Flushing New York

Written by Kevin & Lynn Bowen
U of M Rarig Center Thrust

Historical content, Physical theater/Clowning
Just so you know, this show has Adult language.

1950's NY plumber Hank Tinkler's emotions are clogged, but hope flushes eternal. Will his beloved underdogs finally win this year? A tender look at America's favorite pastimes: baseball, family and plumbing.

The creators say this show is appropriate for ages 12 and up.

 Thursday, 7/31 @ 8:30 p.m.
 Saturday, 8/2 @ 4:00 p.m.
 Tuesday, 8/5 @ 10:00 p.m.
 Saturday, 8/9 @ 10:00 p.m.
 Sunday, 8/10 @ 4:00 p.m.
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What a gem!

by Linda Waltz on August 13, 2014
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I feel as though I scouted a fabulous flea market in Flushing New York. There I unearthed a charming, vintage treasure! Redi and Carolyn's sweet devotion to their husbands made me smile, but I strongly sensed the intelligence these women possessed. Their husbands, Hank and Charlie, are also brothers. And life has sent them down widely divergent paths. Add to the mix perfect 50s costumes, and amazing attention to detail. Tin foil on the rabbit ear antenna, wow! So yes, I thought of I Love Lucy and The Honeymooners too. And that's a GOOD thing! Oh, and did I mention there's a NY baseball series too? I also remembered (as Garrison once said) "Life is insurmountable, but we mount of every morning and ride forward."A heartwarming performance!

Nice Message

by Lori Nelson on August 12, 2014
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Flushing new york has a good message that you can relate to. Many families have animosity towards each other and highlighting this aspect of relationships can really help to work through those struggles.

Great Show

by Tyler Nelson on August 12, 2014
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The show was entertaining to watch and it was very well acted/directed/written. I liked the subtle and sometimes not so subtle baseball/plumbing humor. I thought the quick puns were quite funny. The humor was nicely offset by tackling some of the heavier moments that life throws our way; finding peace after loss, working through relationships, and dealing with family stress. The only complaint is that I'd like to see more!

An All Around Good time!

by Erinn Bowen on August 12, 2014
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I went to see Flushing New York to support my family, I truly enjoyed the story line as it touched on sports, family and the little things in life. I laughed at the humor in the every day dilemmas, I cried at the strong emotions felt by loved ones and it truly made me reflect about how "little things are big!" and they make life special.

The actors were brilliant, they really moved me. The props were simple yet supported the story perfectly and the writers really put a lot of research, creativity and heart into the story, way to go Lynn and Kevin!

Flushing New York was an all around good time, I highly recommend it!

Flushing, New York

by Don Myers on August 12, 2014
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This play was very well done, from the strong acting to the moving and real dialogue that brought to life, in a short time, a compelling, insightful story. The set-up reminds one of some of the situation comedies of the 1950s and 1960s, although the humor was not ham-handed but subtler and also more real. The sets were well done, evocative, and appropriate to the situations. This was a really fine production—kudos, to all the accomplished actors, to the director, to the production people, and to the playwrights!

Absolutely Delightful!

by David Wexler on August 12, 2014
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Flushing, New York is a charming time machine ride back to an era where city people listened to good country music and the baseball team you rooted for defined identities. Delivered brilliantly and written with depth and passion, this comedy uses The Honeymooner's tinged 1950s New York backdrop as a vehicle to explore family relationships, deeply buried emotions, envy, pride, humility, and even God. What more can you ask for in an hour-long play? With the right amount of comic relief, the story is one that stays with you long after the lights dimmed. I hope someday to see a full-length version.

Humor begins with the title

by Neal Logan on August 12, 2014
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Enjoyed the show on the final day.
Well written dialogue, captured the New York of the 50's.
Life's lessons entwined with humor.
Time well spent.


by Edwin Strout on August 11, 2014
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There is nothing that I can't excuse a theater show for, EXCEPT for being boring. This was like an hour long "Honeymooners" show without the comedy. It was as predictable and obvious (dialogue and plot-wise) as a television show from the 50's without the humor.

The only unpredictable thing was what new character actress Meri Golden was going to come out as next. The actors delivered their lines with, for the most part, utter sincerity, but there is only so much that you can do with this limp script.

Lots to Say

by Amanda Schnabel on August 10, 2014
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This show addresses lots of universal themes and does so very sweetly. I genuinely chuckled at moments and definitely felt for the characters. The company did a great job designing a set/blocking the show for the thrust stage - which was really fun to see since that can be difficult to do well! Overall it's a solid show and certainly worth seeing tomorrow if you have the time!

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A Solid Story and Performances

by LuAnn Monahan on August 9, 2014
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A solid story line and strong acting and a very fun show to see. I saw it the first night and have to assume the timing issues were worked out, which is the only negative I had about the performance we saw. The set was creative and well used. This is the kind of show that could be very nostalgic for those who grew up in the 1950’s. Try and fit this one into your schedule – you won’t be disappointed.

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This one's a winner!

by Jason Garton on August 8, 2014
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Flushing New York is the complete package. This show has charm, character and heart. The actors are all top-notch and look great while tackling matters involving family, careers, social class and an unruly toilet. The show has a certain lovable nostalgia with its 1950's. Don't let the bathroom jokes and the cute costumes and set fool you, these characters grapple with real problems. Director Sara Pilllatzki-Warzeha navigates us through the streets of New York with clarity and conviction. With a nod to Arthur Miller, Kevin and Lynn Bowen have written a fine show, one that has legs enough to find its way into a 90 minute time frame.

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This is why I Fringe

by Nate Farley on August 7, 2014
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This show is why I love Fringe. This is a piece of amazing theater. The actors were superb and surprising. The story was sweet without being saccharine. It was a bit of I Love Lucy and a bit of "Our Town. I could have used some music during the scene changes, but I thought the set was excellent. I think I'll have to see it again.

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Unintended consequences.

by Nick and Rosie Heille on August 6, 2014
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This is a play of cosmic irony that asks: "Does God toy with me?". It is a fantastic play. Well acted. Nice costumes. Smooth scenes changes. A scrip with the human touch. And, a director who has brought it all together in one fine production. Hank Tinkler played by Paul Schoenack does ask God "Why me?". The play answers that as Hank learns how his immediate, and extended, family have caused his consternation by their actions.

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Acting 5 Script 2

by Larry Ripp on August 6, 2014
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Oh, it's a COLORFUL script alright. Lot's of lingo and characterization. The idea here is: "You Will Be Charmed!" Or else. However the emotions are rushed and largely unmotivated in some cases and false in others. Still, the actors really are on top of it and they do a great job. Really. The fact I didn't hate this piece is a testament to their efforts. So, unhappily, it's a three. If you want to see some FINE acting here's the show. Just don't pay too much attention to what is supposed to be happening. Also TOO many scene changes. To the point of being ludicrous.

Delightfully whimsical comedy gem

by Darrel Nelson on August 4, 2014
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Sometimes poignant and often hilarious, Flushing New York is an engaging 'Honeymooners-like' inspired play. Featuring an excellent cast of players, who are perfectly suited for their roles, this sweetly nostalgic remembrance of the early 50's, is punctuated by family dysfunction - which doesn't seem to change with the times. Peppered with period-fashioned plumbing jokes, some memorably quotable dialogue and filled throughout with sure-handed performances, it builds a great comic premise, adding just enough drama to the proceedings to provide the play with a great sentimental ending. Diverting and most worthwhile, I'm quite pleased I made the time to see this.

Pleasantly Surprised

by Adam Rousar on August 4, 2014
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My friend and I saw this show randomly to fill a gab and despite being the youngest people in the audience by 15 years or so I actually found the show rather enjoyable! The long scene changes interrupted the flow a little but it is really fun!

Queen of the Throne. ...Flushing NY

by Robert Yarwood on August 4, 2014
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Set to a very crisp and clean set design by Tim Colby, master of mache and plaster. Costumes that perfectly fit each character with comfortable classic vintage lines. Pair this with Kevin & Lynn's knack to fix a real leaky situation either on or off stage. Well any way you look at it, Its a hit. Witty with out being to crass. And shake it up with Meri G. and well the Funny lady fills the bill. Here kitty. Couple this with an ensemble of veterans from other various scripts and again. Wonderful. Hank and Charlie remind me of my uncle Elmer and Uncle Bud. They still live. Yea. Redi captured my heart with Barbara Feldman Smile and glow. Carolyn vivacious and curvy stylish and savvy. Loved that. Do not just go. But run to see it. ASAPee!

Great show! Nostalgic laughs!

by David Erickson on August 3, 2014
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A great, expertly staged for hilarity show. Pro actors at their high energy best in fully-realized characters from the dawn of the 1950's, thick with authentic NY accents, in a fun staging of a wacky/tender tale. M. Scott Taulman and Schoenak as bickering brothers, Anna Olson and Susan Dempsey as their perplexed wives, Meri Golden in a fun/fabulous turn as 5 different characters, in the tradition of Peter Sellers at his best. The great Rarig Thrust stage with merry musical touches throughout the program. Easy parking and an assortment of other Rarig/Fringe offerings. See this show first to kick off your Fringe fun!

Sweet and stinky

by Sherry Merriam on August 3, 2014
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Some cute "Honeymooners"-style 1950s baseball nostalgia, but all the punny toilet humor wasn't my kind of funny. The acting ran from "good enough" to "impressive." The sweet ending really made me happy.

Well Crafted and Heartwarming

by Oz Me on August 3, 2014
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I very much enjoyed this play. It's well crafted and full of humourous characters and will make you smile, but don't expect to be rolling in the aisles. The one liners are actually pretty lean.

Solid acting

by Mary Wilson on August 3, 2014
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Actors were strong, but the story didn't engage me.

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Flushing New York

by Jane Selstad on August 2, 2014
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It made me happy and laugh. A touching story with comedy many will relate to! Job well done!!

Fun heart warming

by Ted Allen on August 1, 2014
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Some humor. 50's nostalgia. Warm hearted. Acting is pretty good. Story isn't extraordinary but is really nice.
There were a few glitches on the first night and a couple of the actors need to learn to fill this fairly large space.
Definitely worth seeing

Solid Effort Out Of The Gate

by Michael Merriam on August 1, 2014
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This show has all kinds of potential, but still needs a little work. The Good: Great acting, nearly perfect casting, and a lovely set. The not-so-good: Sometimes the humor fell flat, through no fault of the actors. The script is pleasant, but unremarkable in this incarnation. There was one unfortunate technical glitch, but I think they will solve that before the next outing. That said, I think the writers can take this show about brothers, baseball, and plumbing after fringe, tighten it, lengthen it, and have a gem. A solid, comfortable show. Go see it!

An enjoyable hour

by Jenn Jensen on August 1, 2014
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This show wasn't quite as funny as I'd anticipated from the description, but it was a nice night in the theater. There seemed to be a few tech/scene change hiccups at the Thursday performance, but I anticipate they will be ironed out as the run goes on. You may want to sit near the front or a bit off to the side for this one - I sat near the back in the center, and there was a lot of noise carrying in from the lobby that was distracting and sometimes louder than the dialogue on stage.

Loved it!

by Peggy Zetah on August 1, 2014
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A wonderful mix of comedy and drama paired with a well-chosen cast. It'll take you back to the 50s Honeymooners style, easy to relate to the family dynamics and roles we play. And New Yorkers sure do love their baseball teams.

A Gut Buster!

by Heidi Lundgren on August 1, 2014
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Kevin and Lynne Bowen's brilliant writing combined with a fabulous cast make this a must see! Very funny play with some poignant and thoughtful dialogue. You won't be dissapointed!

Sweet Nostalgia

by Mark Forgy on August 1, 2014
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A well written play with solid performances from seasoned actors. An Arthur Miller - meets - The Honeymooners blend captures a look back into the American psyche, a way of life, all with the right amount of humor and drama. The opening night staging glitch was a small speed bump, but not a show stopper. Check this one out.

Real life with great laughs

by Alice Doll on August 1, 2014
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The writing was great. Each of the actors where very professional and pulled you in to remember an aunt , uncle, parents or neighbors . The comedy of real life comes true in this play. I will see it again.

Cast and crew

Paul Schoenack

As Hank Tinkler

 photo Paul_SchoenackSM.jpg

Paul’s involvement with twin city theaters began in 1960 and, during the next 15 years, included appearances at Bloomington Civic Theater, Theater in the Round, and the Chanhassen Dinner Theater. After taking a break from the stage for over twenty years to pursue a career in the computer industry, Paul returned to the stage twelve years ago, with a vengeance, acting and directing in western Minnesota theaters. Most recently, Paul appeared in Twelve Angry Men (Prairie Wind Players) and Clarence Darrow, a one-man play (New London Little Theater and Pope Art Theater). In the 2010 – 2011 season, he directed Carnival! (Alexandria, Mn), Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus (Willmar, Mn), and All About Al (Mpls Theater Garage). Currently he is also playing Ben in Bloomington Civic Theater's production of Death of a Salesman.

Susan Dempsey

As Redi Tinkler

 photo Susan_Dempsey_CropSM.jpg

Susan is thrilled to work with sharp playwrights and a stellar cast and crew in her first Minnesota Fringe Festival role. After 30-plus years away from the stage, Susan decided it was time to stop dreaming about picking up a script again and start doing something about it. Earlier this year, she played Sheree in Expressions Lakeville Community Theater’s production of The Dixie Swim Club. She holds a BA in Theater Arts from Bethel University, where she played roles in many shows. After college, Susan performed in a handful of community theater productions before pursuing a career in advertising. She thanks her husband and number one fan, Bob, for his unwavering support of her dream to get back on stage. When she’s not preparing for the next audition, Susan works as a freelance writer in marketing communications (dempseydirect.com). Special thanks to Bonnie and Chrissy who, since the get-go, provide encouragement (go for it), guidance (try it this way), and unfiltered honesty (that stinks).

M. Scott Taulman

As Charlie Tinkler

 photo ScottSM.jpg

M. Scott is a Twin-Cities based Actor/Massage Therapist/Stay-At-Home Dad with a passion for good documentaries and ice-cream. Scott has tread the stages of such local theater companies as Girl Friday Productions, The Old Log, Flying Pig Theatre, The Minnesota Shakespeare Project, Cerulean Productions, The Paul Bunyan Playhouse and The Minnesota Jewish Theater. Some of Scott's out of state credits include performing at American Players Theater, The Madison Rep, The Festival Theater of Oxford Mississippi, The Chamber Theater of Milwaukee, Saint Croix Festival Theater and Bridgework Theater of Goshen Indiana. He can be seen in the soon to be released Indie film Anthony Lost and Found and a few other locally shot indie movies. Scott is thrilled to be making his Minnesota Fringe Festival Debut with this group of very talented and fun people and the fact that toilets and baseball play a major role in this all makes him happy too...

Anna Olson

As Carol Harrington

 photo Anna_OlsonCropSM.jpg

Anna is happy to be back performing at the Minnesota Fringe Festival. Her previous Fringe credits were Comedy of Errors with Bedlam Theater and Toward Canterbury with Tuba Toothpaste productions. Anna has worked at many theaters locally including, Public Dreams Theater, Girl Friday Productions, Theatre Arlo, Minnesota Jewish Theater, Park Square, Chameleon Theater Circle, Theater in the Round, Urban Samurai Productions, Cromulent Shakespeare Co. and Fridley Community Theater. Anna earned her BA in Drama from San Francisco State University.

Meri Golden

As Mrs. Gladys Plotka, Jennifer, The Hostess, Mrs. Ruth Fuller & Carmela Sanchez

 photo Meri_Sm.jpg

Meri Golden is excited to be back acting in the Minnesota Fringe Festival again, having performed previously in "Desolation in America," "Gooogle, the Musical" and Trompe L 'Oeil's "The Forger's Apprentice." Meri has performed with many theatres in the TC area, including Girl Friday Productions, Mixed Blood, Nimbus Theatre, Illusion, Park Square, Theatre in the Round, MN Jewish Theatre, Gremlin Theatre, Lakeshore Players and Theatre Coup D'Etat, for which her performance of the "Nurse" in Romeo and Juliet was named Best Supporting Actress and Classical Performance of 2012 by Lavendar Magazine. Meri has recently retired from being Theatre Director and Instructor at Inver Hills Community College. She and her husband live in South Minneapolis and love to travel, especially to see their new grandchildren.

Sara Pillatzki-Warzeha


 photo SaraPillatzki-WarzehaSM.jpg

Sara Pillatzki-Warzeha is an actor and director who is currently the Associate Artistic Director of the Northern Fort Playhouse and the Theater Program Coordinator for the Northfield Arts Guild. This summer she is also directing the Fringe show 11:11 and Perfect Wedding at NFP. Other directing work includes The Forgers Apprentice, Romeo and. Juliet, A Midsummer Nights Dream, The Shape of Things, The Fox on the Fairway, Leading Ladies, Buzz, and Hello, Dolly among others. Flushing New York is the perfect show for her because she loves a good pun and, in a show about plumbers and baseball, there are tons! Love to Brian for never complaining about my crazy schedule.

Tim Colby

Stage Manager/Prop Master/Voiceovers

Tim is a local artist, stage actor, set builder and designer. As all around theater enthusiast, Tim enjoys all aspects of what it takes to stage a show. In the Spring of 2013 Tim's creativity and passion for the arts shone through in the design and building of the set for The King Of The Kosher Grocers at the JCC. He has portrayed roles such as Renfield in Dracula at the Lyric; Iggy in the film "The Body Of Real Things" due to come out this Fall; and Smokey in Christopher Street at last year's Minnesota Fringe Festival. Other projects have included one of August Wilson's very first productions--Black Bart And The Sacred Hills--at Penumbra; Mid-Summer's Nights Dream at the U OF M experimental stage; The Red Shoes for Bloomington Civic Theater to name a few. Tim's favorite line comes from Plato who said, "Remember that everyone has problems...so be kind."

Martha Davis

Music Composer

When she is not composing, Martha Davis is a sought after piano and composition teacher in Eagan, Minnesota with numerous award winning students. She also works at Macalester College as Department Coordinator for the Department of German and Russian Studies. Last summer Martha composed the music for "The Forger's Apprentice" written by Mark Forgy and Kevin Bowen. In the summer of 2011, Martha created the entire score for the full-length remount of "The Red Tureen," adding additional music that was not in the original 2009 Minnesota Fringe Festival version with music by Kevin Bowen. The show, performed by The Eat Street Players had a successful run in June 2011. When she is not working she is playing with her four year old and eighteen month old grandsons, Jack and Jason and six month old granddaughter Elayna.

Catherine McNerlin

Music Composer

 photo Caetherine_McNerlin2.jpg

C. S. McNerlin is a composer, songwriter and lyricist. She wrote the
book, music and lyrics to The Ultimate Santa, a Christmas musical
which premiered at Rosetown Playhouse in 2011. She grew up in
Roseville and has a BA in Literature and Language from Webster
University. She met her British husband while on vacation in London
in 1998, later moving to Abu Dhabi, Madrid and London. She returned
to the Twin Cities in 2006 and is currently on the Board
of the Minnesota Association of Songwriters.

Brian Warzeha

Singer/Guitar Player

Kevin Bowen


 photo Kevin_Bowen_PicSM.jpg

When he is not writing music and plays, Kevin works as a freelance graphic designer at Bowen Design (kevinbowendesign.com). This is his third original Minnesota Fringe Festival play (he co-wrote/co-produced "The Forger's Apprentice with Mark Forgy in 2013, and co-wrote/co-produced "The Red Tureen" musical, a Pioneer Press “Must See” show and the 6th most popular play (based on tickets sold) out of 162 shows in 2009, with Jim Lundy). This is his fourth stage production in five years, but his first writing collaboration with Lynn, his wife of 29 years. Kevin is thrilled to be part of this amazing team: Director Sara Pillatzki-Warzeha (creator of this year's "11:11," "Thick Chick" in 2012 and the director of last year's production of "The Forger's Apprentice"), our talented cast and crew: Paul Schoenack, Susan Dempsey, M. Scott Taulman, Anna Olson, Meri Golden (who was also in "The Forger's Apprentice" last year), composer Martha Davis (The Red Tureen) and Tim Colby (The Forger's Apprentice). And of course, the wonderful folks at The Minnesota Fringe Festival. None of this would be possible without the boundless support of his incredible family.

Lynn Bowen


 photo Lynn_Bowen2SM.jpg

Following the philosophy 'if you can't beat 'em join 'em' Lynn decided to collaborate with her playwright husband, Kevin and create this labor of love. This is Lynn's first theatrical endeavor and the experience has been eye opening. Lynn would like to thank cast and crew for their hard work and enthusiasm and her family for their unwavering support.

More information
A Note From The Playwrights:

A little inside baseball, but I truly wish MN Fringe Festival would start offering "Dramedy" as one of their show categories next year. That would float like a hanging curve right across "Flushing New York's" wheelhouse. We had the same dilemma last year with "The Forger's Apprentice." That show was more of a drama, with some comedy mixed in. This show is more of a comedy with moments of drama. Alas, we had to choose between "Comedy" or 'Drama" so, because of the arc of the story, we were more aligned with a "Comedy". In hindsight, I guess we could have called it a serious comedy, or perhaps even started the show off with a song called "Dramedy Tonight!"

Our lead is a 1950's New York plumber with the unfortunate last name of "Tinkler." M. Scott Taulman, who plays younger brother Charlie Tinkler in the show once referred to the Hank Tinkler as a "plugger," and I always liked the term because it fits. Hank is a plugger. He's a blue-collar working-guy who grew up in the shadow of the Brooklyn Bridge, and is now trying to go along to get along. Viewed from the outside, Hank's life is pretty mundane. He lives in a modest house with few possessions of any real value. His days are filled with hard work, the companionship of a good woman (his wife, Redi), and in summer, baseball. Brooklyn baseball!

When Lynn and I were writing this show, we drew from our personal stories to find the characters. We both came from families that placed great importance on sports. Lynn's father, a successful college athlete, wanted to coach after college. My father, an amateur athlete, wanted to play college and professional sports. Neither was able to fulfill those goals since life had different plans. Both served in the military, went to college, and then met the woman of their of their dreams. These events lead to family and the necessary business careers to provide for those families. Throughout their journeys, their love of sport never wavered. Instead, it transformed into a new kind of love for the games, as they became intensely knowledgeable and passionate sports fans.

I still remember the lively discussions my father and uncle had around the table concerning all things sports as I was growing up; which boxer was the greatest of all time? How many football championships would Walter Payton have won playing behind a decent front line for his entire career? Is there a hockey player today who could last for two minutes in a fight with Gordie Howe in his prime? Those debates ran late into the night, and often took on the importance of a Clarence Darrow closing argument.

Looking back, I realize these discussions taught me an important life lesson. Sports (and entertainment in general) play a critical role in our lives and provide an outlet for things we are going through on a daily basis. Things that annoy us. Things that trouble or scare us. It is good to have an outlet.

The problems arise when we place greater importance on the things that are outside our personal realm of existence - such as professional sports - in an attempt to avoid or neglect dealing with those things that will directly impact our lives. "Flushing New York" is a show about Hank Tinkler, a loveable plugger who desperately needs to relearn this valuable lesson.

— Kevin Bowen

WRITTEN AND PRODUCED BY: Kevin Bowen & Lynn Bowen
DIRECTED BY: Sara Pillatzki Warzeha
MUSIC BY: Martha Davis, Catherine McNerlin & Kevin Bowen

SPECIAL THANKS: Sara Pillatzki-Warzeha, Tim "The Radio Guy" Colby, our cast, composers Martha Davis & Cat McNerlin, Brian Warzeha & John Bennett for recorded tracks, Michael Skare, Tyler Nelson, Minnesota Fringe Festival, readers: Megan Bones, Graham Waltz, Allan Bowen, videographers Chris Deutsch & Carson Brooks, Brian Lukasavitz for legal advice, CLIMB theatre, Springboard For The Arts, Northfield Arts Guild, Lunds & Byerly's & Troy Hahn Design, and Bowen Design.
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