Volunteer jobs

Hundreds of people volunteer for the Fringe every year.

There are many ways to help out, including:

  • Box officers: Sell tickets and reconcile the box office after each show. You should be comfortable handling cash, multitasking and working in a fast-paced environment.
  • Ushers: Take tickets, distribute programs and keep the lobbies tidy. Ushers help with special seating requirements and other customer services.
  • Sidekicks: The most versatile job we have, sidekicks jump in whenever box officers or ushers need a hand.
  • On-call box officers: Our superstars when extra help is needed, on-call box officers volunteer for four-hour blocks when they're able to fill in at any Fringe venue. Because of the get-up-and-go pace, a car and cellphone are required.
  • Lobby Meister: Hang out in the lobby until the evening's last show is finished. Lobby Meisters can either be a box officer or usher for the night's last show and you will receive two comps for the shift.
  • Information Desk: Work at the Minnesota Fringe information desk at Intermedia Arts. Responsible for selling Fringe merchandise (passes and admission buttons), distributing volunteer punch cards and answering patrons' questions. You must be comfortable with all Fringe front-of-house procedures, handling cash and talking to people about Minnesota Fringe. A minimum of three years’ Minnesota Fringe volunteer experience required.

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Group volunteering

Everything is more fun with friends—and volunteering at Fringe is no exception. Because so many people love to volunteer at Fringe with their pals, we're making it even easier for two-to-six people to volunteer as a group. So if you know a group of volunteers you love to work with—or if you'd like to get your family, workmates, book club, neighbors, church group, softball team, etc., to volunteer with you—take a look at group volunteering. To sign up for a group slot please email Cari Twitchell.

How volunteering works

Volunteering for Fringe is easy and we work hard to make sure everyone has a great experience.

  • Training session: Every volunteer is asked to attend a training session before the festival. Some policies change from year to year, so returning volunteers should plan attending, too. There are eight to ten training sessions held in mid-July to early August.
  • "Help!": Our volunteer manual is the book that explains everything. There's a copy customized for each venue (and you'll get your own).

Volunteering has its benefits

  • A free ticket for each 90-minute shift you work: You’ll get a coupon good for one ticket to any show in the festival. Unlike a lot of arts volunteering, you’ll want to volunteer for shows you DON’T want to see. Instead, use your coupon to get a ticket to a show on your must-see list.
  • Volunteer Appreciation Day at Fringe Central: During the Fringe, we have a special evening of prizes and fun stuff at the festival's official hangout!
  • Learn something new: Find out all about Minnesota’s coolest festival, learn a new skill and get to know your fellow Fringers.

Other volunteer gigs throughout the year

Fringe also needs many volunteers throughout the year and during the festival for a variety of tasks, including:

  • Fringe fundraiser staffing
  • Office help (including ultra-exciting database work!)
  • Housing for out of town artists coming to Minneapolis to perform in the festival.
  • ...and anything else that comes up!
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