created a new, hilarious, interfaith telling of the Israelites going from slavery to freedom. It will all be laid out in the 'haggadah' book that each actor will have right in front of them! Minimum rehearsal time. (only 9-12 hrs. plus 3 hr. fringe tech) Simple staging. Loads of fun!

Here are the 6 descriptions of people that I might be looking for on the 26th:

1. MARVIN GOLDSTEIN: Lead--Leader of the Seder--Jewish, New York/Brooklyn accent. On the overweight side. Bearded. Unpolished. 40-50'ish. Excited about using the Christmas Carol melodies in the Seder. Marvin has 85% of the lines in the show!

2. SHIRLEY GOLDSTEIN: Marvin's wife. 40-50'ish. Several short solos but almost no lines. Flamboyant. Bossy. On the plump side. Dark hair. Curly? Wig?

3. JUNE CHRISTIANSEN: Christina's mother. 40-50'ish. Slender. Blonde. Southern/Texan accent. Baptist/Evangelical persona. Hardly any speaking parts. 1-2 short solos.

4. JARRED GOLDSTEIN: "The Jewish son." 20-30'ish. Needs to look younger than Marvin and Shirley. Somewhat nerdy-looking (glasses?) but not required. Could be very handsome as long as he has a great voice! Several short solos. Limited speaking parts.

5. CHRISTINA CHRISTIANSEN: Jarred's non-Jewish fiancé. 20-30'ish. Needs to look close to Jarred's age. Blonde. Slender. Pretty. Several longer solos. Limited speaking parts. Exceptionally good voice required!

6. JOEY BERNSTEIN: Marvin's nephew. Teenager. Great voice. Has one important solo but needs to sing entire show. No speaking parts.

It Only Takes One by World Tree Theatre

Attention Vocalists, Actors/Actresses, and Musicians! Want to inspire others to take action in the world and live out their unfulfilled dreams? That's what "It Only Takes One" is all about! Looking for a variety of roles.

Narrator: a fool, tortured clown, wordsmith, soothsayer, minstrel, angel, story-teller, who sets the scene and involves the audience

Woman: a pioneer, wanderer, mother, giver, lover, peace-bringer, martyr, companion, who sees the things in life that we often choose to ignore

Man: at first average and relatable, then shaken (when he meets the woman), mulling over what is right versus what is easy in life

Chorus: male and female vocalists who play business people, homeless people, and provoke audience participation

Musicians needed: Acoustic guitar, hand drum, keyboard, violin.

“It Only Takes One” is a lyrically intrusive, emotionally dramatic musical that turns the tables of traditional theater and features each member of the audience as the Hero in life. This inspirational, acoustic piece dares the audience to look deep within, evoking them to take action by living out their forgotten dreams. Stuffed full of inner-struggle, intellectual debates, and poignant ups-and-downs in the fight to make a difference, each “Hero” must decide for themselves what he or she needs to do outside of the play. “It Only Takes One” is an stirring, eye-opening reminder of the simple fact that it only takes one person and one moment to change everything…and it all starts with you.

Sex and Turkey: A Minnesotan Comedy by Allonsy Theatre


Elizabeth-Rose Thompson, daughter, 17

Ted Thompson, son, 21

Joseph Thompson, son, 26

Fawn McDonald, Joseph's wife, 25

Marcie Thompson, Mother, 52

Matt Thompson, Father, 55,

Hobbie David Nathanson, Grandfather, 79

Clint Nathanson, Uncle, 45

Imelda-Marie Buren, Grandmother, 74

Pandora's Box by Pandora Productions

Pandora's Box (working title):

Is an original musical telling the familiar myth in a new light. Alternating between the original tale and a modern story, we see how the image of the box came to be… or perhaps how it would play out if opened today. No one questions that the box will be opened but what would that mean outside of Eden, here in the world in which we live? Stylistically, this folk musical uses solo singers, an a cappella chorus, and orchestral accompaniment to tell its tale. Our team of writers, producers, directors, and musicians includes successful working poets, dancers, singers, instrumentalists, composers, and educators who know just enough about theater to be dangerous.

Roles yet to be filled:

2-3 Greek Chorus members - female, any vocal range, strong singers

Pandora's father/Prometheus - a bullheaded young/middle aged man - tenor - strong singer and actor

Pandora's grandfather/Zeus - a wise (in his own mind) old man - baritone/bass - strong singer and actor

5-8 ensemble members - swing among varied characters - all ages and voice parts - singing and acting

DREAMBOYS by Blue Umbrella Productions

About our show:The latest installment in Blue Umbrella's hit series, DREAMBOYS is a musical revue featuring five men performing songs made famous by Broadway's leading ladies. Alternately heartfelt and hilarious, earnest and irreverent, DREAMBOYS puts a new spin on some of the greatest hits from the Great White Way!

What we're looking for: Strong male singers of any vocal type/range. All ages/ethnicities encouraged to apply. Please prepare a song of any style that best showcases your voice. No accompaniment will be provided, so be prepared to sing a cappella.

Florabelle and Sister Sue

My director and I will be looking for cast members for "Florabelle and Sister Sue." It's a musical-comedy set in the 1890s and yes, there will be an emphasis on fancy women's costumes of that era. Feathers, flounces, parasols, etc.

It's a 6 or perhaps 7 member cast but we're particularly looking for two performers. (1) A big, flamboyant, "Klondike Kate" individual who's been around the block a few times. Able to belt out a song. Lots of "stage presence." (2) The tour manager for this "Klondike Kate" individual. Just an ordinary guy but when "Klondike Kate" is too drunk to go on, he dons her dress and wig, sashays out on stage, and wows the crowd in her place.

Actors looking for a big, brassy show with period costumes may find a home in "Florabelle and Sister Sue."

Yama & Kalindi by Hey Rube Productions

Hey Rube Productions is casting for our show called Yama & Kalindi. It's a love story set in the multiverse. You can check out a trailer here. We are seeking one male 20-30 years old, preferably East Indian and preferably with movement or dance training (in addition to acting).

Hey! Hello! Namaste? by Bollywood Dance Scene - Twin Cities

Bollywood Dance Scene - Twin Cities presents "Hey! Hello! Namaste?" [working title] This is a Bollywood style musical which is a story of a Minnesotan girl of Indian origin, an aspiring doctor, visiting India for a cousin's wedding where she gets overwhelmed and mesmerized by the grandeur, colors and DANCE!

Looking to fill the role of our main protagonist -

Ragini/Ragz - An Indian American girl with acting experience and some dancing skills. (Contemporary/Hip Hop/Bollywood styles)

The Ohman Stone by It Works, Tom and Holly O'Keefe

This is a show about the family who found the Kensington Rune Stone near Alexandria, MN in 1898. At one time this controversial Stone was even displayed in the Smithsonian Museum and was declared an "authentic 14th century artifact" by a Commission from the Minnesota History Museum. Then in 1950 something happened which completey change this and caused a tragic event for this Swedish immigrant family. If I were to describe the play in a sentence it would be "Hamlet meets 12 Angry Men - the Musical" . We will have a debate scene which will morph into a hip hop sing battle scene in the middle of the play. If Olof Ohman and his friends win the debate and rap off, they will be allowed to leave the Netherworld in which they now walk and to to Valhalla (Heaven). Actors need to be familiar with hip hop and feel comfortable moving to the song in the hip hop number in a bold and audacious manner. We are also doing an Avant-garde Russian Opera musical number in which the male actor singing this goes into a lound falsetto. The audience will help determine their outcome of the play by voting for who wins the debate.

We need 8 men 7 of whom are playing "ghost", one of whom will be playing a live person. I also need one younger woman who is a soprano. This is a musical so all need to be able to sing. One of the men needs to be a tenor and also sing in falsetto. One other male part should be able to sing in the bass to tenor range. (E2-E4 for bass, F2-F4 for baritone, C3-C5 for tenor).

Hermann the German: The Scandal That Rocked New Ulm by Denson & Young

Hermann the German: The Scandal That Rocked New Ulm, is comedic show based on the true story of a New Ulm tourism chief who admitted to fabricating a story about finding a 4-foot long footprint cast, believed to be that of town mascot Hermann the German. The story follows tourism chief, Jerry Sweetie as he navigates the seedy world of political malfeasance for the benefit of his beloved home town. A sordid tale of deception and redemption, appropriate for all ages. The actual news story can be read here:

We are seeking 4 actors for the following lead roles and several minor roles:

Brenda Sherman: Employee of the tourism bureau and accomplice in the scheme.

Mr. Mayor: Mayor of New Ulm, who is unaware of the deception being perpetrated in his city.

Jazz Jaberman: Eccentric artist and co-conspirator, commissioned to create the footprint cast.

Reporter: Hard-nosed reporter that won't stop until he uncovers the truth.

This story is written and produced by Benjamin Denson, a graduate of NYC's Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, and Bill Young, a local comedian who has opened for Paul F. Tompkins and Steve-O. Denson & Young have been producing comedy shows in Minneapolis for over a decade.This is their third time participating in the Fringe Festival.

The "Boy" Boy Friend: A Gay Romp

Short description:

"The 'Boy' Boy Friend: A Gay Romp," is a musical that sort of takes place in the 1920s but is injected with modern realism containing themes such as acceptance, money and gay sex while clinging desperately to the song and dance that all gay musicals should really be about.


4-5 strapping school boys who could play ages ranging from 18-25

1-2 distinguished Englishmen who could play ages ranging from 40-55

1 man or woman to play a fabulous drag queen/high femme performer.

Younger men must be comfortable in swimwear.

No compensation.

Untitled Walking Tour by Catalog Models

Untitled Walking Tour by Catalog Models will be a site-specific work in and around the West Bank neighborhood of Minneapolis. The play follows a Guy as he takes us on a tour of his memories, searching for clues to the issues he's currently experiencing in his marriage. We meet him and his wife at various ages, stages, iterations. Performers will be performing scenes outdoors, as well as possibly riding bikes, singing songs, playing instruments, and racing to beat the audience to the next location before the scene starts.

We are looking for women in their 30s, preferably with musical abilities (voice and instrumental), and diverse theater training. We look forward to building a show partially based around the skills and abilities of our performers.

Beware the Giant Squid! by Mark Sweeney

A new electro-folk micro-musical about a Sea Captain and a Barista who seek revenge upon a giant squid! From the writer of ROBO-homa! and The Unknown Matters. I'm looking for comfortable movers/singers/ character types to play eccentric coffee shop patrons, dumb founded villagers, fluid undersea puppeteers and to partake in a dream ballet, or two. Instrumentalists, a plus. Have fun and play hard.

After Life by The Theatre Cosmic

Izac Allen is known for two things - his love of the stars and his caustic personality, especially when arguing that there is no God. A sudden medical crisis sends him on a journey with a smart, engaging young woman who pushes him to accept that it's not about what happens after you die. It's about what happens after you live.

Looking for two actors to play multiple roles:

Female ensemble, age 30+ (plays five roles): Izac’s widow; Debate moderator; Scientist; Doctor; Izac’s mother

Male ensemble, age 40+ (plays three roles): Catholic priest; Doctor; Scientist

Tales at Twilight

We are looking for one man and one woman 20-30;s to join veteran actors in our Fringe Festival show Tales at Twilight. The actors need to be versatile physically and vocally to play a number of different characters in a face-paced Story Theatre format. Musical ability is a plus.


Short Description: At the onset of World War II, a respected Jewish cinematographer from Austria watches weeks stretch into months while stuck in the no-man’s land of the Mexican countryside while he waits; hoping to obtain employment in the American movie industry.

Character Description:

Frank - An Austrian cinematographer in his mid-30’s. Jewish. Speaks in Austrian accent.

The Liaison - A Mexican American actor, roughly 30-something who currently resides in the USA. Must speak Spanish & English

The American Protégée - A young-20-something year old wannabe actor stuck working as a farm hand in Mexico. Basic Spanish language skills.

The Farmer’s Wife - A sage-old woman of Mexico. Maybe mid-to-late 50’s. Strong enough to carry the entire weight of her family and their farm on her shoulders.

Pecan Brown and the Seven ...'s

Merida, a successful popular culture screenwriter has begun working on her new adaptation: Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. However, in a moment of spontaneity, she gets to play the lead. There is only one problem--her skin is not as white as snow. While Merida adapts her script to not only accommodate her brown skin tone, she realizes through personal experiences with popular culture and with dashing, white Prince Charming that the media society we live one is based on racial biases and influences us daily. What follows is a comedic play, narrated by Merida's favorite superhero, Thor, reflecting on film's current stance with minorities.

NOTE: This play is about race, thus certain characters will either need to be a specific ethnicity or at least a racial minority.


Merida: African-American. Screenwriter/Pecan Brown 20's, quirky

Margo: Racial Minority. Merida's agent and friend. Cynical with dry humor.

Thor: Caucasian. Narrator, good stage presence, booming voice.

Leo Masterson: Caucasian. Movie director. Arrogant.

Janet: Racial Minority. Leo’s assistant. Somewhat quiet, works quickly.

Alexandre: Caucasian. Actor Prince Finley Dumas in the Film. Tall, burly, kind, somewhat oblivious.

Whitney: Caucasian. Snow White/Evil Witch (Can be two different characters)

Seven Dwarves: (7) All Caucasian, various in specific looks and attitudes.

Chorus: 2-3 members, film crew or part of film cast.

Top Gun: The Musical by Rooftop Theatre Company

From the creative minds behind Highlander: The Musical & The Complete Works of William Shatner (abridged) comes a new musical highway to the danger zone! Featuring an original script by Tim Wick with original Music by Tim Wick and Chad Dutton. Directed by John Newstrom and Choreographed by Windy Bowlsby.

We are seeking 8-10 male actors between the ages of 18-50. Jazz/Broadway style dancing required. Expect to be shirtless in the show. We'd like to hear a sample of your singing so please prepare a song that best showcases your voice - No accompaniment will be provided.


All men but Maverick will be a part of the Ensemble and will "step out" when assuming a character. The script offers many opportunities to shine and get great laughs for the entire cast.

The role of Charlie has been precast and is being played by Dawn Krosnowski.

An additional audition time has been added on Monday, May 12th in studio 7A at The Cowles Center. Audition groups will be held every half hour with the final group going in at 8:30. Please speak with us at Unified Auditions or Email to book a time that works best for you!

The Move by Lady Z Productions

Short Description: Two reacquainted friends (Graham and Olivia) travel across the country to start new chapters in their lives. Along the way they meet up with family and friends (new and old). Journey with them (from New York to California) as they rediscover their friendship and figure out what life has in store.

* Characters:

Olivia: Early 30s. A little reserved and introspective, but loosens up when comfortable and enjoys having fun. Grew up in the mid-west. Has lived in New York City for the past 4 years. Worked with Graham at a summer camp when they were in their late teens-early twenties.

Graham: Early 30s. Easy-going joker who likes having a good time. Has a sensitive side. Grew up in Brooklyn. Has lived and worked in Atlantic City for the past 3 years.

Luca: Graham’s uncle and boss. Late 50s, and of Italian descent. Grew up in Brooklyn, but now lives in Atlantic City (where he owns a bar).

Mary Beth: Olivia’s supervisor. Mid-40s.

Steph: Mid 30s. Olivia's sister. Supportive presence who helps Olivia deal with life changes.

Reagan: Early 20s. Atlantic City Dancer. Young, a little naive, friendly. Has gotten to know Graham by frequenting Luca's bar.

Curt: Bar patron. 20s.

Abbie: Bar patron. 20s. Curt’s date.

Abram: Graham’s brother. Mid-20s. An overt flirt, who likes to think that he is suave and cool.

Sophia: Graham’s sister. Late 20s. Sarcastic and composed. Quick-witted.

Nadine: Graham's mother and Luca's older sister. Late 50s, and of Italian descent, oldest of 5 children. A caregiver who is quick to show you who is the boss. Has always lived in Brooklyn.

Blaine: Early 30s. Worked with Olivia and Graham at the summer camp where he is now the Director. Had a crush on Olivia when they worked together.

Raquel: Early 20s. Works with Blaine at the summer camp.

Clarice: Early 70s. Olivia’s grandmother. Loving and overly concerned about her family. Meddlesome, but well-intentioned.

Shelby: Early 30s. Olivia’s cousin who she has a contentious relationship with. Stay-at-home mother of 5.

Destry: 12. Shelby’s oldest.

Marty: Late 40s. Bartender in Wyoming.

Patty: Mid-30s. Enjoys a fun time with cute boys. Good for a drink and a laugh.

Cameron: Early 30s. Laid-back and friendly. Grew up in Brooklyn, lives in Montana. Graham’s friend from school.

Elsie: Waitress in Las Vegas

* This play will be cast with several actors called upon to play multiple roles and to act as members of the Running Crew as well. (Excluding the actors portraying "Olivia" and "Graham".)


Hank: Married to Redi. He works for his younger brother Charlie, and is a 1950’s middle-aged-blue-collar workingman.

Redi: Married to Hank. Outwardly, a classic fifties middle-class housewife with a dash of pre-feminism thrown in.

Charlie: Hank’s good-looking younger brother. He is a smooth-talking prankster who married his way into money. He runs Carol’s family business.

Carol: Charlie’s young wife. Her family is upper-middle-class with some money, the business and the connections.


Jennifer: Charlie’s secretary.

Maitre ‘d: Maitre ‘d at a swanky uptown restaurant.

Mrs. Ruth Fuller: Carol’s wealthy Aunt.

Carmela: Carols’ housekeeper & cook.

Mrs. Gladice Plotka: The nosey neighbor, who may or may not be a little ‘senile.’