Fringe essentials
  1. Name: Minnesota Fringe Festival on first reference; Fringe or Minnesota Fringe thereafter
  2. Dates: Thursday, July 30 through Sunday, August 9, 2015
  3. Place: Various stages in Minneapolis
  4. Shows: 170 different productions
  5. Running time: All shows run 60 minutes or less
  6. Tickets: $12 plus $4 admission button; kids' tickets (12 and under) are $5 and don't require a button; discounts and multi-show passes available (see "Box office information" for more information). Tickets on sale starting July 1 at fringefestival.org and at the box office 30 minutes before a performance.
  7. Website: fringefestival.org
  8. Anniversary: 2015 is Fringe's 22nd year
  9. About us: Fringe is an annual performing arts festival in the Twin Cities. For 11 days, over a thousand artists present works in every discipline and genre. No one selects the participating shows. Instead, a lottery determines which of over 400 applicants win production slots in the festival.
  10. Press contact: Ann B. Erickson, Associate Director, ann@fringefestival.org
Why cover the Fringe?

Theater like none other

From our selection process (shows are selected by random lottery, not by a committee of dramaturgs) to the festival's vibe (our ushers are all volunteers who wear T-shirts and shorts), Fringe is the performing arts festival audiences can get close to.

Fringe is fast-paced and lively. We don't have technical glitz and dazzle, just the spectacle of raw talent and the buzz of thousands of attendees who trade theater reviews like other people trade stock tips or baseball cards.

Audiences are encouraged to take artistic risks at Fringe - just like the artists. Tickets are just $12 and shows are never longer than an hour, making Fringe the perfect chance to discover a gem or have fun with a well-meaning clunker.

Because we don't believe barriers should be placed between an audience and any artist, we shatter those barriers. Regardless of pedigree, each producer is given an equitable performance schedule, each pays an average of about $400 for a professional set-up, and each is guaranteed 65 percent of box office receipts. In addition, we provide producers at all levels with an education in the business of making art.

The right story for your audience

We collect copious details about each show, making the job of finding the right story a breeze. No matter how broad or specific you'd like to get, Fringe staff will be happy to help you find the right artists or attendees to talk to.

If you're interested in covering the festival, we can customize the show information you receive (or all of it, if you like), including:

  • Short, 210-character show descriptions, suitability for kids and genres
  • Detailed descriptions of the show, including background stories, staging and artistic influences
  • Show photos and videos
  • Details on artists focused on neighborhood and geography, ethnicity, GLBT identification and religious, educational and union affiliations
  • Accessibility information, including ASL-interpreted and audio-described shows

Part of a growing worldwide tradition:

Minnesota Fringe is proud to be part of a worldwide tradition of fringe festivals that originated in 1947 in Edinburgh, Scotland. We're a founding member of the United States Association of Fringe Festivals (USAFF). More information about the fringe movement in the United States is available at fringefestival.us.

Box office information

Admission Button

All ticket holders (except for kids' tickets) must have an admission button for entrance. Admission buttons are $4 and are a one-time purchase.


(Individual tickets go on sale July 1, 2015)

  • Adults: $12
  • Children: $5 (5-12 years old; children under 5 are only admitted to children's shows
  • Multi-show passes

  • Ultra Pass: $225. Ultra Pass allows entry into an unlimited number of shows for one person. Comes with a free admission button and lanyard.
  • Four-Show Punch Card: $44 Transferable. (i.e. one person can see four shows or four people can see one show.)
  • Ten-Show Punch Card: $100. Transferable.
  • Four-Show Kids' Punch Card: $20. For children 12 & under. Transferable.
  • Four-Show Student Punch Card: $24. With valid student ID. Transferable.

Though Minnesota Fringe doesn't offer group discounts, we encourage groups to purchase transferable four- and ten-show punch cards to take advantage of discounts.


All seats are general admission. There is no late seating at Fringe because it's too disruptive for the audience and difficult for our all-volunteer box officers to manage. With only 30 minutes between performances, we have to keep things running on time. (No, there are never exceptions.)

Fringe locations

This is a list of Minnesota Fringe's 2014 venues. An updated list of 2015 venues will be provided in the spring.



West Bank:

Site-specific venues:

Fringe Central and concierge desk:

Fringe Central, located at Crooked Pint Ale House (501 S Washington Ave.), is part pub, part artist hub, part meet-up spot - the festival's official hang-out.

For audience services, including lost-and-found and ticketing, a concierge desk is open each day of the festival at Intermedia Arts (2822 Lyndale Ave. S).

Fringe by numbers

Number of shows

  • 2014......169
  • 2013......177
  • 2012......165
  • 2011......168
  • 2010......169
  • 2009......162
  • 2008......156

Number of performances

  • 2014......878
  • 2013......897
  • 2012......840
  • 2011......865
  • 2010......876
  • 2009......843
  • 2008......808

Tickets sold

  • 2014......50,265
  • 2013......50,007
  • 2012......48,432
  • 2010......50,222
  • 2009......46,217
  • 2008......40,926

Average attendance per performance

  • 2014......57.2
  • 2013......55.9
  • 2012......55.8
  • 2011......56.0
  • 2010......57.3
  • 2009......54.8
  • 2008......51.0

Gross box office revenue

  • 2014......$380,880
  • 2013......$365,101
  • 2012......$342,637
  • 2011......$362,599
  • 2010......$369,201
  • 2009......$325,463
  • 2008......$297,374

Total artist payout

  • 2014......$258,738
  • 2013......$245,223
  • 2012......$230,997
  • 2011......$243,792
  • 2010......$249,116
  • 2009......$215,600
  • 2008......$193,293

Top ticket price

  • 2014......$12
  • 2013......$12
  • 2012......$12
  • 2011......$12
  • 2010......$12
  • 2009......$12
  • 2008......$12
2014 Fringe calendar

An updated 2015 schedule will be provided soon!

Monday, June 9: Schedule available for press

Show information and contacts for the 2014 Minnesota Fringe available to press; email Associate Director Ann Erickson for more information.

Tuesday, July 1: Website launched

Full festival schedule and ticket sales available at fringefestival.org.

Monday, July 14: Fringe Previews #1

Each of 30 companies have three (often rowdy) minutes to perform an excerpt of their show. University of Minnesota Rarig Center Proscenium (330 21st Ave. S).

Monday, July 21: Fringe Previews #2

Same format as Fringe Previews #1 with 30 different companies. University of Minnesota Rarig Center Thrust (330 21st Ave. S).

Wednesday, July 30: Touring Artist Showcase

Participants coming from outside the Twin Cities are invited to perform excerpts of their show. Mixed Blood Theatre (1501 S 4th St.).

Thursday, July 31: Opening Night

The first day of the 2014 Minnesota Fringe Festival. Shows begin at 5:30 p.m.

Opening Night Party at Republic - Seven Corners (221 Cedar Ave.)

Monday, August 4: Opening weekend numbers announced

Attendance figures for the festival's opening weekend released on fringefestival.org.

Saturday, August 9: Fringe Encore announced

The festival's final performance slot - Sun., Aug. 10 at 8:30 p.m. - is reserved for each venue's top-selling show. This provides one last chance for audiences to see the surprise sleeper or sold-out blockbuster.

Sunday, August 10: Closing Night Party

A final farewell to the 2014 festival at the Varsity Theater (1308 4th St. SE)

Monday, August 11: Official numbers released

Final numbers - attendance, box office earnings and top-selling shows - are formally announced.

To reserve press seats at any of these events or for more information, email ann@fringefestival.org.

Logos & Images

Official Fringe logos

  • Fringe logos in a variety of styles
  • Photography

  • 2014 show images
  • High-resolution images from the 2013 Minnesota Fringe (with metadata)
  • Thousands of archival images from previous years' festivals are available upon request.
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