Sex & Turkey

By Allons-y Theatre Company
Written by John H. Carroll
Theatre in the Round

Just so you know, this show has Adult language, Sexual Content.

A typical Thanksgiving means drama, comedy and vulgarity. Add in the Thompson Family and you get: leftover stew, an infuriating vegan, vengeful grandparents and the strongest cocktail known to man.

The creators say this show is appropriate for ages 16 and up.

 Friday, 8/1 @ 5:30 p.m.
 Saturday, 8/2 @ 7:00 p.m.
 Tuesday, 8/5 @ 8:30 p.m.
 Thursday, 8/7 @ 10:00 p.m.
 Sunday, 8/10 @ 1:00 p.m.
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Delightful and hilarious

by Kim Moren on August 11, 2014
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The actors and actresses were incredible and really worked as a team to deliver a hilarious depiction of family dynamics. Highly recommend this show!

Drunken family holiday goes over the top

by Fringivitis Vulgaris on August 9, 2014
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We've all seen toxic-family farces, and maybe lived in them. This show takes the drunkenness and swearing and venom and dysfunction and... offers pie? Yeah, there are some guffaws for the puerile-minded (me). There's not a compelling reason to see the show unless you revel in excess or have hated your family during the holidays.

Funny, well written... Raunchy

by Ian Berrett on August 8, 2014
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I was debating giving this play 4 stars because I am not that big on all the sex stuff. It probably isn't as bad as I am making it out to be, but the ending will catch you by surprise. This play is very funny. On several occasions I had to stifle my laughter. I wish the play was longer or that there was a second act to it because I want to see the characters more, or what will happen next. This is a really good window into this family though and I am so glad I went. If you like to laugh then see this show.

Fun Times with Sex and Turkey

by Kate Lowry on August 8, 2014
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This is one of the better shows I have seen this year. I am never big on the Fringe mostly because the plays picked from a lottery and not based on how good they actually are. This play was funny, easy to relate to, and entertaining. The characters are hilarious and do an amazing job with the script. My only critique is that at times it is hard to follow since so much is going on (at the end especially). While I know some might wonder why there isn't more, or are worried that the ending isn't wrapped up nicely, this play is a great window into the life of this family, albeit an absurd family, and that is all it needs to be. Well done!

August: Hennepin County

by Laura Buchholz on August 7, 2014
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I get the impression that the playwright might have watched the dinner scene of August: Osage County, and decided to write a Minnesota version. Pointless bickering is fun, to a point, but at some point something actually needs to happen. We never got that far. A controversial boyfriend was mentioned, but we never got to meet him. The words "slut" and "whore" were bandied about with no consequences or much explanation. The grandfather character had a lot of good lines. He played it well. But these characters needed something to latch onto. I'd like to see these people at another Fringe with a worthy story to back up their talents.

Funny but pointless

by Robb Krueger on August 7, 2014
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John Carroll's gag-laden script may have more laughs in it than any other play in the Fringe. One-liners fly out of every character's mouth with an amazing frequency. Some situations in the play add the comedy of tension on top of the comedy of wit. We've all sat through holidays with crazy relatives so we can all relate to the play.
There is no story here, however. None of the nine (count 'em, nine) characters has a goal, a dream, a need or a character arc. They're all in the same place at the end as at the beginning, and since none of them are likeable it's hard to care what happens to them. In the end the play is the same as a bad family get-together: you're not likely to want to do it again. And what's that taste in my mouth?

Better than living through it!

by Katie Thomas on August 5, 2014
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I'll take vicariously living through and having a bit of schadenfreude watching at onstage family holiday drama any day vs. having it occur at my own Thanksgiving. The show's got a clever script and a smart cast, and I wanted some more. I hope they do a Part 2 or expand it into a full-lengther!

Unexpected Good Time

by Rey Vargas on August 5, 2014
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I am going to be honest,I am not a theater-lover. More or Less, I chose this play because my girlfriend wanted to attend the Fringe and told me to pick a play. I was attracted by the word Sex in the title but I didn't expect to love the play as much as I did. I was expecting to sit through the play to please my girlfriend. Instead, I found myself laughing the whole sixty minutes. This play was enough to not make me cringe every time my girlfriend suggests attending a play.

Relatable Comedy

by Katrina Ruyven on August 5, 2014
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This show left me wanting more. I found myself wishing that the end was just and intermission and that I could pass more time with this family that everyone can relate to. I found the acting to be on point and the set, while simple, engaging. BRAVO!

Very funny

by Jane Doty on August 5, 2014
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Very funny, fast paced show. Great script and hilarious ensemble cast. Worth a trip to Theater in the Round.

A Perfect MN Fringe Show

by Hobson Thompson on August 4, 2014
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This show has it all and is one of the better shows I've seen at this festival and easily one of the best I've seen this year. It is a fast-paced, well written comedy about a somewhat dysfunctional family-- so it is easy to relate to-- and the script is full of Minnesota jokes and references. The chemistry between the actors is solid and makes for many laugh out loud moments. Some characters- like the grandparents- really steal the show and you can't help but laugh at their very presence. The ending, while a little hectic and ridiculous, is wild and full surprises. I would strongly recommend this play to anyone looking for a laugh and a good time. Fair Warning: this is a raunchy play!

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Blame and Guilt at It's Best

by Leesa West on August 2, 2014
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The Thompson family plays the blame-and-guilt game better than any other. A fast-paced and well-written comedic script with an equally talented cast of characters makes this Thanksgiving family holiday extra special.Definitely a fringe funny.

Not your "Minnesota Nice" Thanksgiving

by Leslie Berger on August 2, 2014
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Nightmare relatives come together for this funny, raunchy twist of a Holiday dinner. Lots of laughs! Made me thankful for my boring family.

You'll Have Some Good Laughs

by Andrew Rakerd on August 1, 2014
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I will say, I enjoyed this show well enough. The strength was in the writing, which I found quite clever and complete with some quintessentially Minnesotan jokes. The acting was only okay. Some of the comedic timing could have been better polished (especially in the final scene where all the characters were on stage) and a few of the performers seemed to be trying too hard. I enjoyed the grandparents and the daughter though. See this show if you're in the neighborhood.

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Cast and crew

Isaac Kronlokken


Isaac is recently graduated from Augsburg College and is excited to be in the Fringe Festival at the same time he's completing The Wesely Balk Opera Music-Theater Institute. Isaac is immersed in musical theatre, and is interested in being involved with theater for the rest of his life. He is currently seeking employment.

Emily Wrolson


This is Emily’s first time performing in the Fringe Festival, she has also appeared as Gillian in "Ravenscroft",
Celia in "As You Like It", and Cassie in "Rumors" at Normandale Community College. Recently she was also
in "The Lives of the Great Waitresses" as Melissa for Theatre Unbound, "The House of Bernarda Alba" as Martirio, and "Peer Gynt" as the Devil at Augsburg College where she is currently studying Theatre Arts.

Luke Langfeldt


Luke is a graduate of Luther College where he was involved in student-led theater and radio-drama productions. He is excited to be participating in first fringe festival show, and to be working with such a talented cast and director.

Amanda McShane


Amanda McShane is a 2013 graduate of St. Olaf College with degrees in Theater and Spanish. Amanda has interned with Urban Arts Academy of Minneapolis and is passionate about exposing the arts to people of all cultures, languages and backgrounds. She currently works as a business translator and sometimes Spanglish speaker in the Twin Cities area.

Anthony Perez


If there were a demand for media consumption consultancy, Anthony would own the most successful firm in the country. When he’s not listening to German operatic new wave and watching critically acclaimed television series, you can find him listening to American mariachi, and reading reviews of critically acclaimed television series. Someday he will own a cat named French Fry.

Amelia Frevert


Amelia is a Minneapolitan who briefly fled the tundra to earn a Bachelor's degree from The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Wa. Prior to portraying an eccentric vegan, she directed a student production of Oedipus and performed in the 2008 Fringe show Love and a Lion. Beyond her keen abilities manipulating the magnetic fields of the world she is also the World Champion in Facial Recognition of Obscure Screen Actors.

Andrew James Kleidon


Emelia Carroll


Emelia Carroll is totally jazzed and grateful to play a part in this year's Minnesota Fringe Festival. A proud resident of Minneapolis, she enjoys the city lakes, boldly delicious food and random acts of art and kindness. Absurd theater and Commedia Dell'arte are her current theatrical intrigues.

Michael Wesely


John H. Carroll


Brianna Olson-Carr


Brianna is pumped to be directing her first Fringe Festival play, and to be involved with the most fun cast in the Twin Cities. Her interests are mostly in new work, collaborative theater, and social justice. Brianna is a graduate of Augsburg College, and has directed for 20% Theatre, created puppet shows for preschoolers and is looking for more directing opportunities always.

Jess Henning

Stage Manager

Jess is a senior at Augsburg College where she is studying technical theater.This is her first Fringe show and she is excited to be gaining more experience in the Twin Cities. She has a passion for stage managing and costuming and also pursues vocal music in her spare time.

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